October 22, 2020

Update from the bunker...

 ...except...really nothing news worthy has been going on here.

Well, other than the fact that cases are surging in our state - way too go, North Carolinians!  What's the plan - to make us the state with most numbers?  You are on your way, it seems.

And, maybe the fact that our oven has up and died last week.  I made an appointment with the home warranty folks - so YAY we were going to have a STRANGER in our house for the first time in...well who knows how long?

The Husband crossed his fingers that they would be unable to revive it so that he can upgrade to what his heart desires the most...a gas stove.  In fact, I wouldn't have put it past him to try and sabotage the oven...or try to bribe the repairman into saying it is beyond repair.

Yesterday was the day.  We were given a window between 8:30 am and 1:00 pm. *sigh*

Needless to say, they missed the window and showed up about 2:00 pm - luckily, I had anticipated this and had nothing on my schedule.

But much to The Husband's chagrin - they will be able to fix it...although it will probably be another week until the requisite part comes in - of course.  Which means another visit from a stranger.

Although, I guess you could say he really isn't a stranger since they sent the same guy for the dishwasher and the dryer (I think - it could have been the washing machine...or maybe the dishwasher again.  Who knows? Whatever...).  At any rate this guy has been in our house at least four times.

The Husband was absolutely gobsmacked that I recognized this guy as the previous repair person because I am absolutely horrible with recognizing people out in the world.  Case in point, the neighbor across the street knocked on our door about three months ago...I had absolutely NO idea who she was and why she was handing me food.

This is because she belongs in her yard.  Or in her car.  Not on my front porch.  This phenomenon only happens with people I don't know that well.  I would recognize my friend from two doors down at the grocery store (maybe).

I've been known to ignore people that I actually work with (not on a daily basis) in the grocery store because they weren't where they belong

And that's why I recognized this guy - despite his mask...every time I've encountered him he has been INSIDE my house.  I would not have recognized him at all if I ran into him at the gas station.

Just don't ask me what his name is - I know he's told me...I just can't remember it, par for the course.

October 6, 2020

Finding a silver lining...

Last week we got the official word - we aren't returning to the office until at least the first of the year.  The last communication we had on this subject has us returning in waves on October 20th, I think.  I'm not surprised, particularly considering that North Carolina is currently the sixth on the CDC's list of highest cases per state.

And this is after our Governor opened up to a modified Phase Three - which, to be honest, feels too soon and that he is bowing to political pressure since he's up for re-election next month - see previous paragraph.

At this point in the game of Life, it feels like EVERYTHING is political these days.  That may or not be true, but it FEELS like it and it is depressing.

At any rate, I really have to wonder what life in an office is going to look like in January, that is IF we go back.  My friend in Houston works for MD Anderson and they were told back in August that they wouldn't be returning until at least March 2021 - hmmm, what do those doctor's know that we don't?  

Either way, it will not be the same, of this I am sure.  Particularly, since one of my co-worker friends called me the other day to tell me that she will be retiring in mid-December.

*sigh*  It will be weird to go back and not have her there...especially without a "closing ceremony", so to speak.

This afternoon, as I gazed out the back window watching leaves waft to the ground; it struck me solidly how long this has been going on.  We were just entering into Spring when this all started.  And now, here we are in the midst of Fall. 


Onto that silver lining, I mentioned in the title...

One of the benefits of working from home though, for me, has been the ability to look around and figure out "trouble" areas that I've never had time to properly address.

I recently had an epiphany regarding our living room.  Since it appears I will never find anyone to replace our front door - which needs to happen to bring some much needed light into the dark hole that is our living room, it finally occurred to me - a mini lamp on the mantel was the short-term answer.

I'm not going to lie - trying to find a mini lamp in the perfect dimensions to fit on this mantel via online shopping was hard, because guess what?  Measurements are EXACT and can't be fudged; at least not well.  If the measurement of the mantel is 7 inches deep - then that is your constraint.

Actual lamp - because who knew how hard it would be
to take a picture of a lit lamp?

Eventually, I found one which, while it's not exactly what I wanted, will fill the bill.  And I have been thrilled to glance into the living room from my dining room "desk" and been able to actually see things instead of shadows.  That light is exceptionally necessary on cloudy, gloomy days.

And this is how I discovered the impossibility of taking a
picture of a lit lamp.  But see?!  SO much better!

The other area that has been causing me grief was our counter/bar area.  It's a tricky area, as it blends in the tiny, black hole living room.

One day, out of the blue, it occurred to me, BACKLESS barstools!  

So I pulled out my trusty tape measure and determined that they could actually work without impeding the walkway, for the most part.

Let the online shopping commence!  

I eventually found some on Amazon.  I placed them in my cart and then neglected to hit buy.  And here is the lesson I learned.  When Amazon says there are only four in stock - you need to hit buy RIGHT then, because when I DID go back to buy them there was only one left in my cart.


Back to the drawing board.  

I eventually found them on Home Depot's website.  Needless to say, I put them in the cart and hit buy immediately.  Based on the confirmation email, I wasn't expecting them until the 20th.  So you can imagine my surprise and delight when they showed up three days later!

And with that simple addition, that area of the house finally looks "finished."  And as an extra bonus - we now have extra seating which we desperately need.

The narrow walk way between counter & couch.

Next up?  Turning Man-Child's bedroom into a guest room... *opens a new tab to begin browsing headboards*