January 29, 2010

Fragments of my Friday.....

Once again, we are facing a BLIZZARD (maybe, at most, 7 whole inches!!! How will we cope?!) here in North Carolina.

You know what this means don't you?

Yup, you guessed it.  We will be stuck in the house all weekend; looking at each other.

It could get ugly......

I expect being stuck in the house will mean that some of those "less desirable" items on the old list might actually have a prayer of getting done (clearing out the closet of clothes that no longer fit....); cleaning the printer nozzle-thingy; downloading and backing up the pictures (the few I have left after the death of the previous computer!); the full-on house cleaning that must be done.....you get the idea.  All the things that need to be done - but look, the sun is shining - let's go do xyz instead!

And then....the cabin fever will set in (I figure about 1:00 pm tomorrow afternoon) and we will be looking at each other with the evil eye.  (Pray for the guys; because seriously?!  I intend on making it out alive!)


I've been kinda quiet on the blog-o-sphere for the past couple of days (ok; maybe not in your minds; but in my mind....it's been forever!!!).  That's because work (for once) has totally overwhelmed me. 

I know, I know.  In the past I have complained about "how boring" most of my days are at work.  And usually?  They are.  But every once in a while - stuff happens and when it does - it does in BIG way.  And one little thing leads to another.....I suppose you can call it "job security."

But it's funny - my company is so strict about the internet - they watch where you go; what you do, block certain sites, read your emails, etc. (hence, the nickname - Big Brother!) (which they should, I suppose, to a degree....) - but I've had to warn my boss - when "they" (read IT) comes to you complaining about all my time online.....she's ready to back me up (LOVE her!!!).

I figure if there will be any complaints they will come on Monday - as I spent most of the day on Facebook & MySpace - all in the name of righting wrongs for the company (I SWEAR!  Really - I only peeked at Blogger once or twice....that's my story; I'm sticking to it - it was all in the name of saving our company's integrity!!).


A Man-Child update.....

This kid is going to be the death of me.  Really.

This school year has been AMAZING.  A complete turn-around from the past few years.

This kid is brilliant - really.  (and I'm not just saying that).  BUT.....he can be very lazy (of course, he gets that from his father......).

This year (so far) he's been pulling the grades that he should have been getting all along - because he's actually doing the work and (this is key!) turning it in!

But then?  Mid-term exams came along.

He claimed he studied.  But I don't buy it.

Why (you ask in total disbelief!)?

One - because I never saw him crack a book.  And two?  Because I just saw the results. 

Although his daily grades were enough to keep the average to an acceptable level....some of the exam results were totally in the tank!


He seems to be of the opinion that he shouldn't have to study.  Especially if it's something he doesn't like. (because I noticed that the classes he really likes....he aced the exams.  The ones he didn't....he tanked).

We've had a "discussion" about this - so we'll see what happens. 

I've tried explaining to him that colleges will be looking at "everything" - hopefully it will sink in - and soon.

Can someone please explain to me why I feel the stress of his exams - when clearly, he doesn't?  I know I shouldn't; but I do.  I think it might be that whole "mom" thing......

January 27, 2010

eBay.....REALLY?? Don't mess with me!

Without going into detail (which I totally can't; honestly!) - eBay has found themselves on my S#!t List.  Seriously.

My company has discovered that there are certain listings on eBay which should not be there.

This, in turn, has fallen into my lap to get them to remove those listings.  I have been dealing with this since last week.

SERIOUSLY???  Have you ever tried to contact eBay's customer service department?

It is pure and total hell! These people have devised a system where you can never actually speak to a human or even email a human.  Bascially they ask you to pick out your complaint from a menu and inform them of the  Seller ID that you are complaining about.  That is it!!!  But yet, this is considered "Customer Service."  And even then - they do squat.

We contacted the Corporate Office - who suggested that we go through their standard protocol of complaints.  Which we have done.  But now?  It's escalating, which I seriously hope Corporate will soon hear about. 

And I am seriously ready to stab someone (anyone!) who works for eBay.  Which would be a very satisfying end to this debacle.

By some miracle, I was finally (after about an hour and a half of screwing around [again!] on their site today) able to send an email.  If I don't have the desired response by tomorrow....let's just say that at this point I am willing to buy my own ticket to arrive at their headquarters and have a full-scale hissy fit in their lobby.

After sending the generic email (which I'm sure is directed straight to the trash file), I was asked to complete a survey.  I hit Yes with much enthusiasm!  The survey basically asked about my feelings of the "service" I had received.  Can you say "EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED?!"  But, of course, in true eBay fashion they didn't bother to ask why I was so dissatisfied (or happy for that matter).

I know I have complained about Customer Service here before - but this????  This is the most ridiculous thing I do believe I have ever seen!  Seriously.

I've been known to walk out of establishments proclaiming loudly that I will never darken their doors again; and have stood by those proclamations. 

And now?  This is my newest proclamation:

eBAY? No matter what - I will NEVER do any business on your site!  EVER!!

If you can cause me this much angst from a business standpoint (enough that I must blog about it - when I never blog about work angst!) then I certainly don't need to deal with you on a personal level.

So when a crazy, wild-eyed woman shows up in your lobby; don't be surprised.  You've been warned!

****Disclaimer -if a crazy, wild-eyed woman actually shows up; it most likely isn't me.  Probably.  Unless I'm still dealing with you tomorrow; then....all bets may be off.  I'm just sayin' - a woman can only take so much, ya know.****

January 26, 2010

Under the Dome

(HAH! This time I titled it BEFORE I started typing!  Me: 1 Blogger: 5 (at least).  I'm catching up!)

So I finished reading Under the Dome by Stephen King this weekend.  And because several of you asked me to let you know how it was (before you committed to reading all 1074 pages), I am here to tell you - it was worth it.  Both in time and in the outlay of cash (retail approximately $35).

It was one of those books that grab you from the beginning.  And then beckons to you every time you have a few minutes.

I refuse to spoil it for you; so basically all I'm going to tell you is this:

It's about about this small town.  And then all of a sudden this invisible force comes down around the town.  Mayhem ensues.  There is a small town politician who attempts to control the situation.  Oh, and there is a love story thrown in.

That is all you are getting out of me.  If you want to know more - buy, beg, or borrow the book.  I promise; you will not be disappointed.

If you need more of a review; take this into consideration:

Man-Child started the book yesterday.  As of tonight, I have total control of all the "screens" in the house (tv, computer & phone) because he'd rather be reading.  Now seriously?  How many times does this happen?  It's rare that a book wins out over screen time for a teen.  Does that tell you how good this book is?

'Nuf said.  Happy reading!  Let me know what you think after you've read it.

A revelation (and really??? Blogger should remind me to title these things.....)

After my last post rambling on about comments; I realized something.

Yeah, maybe I'm a bad commenter on certain sites - but on the sites where I have "connected" with the blogger - yes, those I'm a frequent commenter on (unless you intimidate me-and yeah some of you do - don't ask me why.) for the most part.

And Choleesa put it best:  ".....Because really, as much as I want a gazillion followers, isnt it much more satisfying to actually have interaction with the peeps that take time out of their busy lives, to read you and respond??"

She hit it DEAD ON.

When I started this blog it wasn't to find "readers" or even really to meet new people.

It was truly just an online diary of sorts.  A way to get the thoughts out of my head.  And then .... somehow connections were made.  And it was awesome.

Through this blog I have met some truly, truly amazing people (you!!!).  And though, yeah, after I began to realize that there are blogs out there with a "gazillion" followers and it was kinda of like - hmmmm, how can I get a gazillion followers.  But then I also began to realize, that is un-important.  This is not high school and it's not a popularity contest.

What is important is that I've made "connections."  I've "met" people - people who are truly awesome - people whom I would enjoy in real time.  People with whom I can share my life experiences with - freely.  People who are far away and some that are not so far away (and it totally boggles my mind that some of you are "right around the corner" and that some are across the Pond, so to speak).  People I would have most likely never met under normal circumstances.

I know that those who comment are commenting because they really have something to say.  I know that I comment because I really have something to say.  So no more will I feel that I am a bad commenter (okay - for the most part I won't; but because we all know how I am - it will probably happen on occasion....you just be there to talk me down!).

(By the way - is it just me or do you all obsess before you actually hit the Publish Post button?)

Arrrrgggghhhhh!   I did it again!!!  I am beginning to think that Blogger should remind me when I hit Publish that I have yet to title the damn thing!

January 25, 2010

Comments; comments, and more about comments.

Aaaahhhh.....finally I have the computer all to myself!  Hubby is finally asleep in front of the tv and Man-Child has finally succumbed to watching whatever crap is currently on....

I've only been waiting for two hours (at least!).

::sigh::  So what did I want to talk to you about??

Hmmm......can't quite remember (maybe I should start taking notes?).

Have seriously thought about getting Man-Child his own computer.  But we've been there; done that.  I had to institute a serious parental control on his internet access (ahhhh - the joys of a teenage boy!).  This pretty much insured that he'd use the "family"computer (because he couldn't realistically do homework [seriously!  I had it locked down that tight!]  - but I could check out where he'd been.....); so it's not so realistic these days.... and at the time Hubby was clueless to what wonders the internet could unleash.  But now? (Hello? Now, it's all "HEY!  Guess what!!!  You can do XYZ online!!  or You can order XYZ online!!)  ::sigh:: Ahhh - for the good ol' days when he was clueless....

Between Hubby and Man-Child.....seems like I never get the computer (major whine!).

I do seem to recall that I was going to write about comments.......

And my lack of them.

I'm bad.  I know this.  I have had many good intentions to resolve this.

I work for Big Brother (seriously).  So I try to limit the amount of time that I'm on the internet at work.  Because, yeah, my totally cool boss can only justify so much....which then leaves me to checking out you guys via my blackberry during the day - which is iffy (at best) on the whole comment thing.  And then by the time I get home and wrangle some computer time.....you guys have come up with a whole batch of new posts!!!!   Arrrrgggghhh!!!  How's a girl to keep up??

So today, Big Brother be damned, I tried really hard to comment on every blog.  I still fell short.  ::sigh::  So for the interim (until I find some kind of solution); you have to know I am reading you and commenting (if only in my head!).  Also, sometimes I worry...some of the more "popular" blogs I follow (read MILLIONS of followers!) do they even care what I have to say?  Yes, the ones I "chat" with on a more regular basis do; but seriously?  If they already have 50-1000 responses?  Do they really care what I have to add to the conversation?  Ummm, probably not (although I am so very wise and all-knowing.......I'm just sayin'.  I should totally  be in charge of the world!)

Several of you have asked questions in my comments; but since I have no clue whether or not you check back to see if I've answered (and I have no clue whether or not you receive any answers I send via email) I'm seriously thinking about a (weekly?) Respond Post.  What do you think?  Truly, I want to know what you think.  Because sometimes I've responded via my comments and sometimes via an email.  Without ever knowing whether or not you've received the response.  This drives me crazy (if the truth be known-what???  You are shocked at my OCD-ness about this issue?????  If you've read me for any length of time - you should know - so totally normal!)  So what do you think?  Would this be a plausible way to answer  your questions and relieve my anxiety?

And just because it's on my mind.....

The shed is technically done.  Except!  We can't move all the crap out of the garage yet.  Why, you ask?  Because (according to Hubby) it's not drywalled yet.  My response?  WTF????  It's a SHED!!!

But apparently (according to Hubby), until the whole thing is drywalled, painted (outside and in!!!) there is no point in moving all the crap in the garage out (nevermind that I have to worry about frost, ice, snow, etc. on my car in the mornings....).  Can you say - FRUSTRATED!!!!!!  (yet another project that cannot be crossed off the list....)

January 24, 2010

Pillow Talk

Me: sleeping soundly.

A few hours later.....

Me: Gently tugging the covers back.

A bit later....

Me (whispering): "Dammit!"  And again, gently taking back my share.

A bit later....

Me:  (semi-whispering) - "Hey! Quite hogging the covers!" Yanking my share back.

A bit later.....

Me (very loudly): "Dammit!  If you steal the covers one more time I. Will. Hurt. You!"

Hubby:  "Hmmppph?"

Me: "I said - if you steal the covers one more time I WILL HURT YOU!"  violently taking my share back.

At this point Hubby wisely decides it's time to get up and start his day.

Aaaah - the joys of sharing a bed.  And we both wonder why we are exhausted every morning.....

January 20, 2010

Hallelujah My Template is Back! A Small Request AND the Post You've All Been Waiting For!

As I was scrolling through even more templates - I came across my beloved template.  I clicked on the demo link, hoping against hope that it had some how miraculously been fixed.  AND IT HAD!!!  So I immediately switched back.  And?!  Joy of joys - the date thing is finally working right too!!!  I may need to do some tweaking; but for now I'm very happy. (see me doing happy dance over here?)  Like I always say - it's the little things, people.

BUT, if it goes wonky - somebody please let me know!

My friend, Respectfully Yours, over at Here Is What I Think has an ambitious goal and has asked for help.
Being the ever-helpful person that I am known to be – I have offered to do what little I can.

She would like to reach 100 followers by midnight on Friday. Personally, I’m kinda surprised she doesn’t already have at least that many because she is funny – funny with a capital F!

One of her posts had me giggling so hard that I was crying. After all the strange looks I received from my co-workers – I had to make a deal with myself not to read her stuff at work anymore……..

So, if you have a moment, go by and visit. You’ll love her – promise!


Now for the post you’ve all been waiting for…..

I’m only going to hit the high-lights without going too much into the backstory because otherwise? I’d be writing a novella.

My friend (let’s call her R), informed me that she could begin receiving a substantial amount of money monthly from her deceased ex-husband IF she were single. I know that they are in a financial bind right now as all the children are in college – but WTF??????

As R continued to talk she goes on to tell me that her divorce was final last month! (How she talked her husband into that I'll never know) She continued to claim that she still loved her husband and wasn’t planning on going anywhere but . . .actions (and outfits) can sometimes speak louder than words. At one point during the weekend she mentioned that she had a checking account that her hubby didn’t know about and that she “didn’t know where she’d be in the next two-three years” (which is when the kids will all be out of college). She also mentioned several times that he “smothers” her. She acted like he has problems with her going out with her friends (from where I stand – I have never witnessed this……in the past it had been her not wanting to go out with the girls for dinner, etc.).

First of all – this sounds like fraud to me (IF it is as she claims – just for the money – and she’s not planning to leave). Second of all – her husband loves her. I’ve known her previous husband (not the dead one) and have heard plenty about the other two – and not just from her (yup, she’s been in a few marriages). So when she met this one (let’s call him J), I thought she had struck gold.

J dotes on her – he thinks she hung the moon, etc.  And for a while there she seemed to think the same about him.  When she was so sick (for the past four years she has suffered from a debilitating, chronic illness – which currently seems to be in remission) – sick to the point she (and we all) thought she was dying – J was there for her. Taking care of her, the kids, the house – whatever. He was there – solid.

But from all that I’ve been able to piece together it sounds like she is heading out. That is her choice and her perogative – I think she’s crazy, but still; not my choice.

But what ticks me off about this whole thing is that she is just leading J on letting him think that it will all be fine - when in actuality?  It looks like she is going, going gone. Actually, I can’t believe he doesn’t know deep down – he’s got to know on some level – don’t you think?

After I told Hubby everything – he remarked that he thought something odd was going on because of her behavior at the Christmas party. He said she was very much not herself and was being very mean to J. Hubby said at the time, he thought she’d just had too much too drink. Apparently not.

Yes, she's entitled to do what she wants (crazy or not) but it's the way that she's handling it that disturbs me the most.

Is this not the craziest thing you've heard?

See Gayle?  This is why my blog is so private - otherwise I couldn't get stuff like this out!!

Is it weird that I keep clicking on View Blog just to revel in my template?  Of course it's not......(and if it is - don't tell me!)

January 19, 2010

Today is my Anniversary.....

19 years ago today - I got married.  ::sigh::  It's a beautiful moment, isn't it?  But.....

Sssh. Let me tell you a secret.

I forgot.

Yup, completely and totally flat out forgot.

My friend called this morning to wish me a happy anniversary (how does she remember this stuff?? I couldn’t tell you when hers is - or apparently, when mine is). My response? Oh shit!

But then in re-playing the morning I thought I was off the hook – because Hubby never mentioned it this morning either. Whew.

Then these arrived. . .

Rats; he remembered!

Charleston trip

Charleston, South Carolina is utterly amazing! It is a city rich in history, beauty, charm, food & shopping!

We arrived around lunch time on Friday. After checking in, we immediately took off to explore and find some lunch.

Our hotel was FABULOUS!! Just a little background; it first opened in 1924 and was considered the largest and grandest hotel in the Carolinas. After a $12 million renovation it re-opened in 1996. It is listed as one of the Historic Hotels of America.

The Francis Marion

Although, it was rather pricey (especially considering we were rarely in the room) – it was well worth it in service and location and it was beautiful! It is located in the heart of the historic district and we were able to walk just about everywhere.

The lobby

This was good – because the streets are narrow and very congested – so driving could easily become a chore.

Every meal we ate while in Charleston was extraordinarily yummy. I feel sure I gained at least 10 pounds. Impossible to do in 3 days you say? Not so. When you are surrounded by food so very yummy – you just cannot stop eating.

One meal was so amazing that I must tell you about it:

Low Country Shrimp & Grits. This dish was to die for! Consists of sauteed shrimp, tasso ham, peppers, onions over stone ground pepperjack grits with a rich lobster gravy. I’ve had shrimp & grits before and it's been good; but this time?? Pure heaven! This is something Hubby is going to have to learn how to make. I actually cleaned my plate – something I usually don’t do; but it was sooooooooo yummy.

Saturday, unfortunately, it rained all day long. And it was cold. Luckily it wasn’t pouring; but still. We got a late start – because we’d had a late night on Friday. All I’m willing to say is – that for once, I didn’t embarrass myself…..but she did! Except for a few bruises a good time was had. My friend wanted to visit an old school friend who was in the hospital while we were there. This poor soul has been in the hospital for three months and, outside her children, hasn’t had many visitors. So I dropped my friend off and drove around for a bit to soak up the local flavor while she visited.

After picking her back up – we headed out to Rainbow Row. Rainbow Row is a street filled with colorful historic homes. These homes are jaw-droppingly beautiful. There are two legends regarding the reasons for the paint colors. One was that the homes were painted in different and bright colors so that intoxicated sailors coming in from port could remember (and find) the houses that they were to bunk in. The other version, dates back to when these homes were used as stores. It is said that the colors were used so that owners could direct their illiterate slaves to the proper buildings for shopping.

Apparently, after the Civil War this area had fallen into slum-like conditions (almost impossible to believe after seeing the homes). In the early 1900’s a woman named Dorothy Porcher Legge purchased several homes and renovated them. She chose to paint them pink based on a Colonial Caribbean color scheme. Others soon followed suite.

My next home
(I wish!)

We also checked out the waterfront, The Battery, the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon. Then we had to go back to the room for a nap before dinner.

Since it rained all day Saturday, we decided to delay our departure on Sunday so we could do some more shopping. I found a few things for the guys. And of course, these......

Since they needed a good home; I had to get them.  Plus – they were calling my name….. seriously!  They are sooooo cute; how could I say no?

Thank goodness we did delay our departure – because Sunday was beautiful. The sun was shining and by the time we left it was 70 degrees.

It was a fabulous trip and I cannot wait to go back. I believe if we’d been there for a week we may have barely scratched the surface of all there is to see and do. There are historic home tours, plantation tours, carriage ride tours, haunted boat rides, the beach, Fort Sumter, the USS Yorktown tour . . . .

As it was an easy 5 hour trip for us - I will definitely be heading back with the family in tow.  If you ever have the opportunity, I suggest you take it.

January 18, 2010

It's cryptic; I know....

Where to begin???

I had this whole post about Charleston and our girls weekend just about written. All it needed was some tweaking and a few pictures.....so why can't I post it?

Because although we had a wonderful time and Charleston is AMAZING!...... If you ever have the opportunity - GO!!!!! It's fabulous.


There remains the bombshell that my dear friend dropped on me before we even left the city limits!!!! And we had a five hour drive ahead of us. And a whole weekend.

I'm concerned. About her. About her family. About how much to reveal (even though she doesn't know I blog). About everything.

Major tip....if you are planning a weekend away with friends - wait to drop the bombshell, if you have one to drop. Why? Because it casts a pall over the weekend for the one you've told. Because no matter how much fun we were having . . . it was there. Hovering over my head the whole time.

So, I'll get to the trip.  I promise.  But right now I'm wrestling with the information I have.  She asked me not to tell Hubby .... but seriously????  How could I not?  And she had to have known that I couldn't keep this from him.  That I couldn't deal with this craziness alone.  I had to tell someone. 

So I told him....and before it's all over I may tell you - because really?  What's the point of this blog if I can't be truthful? 

Hubby was as apalled as I was - and was much more forthright than I was when faced with this info.  But....as I informed Hubby - I had a whole weekend to face with her.

What they say is true.  You think you know someone; but then.....they prove you wrong.

Despite it all, I still love her dearly. But I have to wonder about her thought processes....and, in the true Gigi-fashion, can I fix this??

January 17, 2010

I'm home!!!!!!!

Ohhhhhh!  It feels soooo good to be home.

I've been trying to catch up (you guys are a busy bunch!  3 days and it seems like I've missed a lot!).

We had a wonderful time and I can't wait to go back!  We did a lot - but there was no time to see and do everything we wanted.  I think if we had stayed for a month we couldn't have gotten it all in.  The houses, the history, the shopping......

Friday was beautiful; but we didn't arrive until early afternoon.

Saturday - it rained the whole time and was cold.  But we had a great time anyway.

Sunday - beautiful!  But we had to leave early afternoon.

Will catch up with you all in the coming days!  I've some pictures and maybe a story or two.  But for now?  I'm exhausted and must hit the hay.  Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow.....

Missed you all so very much!  And it's great to be back!!!!!

January 14, 2010

New look

How do you like it?

It's okay - I don't love it.  But it will have to do as a temporary fix.

As far as I can determine - Blogger changed something which in turn screwed up several templates - including my beloved template!  I couldn't figure out how to change it and truthfully, I don't have time right now.

As it is I have spent the majority of today working on this one.  And still can't figure out how to fix the links in the navigation bar (aaarggghh!).

I have spent hours looking through templates only to come up with one that is just ::ehh::

So, I'm sorry friends - you'll most likely have to live with this one for a bit - at least until I get back from my trip.

Yay!  My trip!  I'm outta here early tomorrow; I'm so excited!

January 13, 2010

Do you see what I see?

I've just realized that when I view my blog (which I don't usually do - as I'm usually on the dashboard or whatever) from home - it's not right.

Can you guys see the little scroll-y thing at the top and all the lines?  Cause I can't.  At least not from here.  At work it's fine.  All I see from here is a light brown background, words and pictures.  There are not any lines to delineate the columns or tabs.  My pretty little scroll-y thing isn't there.  What gives??

Am wondering if it has to do with Windows 7.....

I don't want to have to find a new template that works across the board y'all! (can you hear the whine?).  I like this template!  I haven't figured out the bugs yet (that may be because I haven't really tried....) but I like this one!

I suppose if I have to (stamping my foot HARD!) I will find another template - but I won't like it.  I won't like it at all - so there! (sticking tongue out at computer)

So please let me know - what do you see?

January 12, 2010

Apparently, I am "un-teachable"

Or at least according to Man-Child who told me last night that I am (and I quote!) "the most un-teachable person he's ever met!"

How did this statement come about you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  It all started as he was trying to teach me Algebra.

Yes, you read that right.

And why was he trying to teach me Algebra (the one who is known to go into a catatonic state whenever a math problem presents itself)?

It all began back before Christmas........

Remember when I asked for all your vibes and prayers because Hubby had applied for a new job?  Well, let me tell you - the road has been bumpy to say the least.  It's been at least 5 weeks.  He still hasn't heard anything tangible from them - but has been asked to submit an application twice - in two different formats. 

Then, last night we received an email around 8:00 pm inviting him to take a "New Candidate Assessment."

Fine.  We sat down to do so  - with me at the keyboard reading the questions and recording the answers that Hubby provided.  Man-Child joined in just to add to the hilarity.  Apparently, we know Hubby better than he knows himself.  It was actually very funny.  Hubby would answer one way; Man-Child's eyes and mine would meet across the table and then burst out laughing.

The first part of the "Assessment" seemed to be a personality test.  Hubby participated willingly.  We laughed, we joked.  A good time was had by all.  But after about 45 minutes; Hubby was done.  He left the table telling me "Since you know me so well; you finish it."

So there I am - happily answering all the questions as if I were Hubby (because by now he is snoring contentedly on the couch and because I desperately want to get him out of the toxic environment where he is currently employed) - when I come to the next part of the "Assessment."  Which turns out to be ALGEBRA (basic algebra according to Man-Child - looked like gibberish to me - but algebra nonetheless!).  Now I ask you (although you really don't know) how does this apply to the particular job that Hubby is applying for?  It doesn't!  In any way, shape or form.

So I call Man-Child in - because seriously?  Out of the three of us he is the math genius (I think it may have something to do with him being right-handed and us being left... hey! it's the only explanation I can come up with....).  Anyway, he figures that if he is having to do math during his down time - then he should explain it to me.  Immediately I get that glazed look.  He tries to explain it in even more dumbed-down terms. 

I begin to bang my head on the table.

Finally, in totally exasperation (and with total derision) as he is dismissing me; he informs me that I am the most "un-teachable" person he's ever met.  As I was gladly running walking away he then throws in - that if I can't even do multiplication tables then I should be hiding away somewhere writing novels (of course all this is said with love, as well as exasperation).  To which I responded, "this is what I've been saying for years!"  The little snot love; always the one to try and get the last word in responded: "PROCASTINATOR!"

Me, also being one to always try and get the last word (I guess he comes by it honestly) informed him that I haven't been procastinating but the I have been too busy raising him!

So the upshot of this is that it was a "family project" to get the Assessment done.  And that Man-Child of mine?  He will probably make a good lawyer some day. 

As for Hubby?  Still no response.  I'm beginning to think these people are just screwing with us.  Although in my opinion - if you finish the damn "Assessment" you should automatically be offered the job - because really?  3 hours!????


By the way; for those who expressed interest - Under The Dome is still fascinating and holding my attention.  Almost half-way through!

January 11, 2010

It's gonna be a short week! And other ramble-y bits that you must wade through first....

These past few work days have been busy ones.  Yes, I know prior to Christmas (and waaaayyy before that too) I was complaining of being bored; but since I returned a huge (albeit majorly BORING) project was dropped on my lap.  While I was clever enough to figure out a way to make our processes and technology work for me (thus reducing the size of this huge, yet extraordinarily boring, project by about 3/4 of the time - yes I am proud of myself for that) it still necessitates that I spend most of my day on it.

What does this mean to you?  This means that I don't often get the opportunity to catch up with you during work hours (which *technically* I probably shouldn't be doing anyway....but still....).  Which means that when I get home from work I have to fight for my computer time with Man-Child crying homework (which totally means Facebook - do I look stupid?) and Hubby - who has recently discovered the Internet (which begets statements like "Oooooo - honey?  Did you know I could order crawfish to be delivered in dry ice from Louisiana???"  Ewwwww!  NO!  You cannot do that! is usually my response.). 

And this, in turn means, that I usually only have a small window of time in which to peruse your blogs, make comments (hmmmm - maybe this is why I'm such a bad commenter - lack of time?  Sounds good to me) and possibly even craft a posting of my own.

But tonight?  So far I've had the house to myself for an entire hour (but I expect them to come barreling in any minute now)!  So I've been able to check you all out (still at a break-neck pace; habit I suppose) and actually sit down to begin a post (that may or may not end up with point.  But really?  Does any of my posts ever have a point?  Emmmm, I'm gonna go with "no" on that one) but I can't get my mind focused.

I had one all started and ready to go - typed a good portion of it.  Re-read it and went "ehh-who cares?" and hit delete.  I'm still in kind of a dry spell  - I guess between the frozen toes and the actual use of the old brain at work I've depleted any kind of cognitive thought.  But I figure, if I just keep at it; and keep typing eventually something good will come out of it (either that or you'll all wander off in total disgust...).

And it has just dawned on me (and the fact that I haven't even mentioned this to you before) that this will be a short week for me.  A very good friend of mine and I are headed out for a girl's weekend in Charleston, SC!  I'm so excited.  I've known Ms. C for about 19 years now (how the hell is that possible?) and in that time we've never done anything like this (for the past several years she's been a homebody by choice and then because she had no choice).  I think she is finally realizing that she needs to get out and spend some time with her friends (actually delving into this further might make a decent post....somebody remind me of that tomorrow.....) so she suggested the trip and I jumped on it.  It will be so much fun.  I've never been to Charleston but have always wanted to go especially as it is only 4 (maybe 5? Depends on whose driving I suppose - which it will be me; so definitely 4!) hours from here. (just hope it warms up significantly before we get there.....)  

So I will mostly be incommunicado from Friday till Sunday evening as I will only have my Blackberry (hence no posts and limited ability to comment - why can I not comment on some of your blogs from this device but others it's not a problem?)  Hopefully once I get back I will have lots and lots of pictures and stories to share.  Luckily this friend is a lot more stable and mature than my other friend Ms. S who came to see me over the summer and brings out the wild child in me.....did I not tell you that story?  Hmmmm, maybe it's a story best left untold......

UPDATE:  Holy hell y'all!  It's been almost two hours by myself with the computer.  I'm going crazy over here!!!!  And it's a good thing I came back to tell you this pointless information since I forgot to title my post again!!!!!

January 10, 2010

Still not feeling it - but here goes anyway

I've decided to just blog - something is bound to come out if I just keep typing .... right? 

Anyway, today I'm going to tell you that I bought this with a gift card from Christmas:

Can I tell you?  I haven't been this excited about a book in a while.  I love to read.  But lately?  Haven't come across anything that made me look forward to finding a few minutes (or God willing! a few hours!) to sit and read.

I am a loooooong time Stephen King fan.  And this one?  So far is not disappointing. But it's HUGE.  A whopping 1074 pages long (that includes the author's note).  The problem with a book this big?  Too many characters (I keep getting them confused).  Luckily, dear Stephen is killing off characters right and left - so maybe by the end I'll only have a few to keep straight.

Also (as Man-Child has pointed out on many occasions) I read too fast and don't savor the books (yes, that is a quote from my child - how many teens do you know that would put it that way?  Hmmmm; maybe he is my child after all.....).  This is true; which leads to me missing out on some key things.   It also ensures that (usually) after I've moved on to another book - I kind of completely forget about what I've just read.  Hmmmm; pretty much means I don't have a future in a book-club....because, seriously?  There would be no way I could possibly discuss what I've read (particularly if I've read something else after reading the appointed book - which I totally would - I know me too well.).

There have been many discussions that have gone kinda like this: 

Friend:  "have you read xyz?"

Me:  "no, what's it about?"

Friend: "It's about this man who everyone thinks killed his wife; but then it turns out that she went undercover to save her marriage, the nation and the world."

Me:  "WOW!  That sounds great!  Can I borrow it?"  and then I get home and open the book excitedly, only to realize after reading the first page - that I read this book last month!!!

But usually, I will forge ahead and read it anyway; mainly because I have to have something to read and because I've forgotten the ending (which is understandable since I've read approximately 6-10 books in the interim).

But this book may have the ability to stick with me for a while (kinda like Precious did - which totally, totally killed me; almost no way I can see the movie now - too devastating).  I've only just begun (am only on page 287) but so far I can heartily recommend it; if you've the fortitude to face 1074 pages and many, many characters.

Have got to give Stephen kudos - I can kinda get how he gets is ideas.  But to put them into some kind of order; create characters, a plot, sub-plots and come up with a gigantic book?  And to make it into the kind of book that I can't wait to get back to?  That rocks.  Big time.

Other than that - it's still cold (yes, I know that some of you are much, much, much colder - but come on - cut me some slack!  Here in the South we aren't used to this kind of weather on a daily, much less weekly!, basis!) but good news!  The weatherman (if he can be believed) informed me that on Wednesday we could be looking at highs in the 50's!!  Whoo-hooo!  Maybe I'll be able to feel my toes again.....

January 9, 2010

Wrap up for the week.....(kinda)

Yes, I've been fairly quiet this week.

Why (you all ask with bated breath)?

I've truly had nothing to say (shocker .... I know!)

Not too terribly much to complain about (which is my forte`....) except for the cold (the freaking COLD which will NOT go away!!! As I type this I am sitting here in long johns with sweats over them and wrapped in a blanket and this is INSIDE the house - this is because I live with men who are constantly hot and do not understand how I could possibly be so cold!) and who wants to hear about that (especially those that are in much colder climates; as it seems many of you are?)

Not too terribly much to brag about (except for that fabulous pair of purple suede boots that I totally scored on......sorry, no picture - simply because I'm feeling lazy!)

Can't tell you how much I've accomplished in the area of projects - because absolutely nothing has been accomplished (except for adding more to the damn list.....).

So what else is there?  Hmmmm, not to much else to chat about.

I could talk about the friend whose child needs to come live with me for a few weeks (to straighten his little "entitled" butt out).  Or about another friend and her marriage (I love her and her husband - BUT he should fall to his knees every night and thank GOD that he's not married to someone like me....).  Or about the office politics ('cause really?  Grow up folks!).  But really?  Am just not feeling it.  Every night about this time I come up with a subject that could be slightly interesting to you; but I just can't get it to work (and believe me - I've tried!).

I so don't want you to say to yourself - "ehh, she has nothing to say - I think I'll move on."  Cause really?  I have plenty to say.  Just not right now.

But in the meantime; I have been reading your blogs though (what an industrious group you are!!) (and yes, I know I am not good at comments - am working on that!!!  Promise!) and have noticed that some of you seem to having a hard time right now (know that I'm thinking of you all daily!!!), some of you are just going through the daily grind (thinking of you too) and for some of you things are going well (you too are in my thoughts).

I think maybe all this cold has frozen my brain.  Really!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

January 5, 2010

Technology either really, really sucks or....it's really, really awesome! But never at the same time!

As you all know from my ranting yesterday - I couldn't get my printer to "like" my new computer.  I spent at least two hours on it before I finally gave up in total frustration (i.e. - this means I had to walk away - because I couldn't afford to throw this new computer out the window.....)

So - after work - with renewed determination I sat down to wrestle with it again.

Again.  It didn't work.  I mean honestly?!?  Hooking up a computer and a printer (in the normal world) is so easy a technologically-inept Hubby could do it!  I was completely baffled.  Yes, I realize that Windows 7 is a bit "picky" - but still!  This is not rocket science!

So finally, I visited Lexmark's support website.  Have any of you ever participated in a Live Chat session?  Very cool.  Especially when the tech support actually seems to know what she is talking about...

But you know what was even cooler?

After asking my permission - my tech support person "took over" my computer remotely.  Do you have any idea how awesome (yet freaky) it is to watch your cursor do things while you aren't touching the computer?  To watch windows open, options being selected, etc.?  It was totally wild (and a little disturbing....I figure Stephen King could use this as an idea for his next book....think he'll give me the credit and maybe some royalties?)

I watched everything she did.  Guess what?  I had done the exact same things (at least 7 times already!) - but, of course, for her it worked perfectly (making me look like a total dummy....)  But whatever - at least the printer is working now.  YAY!  That means more blog-time for me!

It's the little things in life people. 

January 4, 2010

First day back to work.....is it Friday yet??

It's been odd.  We all went back to our regular routines - except we were all a little late because we had gotten used to being ..... shall we say, for lack of a better term ..... lazy! 
Yes, getting out of the house was a small problem this morning.  and if the truth be told....Man-Child wasn't the hold up.  It was ME!  Sssh!  Don't tell!!

The first day back was pretty much what I expected.  The catching up.  The emails! (oh my hell!  The emails!!!)  The paperwork that piled up. 

It was fairly busy.  I barely even had time to check in on you guys!  Didn't even have time to comment (but since I'm already a bad commenter -  you probably didn't even notice... but if - by some miracle you did....I'm sorry!!)

I mentioned to a few co-workers that I had seriously contemplated calling in sick today.  This comment was met with (and I quote!) "That would have necessitated a drive out to your house - to assess the situation and make sure you were really sick."  Oh, thanks guys!  I'm sure that would have been done out of love (and not jealousy that I had the nerve to do so...).

So the first day back is over.  Yay!  That means tomorrow should be easier.....right???? (Damn well better be.  This returning to work needs to be EASED into.....)

In other news....

Thank you so much for all for your comments on yesterday's post.  Sometimes I need to be reminded that I'm not alone on the "teenage train." (especially as most of my "real-life" friends (read "not my blog-buds!) only have small ones (and have no IDEA of what they are in for!:: insert wicked laugh here::  They have no idea!)).

Man-Child and I have "kissed and made up" but I think he is more aware of just how fragile his mom can be....(yeah, that mom - the one who can be a real hard-ass....she still has feelings you know....)  he's been extra sweet these past couple of days.....

New computer and I are bonding.  But there are issues.  I have spent approximately 2 hours this evening trying to connect the printer.  NOT HAPPENING!!!  At this point, I'm seriously ready to chuck this completely fine printer and buy a new one - just to avoid the aggravation.

This cold weather we are having?  Ummmm - it needs to go!  I'm tired of being cold!  Period.  Mother-Nature?  Get with the program here!  I live in the South!  That means I should not be constantly cold for any length of time!!  Do something about it already!! 

Other than that - not too much to say (lol - who am I kidding?  I have plenty to say - even if it's just a bunch of nothing.....).  Hope your week is great!!!

Is it Friday yet???

P.S. - Gayle (and others...)?  I've responded to a few of your comments via email - I need to know ('cause I'm nosy that way)...are you receiving them?  If not, I need to know so I can figure that out.....

January 3, 2010

It's definitely time!

Maybe we've just had too much time in each other's company.  Maybe we are totally sick of spending every, single hour of the day together.  Maybe it's time to go back to work/school.

Last night Man-Child said something extremely ugly to me.  (I wrote about it - but deleted it.  I wrote in the heat of the moment....those of you on Twitter - kinda know about it as I vented long and loud)  I know he didn't mean for me to hear it.  But I did

And I reacted; immediately.  Let him know in no uncertain terms how unacceptable it was and that I would not tolerate being spoken to in such a manner; EVER!  By anyone!

Then, immediately went somewhere private (so I thought) and proceeded to cry my eyeballs out.

Why did I cry??

I assume it was a medley of things.  But the main thing was that it just astounded me that he could say something so nasty.  About ME!  His mother!!  The one who gave birth to him.  The one who loved him even when he wouldn't sleep as a baby!  The one who would gladly lay down her life for him!  How dare he?!

Yes, I realize he's a teen.  I remember exactly what it was like to be a teen (despite what he thinks; I really do!).  'Cause seriously? As teens - how many of us said ugly things to/about our parents as teens - in a whisper?  But honestly?  He's lucky he walked away with all his teeth intact - it's a miracle that I didn't completely go crazy on him.

I really didn't want him to see me cry.  Truly. 

But he did.  He found me sobbing uncontrollably.

And, if the truth be told, I think that - more than anything else (including the conversation he had with his father!!) made him realize just how much power he has to wound me with just words. 

Hubby informed me today of the conversation they'd had - and informed me that it would never happen again.

But I know, deep in my heart - after seeing his face when he found me crying - that it will never happen again - even without the "chat." 

Luckily, my boy is one with a conscience.  He has empathy (always has - even as a little guy).  And to find me sobbing (so soon after going off on him) crushed him. 

For that I'm sorry.  Of course, I don't want him crushed.

BUT - if it makes him realize that words can truly wound - so be it.

Life - it's a continual lesson isn't it?  For him - that words can hurt someone - deeply and that he needs to respect others; particularly his mother.  For me - maybe I shouldn't take his disdain so personally - 'cause he is just a teen and he's supposed to rebel?  But really - that will be a hard lesson for me.  Because how can I not take it personally??

Yup, it's time.  We need to go back to our routines.  But.....are you sure I can't call in sick tomorrow...... 

January 2, 2010

Just a couple of things I've realized (okay - remembered or learned)

In the past two weeks that I've been off - I've remembered/realized and/or learned a few things.

1.  A lot of the time - I like to be alone to do my own thing.  I have really become accustomed to not having someone else take up my time (a direct result of living with two boys!  If you have guys - they bond and you are kinda left to your own; until the younger one needs you so that he can legally drive.....)

2.  I'm impatient.  Very, very impatient.

3.  I am loving the whole iPod thing.

4.  Am not so much loving Apple as they make things complicated.  but bite me Apple - I think I've figured you out!  You haven't met me - I will NOT take your challenge lying down!  I WILL conquer you (and I think I have - can you see my sly smile from there?)

5.  I really don't care for the "ear bud" things.  They make my ears itch and the ones provided with the iPod are apparently made for people with really large "ear holes."

6.  The ear buds that actually fit?  They cost a lot more and are not made by Apple - so you have to wonder....are you getting the same sound quality....

7.  But....with the iPod actually stuck inside your ears - you are hearing things that you normally wouldn't hear - Man-Child?  Watch out - that means Mom will be a bit stricter about what you are listening to....

8.  Retailers really, really pulled back this year.  Have been searching for a car-dock (for said iPod and a few other things) and have discovered that there is NOTHING left on the shelves.

9. Have realized that even as much as I like my job (and love my boss) - am not ready to go back to work.  I need more time to finish my projects.....and some alone time.....

10.  Am looking forward to having a routine again (yes, totally contradicts #9 - what can I say?  That's me.  Full of contradictions!) - it makes me feel semi-sane.

11.  Laundry.  Still hate it.  Still have several loads to complete. 

::sigh::  nothing changes.

January 1, 2010

Semi-finished closet pictures and Apple irritates me beyond belief!

UPDATE:  Okay really??  What is it with me and titles?  This time I totally forgot to even put one up!!  :sigh::  And really?  Why am I admiting it?  You probably haven't even figured that out yet.  Oh - and the pictures don't do justice to the reality!  And - by the way - apparently, I'm not done whining yet.

Okay - finally!  Pictures of the closet (that is sooooo not finished!)

The new paint job (imagine once the shelves are up!)

How I am currently storing my pretties.

Definitely need a better system....

The new closet (and definitely need to sort out the clothes....)

From a different angle (still needing to sort the clothes)

Am definitely loving the new closet!  Once those shelves are up - I'll be very, very happy.  And now that the stripes are in?  Hubby definitely won't be trying to re-take the closet.


On another note - (APPLE??? ARE YOU LISTENING?) I'm NOT happy with Apple.

Man-Child received a new iPod from Santa.  As a result, I received his old iPod.  I was able to separate the libraries (so I don't have to listen to the "crap" he listens to and vice versa).  BUT, am having an extremely hard time keeping the libraries separate.  Have been able to find (and back up!) his library.  But mine has disappeared!  Apple?  You are supposed to be a "computer giant" and the "god" of MP3's.  So what the hell is up here?  2 iPod's; one computer....why is it sooooo complicated?  I will deal with you tomorrow!

So this is what 2010 looks like

Good morning all and Happy New Year.

The festivities of the past month are over - it's time to get back to routines.  I'm a sucker for routines; they make my life easier - a bit predictable; but easier (kinda like all those lists...).

So what can you expect from me in 2010?

To my friends on Twitter - I'm a disappointment; I know.  I don't tweet much.  I just don't "get" it.  Usually when I have something to say - it involves a lot more than 149 characters.  So don't expect a change in that department; sorry.  I'd much rather fire off an email so that I can get everything said in one round.  I do read what you tweet though - if that's any consolation.

To my friends on Facebook (who don't read this so why am I bothering?) - I'm a huge disappointment in this area as well.  It's another thing I just don't get.  Constant status updates, playing games and exchanging "gifts"?  Not gonna happen - another thing that won't be changing in the new year.

And you know how I said I don't do resolutions?  I don't.  I refuse to "resolve" to do anything - but the beginning of a new year always fills me with excitement of a clean slate.  And I will do a bit of pondering to attempt to figure out what I want out of this year.  I can't write them down - we all know why.  As I am ::ahem:: maturing I am realizing that there are things I want to do and I need to begin to realize some of those dreams - no matter how big or small.

This month will bring my 19th wedding anniversary - this fact amazes me in so many ways.  How has it been 19 years already?

This year will bring Man-Child's official driver's license. (He is getting better (he has yet to actually run into anything and we are both still alive!) - he just gets tense about traffic - must get that from his dad - who really gets tense when there is any kind of traffic).

This year will also usher in Man-Child's junior year in high school; which means that there is only two more years until he's off to college!  Again - how has this happened?  It was only yesterday that he began kindergarten....

I expect that this year will have plenty of highs and lows (hopefully more highs), lots of love, some sorrows and surely a lot of laughter. 

And I expect that I will be sharing all that comes along with you!  It's gonna be AWESOME!

Happy New Year my friends!