April 30, 2010

Hello?????? Is anybody out there????

I've had sole control of the computer tonight and no one seems to around.  I've got Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, and even *shudder* ClassMates.com up - and there seems to be no activity tonight AT ALL.  Have you all been invited to a party?  Did my invitation get lost in the mail? 

(and as a totally random aside, is it just me?  When you check out ClassMates.com do you recognize anybody?  Not even one of the names seems even remotely familiar to me.  Am beginning to think I've somehow signed on with the wrong school.....)

Yes, I realize it is a Friday night.  And that you all have lives that you are busily going about (except for those of you "across the pond." Not that I mean you don't have lives.... it's just that I am sure you are most likely sleeping about now....)

As you can probably surmise, since I'm here posting away, that I ended up staying home this weekend.  Hubby really, really did not want to come home on Saturday and I really, really didn't want to come home on Sunday (and Texan Mama? Yeah I didn't see your totally great compromise until too late....but will remember it for next time!).  Actually (between you and me), I think in their heart of hearts, they didn't want me to join them on this trip.  I think they kinda like having their "own" time.  Which is fine - it's not like my heart was wounded or anything (ok, maybe a little).  But I've been pushing for them to have their "own" time for so long now that I just need to be happy that they have found their little niche and are enjoying it (and, as a bonus?  I get the whole house and the computer to myself!!!).  Don't get me wrong, Hubby and Man-Child have a very strong bond but before recently, they never went away together.  Man-Child and I have a long history of taking trips and spending time together - but they haven't.  And, occasionally, you need to get away from the everyday stuff and just spend time having fun as a parent and child - which M-C and I have worked out to perfection (sometimes).  So anyway....I'm at home.  All alone with the computer.  (Stalkers? Don't get any ideas-I am far too mean to be dealt with if you wake me up from a sound sleep-just ask Hubby.  He will tell you in no uncertain terms that I am not to be messed with; particularly when I'm trying to sleep; or if I haven't had my coffee) And none of y'all are here on the World Wide Web . . . it's not fair! (stamping foot in frustration!)  I'm ready to chat, to visit, to commiserate.  And you just aren't here!

I did end up going to work today despite both Mrs. Lovely and Kathryn telling me, in no uncertain terms late last night, to stay home (sorry guys!  Fate won out.  I woke up early enough without the alarm to make it - which was my way of flipping a coin).  Which actually, turned out to be a good thing since I really needed to be there today (which of late, is extremely unusual as it's been so dead around the office) which sometimes, (only sometimes) makes you feel wanted and needed.  And that vacation day?  Well, it will be better spent another time (maybe, hopefully this summer???  If not, an extra day around Christmas works just as well).

At any rate, with any luck, maybe a few more things will get crossed off my list this weekend since I won't have the usual distractions (read: Hubby and M-C).  But as with all lists, I fully expect that as I cross one or two things off the top and couple will be added to the bottom!  Such is life.

Well, since there has (still) been no activity on the World Wide Web - I suppose I shall sign off for now and go find something else to do for a bit.  (Where are y'all? asked in a very whiny voice!)

April 28, 2010

Will she stay? Or will she go?

Oh that Hubby of mine!  This man is going to drive me completely batty, I just know it.

He wants to head up to Asheville this weekend as his daughter's band has their first "gig" Friday night.

In an effort to break out of my recent bout with hermit-itis (which upon reflection has gotten really, really bad and I need to pull myself out of it) and in a bid to spend some time together as a family, I thought I'd tag along.  As some of you may recall, I have yet to make it with them on a trip to Asheville because usually I had better things to do and wanted some alone time for some reason or another.

I asked when we were leaving.  Friday morning.  Sounds good (although seriously?  Why do we need to leave in the morning?  It's a 2 1/2 hour trip.  So I'll have to take a day off work and we'll have to pull Man-Child out of school-and anyway? Man-Child most likely won't get to go see them play as it's in a nightclub and well...he's a child!).  What was the plan for the return trip?  Sunday afternoon. 

You would have thought I asked him to chop off his head when I asked if we couldn't come back on Saturday evening instead.  What would be the point of going then is what he wondered.

Well, the point would be to see the band play.  That was the purpose of the trip.  Besides, since I don't have laundry-fairy or a house-fairy just when exactly would I have time to prepare the family for the following week?  I don't know about you, but I don't want to be doing laundry, etc until the wee hours on Sunday night.  And we'd be there two days and one night.  I mean come on, they are kids - excuse me, young adults.  Do they really want to be entertaining the parents all weekend?  I'm sure they have better things to do - I know I did at that age.

So this issue hasn't been settled yet. 

April 27, 2010

Bad people suck.

Yeah, I said it. 

Apparently, we were hi-jacked over the weekend. 

Hubby went to the local home improvement store on Saturday and when he tried to use his credit card for his $17.00 bill it came up flagged.  Needless to say, this freaked him out completely.  And honestly?  I don't blame him.

After spending an hour and a half on the phone (thank GOD I wasn't home - or it would have been ME stuck on that phone!) it was determined that somehow, some way, some evil bastard had gotten a hold of our credit card number (the how is completely beyond me!) and tried to use it to buying $800.00 worth of stuff at a KMart in another town.

The folks at Visa noticed that this wasn't our spending pattern (I mean hello - I don't even think we have a KMart here...) and denied the purchase and flagged the card.

Yes, this was great.  But. . . .how come no one from Visa called us to say "Hey.  By the way, some evil bastard just tried to use your credit card number.  You might want to do something about that."

What if the next time the evil bastard tried to use it someone at Visa was on his coffee break and it was accepted?

The guy at Visa told Hubby that evil bastards are everywhere stealing credit card numbers (instead of the actual cards) and making counterfeit cards. 

Now riddle me this....if you are going to go through all the trouble of stealing credit card numbers and somehow creating a credible counterfeit card why don't you just get a real job and use that creative talent you've got to make money in a legit fashion?  Obviously you are devious enough to get into middle management at the very least - and if you are very devious you could even weasel your way into upper management (or, I know! Go to work for the government!)!  And you know, most larger companies usually have a very good health plan and additional perks.  About the only perk I can think of for criminals is the three square meals they get in JAIL after they are caught - because eventually they are all caught. 

And this particular evil bastard that had the nerve to try and steal from me?  Well, I'm hoping there is a special place in hell for him/her. 

April 23, 2010

Who's In Charge Here? If it were my house - it would be ME!

I know I've mentioned this before; but . . . .seriously?  How far is too far when you want to go discipline someone else's kid before the law gets involved?  Can I lay into this kid just a little without any consequences?

My co-worker's issues with her son have not abated at all.   If anything, they've gotten worse.  I have told her, repeatedly, to be firm.  To be strict.  To be consistent.  And repeatedly, she does none of the above.

Today I heard her talking to another colleague (who is also a personal friend) about some of the issues.  He and his wife have successfully raised two children who are know healthy, happy productive (adult) members of society.  He has given her the same advice I have.  Repeatedly.

We discussed it later.  He is concerned.  As am I.  We have concluded that her son intimidates her.  I seriously do not think the kid would ever hurt her - but because he has figured this out he uses it to his advantage. 

Her response continually is, "Well, I can't make him do xyz."  "There is nothing I can withhold from him."  etc.

My heart hurts for her.  She is a really nice person - just one with no backbone.  She has mentioned to me before, upon receiving advice, that she doesn't have a big husband to back her up like I do.  True.  And the ex is a horrible parent who lives far away anyway, so he's no help.  But to be honest, I don't think you need to have a big husband to back you up against your own son.  You shouldn't need a big husband to back you up, period.

But I have told her that she does have leverage.  She just has to be willing to do it.  She claims that he "needs nothing from her."  Ahh, but he does.  She cooks for him.  She drives for him.  She shells out money to him.  There are many little ways that he "needs" her.  I have informed her that by law, the only things she must do for him is provide food & shelter.  There is no law that says she must drive him where he wants to go, cook the food that is provided or give him money.

She can inform him "there's the fridge - have at it."  She can inform him she's not driving him anywhere or giving him money.  And she can walk out when he begins to have a fit about it.  She does not have to listen to him.  She can begin to get a life for herself - instead of being available for his every beck and call.

Until she DEMANDS the respect that she deserves as a parent - hell, as a human - she will never get respect from this kid.

Luckily (if there is a lucky side to all this) he doesn't seem to be involved in drinking or drugs - then it would probably be a different set of issues (and seriously?  Can you imagine what a nightmare that would be?  If she can't handle a "straight" kid just how would she handle a totally out of control kid?).

But what truly worries me is what kind of adult is this kid going to turn out to be?  He has no respect for authority - that goes over real well in the workplace.  He believes he is entitled to whatever he wants, when he wants it.  I have a feeling he is going to end up living with her - mooching off her well into adulthood - because why should he leave? 

At this point, as I've mentioned, all I can do is listen.  And repeat the same advice and hope she heeds it.

In the past year, she has aged tremendously.  And I know it's not from work stress.  It's home-life stress. 

I realize that raising teenagers is no picnic - but it shouldn't be like this. 

Man-Child gives me grief and gray hair, but after listening to her I come home and hug him.  Because he is a good kid - who gives people, especially his mother, the respect they deserve.  Because he knows that he isn't in charge here.

Sorry to have dragged y'all into this - but after listening - and becoming outraged - I just had to vent a little.

April 22, 2010

Some rambling thoughts cobbled together, disguised as a post.....

It looks normal but you know something just isn't right - have you ever had that feeling?  After lunch the other day, I was walking out of the deli to my car.  Right next to my car was a couple.  The driver's door was open and the couple was standing outside of it.  Very close.  Their pose was kind of like that of a newly in love couple.  Then it flashed.  His wedding ring.  I casually glanced in the back seat.  Booster seats.  You know, the kind for bigger kids?  He kissed her.  Not the usual hurried, "love you; gotta go" kiss.  But not the "get a room" kind of kiss either.  As I was getting into my car there was another kiss.  By now, it's all I can do not to stare.  I am convinced I am witnessing an affair going on here.  Any proof?  No.  Just a feeling.  That and being married for so long.  The intimacy in public was just too much for a couple that's been together for any length of time; especially for a couple that has children of the age for booster seats - at that point in your life things are far too hectic for a little afternoon delight; if you know what I mean.  It left me unsettled for the rest of the day.


Do you know what today is?  It's the NFL DRAFT DAY!  Can you feel the excitement?  No?  Hmmm.  Maybe because I'm just pretending to be excited?  That must be it.  But the great thing?  The boys have gone out to watch it somewhere else.  This is the perk for not having all 978 channels that cable offers.  Whenever football stuff comes up I am blissfully alone with my computer.  I don't have anyone leaning over my shoulder repeating, "Are you done yet?" every three minutes.  And then, in desperation, claiming to have homework that be done right now; even though we all know it won't be done till the very last minute.  I wasn't born yesterday you know.


There was a mandatory one-on-one meeting at the school today.  They called it "Sophmore Conversations."  It was kind of nerve-wracking as they weren't very clear about what to expect; at least to the parents.  Apparently, it was to discuss goals for the student for the next two years of their high school career.  Man-Child currently has, what I consider to be, some very clear-cut, straight-forward goals.  Which kind of floors me.  I mean really?  Who has goals like this at 15?  I didn't.  Hell, to be truthful, I still don't; go ahead - ask me where I want to be in 5 years and watch me flounder.  But during the meeting?  He had nothing to say.  For this kid?  Kind of a miracle.  Although, I must admit - being 15 and surrounded by three adults asking what your goals are; kind of a recipe for nervousness.  All in all, I think it went very well.


My dislike of talking on the phone has been cemented.  For the past two nights, I have been cornered on the phone for over an hour (each night!).  I don't mind talking on the phone to get my message across.  I don't mind talking on the phone to someone that I love dearly, and haven't talked to in ages and who lives far, far, far away.  But other than that?  Forget it.  Especially if one of the conversations consists of me saying "What" every few minutes because your connection sucks.  And even more especially if one of the conversations is with someone who is more of an acquaintance than anything and is drunk to boot - which did not become evident until later in the conversation.  My newest resolution?  I will never answer the phone again.  Period.


Blog-land.  It is a wonderful place.  I am so glad I stumbled into it.  It is amazing to come across blogs - that have the same people that you have!  I mean seriously.  I realize that if you read the blogroll of someone you follow (or who follows you) that you are bound to come across people you "know."  It's inevitable.  But what about when you read someone who neither follows you or anyone you "know"; and you don't follow them and yet you still stumble across people you "know?" (did that make any sense?  'Cause I keep reading it back and although I know what I'm trying to say.....) Makes you realize that the world is a very small place and that we are more inter-connected than we think.  Just an interesting thought to throw out there. 


That is all I have for now.  I'm off to enjoy the freedom  that a/an (seldom) empty house brings. (yeah, that whole sentence is awkward; but how else would you phrase it? Particularly with my penchane for parentheses?)

UPDATE:  Just realized I spelled "panache" wrong.  But am convinced it wasn't my fault, because for some reason, on this laptop, my cursor just jumps around like crazy and starts typing wherever it wants.  Just so ya know.....

April 21, 2010

Dear Old Dad

I called my dad.

It was his birthday yesterday.  I tried to call yesterday (truly!) but at first he wasn't home and then I received a busy signal.  A busy signal.  In today's world?  He must be the only one left that doesn't have call waiting.  Oh well.

When I finally connected with him I asked how he was.  He said,

"Aw rite, ah gess."  (translation:  All right, I guess).

This is his standard response to everything.  He had to visit a nerve specialist - and that's the response to how it went.  He just came out of heart surgery - that's the standard response.  He's got a lion chewing on his foot - standard response. 

I suppose we could learn a lot from that response.  What's the point in complaining?

Of course if it was my mother - she could complain about winning the lottery.  Hmmm.  That must be the short explanation as to why that marriage didn't last.....but I digress.

I asked what he'd been up to.  You totally will not believe the response.  I know I was shocked.

Apparently he's been "trappin' cats."

Yeah, I know.  I was like, "WHAT?!"

In his leisure time, apparently, my father has been trapping cats.  When questioned about this activity I was informed that "the damn cats are takin' over the neighborhood; they are tearin' up the trash and scratchin' up cars."  So, dad has apparently taken it upon himself to be the neighborhood vigilante against feral cats.

I asked, very nervously, what he was doing with the cats that he caught.  I was terrified of the response.  Wouldn't you be?  I mean, dad is a good ole' boy from the country.....

Whew!  He is calling animal control to come and take the feral cats.  I was thinking of far worse fates for these cats.  Although, depending upon the animal control....maybe their fate isn't as nice as I'm thinking?  Let's not go there - and don't burst my bubble please.

Apparently in order to trap the cats he must set the traps and then go hide in his truck.  The cats won't come 'round if he is sitting in his chair in the yard.  The image of him lurking in his truck, in his driveway, while trying to lure cats into traps sends me into fits of giggles, I must admit.

I've always wondered what Hubby would do with himself once he retires.  Now I know.

April 20, 2010

You Wanna Know What I Did Today?

Can you guess?

What?  Even with all that white space as a hint?  How about now?

You still can't guess?

Okay fine, I'll tell you.

Absolutely nothing.  It was a "total waste of makeup" kind of day.  It was a "I got out of bed for this?" kind of day.

I absolutely loathe these kinds of days. 

You know me.  I'm the one that wants to be productive all the freakin' time or, at least, most of the time.  I'm the one who almost called off a fun vacation because I wanted to finish painting bookshelves (hubby talked me out of that one; surprise, surprise.), I'm the one who just spent her last week off killing herself to paint the damn shed.

So an entire day at work doing nothing.  At all.  While thinking of all the other things I could be doing instead on what was a beautiful day.  It almost killed me.  Seriously.

My immediate supervisor was out.  So there was nothing flowing downhill from her desk to mine.  My cohort, ::ahem:: I mean co-worker was out.  So there was no one to chitchat with (well, I suppose there was . . . but no one I wanted to chitchat with, if you know what I mean!).  The big boss was in meetings all day - so I never even saw him much less received any requests.  The phones were quiet.  Email was quiet.  Blog-land was fairly quiet (yes, I was all over blog-land today in short spurts - so IT doesn't catch on!  ssshhh!). 

I tried to come up with a post or two.  I mean I had all the time in the world.  I figured I could type a few up and email them to myself at home where I could then post at my leisure.  But my brain wouldn't work.  I guess after all that idleness it went into "sleep mode" kind of like the computer does when you don't touch it for a while.

So what happens when you come home after a like that?  You don't want to do a damn thing.  Why?  Because you are exhausted.

Everyone is back in the office tomorrow so hopefully it'll be better then.

April 19, 2010


The very sweet Chic Mama has bestowed this very lovely award (which she made all by herself! I’m so impressed!) of gratitude. I feel very strongly that we all should look for reasons to be grateful in our lives. Because no matter how bad things may be in our lives – there is always a bright spot somewhere. And I’d like to thank Chic Mama for reminding me of something I should remember daily.

I have been pondering over this for a few days now because I wanted to get it just right.

The basic premise is to list five reasons you have to be grateful and to pass it on to five more if you so desire – rather than passing it on I’m leaving it open for you all to grab and post.

Five reasons. That’s it.

You’d think it would be easy. But when your brain has decided to shut itself down for a self imposed vacation….well, then it becomes a bit more challenging, so here goes nothing.

1. My little family, of course tops the list. Hubby and Man-Child both hold my heart.

2. Sunshine. Seriously, how can you not be grateful for sunshine? Even though I am currently stuck in an office away from the liquid gold….at least I can see it streaming through yonder window.

3. Good books. I love to sit in the aforementioned sunshine with a good book un-interrupted – it’s heaven. The only thing better would be sitting in the sunshine on the beach with a good book.

4. My job. It’s a good job with mostly decent people and a wonderful boss. Although it does interfere with my life by keeping me away from the things I’d like to do during the day….it does help pay for the things that I’d like to do whenever I can get around to them.

5. And you, my bloggy-friends, of course round out the list. When I think of all the wonderful friends I’ve made from all over in this short time I’m constantly amazed.

So now it’s your turn my dear friends – what are you grateful for?

April 18, 2010

Yard Work Help Needed

What can I say about this weekend?

It's been productive.

Laundry is done.  Bathrooms are clean.  Kitchen is clean (for the moment).  Inside plants watered.  Other household tasks accomplished.

Hubby finished painting the shed (and yes, I realize it's not the image one first thinks of when hearing the term shed.  Believe me - it is far more than what I envisioned when this project was first deployed!)

It does my heart good to see him working on something I want done.

It's also been disheartening.

I'm in the process of completely re-doing my front beds because they are not up to my satisfaction.  But I figured I could salvage the plants for other areas of the yard.

Some I placed in front of the "shed" last weekend.  They seem to be doing well (see above picture - which you really can't see that well, I've just noticed - oh well - imagine!).

The one I moved today sadly, doesn't seem to care for it's new home at all.  It has been suggested that the plant is just messing with me and will make a full recovery in time.  I hope so.  I will forgive it, if that is the case.  In the meantime, I've begged and pleaded with it.  I've told it how much it will love it's new home.  So far?  It's not buying it.

See how sad and wilted it looks?  See that box behind it?  That's what it is supposed to hide.

As I was tweeting about it's possible demise, Hubby then saw fit to "accidently" run over half of my forsythia with his lawn mower.  While I know in my heart of hearts he didn't do it intentionally, someone please explain to me how you run over a plant that is in a bed.  It's not sitting out there all by it's lonesome in the yard waiting to be accidently mowed.  And it's been in the exact same spot for about a year.  It's not like it had a death wish and just jumped out in front of him.  I've decided not to hold a grudge.  But we shall see.  To be truthful I did have plans to move it.  Now we'll have to wait and see if it recovers from the death blow before it can be moved.

Actually, I'm in the process of re-vamping all my beds.  I don't know what I was thinking when I was planting in the last year or so - but out of all of them - I'm only semi-happy with one.  So if anyone is up for some physical labor over the next month or so - let me know.  I've got plenty to do - come on over.

April 16, 2010

Look Again

Look Again by Lisa Scottoline.

This is a really good book.  And you know this because otherwise I wouldn't be telling you about it.  Because between you and me?  I only tell you about the ones I have really, really enjoyed (and no, I haven't been paid or otherwise compensated to do so - just so you know).

The premise is this: you've adopted this child; this wonderful, beautiful child.  He is yours.  Your whole world revolves around this child.

Then one night as you are returning home from work you pick up the mail.  You happen to notice one of those "Have You Seen This Child" flyers.  You know, the ones we all glance at and then toss.  And the face looking back at you looks very much like the little guy sleeping in the next room.

You reject the notion outright.  Because you followed the rules.  You did everything right - there is no way that they could be the same.

But still.....

The resemblence is so eerie.

And being an investigative reporter?

You can't let it go.  So you begin to dig - just a little.  Because you just can't help it.

And then people involved start to die.  So, of course, you dig a little deeper. 

And . . .

That's all you get from me.  If you have any interest go find this book. 

Personally, I will be looking for other books by this author because I enjoyed this one so much.  It's not a long read but it will keep you hooked almost from the start.

April 12, 2010

You'll Never Believe It.....

Anybody out there remember Dick Van Dyke?


Oh come on - you know!  "The Dick Van Dyke Show?"  He was the sweet but bumbling husband and his wife was Mary Tyler Moore and she'd also cry (at least once during the show) "Rooooobbbbb!"


Fine - here's a clip to  refresh your memory - I'll wait.  It's a long one though.....let me grab a glass of wine, wash my hair, paint my nails and you know, figure out world peace while I wait.

Done?  Finally Good.

Now granted the only way I remember this show is from re-runs as I wasn't born until after this show went off the air.  But I do remember him in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and (many years later) in Diagnosis Murder.

This man is hilarious and I've always enjoyed watching him.

Well (on to the point of this post) apparently there is a new children's album out which features the Red Hot Chili Peppers' drummer AND the 84 year old legend himself.  Dick's role in this album is . . .


Rub your eyes and make sure you read that correctly.  Yes, I said rapping.  I've seen the clip; which I found hilarious and so, without further ado, I share.  (and no, this one is no where near as long as the first; promise)

Now tell me this man isn't awesome!

Rock, er I mean, Rap On Dick!

I hope I still got it going on when I'm 84!

Oh, and by the way??  Yay me - I embedded video for the first time ever and on the first go round (I hope).

UPDATED:  Just asked Man-Child if he knew who Dick Van Dyke was and he replied, "Is he a newscaster?"  ::sigh:: Reminds me of the time he said, "You know, the guy who used to play John Wayne...." And THIS is why new programming shouldn't be allowed until children learn the Classics!

April 11, 2010

Laundry Woes

Okay - it's no secret.  I really, really, really dislike laundry.

It's a thankless, never-ending task that is completely and totally mind numbing and cuts into a large part of my weekend (hmmm-maybe I should try doing it during the week.....)

One of my biggest peeves about laundry is the stains.  I have told them repeatedly - if it has a stain on it put it on the washing machine and give it a squirt of the stain stuff.  That way I'll know it has a stain and re-treat before I wash.

Because yeah, even though I separate after a fashion - I'm usually not taking the time to examine each item for stains before tossing it in (hey, my time is VALUABLE!  I don't have the desire time for that kind of stuff!).

Needless to say, they don't heed my requests and upon folding clothes I discover stains - that have now been set from the heat of the dryer!!! ARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!

If it's a favorite (and I'm in the right frame of mind) I might try to remove the stain.  Sometimes I'm successful; sometimes I'm not.  This is why Hubby now has a whole drawer full of "cooking shirts."  These are shirts that have stains so set in that they have now become part of the fabric.  He "tries" to remember to change into one of these many shirts before embarking to the kitchen - he's not always successful at this.  Which results in more shirts for that drawer.

I've seen my share of stains.  Crayons (from when Man-Child was small); ink, grease, wine, grass, North Carolina clay (which you cannot remove with anything; pre-treating, stain-fighters, copious amounts of bleach; the atomic bomb - NOTHING will remove it; period).  You name it - I've probably seen it - after it's been set in from the heat of the dryer. 

Until now.  What pray tell is this?

Can you see it? (I know I'm not the best a picture taking ....)  It looks to be something of a mixture of blood and (fresh) chili and I don't know what all.

I have tried and  tried to remove it.  It won't budge. 

I've asked Man-Child what it could possibly be - he informed me that it was blood - but not his blood and since the authorities aren't asking we should keep it quiet.  (Smart-ass.)  It's his way of saying he has no idea (I hope).

So at this point - I'm ignoring it (and keeping a beady eye on that boy of mine.....)

Sorry - had plenty of topics to choose from earlier - but this was the only one I could remember when I sat down to type......

April 9, 2010

Slowly making progress....finally.

So, here's what I've been up to for the last two days.


(upon further inspection this is actually one in progress.
Apparently I uploaded wrong picture....oh well you get the idea)

Guess what?  Painting after bowling?  It'll practically put you in traction.....I've been creeping around here like an old lady; moaning and groaning sitting down or getting up.

I've done most of it; except for the tippy-top parts where I can't reach on the sides.  That's Hubby's job.  Let's see how long it takes him to get it done; shall we?

The only reason I ended up doing this is because see that bare patch in front of the window?  I want to move some plants out there.  Well, you certainly can't plant first and paint later.  Well, I suppose you could - but it would be easier to paint first and plant later.  Also, I know how much Hubby hates to paint.  Which means that it would take forever for it to get done.

And we all know I'm "want it done NOW" kinda gal.

So once I get the plants in (hopefully today or tomorrow) my part is done.  The shutters that need to go on the window?  The sheetrocking and whatnot on the inside?  The grass that won't seem to grow in the back yard?  Not my job. 

But you know what?  Once I get those plants moved I have a feeling that I won't be able to walk at all.

That'll be okay though - because I'll be smiling through the pain because it will mean that  I got something else checked off my list!

So now the truth comes out.  I'm certifiable.  Who else but me would do this to themselves on vacation??

April 7, 2010

Who knew? Bowling = exercise

OMG!  Am I really that out of shape?

I mean, I've never really been in shape; as I'm not an exercise fanatic or anything.

But jeez......

All we did was go bowling yesterday.

Have you been bowling lately?  It's a lot of fun; especially when you win!

I probably haven't been bowling in about 8 years or more.  I sucked at it then.  And mostly still do.  BUT, by some divine intervention - I got six (count 'em!! SIX) strikes in the three games we played.  Five in one game.  It was awesome.

Especially the look on Man-Child's face as he kept repeating incredulously, "I thought you said you sucked?"  Getting louder and more incredulous as he kept saying it.

Ahh yes.  We are a competitive family.

With all that being said.  I am in pain today.  Every muscle hurts.  Who knew bowling actually constituted exercise?

Man-Child (in all his weight-training glory) had the nerve to ask me why I was sore - especially considering I only used an 8 pound ball. 

Because, hello?!!!?  I don't generally hurl an 8 pound anything down a lane.  Unlike some people, I don't get a thrill out of "lifting" and what-all that constitutes weight-lifting.

Yes, I believe exercise is good for you.  And will help you to live longer.  But to actually do it?  Ugh.  Of course, if I actually did it - then maybe I could eat what I want?  That might be worth considering.  But.....

Ellipticals, stair-masters, treadmills??  Not for me.  I get bored far too easy.  I need something fun!  Something that stirs my competitiveness (I must win!).

So maybe I'll take up bowling.

Hmmm; although.....it's hard on the nails.  And the shoes????? Ugh.....don't even get me started......

How about blogging?  Does that count?

April 6, 2010

I'm so far behind, I'm still at the starting line....

I am so far behind it's not even funny.

I'm behind on life - even though I'm on vacation this week for the express purpose of getting stuff done spending Spring Break with Man-Child.  ::ahem:: 

I can't plant that until the painting is done.  I can't start digging until the utility people get here (which they were supposed to be yesterday.....).  Can't start the painting until the paint is procured (which apparently is harder than it sounds - as hubby is insistent that we use a particular kind of paint....).  It's a never-ending cycle.  I can't start this until that is done.

I'm behind on blogging.  I'm making the rounds and trying to keep up and comment - but as for my blog?  Well - you've seen the results - or lack thereof.  I've got several tags to do, I've got three (yes, count 'em three) books I wanted to tell you about, and several other ideas floating around. 


Well, I guess I can begin to dig (after I get the tiller from a friend-see what I mean?  I can't ever seem to get started......) - as the utility guy just showed up, scared the crap out of me and embarrassed me all at the same time.  I am sitting on the back deck, with my hair all crazed & in my p.j.'s and he just came walking around the house.  I froze.  Figuring if I didn't move he wouldn't see me.  He did.  ::sigh::

April 4, 2010

To All My Peeps.....

sorry - couldn't resist!

I hope you are having a wonderful Easter!

As usual, things are not going according to plan.  Rather than have that quiet Easter dinner I mentioned last night - we are having friends over - in fact they should be arriving any minute.  It actually works out well - because it got me off my butt and got the house pretty much cleaned.  Note to self - invite folks over more often in order to get housework done....

But what I really wanted to share was the absolute disappointment my son had when he woke up to discover he didn't have an Easter basket.  He's 15.  He was totally shocked.

I know, I know.  I'm a bad mom - especially since I have always done the Easter Baskets, etc.  This year?  Totally slipped my mind until late last night - when it was too late.  I figured it wouldn't be a big deal.

He has informed me that this will be the Easter he remembers forever.  (Note to self - Man-Child seems to be gifted in the "guilt department....."  Well, he learned at the knee of the master)

I agree - it will be the Easter that will live in infamy. 

Why?  Because this morning I asked him why none of my comments on his FaceBook seem to be showing up.  I make them and they are never there.  I asked him if he was blocking me.  He swore he wasn't.  So I pushed.

Do you know what he's doing? 

He's DELETING me!  ME?!!  His own mother!  How dare he? 

Do you know what his defense was?  "Well, yeah.  You're my mother."  This doesn't fly.  His friend's mothers comment - and he doesn't delete them.

I am crushed.  I don't post embarrassing things.  In fact, I don't comment often at all.  But he deletes me!  The one who carried him for nine months (in the Texas heat - thank you very much!).  The one who gave birth to him.  The one who has nurtured, loved, and spoiled him.  The brat.

And that is why, I informed him, that he didn't get an Easter basket this year.

April 3, 2010

What loooonnnnngggg day!

It began at 7:00 am.  Quite unwillingly, I must say.  I would have loved to sleep in for just a bit more.  But no; Hubby was snoring like a freight train and couldn't be shushed.

I stumbled downstairs in search of coffee. 

There was no real coffee to be had! (in this house - a transgression punishable by death!) But there was some instant coffee.  I resisted it as long as I could but eventually caved.  It was horrible.  It would have been tastier to take the granules and just chew them up.

There was so much I wanted to get done today.  Yard work.  House work.  Shed work.  All of which would have created noise and havoc.

Since it seemed that Hubby hadn't made it to bed until very, very late and, being the kind and loving wife that I am (quit laughing!), I was going to let him sleep (although I didn't get to.....just sayin') - hence I couldn't begin banging around.

Both he and Man-Child slept till almost 10:00 am (just how late were they up till??) which is very unusual for both of them.  Guess what I discovered in that time? 

None of y'all are up and posting.  If you are on this side of "the pond" then you must have all be sleeping like normal people; or if you are on the other "side of the pond" then you were going about your lives like normal people.  Hmmm.  Seems like I'm always out of step with y'all.

Thus began the day of frustrations.

The house?  It's in total shambles.  Once I lost the feeling to get it in order (around 8:30 or so) that was it.  So it is still in shambles.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow......

The laundry?  Completely taking over.  Seriously?  How do some of y'all deal?  We only have three of us here and the laundry is NEVER ENDING.  I know of one family with 11 kids; seriously.  What must that laundry look like.  ::shudder:: I don't even want to imagine...

The yard?  The stuff I want to do (basically re-do everything) can't be done until "they" come to mark the utility cables - which looks like it won't be until Monday at this point (don't "they" realize I have plans; a schedule; a list!).

So I went out.  Shopping was on the agenda.  Yay! Finally, at least I would see some progress somewhere.  Right?  New purse?  New shoes?  A new skirt?  Maybe a chair or two for the strangely-sized table on the porch?

There was nothing to be found.  Not even in the shoe area - how could this be?  ::sigh::

It wasn't even 2:00 pm yet I headed home in defeat.  I came home ready to lay all my frustrations at Hubby's feet.  I needed a hug.

He wasn't home.  ::sob::

But when he arrived; he came bearing paint.  For the trim on "the" shed.

Finally!  Something that might show some progress!!

So for several hours we painted.  And we painted.  And we painted.  (sorry BrightonMum - no pictures to document the work this time! Next time; promise!)

And finally.  Most of the trim is painted on the shed (who knew there was that much trim work on a freakin' shed?!)

Granted, there is still much to be done.  The rest of it needs to be painted.  And (according to Hubby) it must be sheet-rocked (why??) and painted on the inside (not my problem!).  But if we can get the outside done then I will feel better.  Another item checked off the never-ending list.

During all this activity, Man-Child moped around.  He was hungry (then feed yourself!  Jeez!  You aren't two anymore!)  He was bored (oh my hell-seriously?  Don't complain to me about how bored you are or you just might find yourself cleaning baseboards!  And Spring Break is just beginning.....I have a feeling this just might be one long week)

So here it is - 7:45 pm.  And I am done.  Simply done.

I need a shower.  Another glass of wine.  And bed.

Tomorrow is bound to be better.  It is after all Easter. 

So, although I forgot to buy chocolate bunnies for the boys (eek! Maybe I can sneak out tomorrow and buy some?), I hope you all have a restful, peaceful day with your families or friends!  We will be celebrating alone this year (a first in a long, long time).  And I am hoping that it will be as peaceful as it sounds......

But knowing me and my never-ending list....somehow I don't think so....