December 30, 2019

Sifting through the pieces...

Both of my guys each bought me a new puzzle for Christmas; I was delighted.  But then the nagging thought came through - they bought me these puzzles to keep me out of their hair; as they both know that I can spend hours working on a puzzle.  I'm assuming they thought, if they could keep me preoccupied, I couldn't harass them about the things they needed to take care of - amateurs.

What they didn't realize is this - as I am intently sifting through the random pieces looking for a perfect match - my mind is free to wander - although my eyes are searching for the exact piece that I need; my mind is active and ruminating on things that need to be done, the best way to organize the garage with the least amount of effort, what I need to remind them that they need to get done, thoughts regarding goals for the coming year.

So yes, while I am tucked away - out of their hair - I am thinking; a thought that I'm sure sends shudders down both of their I plot out what needs to be done - and when - during the next month or so.  It's days like this that I know Man-Child is glad he has his own place that he can retreat to...and The Husband, well...I'm sure he wishes he could hide somewhere.

As my vacation dwindles to an end - and as I continue to recuperate (see puzzles); I continue to think about what the next year may bring to us.  And you.  Happy, happy new year to you and yours.  2020 is going to be least, that's what my ruminations tell I sift through the pieces.

Much love.

December 28, 2019

Notes from my sick bed, recuperation and back

Considering I've been on vacation for practically two weeks, you would have thought I would have had the time and inclination to post more than once.  Oh sure, I've thought (often) I should post about this that or the other.

But the truth is, with Christmas coming up so quickly behind Thanksgiving, being sick, bouncing back, getting sick again, etc. there just hasn't been time.

When I last left you, I was finally (I thought) ready for Christmas...until the day before Christmas Eve when I decided that was THE perfect day to work on organizing the garage.  This effort has been an on again off again effort between The Husband and I since we moved in almost four (!) years ago.  A couple of weeks ago, I had The Husband move a couple of heavy pieces for me in the garage and let it sit.  And while it sat, I ruminated.  And on the day before Christmas Eve, my organization plan crystallized - and since I was feeling better, I got to work.  Needless to say, The Husband was shocked when he got home and saw the transformation.

It's not completely done - but it's about ninety percent organized.  I would say I wish I had a before picture; but that would be a lie - there is no way in God's green earth that I would post a picture of what it looked like before.

It's almost ready for my car!!!

All that remains is finding a home for the tractor and for me to sort through and organize a few things out of the picture and (hopefully) re-home some of the stuff on the shelves to new shelves that The Husband needs to build for me - also located out of the picture.

And then it was Christmas Eve.  We were hosting our friends two doors down and her mother and step-father - for a total of seven people not counting us three; when it occurred to me that desserts needed to be made.  And that they HAD to be made before The Husband came home early around two (thank goodness he hadn't thought ahead to take Christmas Eve off!) and took over the kitchen; plus the oragami napkins had to be done.

Needless to say, I was non-stop busy until our guests arrived.  A fun time was had by all.  Until they went home...and I began to realize, I wasn't feeling so well.

Apparently, spending two days straight of doing things instead of resting when I should have been recuperating set me back and I was back in the land of being sick.  Not sick; sick.  No fever, etc.  But feeling fairly wretched.

For those keeping count - it's been a total of three weeks that I've been sick.  And, yes, those three weeks have been a crazy busy three weeks; what with Christmas prep, etc.  Since Christmas, I have barely left the house and have tried very hard to rest and not do anything too strenuous - although I did take down the majority of the decorations today (I HAD to - but truly, there wasn't much!  This needed to be done because I will not want to do it after I go back to work); so our tree is naked but for the lights - waiting for The Husband to dismantle it and put it away...this may take some time as he hates that I pack Christmas away so early.

Today I am feeling better - The Husband even commented that I am looking better - but I'm still planning to take it easy for the remaining five days of time off that I have; even though that garage is calling my name...because God only knows, I do NOT want to go back to work sick.

December 21, 2019

Ready - finally!

Yes, I know I mentioned almost TWO weeks ago that I was feeling was a filthy lie.  Not one that I told on purpose though - it's just whatever this nasty crud might be I don't know; but I do know it's a liar.

One day, I felt like I was dying; only to feel like I was on the mend the next and then back to feeling like I was dying.  Currently, *knock wood* I think I'm finally on the upswing.  We shall see.  A friend's daughter contracted the same thing before Thanksgiving and is only just now beginning to feel human; unfortunately, it appears the friend has now contracted this dreaded bug.

In the meantime, on the days that I've felt pretty good, I have been busy; particularly today.

As of today, I can claim that ALL the presents have been purchased - minus the three last minute gifts; but those are easy gifts - it just requires one trip to the liquor store. Whew.  Because honestly?  Every other gift has been come by with far too much effort.  Next year, those guys of mine better be more forthcoming with ideas.

All the presents - minus the three last minute ones - have been wrapped and bedecked with ribbon.

Another batch of almond bark - made exclusively for Man-Child has been made.  Spritz (butter) cookies have been made - this is truly a labor of love, since the cookie press and I don't always see eye to eye - as evidenced, AGAIN, this year.  But again, made mainly for Man-Child.

Christmas cards were mailed last week; plus I helped another friend create a printed canvas gift for her son and daughter in law - I am so happy we were able to get that done since the picture of her grandchildren was so adorable it NEEDED to be done.

So now, hopefully, I can sit back and prepare for the holiday; with nothing more to think about than a dessert for Christmas Eve.  Any ideas?

How about you?  Are you ready?  Or still in the thick of it all?

December 8, 2019

...and just like *that* things can change...maybe not radically, but they can change

So yesterday, I wrote a post while I was sure I was on my deathbed.  I'm not even kidding...I felt like I was going to die.  And The Husband had the funeral home on speed-dial...I kid, kind of.

Around 3:30 this morning, The Husband leapt from our bed convinced that I was gasping my last as I hacked, hacked, hacked away.  He went into the other room to escape the germs or the possibility of witnessing me or the other. 

After I had quieted down and drifted off into a quasi-sleep he crept back into the bed.  Soon after, I could feel the coughing coming on again, so I made my way to the couch so that he could sleep.  Eventually, I made my way back to bed where I quasi-slept until about 7:00 am.

And when I woke up?  I felt...ok.  Not a hundred percent for sure...but felt that I might be making a turn.  After having some coffee - and more medicine - I thought I might be able to tackle the tree.  So I asked The Husband to bring in three specific boxes and began to throw the tree together.  It's not finished by any stretch, but if this is as far as it gets that's fine by me.

Of course, I did discover - again - while decorating the tree that the angel that tops our tree died last year.  The second angel that has graced this decades long marriage.  Let me tell you, that first angel lasted far longer (and is the source of how The Husband and I met) and I scoured the earth to find a clone to replace her. *sigh* I had meant to look for another angel last year and time got away from me - which left me with an angel-less tree today.

After sitting, assessing how I felt and some more medicine, I decided I had enough energy to make a double batch of almond bark and a batch of peanut butter fudge for the ingrates I work with - why do I continue to reward them?!

To be completely honest, both of those treats are so easy to make there is little to no effort actually involved.  I'm sure I've shared the recipes before if you wish to scour the archives - I'm far too lazy to look for them right now.

After some more sitting, assessing and more medicine, I determined that I had enough energy to shower and head into town in search of one angel, one gift, a few baking supplies and a quick drop by the office to pick up some boxes I had forgotten to bring home on Friday.

That sounds like a lot, but really it wasn't.  I walked into Michael's and immediately found a replacement angel that isn't quite the clone to the first but close enough and was able to waltz out within ten minutes.  I walked into one store, picked up the gift card I needed and walked out within five minutes.  Ditto for the office.

Keeping up with my medicine regimen the entire time was key, I think - and the fact that it appears I was on the mend.

I was very mindful not to overdo - but I also knew I wanted to throw together another batch of almond bark and peanut butter fudge to welcome the new neighbors - so I did and that will probably be delivered next weekend.  And when that was done, I was also done.

So here I sit, cozy in my PJs, content that some things were done - including laundry - because God knows how antsy The Husband gets when his sock and underwear drawers get low! - tired but still feeling that I may live after all.

Thank you all for your kind words.  Despite all that I've laid out here, I HAVE taken it easy and haven't rushed or pushed myself much...if I had I would be elbow deep in cookie dough right about now.

I also know that I only have to face a four day work week before calling it quits until the New Year!

December 7, 2019

Facing down the Christmas Rush...and failing, so far.

After looking at the calendar before Thanksgiving, I knew that we would be in full on Christmas mode immediately after it was so late this year.

I also knew that I was already woefully behind - a fact that I keep vowing to rectify every year - and fail to do because, holy cow, just HOW does the year go by SO fast?!  It seems it goes faster and faster every year.

So, I made a "game plan."  Which immediately went haywire, of course.  Man-Child - the one I counted on to help The Husband get the Christmas stuff down and move the 100 pound chair out of the way to make room for the tree - called the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to tell me he threw out his back and asked me to meet him at the orthopedic doctor.  Luckily, this wasn't as bad as last time, but still...they did promise to send him for an MRI; which has still yet to happen.  This is good only because if we can figure out whatever is going on and get it fixed while he's still on my insurance that will be considered a win.

Needless to say, we couldn't very well ask him to help with these chores while he was in pain.  So we improvised...which had The Husband and I getting the Christmas stuff down.  Thanks to the great Christmas stuff purge last year the majority of the boxes were light enough for him to hand down to me.  The tree on the other was something he had to handle on his own and, at one point, I was convinced it was going to slide down the ladder and land on his head!

Luckily, it did not.

He was then able to wrangle the friend two doors down's husband to come and move the heavy chair.  And then put up the tree for me.  And that it is were we are now.  With a light, but naked tree.

My game plan called for this to be a VERY busy weekend for me.  One filled with decorating, shopping and addition to my usual weekend chores - cleaning, laundry, etc.

Well, then LAST week occurred.

What happened last week you might ask.  I was struck down with something that if I didn't know better, I'd swear was the flu - despite the fact that I DID get a flu shot.  Usually, I don't let a cold side-line me.  I go to work (using copious amounts of hand sanitizer, hand washing, etc.) and get stuff done.

For the most part, I DID go to work but finally had to wave the white flag and stay home one day where I tried fruitlessly to nap (I simply cannot sleep if it is light outside) and be kind to myself.  I did discover if I stayed on a steady diet of DayQuil / NyQuil (as appropriate), I could "kind of" function.

This morning dawned and I felt marginally better, so I was ready to seize the day and follow the game plan to the letter - up to and including writing a detailed list of all that I planned to accomplish...only to be blindsided when I forgot to throw the medicine into my bag as I headed out to do ALL the things...and found myself back home, in my pajamas with utterly no energy.

To illustrate just how bad this illness has been; The Husband, who usually shrugs off any ailment I have, has been looking at me with real concern and acting as if I am going to die in the next instant.  And, declared QUITE LOUDLY, when I met him for lunch today that I looked ABSOLUTELY AWFUL and should go home IMMEDIATELY!  Thank you, husband, for pointing this out to every single person in the's a real confidence booster.  But, to be fair, when I caught sight of myself in the mirror, I had to agree...I DID look like death warmed over.

So, basically, we are back at the beginning with a naked, but for the lights, tree.  I thought MAYBE I could muster up the energy to put the candles in the windows...but for the life of me, I can't figure out where the candles are - and the energy to actually figure out WHERE they might be has been expended.

The fact that I was able to cobble together this post is an actual miracle...truly.  Now, whether or not this post makes any actual sense is another story.  But here's hoping that tomorrow will find me ready to actually start doing Christmas stuff...and all the other stuff that needs doing.

Meanwhile, The Husband is headed out to a neighbor's  holiday party - despite his belief that I am about to expire - (I've told him he HAS to go) while I plan on taking more medicine and heading to bed.