December 31, 2009

Happy New Year my friends!

Yes, the new year is upon us in approximately 4 hours. 

I've been perusing all your blogs and you guys are amazing.  I've read reflections of the past year.  I've read resolutions for the year to come.

And then you came reflections.  No resolutions.

I could go that route.  But it might be a tad big boring.  The look back?  Ehh.  The only big news - we moved into this house .... but upon further reflection I realize - that's not true.  We moved in 2008.....  Hmmmm; not much else.  Oh wait!  I started blogging and have met you all! 

Resolutions?  Oh my stars - I've pretty much given up on those; because as we all know; once I start a list it goes on forever and tends to be overly ambitious (quit snickering!) ......which pretty much guarantees failure in resolutions because you can only realistically hope to accomplish one or two.

BUT I have realized why I've been so grouchy of late (I know you are cheering - thinking optimistically that this means I won't be so whiny).  

I've realized that none of the projects I wanted to accomplish are making any headway - whether due to a lack of cash or lack of Hubby's assistance (though not his fault as he's been working!) and the prospect of going back to work looms (wherein I won't have the time to worry about my projects!).

I'm the kind of girl who wants it done and wants it done NOW!  Yeah - patience?  Not my forte.

So today I ventured out to our local Home Depot; bought some paint and proceeded to paint that wall in the closet.  So now, whenever it happens - the shelves can go directly up.  And in the meantime I get to enjoy the splash of color every morning.

I have always liked the look of painted stripes; so this is what I attempted.  And can I tell you that this was probably the first and only of my paint projects that did not end up with me totally covered in paint?  I didn't even get any in my hair!  A New Year's Miracle, I tell you!  It also ended up looking almost exactly like I envisioned - bonus!  I'd show you pictures; but first I have to go find the camera's software - download it - transfer the pictures, etc.  (ehhh, the downside to having a new computer?  You  can't just plug in your camera and expect it to do what it's always done!) so you'll just have to wait.

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year's Eve.  Tomorrow we begin the journey that is 2010.  I'm so glad to be heading into the New Year with you all!  I have high expectations (I know, I know - quit laughing - I can't help it!) for the New Year!!!  It'll be great!

and hopefully some of my projects will get accomplished ......

December 30, 2009

Okay folks - a reason not to whine!

UPDATE:  I noticed this morning that I left out four small but important words out of the title.  It should have read: Okay folks - a reason for me not to whine!

Because otherwise, it reads like I am saying You are whiners.  You are not.  But I seem to have been whining a lot lately.  Sorry for the confusion this may have caused.  Thank you.

Note to self: okay dummy; when you proof-read - it would help if you proofed the title as well..... 

Dear, dear Melissa must have read between the lines and realized that I needed some love today.

Bless her, she has awarded me this very lovely award - which is sooooo totally me right now (one big Haute Mess.).

This vacation (and kicking the meds - which Wilderness Chic's post reminded me of the after effects) must be getting to me.  That and; being home with Man-Child daily and my over-achieving to-do list (yes, folks - I know I'm crazy - I truly don't need reminding!).

I'm thinking I need to go back to work SOON!

As much as I love being off - I like being off on my own terms.  Back when M-C was still able to go to day-care....those days off were great!  I followed my own agenda without anyone else's needs or wants.  I need to re-adjust my mind set I suppose. 

Today, I got the rest of the decorations taken down - all by myself.  Except for the house lights.  And I won't even go into where my disposition went after that realization (except for the fact that maybe we won't EVEN HAVE CHRISTMAS next year.  Just sayin'....but check back next year - 'cause yeah...I know how I am....)

So, anyway without further ado, let's award this thing (all of you are worthy - if you want it claim it - please do so.  I love you all but am only supposed to mention a few) but I'm thinking some of these ladies need some love:

Bare Naked Mummy (can I say?  I love her!!!)

Chic Mama (too awesome for words - really  I've known her almost from the beginning!)

Brighton Mum - Teenage Angst (we are sooooo  in the same place right now!!)

Enjoy ladies!!!

By the way, stole Man-Child's old iPod since he got a new one.  Oh. My. Hell!!!  It's almost like being a teenager again (remember - with the Walkman?)!!!!  I've been "jammin" all afternoon!  Have I dated myself????  But do you know how nice it is too zone out completely?  Being able to block out whatever "they" are doing while you do your own thing?  This may be my saving grace (and I've only got 32 songs on it so far....)!

Much love to y'all!  Tomorrow will be AWESOME!

December 29, 2009

Venting, venting, a little bit more venting and then the good stuff?

Okay, I get it.  In this house I am the "tech support" - even when I don't know what I'm doing.

Usually, I'm fine with it.

But sometimes?  I get tired of hearing, "Mooooommmmmm - the computer, my iPod, the dvd player, etc. is doing xyz!"  Or, "Honey?  How do you do this in email, Word, fix the clocks, etc."

Usually, I enjoy the challenge of figuring out the problem. 

But today?  It seems like all I have done is deal with electronics.  (Logically, I know I haven't - but it sure feels that way).  This is the normal feeling after Christmas I suppose - since Santa (read ME) always feels the need to buy electronics for the guys.  New iPod?  Mom'll set it up.  New camcorder? Gigi'll set it up.  Robot?  Mom'll take care of it (okay - this one was a while back-but still!).

Seriously?  Am I the only person who knows how to read directions in this house?  I'm truly beginning to think so.

If there is something that must be put together (whether it's my project or not) I get pulled into it to make sure that a certain someone (read: HUBBY) follows the proper steps to complete the project/object - otherwise?  We've had to take stuff apart and start all over; seriously.

Okay - done venting.

Today my mission has been the closet (because yes, I'm obsessive about certain things - and as hubby so eloquently pointed out on more than one occasion - once I set my sights on something...I'm like a pit bull - which may explain why I usually enjoy the challenge that their tech questions pose).  After much analysis (which involved a rather lot of math - so be proud-because we all know that I suck at math!  So much so that dear Hubby actually bought me a calculator for Christmas!!!  Yeah - I'd be upset but he more than made up for it with his other presents) I've determined that my best bet may be wire shelving.  Not the prettiest stuff - but it's fairly cheap, it holds more shoes than a standard shelf and once I remove, cut and repurpose some shelving that I already have (which brings to mind - builders?  Really??  You need to have women on your team to tell you when you are doing something dumb design-wise!  Because some of the stuff you do?  Really?  It makes no sense.  And then the wife has to come behind you and fix stuff.....) - cuts the total cost more than half.  So with that issue settled...I can now begin the actual project - it may actually get accomplished before I go back to work (hmmmmm-that kinda sounds like wishful thinking!  Okay maybe a portion of it can be accomplished).

I did get a good portion of Christmas decorations down this morning - but you know what?  A naked Christmas tree is very sad.  So tomorrow morning - it comes down.  Because that sad, bare tree?  I can't look at it anymore.  But I will miss the lights along the mantels and bannister.  I think I may keep them in the ficus tree for a while though - just a touch of magic.  Of course, I had to call Hubby at work and ask where he hid the stockings (because as usual, while picking up - he hid them - but, bless him, he was picking up - so no big complaint) so that I could put them away properly in order to find them again next year - because we have been known to lose things because they weren't put away properly - not that I'm assigning blame (okay - yes I am!  Because he - nor Man-Child for that matter! - ever put stuff where it belongs!).

Hmmmm - maybe there was more venting in this post than I first thought.....

Let's end it on a good note then! 

It was a good day!  The sun was shining and I've figured out the closet issue!  The stockings were found, most of the electronics figured out and the majority of the decorations are down!  Yay!

All in a day in the life of Gigi.....

December 28, 2009

Update on computer and other ramble-y stuff

Thank you all for your comments - I knew you would get just how traumatic it was - and you did!

And thank you Kathryn, for checking in to see how my new relationship is going (and, btw - what is a Cloudy?  I must have missed the exlanation).
As for the new relationship - it's slow going.  It sure is shiny and pretty though.

The keyboard is completely different.  I was going to post last night - but after somehow deleting my post twice, I gave up.  It may have had something to do with the extra glass (or two) of wine . . . but I don't think so, since I just accidently deleted the previous sentence - and have not consumed more than my fair share of wine (which may change if it keeps deleting stuff!).  If I recall - it was going to be AWESOME.  It's gone now though - so you are stuck with this one.

When we upgraded the computer - we also upgraded to Windows 7.  Yeah - it's all shiny and pretty too - but am still figuring some of it out.  You know how normally you have that special "undo" button for when you do something stupid - like deleting your entire post?  Well, apparently Microsoft decided that it would be hilarious to hide that button.  Yeah - very funny Microsoft.  I have just found it though - so maybe we won't have those issues anymore.

Well in other news - the closet switch has been made.  Poor Hubby.  He just walked into his closet; looked around; shook his head and said, "I just don't understand...."  He looked like a little kid whose candy cane had just fell into the dirt.  It was actually funny.  The man cannot stand change (hmmm - then maybe marrying me wasn't the best idea.....)

I would post pictures - but it's not "finished" yet.  I want to put up shelves for my pretties (read: shoes).  So until I can come up with the extra cash (because hello? I just spent a bunch on a new 'puter and Christmas) it will have to wait.  BUT, in the meantime I think I'd like to pick a color and paint the area that will be behind the shelves.....maybe a red - or a shocking pink.  I'll have to think about it.

But in the switch I discovered that apparently, I have my own hoarding tendencies (and no! My shoes do NOT qualify as hoarding - they are very necessary!).  Apparently, I own 6 white tank tops - five of which are not only exactly alike - but are also the same brand.  Ditto with the 5 black tank tops.  Admittedly, I do adore tank tops for the summer and under jackets and sweaters in the winter - but seriously?  And since I'm confessing - I might as well admit that I also tend to stockpile papertowels and toilet paper.  But seriously?  That does not compare in the least to Hubby's hoarding tendencies - which would go way beyond pasta and tomatoes, if I let him!

I spent the day with a very good friend today.  I took her to a movie and lunch for her birthday.  I think she was just excited to get out of the house without kids (she has two tiny ones).  We saw "It's Complicated."  Do you know - this is probably the first "girl" movie I've seen in over a year (yeah - that's what happens when you live with boys and all your girlfriends have small children)!!!  I loved it.  It is very funny!  We have determined that we must do that more often.

Anyhow - from all your posts it looks as if you all had a great Christmas!  And here we are - staring 2010 down.  I think (hope) that it will be a very good year!!!  Hopefully one without any computer mishaps.....

December 26, 2009

Today could easily be summed up with "Are you F*#%ing Kidding Me?"

Yep - you read that right.  It has been a rough day.

It started out innocuous enough.  I was even plotting a post in my head.  I had finally begun the process of switching closets with Hubby.  The look on his face when he realized I was serious was priceless.  Wish I had a picture.  He and Man-Child are one in the same as they both hate change with a passion - so this seemingly minor blip in our household has caused a lot of trauma already.

So there I was happily moving stuff between the closets and picturing how happy I'd be in my new little kingdom.  Then Man-Child came to me and informed me the he broke the computer.

At first, I was sure he was joking.  Because surely, surely after the incident just one month ago(!!!!) there couldn't have been another; right?

No.  It was serious.  He'd dropped the damn thing AGAIN!  Well, to be more accurate, he tripped over the cord and it fell to the floor.  Where it died immediately upon impact.

I realize that accidents happen - it's almost happened to me on a couple of occasions, so I didn't get too terribly upset.  I figured that a quick trip to the computer doctor and all would be well.

After my last experience with a certain computer doctor, I decided to hit Best Buy.  Ummmmm, not the best idea on the day after Christmas.  The place was packed beyond belief.  I stood in line for about 15 minutes - not too bad - I really felt sorry for those that were in the return line - I'm convinced that line was hours long.

Upon reaching the head of the line and explaining my predicament the cute, young kid behind the counter (who is really far to young to be making these kinds of diagnosis) informed me that it was gone.  I almost cried.

Then I thought - what the hell does he know?  He's just a child!!  So I took my beloved in for a second opinion.  Alas....the second opinion concurred.  I seriously cried.  Because really????  How can I survive without my laptop?  How can I google stuff?  How can I do my banking?  What about shopping?  What about CONNECTING WITH YOU GUYS?????  It was seriously, seriously traumatic.

When I arrived home, Hubby (fabulous man that he is) just told me to go get a new one.  Damn the expense (right on top of Christmas, thank you very much).  I love that man, he is utterly amazing.

So back to Best Buy I went.  Which was when the bad day took a turn for the worse.  Apparently, they only had four people working in the computer department.  There were approximately 100 people milling around the department looking for help.  I finally started a line for help.  Yes, I'm nothing if not organized - that and (mainly) I was not about to let someone who just walked in get help before me; after I'd been there for over an hour!

Eventually, two hours later I walked out with a new laptop.  It's pretty.  It's cool.  But I miss my baby.  Yes, eventually this laptop and I will have a close relationship; but at the moment - my heart aches for the one that I knew so well.

As for Man-Child, you ask?  Yes, he is still alive - just barely.  I'm thinking that he may need to contribute to the cost of this new one though; maybe - just maybe - that may rehabilitate him.

December 25, 2009

Christmas is officially over!! :-(

Everyone is all snug in their beds (except possibly Man-Child - who is making movements ahead!).  What does that mean - that the excitement is over.  The gifts have been opened; the food has been eaten.  It's time now for that quiet reflection - what will 2010 possibly bring (only fabulous things - of this I am positive!)?

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  Ours was great; if rather quiet (which was fine by me!).

Man-Child actually rose before 10:00 am!  A Christmas miracle in itself! 

We opened gifts.  We oooohed and aaaahed!  Everyone was pleased.

We went to church (well, most of us - Hubby is feeling ill so we let him stay home) - enjoyed a wonderful service.  Came home to the wonderful feast that Hubby had prepared (despite his feeling ill).  Shared it with friends.  Enjoyed the glee that only a toddler can have over a cartoon. ('cause really? The sound of a small one cackling over a cartoon is probably the funniest thing I've heard in a long time!)  And now?

It's over.  That special feeling that only Christmas can evoke.  We can only try to replicate it throughout the year.  But ..... despite our greatest efforts ..... it's just not the same - although our hearts might be in the right place.

At any rate, I hope you've all enjoyed your Christmas!  And (as I do, am) looking forward to a very bright new year!!!  It will be great!  And sharing it with you all - well, that means even more than I can possibly say!

December 24, 2009

It's Christmas!!! (almost....why doesn't somebody remind me to put a title on my posts??....)

We are this close to Christmas!  Can you feel the excitement??

Although, I don't have a little one anymore - it's still fun.  I keep telling him to go to bed so that Santa can visit - he keeps snorting at me (wth?).  He needs to go to bed so that Santa can visit and I can go to bed!

What can I say?  It's been a long day! 

So far, I've spackled a wall (first time - whooo-hooo!  Did a pretty  good job if I say so myself!), baked two cakes (which both can be difficult - but it was a Christmas miracle, they both turned out great!), been pooped on by a very little guy (thank you very much - had totally forgotten that little joy!), tried to explain to an over-excited 7-8 year old that he must calm down and be a good role model to the two year old that was following him around (that wasn't so successful), scanned the computer for potential issues as it's been very slow and making me cranky; fixed the vacuum cleaner and otherwise been a very good mom trying to finish all those last minute items.  :Whew: 

I have a feeling I will be ready to go back to work before long .....

Tonight we spent with friends - tomorrow we will spend more time with friends - it will be lovely.  As we are relatively family-less here - we try to spend the holidays with other family-less folks.  It usually works out very well.  And is, no surprise, less stressful than dealing with actual family (come on - admit it!  Even if your family isn't as insane as mine; they can still be stressful!  The expectations are endless and God-forbid if you don't conform!).  So, I'll take our family-less holidays and enjoy every minute.

But before I forget - I wanted to take a moment to thank you all.  I've only been blogging for about 4 months now - but I have made some unbelievable friends!  You guys are truly awesome and I am truly blessed for having met each and every one of you.  I wish you all a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and I am so looking forward to spending the new year getting to know you all a little better!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Finally!  It's Christmas Eve!  The day that we've all been waiting for is here!

So enjoy your family, your friends, the food & the drink - be merry (but safe!)

Take time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and look forward to the coming year!

Merry Christmas, y'all!!

December 23, 2009

Gigi's tiiiiiiiirrrrrreeeeddddddd......

Paraphrased from the words of my very favorite toddler, "Gigi's tiiiiiiirrrrrredddd!."  (he actually said, Jjjjjooooooe!  Cccccrrrrrrrying!!!) (Tooo funny - he couldn't tell me why he was crying; only that he was!).

Not counting the past weekend; I've only been off work for four days.  In those four days I have crammed far too much stuff and am now wiped out!

BUT - I am done shopping!!!! (wait, did I just put exclamation points after that sentence?  ME?  The one who loves to shop?)  I am done wrapping (except for that one last gift.....which will be done in the morning).  Cooking?  Not my gig - so I don't have to worry about it.  Although I do need to come up with two desserts.....I'll think about it tomorrow (a'la Scarlett!).  House - fairly clean since I've been home since last Thursday (which brings me to this point - why the hell am I busting my butt to have a clean home when "they" come in and destroy it right behind me!?  And it's not like they are little ones either!!!)  (I'm beginning to think I would be better off living alone....)  Laundry - was caught up until Hubby came home and put clothes into that empty basket (does he not realize what satisfaction I receive from looking at that empty basket?  Again - must totally re-think that living alone option.....)

But with all that being done - my list continues to grow! How is that?  I cross three items off the list and five more appear!  Apparently completing one item leads to doing something else (removing that lower shelf from hubby's closet [which will soon be mine?]  Means that it should probably be placed in the pantry for more storage for his damn pasta .... and that the wall now needs to be patched.....see how it multiplies?  It never ends.....)

It's only 8:00 pm and Gigi's tired and ready for bed!  But before I can head off - I have to check that list and make sure it's ready for tomorrow....::sigh::

(although I complain - I actually love it!  Why?  Because I am actually getting things accomplished - which gives me much satisfaction!  Crossing those items (and even adding the others) gives me a sense of order - yes, I'm weird....I know; I really don't need you to point it out - I have two guys who do that without compunction; thank you!).

Now I simply must introduce our newest "friends" (yes, I've been lax - but hey!!!  I've been busy!! ).  These are the folks that have seen fit to join in on this random journey - go and say hi! when you have a moment or two.  I have and they are fabulous!

Auntie Gwen
Make Do Mum

Welcome! Welcome!  I'm only a little bit crazy - promise (ignore what the peanut gallery has to say - they aren't that trustworthy!)  (Okay - they really are - but love me anyway??? )

December 22, 2009

I've got a list (or two, or three, or more - don't judge!).....

Okay, before we get to the actual post - I simply must get this off my chest.  PEOPLE - IT IS ILLEGAL TO BLOCK INTERSECTIONS!  It causes gridlock and angry people (most notably, ME!).  This has become my biggest pet peeve.  And yes, I have become that crazed lady who will yell at you if you make this infraction.  So STOP IT!!!!!  ::breathe in; breathe out; breathe in; breathe out - and relax::

Ahem.... so anyway.....

So I'm a list maker - as you might recall.  I have made a list of things (okay projects) that I want to complete before I head back to ::shudder:: work on the 4th.

Today - I tackled the pantry.  I realize that the kitchen is Hubby's baliwick and try to stay out BUT he is a complete pack-rat and such a closet slob (that means he hides his slobbiness - rather than reveling in it out loud) that I can't help it.  When I walk into the pantry and I start to get hives from the mess I know it is time for me to intervene (or read: my OCD kicked in to overdrive!).  (it also didn't help that when we moved in things just kinda got thrown in everywhere with no rhyme or reason).

So I waded in this morning.  It took me most of the morning - but I think I have created a semblence of calm out of the chaos.

But seriously???  The things I found?  Particularly in the pasta family?  I will re-count for you (because yes, after a bit I began to make notes!) - but keep in mind - we are a family of THREE!

8 boxes of Rigatoni
4 boxes of Penne
2 boxes of Jumbo Shells
1 box of Ziti
1 box of Manicotti
1 box of Lasagna
2 bags of tortellini
2 boxes of Gemilli
1 box of elbow macaroni
1 box of Risotto
9 boxes of thin spaghetti (and this is after I consolidated at least three open boxes!)
1 box of Angel Hair
3 bags of rice (open - all the same type)
2 EMPTY pickle jars (WTH?)

Don't believe me?  I have proof!!!  At least regarding the pasta - see?

That's a LOT of pasta people!!!!

When Hubby was questioned about the absurd amount of pasta that is in our pantry (because - remember - there is only three of us!!!) - he informed me that he buys it when it's on sale and that it doesn't go bad. 

Hmmmmmm.  Really?  Cause I can use the same argument when it comes to shoes.........

He also informed me that we are basically ready for any natural disaster (like we'll be wanting to chow down on pasta in the midst of a disaster!).

So that's one item knocked off a list....what to conquer next??

UPDATE:  I just found two more boxes of Penne in the garage!!!  Is there a support group for men who are addicted to buying pasta??

December 21, 2009

My Christmas.....

I am sooooo stealing borrowing this from some of my favorite bloggers, Chic Mama, Fab in Your Forties and; Wildernesschic.

What you're supposed to do is to copy this entire post and paste into a new post on your blog. Change all the answers so that they apply to you.This is not a Meme or a Tag. You simply play along if you wish to. Or just read the answers!

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Usually wrapping paper; gift bags for those I must carry out; but I definitely use real ribbon (it's my nod to be being "green" -since it is so re-usable- and it makes the package (whether wrapped or bagged) that much prettier!).

2. Real tree or Artificial? Sometimes both.  We have an artificial from the last big "freeze" that ruined all the trees.  So sometimes both are put up (depends on how much time or energy I have).

3. When do you put up the tree? No set date, but I generally like to get it/them up at least a week or two after Thanksgiving - that gives me much time to "tweak" as necessary (this year - we waited too late no time for tweaking!!!)

4. When do you take the tree down? Hubby usually insists that I wait until at least after New Year's (good luck or some such nonsense).  But it depends; if I'm going back to work right after then it comes down before (because once I go back - forget it!  It could be up till March!)

5. Do you like eggnog? Yes - I believe I do (if it's not to strong).  But it's been a while (far too many calories to indulge in - rather save those calories for something edible....)

6. Favorite gift received as a child? Hmmmmm......don't recall a favorite......

7. Hardest person to buy for? My Hubby or Man-Child.  Neither will give me year - if no ideas, then the money that would have been spent on them gets spent on ME!  (sounds fair, right?)

8. Easiest person to buy for? Usually my girlfriends.  I know what they love - or what they WILL love once they receive it.

9. Do you have a nativity scene? Of course.  Can't imagine Christmas without one.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Mail - always.

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? None (all gifts are loved because of the recipient....except for one year when Hubby came to me with a god-awful brooch....BUT I never told him how icky it was - AND I still loved it because he bought it for me.  Sooooo; are you gagging now from the sickening sweetness that was that answer?)

12. Favourite Christmas Movie? Hands down, no question about it - It's a Wonderful Life.

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? As soon as something catches my eye for someone (has been known to happen as early as January.....)

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Yes, but only because I knew it was meant for someone else.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Uggh; I don't know - but I'm sure it's something either starchy or sweet.

16. Lights on the tree? Yes always White.

17. Favorite Christmas song? Lots and lots - but by the end of the season - ugh.

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Home.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen
 & Rudolph.

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Angel.

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Christmas Eve Man-Child always gets to open one present - which is his Christmas P.J.'S.  The rest of the gifts are for Christmas morning (which tends to get later and later as M-C ages.....)

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year?  The rudeness of people - come on folks - it's Christmas!!
23. Favorite ornament, theme, or color? No particular favorite, I guess.  But I generally decorate in red, green & silver or red, green & gold.

24. Favorite for Christmas Dinner? Don't really care - as long as I'm not involved in the making of it - but usually it's turkey or ham.

25. What do you want to do for Christmas this year? Surprisingly not too much.  Unless you count world peace as a gift..... (okay, if you insist!!!  There is a pair of earrings that are calling my name....)

26. Favorite Christmas tradition growing up? Don't recall any that stand out (other than opening p.j.'s on Christmas Eve - which I have carried over)

27. Favorite tradition now? Don't have a "favorite" per se . . . but I generally watch "It's a Wonderful Life" on Christmas Eve while Hubby sleeps on the couch and Man-Child hides in his room (because he thinks it's the most "boring movie EVER!").

28. Favorite Christmas Memory? The year that I got the Baby Alive doll that you could feed and then change their diapers.  My aunt didn't realize this until the doll "went" on her lap!  It totally freaked her out!

It's That Time Again!

For my gratitude list (yes, I've been lax; thanks for not pointing it out.  Just add that to the list!)

I am grateful the party was a success (and is OVER) and that everyone seemed to have a good time and made it home safely!  Truly, truly - I did enjoy myself and I do look forward to it every year; but for some reason this year leading up to it seemed extraordinarily stressful; so I'm glad it's behind me.

I am grateful that darling Man-Child was extra helpful this morning (could the bribe of lunch out have had something to do with it?  Probably; most likely) without too much moaning.  But with his assistance, I was able to get the house back in shape fairly quickly and move on to other things.  Such as.....

I'm grateful the majority of my shopping is done and wrapped.  Just a few stocking stuffers left to buy and a couple more gifts to wrap!

I am grateful that, for the moment, the laundry is pretty well caught up (mark this day in red, my friends, because you won't hear me say that for a while, I'm sure!).

I'm grateful to have finally figured out why some of your comments aren't coming across my email (damn Spam filter!  You are soooo not Spam!).

I'm grateful to have finally figured out how to respond to you on the Blackberry via email without giving away vital information that could cause you to track us down (more Hubby's worry than mine; given that he keeps reminding me of the possibility that you could all be serial killers!  Hmmphhh!  What are the odds that you could all  be serial killers?!).

I'm grateful that I've had the time off to figure out this stuff!!!!!

I'm grateful that the shed is almost finished (at least the outside, except for the door and the paint).  Hubby now informs me that it must be drywalled (really??? It's a shed!!!!) and the electricity must be run (again, it's a shed!!  Does it really need all these things?) and then it most likely will be done.  (hmmph, I'm not buying it.  I believe this monstrosity will continue to grow!).

I am really, really grateful that the guys are out watching the game (that apparently you can't get on our television for whatever reason).  It is sooooo nice to have the quiet (after all the activity this past weekend!).

I am grateful to have seen a very, good friend that I haven't seen in a while.  Just to hear her laugh and to see her beautiful face and smile -- totally made my day.

And you, of course, my dear friends!  Reading through your musings today - made me very, very happy to have "met" you.  You've all touched my heart in various ways - so thank you - I am very grateful to have you in my life.

And what are you grateful for this coming week?

Sssshhhhh - don't wake the baby!

That's the feeling I'm having sitting here in the early morning quiet with Man-Child sleeping upstairs. 

See when M-C was small he didn't sleep.  EVER!!!  If he slept, it was for no more than 10 minutes at a time.  It was a nightmare. 

Even once we somehow got him on a schedule, he was a very light sleeper.  So I would creep around the house trying not to make any noise.  Too bad there wasn't blogging back then - it's such a nice and quiet activity.

So anyway, I'm taking advantage of the sleeping "baby" to try and catch up.

The party was a success even though only about 9 families made it at various times throughout the day.  And of those - only a couple were people we don't see on a regular basis.  The point of this one big party a year is to catch up with those we don't see often.  But a good time was had by all - and everyone seemed to make it home safely.

It was fun while it lasted; but boy am I glad it's over!  The first guests arrived around 2:30 - 3:00 pm and the last guests left around 12:30 pm.  It was one looooooong day.

Yesterday was kind of a quiet day around here - as we were all pretty tired, as I'm sure you can imagine.  So today will be a more purposeful day I'm sure.  I'd like to start switching closets - but then I was thinking how fun it might be to paint the closet a fun color first.  Hmmmm, I'll have to think about that.  That just makes the project that much bigger and more involved - and really, I don't know if I'm up for that.  Particularly as I don't have a color picked out - and that usually takes me forever to decide! So maybe I'll just switch - and paint later....

Anyway, I thought I'd share some pictures of the snow, decorations, etc.  Cause if you are anything like me (read, nosy) you like to see what other people's stuff looks like!

Although you can't see the house or the lights very well - I had to get a picture of the snow falling! (yes, I'm still just a girl from Texas - who gets excited about the snow!)

We do this every year - we Party With A Purpose and ask folks to bring in donations for a local food pantry.  This year, we filled two boxes like this!

I couldn't find the exact wreath I was looking for - so I decided to create something a little less traditional.  I thought it turned out pretty well - considering it was a last minute thing.

Our mantel - although you must ignore all the stuff in the background - the house had yet to be put back together after the party.  And yes, I know the fireplace is dirty - Hubby has yet to clean it.

This was taken the morning of the party - lots of snow for us - about 6 inches!  You can also see the partially (will it ever be finished) shed in the background.

The front yard was so pretty!  Too bad we couldn't get our Christmas card picture in this.

This was the picture we used - not too bad considering both guys were grumbling about it.

December 18, 2009

And I thought I was busy....(and it's SNOWING - real snow, not just ice!)

You guys have totally been busy - It's taken me over an hour just to catch up on what you've all been saying (not that I'm complaining, mind you - I've taken a self-imposed sabbatical from the computer today to get stuff done; and yes, thank you very much - a lot has been accomplished).

(Before I forget - Bare-Naked-Mummy; I can't reach you any other way - so I hope you read this.  The new comment thing is gone; but I can't find the Comment button to click!!!  I've checked out my HTML and can't figure it out there - so hopefully you can figure this one out; if not email me and we'll troubleshoot together.)

Folks, you know I live in the South.  Granted, further North than when I lived in Texas.  But when it snows here (which is rare - we usually get ice since we are too far South to get snow normally) it can be an EVENT.  And when it snows before Feburary??  A HUGE EVENT.

Well, guess what.  It is snowing.  It is snowing to beat the freakin' band.  Normally, not a problem - Snow amazes me (guess that's because I'm from Texas) and I love it.  (I'm the only mom I know that was out there playing in it with Man-Child when he was small - until my first snow I never realized how WET it was (yes, I knew it was created from rain - but it looks so fluffy....) - but we had a blast sledding down hills, tossing half-formed snowballs and making deformed snowmen- don't judge I never had the experience before!  Too bad he's too cool to do that with me now...).  BUT the party is tomorrow!!  People here freak out when it rains - can you guess what they do when it SNOWS??????  They have melt-downs (and go crazy at the store buying milk and break - for what I can't imagine).

It's been snowing since about noon (and it's now about 9:45 pm).  And right now it's not just snowing.  It's GUSTING snow & sleet.  When I was out earlier I encountered at least two people in a ditch.  And two people (in different places) who just stopped in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!  (smart folks, very, very smart!).  Seriously??  What was the point in that?  Were they waiting for it to stop & melt?

I asked Hubby this morning if he wanted me to postpone the party.  He said no.  Later in the morning after hearing the forecast; I asked again.  No.  (Now between you and me - he has more to do for this party than I do since he is doing all the cooking).  So tonight as the snow is blanketing the area - he still says the party is on (well, duh - it's too late to cancel now!). 

But if you ask me - I think the party will be pretty sparse.  Cause I really don't see folks venturing out.  Driving in snow is one thing - but tonight?  All that snow is going to freeze.  And do you know what happens then?  Black ice.  Treacherous stuff (particularly when you add in Southerner's who don't know how to drive in it and Southerner's who don't know how to clear the roads).  And unless the sun comes out and melts all that ...... I'm just sayin' it could be ugly.  And kowing Hubby - he has packed in enough supplies for a full crowd.  Ah well, if we get completely snowed in at least we'll have enough party food to last us for a while (hope he remembered the wine....I'm sure I'm gonna need it!)

December 17, 2009

First Day of Vacation and I'm Exhausted!

I've been a very busy one today.  Up and out early to drop M-C off at school, then off to the craft store to pick up a few things, out to the department store for a few gifts and back home to begin to trim the tree.

It took two hours just to get the tree (and other various chores) done.  I did not even put a dent in the boxes and boxes of decorations.  But that's okay.  Obviously, I didn't need them (of course I haven't been back in to critique the tree....I probably shouldn't - cause that itch to just tweak it a little might show up).

Then back out for a bit more shopping and a trim (I love my guy; but really?? I'm a bit miffed at how much he charged for a trim!!!  It's not like I was whacking all my hair off again!)

Back home for a wrapping marathon.

I'm wiped out; but in a good kind of way!  And still so much to get done (oh; like cleaning the freaking house!) (By tomorrow afternoon I am sure I will have reached the point where I say - why bother?  It'll be wrecked after the party anyway....I should wait until after the party....and although I will sooooooo say that - I won't be able to follow through - because hello!!! people are coming over!)  (Yes, I know, I am a bundle of contradictions.  At least you don't have to live with me!  Feel sorry for those that do!)

And I keep thinking - oh, I'll be able to relax after Saturday.  Yeah, right.  I know me.  I know me so well!  (I guess I should after all these years of living with me!).  I've got plans!  Big plans.  When I have time on my hands - I turn to projects.  And I've already got a few fermenting in the back of my brain - including switching closets with hubby.  He won't like it at all (like his son; he dislikes change in a BIG way).  But y'all!  My closet is a bit bigger BUT the light sucks, it's too narrow and I think I would like his better and it would be better suited for all my shoes.  And you know what?  He won't care once he gets used to the change.  And it's not like he spends any time in his closet like I do!

So that's one project.  Another might or might not involve paint.  WHAT?  It's a great time to paint - it's too cold to do anything outside!  (Yes, I admit - I have been known to spend New Year's Eve with a gallon of paint...but in my defense - Hubby was at work and Man-Child (who was but a small one) was asleep - what else did I have to do?)

Both Hubby and Man-Child have both asked, on numerous occasions, "Can't you just ever relax?!"  Apparently, I'm afraid, the answer is no.  I was born to be industrious I suppose.  I mean really?  How can you relax when there are things to be done? (If you know the answer to this - please let me know!)

December 16, 2009

Complaints about Blackberry and Facebook, oh and guess what?

I'M FREEEEEEE!!! (until January 4th anyway!)

Hopefully that will give me time to figure out what the hell is up with the Blackberry (any help out there??).

It's supposed to show me whenever I have new comments.  Guess what?  I've missed quite a few apparently.  I've just logged into Blogger and clicked on Edit Posts to prepare a new post (which has quite gone out the window at this point) and noticed that there were more comments on certain posts than I recalled.  So I checked. 

Yup - I've missed quite a few comments from some of you (so very sorry!!).  Several I know I received - others?  No notification at all.  Infuriating.  I've also noticed that on some of your blogs I can comment directly from the Blackberry; others?  Forget about it - the option just isn't there - WTH is up with that? 

So this beautiful Blackberry that I love like crazy - is driving me just a little bit crazy. 

For that matter so is Facebook.  It has been pointed out to me today that the new privacy settings are off-kilter a bit.  Now, I have been locked down tighter than Fort Knox on Facebook; NO ONE can find me (not even Hubby or close friends) - I've had to find the ones that I do have.  I'm thinking now that my privacy may be compromised.  The only reason I'm even on Facebook is to check up on Man-Child and to keep up with a few long-distance friends.  So far, I seem to be immune - but others aren't (including the CEO of Facebook - since his "personal" pictures have recently been featured on the news!).  But it makes me uneasy.  I don't want people finding me.  If I wanted to have contact with them - I would have made contact.  If I haven't made contact - then, guess what?  I don't want any contact with you.  Period.  (does that make me mean?)  Probably - but I don't care.  If I (or you) have had no interest in keeping up prior to now - what makes you think that all of a sudden I'm interested?

::sigh:: Technology.  It's ever evolving and trying to keep up is a freakin' full time job!  And it makes it harder to keep your private stuff - well, private.  And with all the scam artists out there - it's hard enough.

In fact, I just heard today that certain hotels have been informed that if someone calls and just asks to be put through to a room number they are not to do it - unless the caller has the name of the person in that room.  Why? Because these people are being patched through and pretending to be the front desk needing the guest's credit card information for whatever reason.  Viola'!  They are then set for a spending spree. Creepy, no?

Okay - I'm done ranting.  Am now on to gloating.  I'M FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!

In fact, one of the guys at work today told me I had a "perma-grin" all day and wondered why - until I informed him that I was done!  Adios baby - see ya next year!

Our office gathering was a complete success (for those that are interested); except for one hold out.  She didn't bring anything and she did not participate (yes, it was that one).  Oh well .... her loss.  Lots of great food and goodies.  Green bean bundles and almond bark - TOTAL success.  In fact when I laid out the bundles I heard, "Oooooohhhh! I remember those from last year!"  They were gone in a matter of hours!  Of course, M-C pouted this morning telling me that I never make them for him.....little does he know, I have the ingredients at the ready - prepared to make him his very own special batch (with a few samples for me, of course!) (Yes, I know they sound icky - (and really? I'm not a green bean  fan, usually) but these things are to die for!  Once you wrap bacon around them and coat them with a butter and brown sugar mixture......ummmmmmm, yummy!)

Okay - I've been informed that someone can't do his homework since I'm on the computer and I've rambled on enough.  So dear captive audience ('cause I just know that this post has been utterly fascinating!) I must close.  Good night.  And remember.....


All I want for Christmas . . .

This was too funny not to share!

December 15, 2009

Bunch of nothing with lots of parentheses.

Do you realize I've had control of the computer for most of the evening?  Do you realize how rare this is?

Do you realize that for once I don't have a darn thing to say???  Do you realize how rare this is?

I'm sure if I keep typing - eventually something will come out.  So that is my "plan."


Currently, I am thinking about "styles" - no not fashion (although that's never far from my mind).  But typing styles.

When I was in school (not too far back in the day).  When you typed (on a typewriter - okay, just dated myself, but just barely) you put TWO spaces after the period.  Now, according to whomever you only put one.  Who the hell does whomever think he/she is?  I spent years learning how to hit the spacebar twice really quickly.  NOW you are trying to tell me that I don't need to?  Bite me.  (Harsh, I know.  But if you've ever been in a typewriting class where all you do is take TIMED TYPING TESTS then you know my pain!).  I will always, and forever, put two spaces after the period.  If you (whomever) don't like it - you can lump it.

Also, in case you are interested, the weaning process is DONE.  (I'd link; but I'm tired.  And as I've just proved in the previous paragraph - apparently I'm ancient - forgive me. Or don't.  I don't care - it's back there somewhere).  Done to the point, that there have been no more "jolts" and I have dumped all the meds (safely!).  Although Hubby had the termity to ask me yesterday, "Are you sure you are okay?  You seem a little testy." 

WTH???  Yes, I'm testy.  I'm always testy four days before the party - while I'm still at work thinking of all the crap I have to do (although, as admitted in a previous post (nope still not linking) I am cutting back and setting the bar waaaaayyyy lower).  I'm always testy when there are idiot drivers on the road; particularly those who feel the need to "get through that light" and block the intersection.  (Yes - you, lady.  Don't just shrug and act like you don't know why I'm honking at you!  And if you don't - then you shouldn't be driving!!!)  Okay, yeah, I might be a little more testy than usual - but that might be because I can actually feel my feelings now!  But no, I'm not over the top - so I am fine!

Stuff for the office "get together" - done!  (Except I have to toss the greenbean bundles in for a few minutes in the morning).  Why we even do this every year, I don't know.  As I've mentioned before (I think? And still no links) we are "one" department - but divided.  So sometimes, these get togethers can be awkward.  But yet we try.  It was actually heartening to see us (most of us anyway) come together last week to decorate our department.  I keep thinking that there might be hope for most of us (some - there is no hope - sorry to say, but true).  So, I am optimistically looking forward to tomorrow (my LAST day in the office for the year!!!!!!!).

Stuff for the Open House on Saturday (you are all invited!) - not done.  But that's okay; because once I get through tomorrow it will be - including what I will wear!  Why do I always wait for the last minute to figure this one out?  I have a back-up plan, if I can't find something spectacular (and fairly comfortable) for the long day.  So it's all good. 

As for Christmas itself?  Almost done.  So no worries; because I have the entire following week to figure it out (as long as I can stay away from the computer and actually concentrate on what needs to be done).

Hmmmmm, apparently even when I have nothing to say - I still have plenty to ramble on about! 

Oh!  And just so you know, I just saw a GIANT (as in bigger than my head!) spider!  Don't they go into hibernation or something when it gets cold?  Well this one is roaming the earth like it owns it.  So, if you don't hear from me in awhile, please come looking for me - because some freak of nature got a hold of me and I may need some help.  Thanks.

I can’t believe you didn’t notice and if you did, thank you for not pointing it out~

Since no one has mentioned it, maybe I shouldn’t tell you.  Cause maybe you just didn’t notice. 

But if you didn’t notice then that means you aren’t really, really reading my blog – you are just skimming.   Hmmmm.  Maybe I won’t tell you out of spite then.

But then, of course, maybe you just never said anything to spare me immense embarrassment? Hmmmm, I’ll have to think about it.

In the mean time, I have been asked to provide the recipe for almond bark.

Now this recipe will make all your friends believe you are THE next Martha Stewart.  But only you and I will know just how easy it is – and you have to promise to keep it a secret because we don’t want the whole world to know that we didn’t get up at 4:00 am to make our own different chocolates and grow and slice our own almonds to make this divine creation. 

So are you ready to be amazed?  Here goes:

You will need 6 squares of semi-sweet chocolate; 6 squares of white chocolate* and about 1 cup of toasted sliced almonds.

Begin by toasting the almonds – I generally toast them in a pan on the stove until they are kinda crunchy.  (Then I must force myself to keep from eating them cause they are just so yummy even all by themselves).  Set aside (and away from straying fingers).

Microwave semi-sweet and white chocolate in separate bowls on High for about 2 minutes or until ALMOST melted (this is the most important part – because you don’t want to burn the chocolate); stirring halfway through heating time.  Stir until completely melted.  Stir 1/2 cup nuts into each bowl.  Alternately spoon melted chocolates onto a wax paper-lined cookie sheet or tray.  Swirl chocolates together with a knife to marbleize.  Refrigerate 1 hour or until firm.  Break into pieces.


I generally double (sometimes triple) this recipe and it makes great gifts for teachers, neighbors, etc. (unless, of course they have nut allergies – then it could be considered a deadly weapon).

*In the event that your packaging is different across the pond (and why shouldn’t it be – seems like everything we do is different!) 1 square of chocolate = 1 oz of baking chocolate


So have you figured it out yet?  To be fair, even I didn’t catch it until this morning.

Yesterday’s post was titled “Tuesday Thoughts.” 

Yesterday was Monday.  Why am I admitting this to you if you never even caught on?? 

I think I am in definite need of this vacation!

December 14, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

Scrolling through various blogs I am noticing a trend.  Everyone seems to be wigging out about Christmas (myself included).  Christmas, as wonderul as it is (and it is my favorite holiday) is very stress-inducing.  Although, we seem to stress ourselves out more than the holiday actually causing the stress.

As I sat and looked at my lists today - it dawned on me (yes, sometimes it takes a while) that I don't have to do all these things.  (Yes, I still have to clean my house on a semi-regular basis, and YES laundry still has to be done - dammit).  But do I have to make 16 zillion different types of cookies, because I always have?  No.  Do I have to have that tree in the foyer (because we had one last year?). No.  Do I have to put out every little decoration from all 15 Christmas boxes just because they are there?  No. 

So guess what?  I'm not.  I will do what I need to do and if there is time (and the inclination) to do more - then maybe I'll do it. 

So tonight, all I've done is buy new windshield wiper blades because it's supposed to pour like crazy tomorrow (and the nice guy at the store installed them for me - THANK GOD! Because I don't know how they work!), made some fudge and some almond bark for the office party on Wednesday.  Tomorrow, I'll make green bean bundles (sounds icky, but they are heavenly!!) and that's it.  On Wednesday, I will NOT be making three trips to the car to get everything inside the office.  For pete's sake, we have at least 15 of us participating - why do I feel the need to make enough for 100?  Especially, since everyone is bringing something.  So, I won't.  (And yes, I realize when I said I made fudge and almond bark and am going to make the bundles - that sounds like a lot - but if you realized how quick and easy these items are....then you'd know I'm not going to a lot of trouble - I promise).  Once I get past that then I'll focus on Saturday (which shouldn't be too complicated since I'm off on Thursday and Friday (and for the remainder of the year!) Whoo-hoooo!).

This damn shed is going to be the death of us all.  This is the third time the inspector has failed us!!  Three times failure - FOR A SHED!!!  Apparently, this time - there isn't any Tyvek (insulation) around the top of the doorway.  Ummmm, okay.  But excuse me, IT'S A SHED!!!!  It's not like people are going to be living in the damn thing!  I don't even understand why it requires any Tyvek, much less some above the door!  ::sigh:: breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

And the ONE day I don't turn on the tv to listen to the news while getting ready for work (hubby was sleeping in after the marathon work weekend)!!!  I drive Man-Child all the way to school (the next town over) only to discover that there has been a two hour delay.  For what, I've yet to determine.  There wasn't time for me to drive him home - explain to Hubby what was going on and ask him to take M-C and still get to work on time.  So Man-Child had to sit at the school for about 2 1/2 hours until school opened.  I mean, the doors were open and he was able to go in - but still.  I felt kinda bad for him but told him to make the best of it and start working on his English project.  He actually took it pretty well.  I know I sure as hell wouldn't have wanted to sit there for 2 1/2 hours!!

The phone interview I mentioned on Friday - never happened.  I am furious about it.  I know what happened.  The guy mentioned that the application had to be filled out before they could talk.  No problem (even though he had the resume right in front of him that had all the requested info).  We got it filled out and sent off.  The guy never called.  I can only assume because he looked at the salary requested and said forget about it.  Hubby has over 20 years experience in this field and is good at what he does.  Actually pretty much enjoys it (just not in the environment he's currently in).  I can understand if the salary is not within their budgeted amount.  Can you not at least have the common courtesy to make the call and say I'm sorry - we just can't do that?  Although, from the job description....the things you want?  Ehhh, maybe you need to raise your salary or lower your expectations.  'Cause - while yeah, someone will do the job at the salary you want to pay but guess what?  They will not be able to do everything you are asking and do it well.  I'm just sayin'!  So come on Corporate America - wake up.  You are only doing a disservice to yourself and your customers.  So keep up the good thoughts, prayers, vibes, whatever that something will come along for him.

This post is long enough and although I know I could continue to ramble on - I know your eyes are beginning to good night!

I fought the tree and the tree won (this round anyway!)

It’s official – the holiday season is in full swing.  There are parties going on everywhere!

The girls got together Friday night; which was fun.  But I cut out early – Friday night gatherings are tough when you get up at 5:00 am.

On Saturday, another holiday party was held.  I probably should have cut out early on that one….but still, a good time was had by all.

Unfortunately, Hubby couldn’t attend because he had to work all weekend.  Once a year there is this dreaded weekend.  Basically, the last time I saw him was on Thursday and that was it until about 4:00 pm on Sunday! 

So Saturday, I put up the tree.  This is not normally something that I do; usually Hubby puts up the tree and deals with the lights and I do the decorating.  But I’m a resourceful and capable girl – I don’t need him to do this for me. 

So I wrestled with the darn tree; finally got it up and proceeded to connect the lights (it’s a pre-lit tree) – because really??  Any idiot can put the plugs in – right?

Apparently not.  I could get all the lights to work – but not at the same time.  Man-Child sat in the chair trying very hard not to laugh as I had it out with the tree.  And then; it happened.

I was electrocuted!!!  (okay – maybe that’s a slight exaggeration – very slight though)  I touched a light and was JOLTED.  After this – I cursed the tree mightily and called it quits.

I decided that I’d tackle the next HUGE item on the list.  Trying to tame the CHAOS that is the garage – so that the smokers on our guest list would have a sheltered and semi-warm place to go next weekend.  Man-Child graciously offered to help (after I plied him with Chinese food and informed him he had no choice.).  After two hours it was done (yes, there is still a bunch of stuff in there – as the damn shed still isn’t finished!) but at least there is room to walk around, etc.

When Hubby finally arrived home on Sunday (as much as I hated to ask since I knew he was wiped out) he fiddled with the lights for me.  Checked bulbs – changed fuses and whatever else you have to do with the lights.  Nada.  So I messed with the again.  Still nothing.  Conclusion – when the tree electrocuted me that particular strand got shorted out.  ::sigh::  So the tree is up and partly lit.  Now, I suppose I need to go find a strand of lights to string into this pre-lit tree before I can even begin to decorate!

It will all get done; eventually.  So in the meantime, I am sitting here at work making lists and thinking of all the things I could be doing….

December 11, 2009

Wish us some luck!

I know I've mentioned that Hubby has a god-awful, horrible job that he hates.  He is overworked, under-appreciated and completely stressed.  The entire organization is toxic.  It's awful.

This job, I'm convinced, will be the death of him.  Seriously.  His blood pressure is sky-high.  I'm surprised he doesn't have an ulcer.

We continue to keep our eyes and ears open for opportunities; but as we live in a rather small city there aren't very many jobs in his field; particularly in this economy. 

So, I was cruising the internet yesterday and decided to check in on a job-listing website (I'm positive Big Brother thinks I must be looking for a new job in a field that I am no way qualified for!) and stumbled across a job that seemed to be right up Hubby's alley.  So I sent the link to Hubby; but he'd already left work - I knew he'd get it this morning and promptly forgot all about it.  So much so, I even forgot to mention it to him when I get home.  Usually, for whatever reason the jobs aren't what he's looking for anyway.

When I got to work this morning and logged on there was an email from Hubby asking me to submit his resume - which being the wonderful wife I am - I did first thing.

Within an hour, I received a response asking for Hubby to complete an application and asking if he'd be available for a phone interview this afternoon!  It took some shuffling to get the application completed and signed and sent - but it was done.  The interview was to take place sometime this afternoon.

Whether or not it has, I don't know.  This was a crazy evening with all of us going our separate ways almost immediately upon arriving home.  Now that I'm home Hubby is fast asleep on the couch.  I'd wake him but I know what kind of day he's had - so I'll have to contain my curiousity.  Somehow.

Now here's were you come in - start sending your thoughts, vibes, prayers, or whatever this way - because this man needs a different job before a) he loses his mind or b) I become a widow because of the stress-levels - and y'all???  I'm too young to be a widow!

In other news - I am soooo into countdown mode!!  Only three more work days until I'm free until the end of the year!  Whoo-Hoo!!!  No, my job isn't as stressful as Hubby's - but I sure could use a vacation. 

Unfortunately, I will only get one day to myself before Man-Child's school lets out for the holidays - BUMMER!  Yes, I'm a Bad Mom!  I have already informed him that there will be days when I want to be ALONE.  Too bad he's far too old for daycare.....::sigh::  Back when he was young enough for day-care I would use my days off to finish decorating, shop, clean, do whatever I needed to do.  Then when he was old enough to stay home - I could still do most of those things and still have time to myself and get shopping done - because he refused to go shopping with me (which I almost don't blame him; going shopping with me can sometimes be an exhausting experience...). 

But now that he's got his permit....forget it.  He wants to go EVERYWHERE with me - just so he can drive.  ::sigh::  He almost took out a corner of the McDonald's the other morning.  And when I let out a huge gasp he got mad at me!! It's not like I'm the one who almost crashed through a building!!  He informed me that I would be the reason he wrecks - because of my reactions!!  How is that for rationale?  I see a building looming over the front end of my car - but I'm supposed to sit by quietly and not react?  I can't wait till he's teaching his kids to drive - oh how I will laugh and laugh and then laugh some more.  And then remind him of all that he put me through!

December 10, 2009

Posting, commenting, keeping up....

Is it only me?

Is there a piece of technology out there that I am missing?

I post - I get validation comments (yay).  Comments are directed directly to my email - so I always get them.


I comment on something and then I have to remember where I commented (which is particularly difficult on new (to me) blogs) and I want to see what the author may have had to say in response - which is the way a lot of authors respond).

Yes, I realize about the "feeds" - but I don't necessarily want to get every single comment or even every single post.  So how do you remember where you've commented so you can follow up?  Am I going to have to create yet another binder?

And YOUguys???  Honestly - y'all are a prolific (and talented) bunch - because keeping up with your posts is almost a full-time job!  And I don't follow that many in comparison to what most of you do.  I'd probably follow more - but I already have a full time job working for Big Brother.  So I try to keep "personal" internet time to a minimum while at work.  But that results in full scale war at home when I try to get some computer time.  Do you have a teen?  Then you know what I mean.  (Yes, I could probably cave and get Man-Child his own computer.  But, I'm THAT mom.  The one who checks his lyrics before letting him buy any songs from iTunes.  I'm the ONE who checks the computer history.  Yes, I do all that.  But in my defense - I only have the one - so it's not toooooo time consuming.  And to be clear - I am NOT a helicopter-parent - at least NOT to the fullest extent.  So why would I let him have his own computer that I don't have full access too?)

So how do you keep up?  Cause I've not figured it out yet. 

And then there is the comments that I get - I want to respond to a certain comment; directly.  How do I know they've come back to see what my response might be?  I've got my site meter report and my Google Analytics - but you know what?  They are ANALYTIC (and, hello!!!! Have you met me??  Logistics?  Not my forte!) .  They don't give me REAL DATA in ENGLISH.  So, I can only hope that YOU are more together than me and check to see if I've responded.

I've attempted to respond via email.  But when I try to respond (no matter what changes to the various settings I have - it wants to give my "real" email.  And I have promised Hubby that I wouldn't give anything away that could cause YOU to be able to hunt us down and KILL us in our sleep - not that I think you would - but HE does!!  Cause he's suspicious like that....) Blackberry!!!  As much as I LOVE this device; it drives me batty.  When Man-Child has taken over the laptop I like to check in on you all.  When you have something that I am in desperate need to respond to (that can't wait until I have the laptop back in my possession) I attempt to respond via blackberry.  Maybe I am too impatient (of course, that can't be it), but apparently, I end up trying to move on to the next blog before the Blackberry has issued my response and then my comment(s) get lost in cyber-space forever!  Do you have any idea how many times I've commented via the Blackberry?  And how many times they've been lost because I've hit the MOVE button?  MANY, my friends, MANY.  There is a whole universe out there is completely made up of my lost comments; which taken out of context - would be EVEN more random than usual!

So if you've written something and think, "DAMN!!!  Gigi NEVER responded!"  (cause I TOTALLY know that you guys are SOOOO dependent upon what I have to say! ::snicker, snicker!::)  Know that I like to respond as much as possible (in fact last night I had several FABULOUS responses - which have NEVER appeared anywhere!) - but due to Man-Child's selfishness (homework - yeah - right!!!) and Blackberry's fickleness - my responses are floating out there in cyber-space somewhere - with NO supervision (God only knows what kind of havoc THAT might wreak!)!!!!  So it's totally NOT my fault!  I keep trying - but the internet Gods  -  just won't let me say my piece.

December 9, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like......(and other news)


Open House - approx. 2 weeks away (not to mention Christmas the following week!!!!). Any preparations done? No. Don't even have the trees up yet. Yes, trees. The way this house it set up the only place to see a tree from the front is if it's in the foyer - which is set up perfectly for one. But honestly, who wants to spend Christmas morning sitting on the floor in the foyer. So I put a fake, smaller one in the living room. I asked hubby to get me a tree last weekend (when the weather was beautiful). Mr. "Over-the-Top" himself, actually said to me: "Don't you think that's overdoing it?" Grrrrr. I WILL get that damn tree if I have to tie it to the top of my tiny, little car all by myself. He only said this, I'm sure, because it was Sunday and the football games were on. Oh, yes, he'll be reminded of this for a time to come.

Gifts?? Well, to be truthful, after doing inventory (and some wrapping) tonight - I'm feeling okay in this department.  Still have a few things to get - but nothing that can't be done before the big day gets here.

Cards/invites - done. No panic there.

The gifts that have to be shipped to family?? Total panic mode up until this evening. Everything is now wrapped, packed and labeled. Hubby doesn't know it yet but he'll be carting them to the post office tomorrow. It's his contribution to the whole deal. I figure if I have to figure out what to get his family, buy it, wrap it, pack it up - then the least he can do is stand in line at the post office.

Decorating the house?  Sooooo not done.  Yes, the outside is done.  But the rest?  No.  I did put the candles in the window.  But discovered this morning that someone has removed one of the bulbs.  No one has bothered to tell me why or has even informed me that we needed a new bulb.  Haven't they realized yet who they are dealing with?  Of course I'm going to notice that it's missing.  Just tell me about it for crying out loud.  I have yet to actually maim anyone over a missing bulb.  But not telling me - well, that might get you hurt.  (Although this does remind me of a funny conversation Man-Child and I had last weekend - I'd try to re-count it here but it's been too long ago for me to remember it all so I'd end up telling it wrong and just having to delete it all and, as I recall, it was one of those "you had to be there" moments - because when we tried to tell Hubby about it - he didn't seem to find it as funny as we did.).

Cleaning the house?  Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!!  Really?  Who has time for that at a time like this?  It'll most likely be a last minute, crazed session where everyone who happens to be around gets sucked into helping whether they like it or not.

Work?  Also in mini-panic there.  No real reason - just want to get everything wrapped up before I head out for vacation next Thursday - so I don't have to face anything bigger than I have to when I return.

In other news - in case you are wondering - the weaning seems to have been successful.  Just a few minor jolts now and again, it seems I am extraordinarily emotional as well - which also seems to include a few mini-rants on my part - but that's nothing new! ;-)

Hubby's shed - which is beginning more and more to look like a guest house (and I have discovered is costing waaaaaayyyyy more than my conservative estimate) - is slowly coming along.  Sorry no picture - I'll wait until it's done.  My shower has still yet to be repaired - at least they've been able to temporarily stop the leak and repair the kitchen ceiling (and yes, I realize that it began to leak before Halloween and we are now staring down Christmas!  Why, I ask you, has it taken so long???).  My fear is that they will decide that next week is the perfect time to fix it.  At this point, if they can wait until after next Saturday I'd be very happy with that.

Other than (all) that - life has been pretty ho-hum here at Gigi's place (::snicker::).  How's it going with y'all?  Are you ready for Christmas yet?

December 8, 2009

Let's Say Thanks to Our Soldiers

A friend of mine forwarded this link to me today.  I can honestly say that I'd never heard of this project; but was only to happy to jump on the bandwagon and spread the word.

Xerox has partnered with several other companies to create this website to let you pick out a Thank You card, put a message on it and they will then print the card and send it to a random soldier currently serving in Iraq. 

As I was sitting here looking at all the cards (made by children) and reading some of the feedback from some of the recipients - I teared up.  Seriously teared up.  To the point I had to go hide in the bathroom for a minute so my co-workers wouldn't worry.

Whether or not you support the war - know that our soldiers need our support.  And you can show your support, for free, in this very small but meaningful way.

Okay - for whatever reason - the icon won't work!!!  Argghh!  So if you want to participate use this link instead.

December 7, 2009


Is this what I've been missing??  Because let me tell y' was FABULOUS!!!
Barely any brain jolts and all and the ENERGY????  Is this what it feels like to be on speed or is this is what I always feel like when I am drug-free?

I BOUNCED (okay - if the truth be told dragged my sorry butt) out of bed this morning.  But I felt rested and ready to go (and only hit the snooze twice instead of my usual five or six) (which of course meant there was no frantic rush out the door!  I set my alarm extra-early to account for those five or six hits to the snooze - so this morning it was almost leisurely.)

I was ready to be as productive as possible today (I even cleaned our bathroom before I left for work!)(even if I didn't have any real work looming-I was ready to tackle the crap work I've been putting off).  And I was fairly productive this morning (except for all the random interruptions - including a call from one lady that took at least 20 minutes and was not related to work or anything that I'm involved with; usually).  And then the proverbial crap hit the fan - and I was TOTALLY productive this afternoon.  I have literally been on my feet since about 1:30 pm and have just now called it a day (it's 7:00-ish pm). 

Even after being on my feet all afternoon and running like a crazy woman - I came home this evening with some energy left over.  So I proceeded to make about 86 peanut butter cookies (but this is only because my math totally sucks!  I only needed to make 4 dozen; but like a dummy doubled the recipie that makes 48..... yeah, you do the math....) for a church-thing that I got talked into.  But.....get this.....they aren't needed until Wednesday.  But they are DONE.  And I still have some energy left over (not much-but my brain is clear and purposeful!). 

Usually by now I am done and counting down to what might be considered a "reasonable" hour to go to bed (say 8:00-8:30 pm!).  I used to be a crazy night owl and then not so much - never attributed my tiredness to the drug (I'll have to Google that).  So maybe the worst is past (I hope and pray!!)?  Hmmm, the guys might benefit from this as the house might get cleaned more often and other things will get done and not at the last minute (although they may also suffer because I might be hyper-aware of the crap they don't do that they should......).

But I want to thank you all for your support (you've been totally AWESOME!!!).  (A special thank-you to CM; I think my amethysts also helped (and not going cold turkey!)  I'm planning on sending some, along with some tiger-eye, to a friend who needs help!)

So...with all that being said - let's hope the worst is past and I can get back to being ME (you know - well you don't since you've never met the real me....hang on to your hats then!  It should be fun.)

Hugs & kisses!!!!!

OH - I almost forgot!  Welcome to Kelly, who just became a friend!  You, my dear, are in for a wild ride!

P.S. seriously y'all????  It's 8:30 pm and I'm still going.....

December 5, 2009


Today has been kinda tough.

As most of you know, I've been weaning from a really tough prescription.

I've reached the point where I'm on the lowest possible dose every other day.

But I decided it's time to cut it out completely.  Today was day three without a dose.  It hasn't been too terribly bad.  But I can't figure out if it was the lack of sun or the lack of medication.  Because I know how the lack of sun affects me (it makes me tired, cranky and miserable!).  The forecast tomorrow calls for lots of sun - so we'll see what happens.  I figure if I can make it through this weekend I'll be fine (although from what I've read - you can have withdrawal symptoms for up to two weeks!!!!  Yeah - but this stuff is "safe" :snicker, snicker:)

Yes, I've had a few "jolts" to the brain - but otherwise I've been operating with that "underwater feeling" for most of the day - with a few moments of total clarity.  I even had to have a nap (which I NEVER do - and wasn't really a nap as I never actually slept and I'm still tired and it's not even 7:00 pm).

I did get some Christmas shopping done (yay!) and some decorating done (yay!).  My Christmas cards and invites went out on Wednesday (yay) - you all know how I was stressing over that!  So some progress is being made in this area at least (the rest of the house?  Not so much.  Laundry - forget about it!  At this point in the game - these are the least of my worries).

I'm counting down to my vacation (only 11 more days and then I'm off for the remainder of the year!!  Am I gloating?  Hell yeah!).  After going over my vacation schedule for the year I can see why I'm in such a rush for it.  I've only had minimal time off - one week when my girlfriend from Texas came to visit (I LOVE HER!!  She needs to move here!  You must all innundate here with pleas to move here.  I will never be whole until she's near).  And one week when my dad was ill (not so much a vacation that one).

But, on the whole?  It's been a pretty good day.  (Yes, I'm trying to focus on the highlights here!) 

Now that I have spouted absolute drivel to you (which is completely un-interesting, I know) - I'm off.  I simply must go to sleep (but it's finally 7:00 pm - and it's completely dark so it must be okay!)

Well....bless me!

Brighton Mum-TeenAge Angst has seen fit to give me an award - my ego is growing by leaps and bounds! She claims that we are on the same wave-length; I must agree!  Love her!

 This definitely calls for a new pair of shoes!

Of course, there are rules (ick) - I have to answer 20 (!!!!!)  questions about myself then pass it on, so here goes:

1) Your Hair - Generally brown and unruly curls that I must tame on a daily basis (particularly since cutting it - otherwise I look like a wild Q-tip!)
2)Your favourite food - Does chocolate count?  If not, I'm a Mexican Food Lover like you wouldn't believe - unfortunately. . . finding good Mexican in North Carolina is next too impossible.

3)Your dream from last night - I generally don't dream - I sleep to heavily (the world could come to an end and I'd sleep right through it)

4)Your favourite drink - Chardonnay at the appropriate hour.  Otherwise, probably a diet soda or water.  In the morning definitely coffee!!

5)What room are you in? - Surprisingly, the garage!  (hey, it's quiet out here!!!)

6)What is your hobby? Reading, if that counts.  If not, blogging - which really doesn't count since it seems to be a full time job/addiction.

7)What is your fear?  My fear?  Singular??  If I had to pick one - it would probably revolve around Man-Child.

8)Where do you want to be in six years time? I'm pretty happy where I'm at - and hopefully, in six years time, I'll still be happy with where I'm at.

9)Where were you last night?  After hitting an exceptional sale at Belk's after work - I was at home.

10) Muffins? Lemon poppy-seed that a local bakery makes; don't go there often though - it would be determental to my waist line if I did!

11) Last thing you did - just had a wonderful visit from a fabulous friend and her two tiny ones (which reminded me that I am far too old to have tiny ones on a full time basis!)

12) What are you wearing?  Who wants to know!  Jeans, long sleeve cream colored shirt, red sweater, socks and slippers.  Sexy, no?

13) Your TV in your house?  In the living room - probably football.  Currently, the others are off.

14) Vehicle - Toyota Corolla

15) Your favourite store? ANY store is my favorite (hello???? have you met me??)

16) Your favourite colour?  To wear, probably black (very slimming).

17) When was the last time you laughed? Today - both Man-Child and Hubby have that magical ability to make me laugh.

18) When was the last time you cried? Today - over some commercials of all things! (Christmas commercials are notorious for making me cry)

19) Your best friend - I'm lucky; I have several that I couldn't live without!

20) Favourite place to eat - any place that serves really good Mexican; which as I mentioned - can be hard to find in NC - I have to go home for that.

Once again - I'm supposed to pick a few deserving blogs.  But since that is an impossibility for me (as you are all so deserving)....

If you read this - it's yours!  Congratulations.