February 28, 2010

And so they are home . . . .

The various t.v.'s are on. 

The house is already a wreck.

The boys are back in town.  And, after a quiet weekend, I'm glad - despite my protestations about wanting alone time; I did miss them.

I did get some things done - which for some reason I can't seem to get done with them here.  Why is that???

The keeping room has finally been re-arranged to my satisfaction (at least for now....it's a tricky room).

After Wilderness Chic's posts about her beautiful home; I am sorely tempted to do my own little tour and invite you to do the same ('cause yeah, I'm nosy and love to see how other people live...)....but the house isn't ready yet.  We've been here about 1 1/2 years and it's still not ready.  I'm impatient, I know.  My last house wasn't ALMOST just right until right before we moved out of it after living there for about 10 years.  It takes time.  I know.  But her pictures have just spurred on the nesting instinct and I want to get some stuff done around here.

I have enjoyed the complete and total uninterrupted computer time.  The ability to peruse blogs; comment; etc. without someone leaning over my shoulder and complaining "are you done YET???"  And the totally clean house.  Yeah; that I miss.  But having my guys home, safe & sound - noise, mess, smells and all?  Priceless.

February 27, 2010

Another book review.....because yeah, I like to read ALOT

Have just finished The Quickie by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge.

Love James Patterson.  He has written many, many wonderful books.  I've never been disappointed when I pick up one of his works.

This is an excellent book.  At only 274 pages it's a quick read (pun intended).

It begins with the lead character, Lauren, seeing her husband with another woman entering a hotel.

She decides to even the score and decides to meet up with this co-worker who has been flirting with her.  The night of passion takes a decidedly bad turn when she witnesses her new lover being murdered.

Her desire to uncover the truth quickly dissolves into saving the man she loves - which in turn leads to even more twists and turns.

This is a definite read, in my opinion.

My Day

It's been quiet.

Very quiet.  The only sound I currently hear is the clicking of the keys as I type.  The quiet in this house is very rare.  I have a loud Hubby; a loud Man-Child; and there always seems to be a tv on somewhere in the house.

I've come and gone without any questions.

The ability to have lunch at 3:00 pm and a dinner consisting of a piece of cheese went without a comment.

It's been very nice.  Although, at first, I kind of regretted not joining the boys; I'm glad I stayed behind.

One, for my sanity.  And two, so that they could have time together away from the house.

I can honestly say I've had almost no human contact - except for the folks I've interacted with in the stores, etc.  (And the one idiot teen driver that I almost backed into because she was flying through the parking lot!  Seriously?  Slow down in parking lots - those of us with smaller cars can't see around the giant SUV's).

Well, that's not quite true.  My friend that is contemplating divorce called this evening under the guise that I should have dinner with them since I'm alone.  I could hear in her tone that she needed to talk - so I agreed to come by - but not for dinner.  (Since we last discussed this situation; her hubby has left.  He thinks that this will all blow over soon.  And maybe it will.  But after listening to her this evening....I have my doubts.  Unless he is willing to make some MAJOR changes I do not see him coming home anytime soon.)  I can tell you that walking into her house this evening I could sense a change.  It was calm.  Even with three young boys - that was a calm house.  She was calm; they were calm - there was a total sense of peace.  She was the best I've seen her in a long time.  So I visited with her (or more accurately, I listened to her) for about an hour and then came home to my own quiet, calm house.

My plans for tomorrow?  Not quite sure.  But I know I will relish the quiet for as long as I can before they come storming in all loud and sassy.  And then, life as I know it will resume.  And I will be happy to have had this time and happy that they are home, safe, where they belong.

Some new baubles to add to my collection

Well, since you are sitting there reading this - it must mean that I've typed it; which must mean that I've decided to stay home and let the boys run off for the weekend.

That means the house is clean and quiet and will stay that way.  At least until they return.

Anyway, the ever-thoughtful and lovely Chic Mama has seen fit to bless me with this:

Apparently she has sensed the fact that I have definitely been in need to some sunshine & flowers! 

The rules of this pretty Sunshine award are:

■Pay it forward – nominate 12 bloggers

■Put the logo on your sidebar or within a post

■Link the nominees within your post

■Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog

■Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award

I'm actually going to attempt this as there are a few folks out there who I know could use a little sunshine.

1.  Bare Naked Mummy
2.  Bina at Just Another Day
3.  Brighton Mum - Teenage Angst
4.  Jody at Take Me As I Am
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11.  Momma at Live Laugh Pull your hair out
12. Mrs. Lovely at The Ideologies of Melissa

That was HARD! 

And speaking of so very sweet and thoughtful Mrs. Lovely; she has given me this:

Which upon receiving, I immediately began to sing the Folgers coffee commerical in my head (and I bet you are singing along now too - it's okay, you can't help it; it's catchy!)

"The best part of waking up..." award is awarded to the 5 bloggers that you're most excited to see have posted when you log into your dashboard/google reader/ whatever. Yes, only 5! If you're always checking someone's blog to see if they've posted, they deserve this award!"

This one I bequeath to each and everyone of you - because I am constantly checking on you - but not in a stalker-ish kind of way, promise!

So, thank you Chic and Mrs. Lovely for the beautiful awards and for thinking of me!

February 26, 2010

I'm a bad wife......

In my last post, I complained about Hubby and his lack of "vacation" skills.

He proposed a trip to Asheville, NC this weekend to visit his daughter.

I don't want to go.

In truth, he's been at least three to four times already - without me.  Granted, one of those times I had to go home to check on my dad.  The other times?  Well, let's just say, they became a "test of wills" and I won.

There is absolutely no reason in the world that I shouldn't go this weekend.

Except I don't want to.

Why?  Snow is predicted.  I have stuff I want to do.  The lure of a house all to myself?  And, seriously?  Why should I go seeking snow?  I've had more than my fair share this winter (with more predicted for next week!).  I'm cold enough here without travelling to the mountains to find more.

But the guilt!  Here I've been complaining that Hubby never wants to go anywhere or do anything (and it's true - unless it's something he wants to do....).  I haven't been up to Asheville since she's moved here.  I haven't seen her since Christmas.  But still.....

I don't want to go.

Somebody absolve me so I can stay home in relative peace, please!!!

February 23, 2010

Vacation Frustrations

Hubby is on vacation this week.  Yay!  Right?  errrr....

No one else is.  Man-Child's in school and I'm at work.

This is a running "thing" (I won't call it an "argument" - it's more a of a sore point - that could possibly escalate into an "issue").

I realize that Hubby's job has it's "busy" seasons.  And that they usually the occur when normal people take their vacations.  I GET it.  BUT, other people at his company (and in his department) seem to be able to sneak in some time off during these "busy" seasons......

I don't resent Hubby his time off.  God knows he needs it and deserves it.  And we all know I have no problem taking my vacations.  And yeah, if he wants to take some of it by himself - doing absolutely nothing - cool.  We all need that once in a while.

What I do resent (and am beginning to resent more and more) is that Hubby never takes family vacations.

"Oh no!"  he insists that he took a week off in the summer with us.  Yeah - FIVE years ago!

I have informed him that Man-Child will be gone in about two years - off to college - not caring about spending any time with us.

His response?  "I spend plenty of time with him!"  And he does - those two are as thick as thieves! 

But it's a everyday, routine kind of time.  Not that special - this is vacation, let's have fun kind of time.

Yes, I generally take almost two weeks around Christmas - but guess what?  I'm usually spending it with Man-Child and doing prep stuff for the holiday.  I generally take a week in the spring - to take Man-Child somewhere for Spring Break.  Sometimes I take a day here or there or maybe a long weekend to go to Texas to visit family and friends.

But Hubby?  He takes a week in February - alone.  And does nothing. 

The rest of his vacation time?  I'm guessing is "thrown away" - because he certainly isn't using it (and I know for a fact that he gets way more than one week a year!).

I realize that he and I have very different ideas about what "vacation" is; I realize that he has an extreme dislike to flying (although - hello? they have drugs for that and I would ask for them if the situation were reversed....); I realize that he gets really uptight if we have to drive for any length of time (yes, all this pretty much means vacation can be, at the very least, a chore for him.)  BUT, ususally, once he gets to where we are going - it's all good.  So what is the problem?  Why doesn't he want to have vacation with his family? 

This is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night.  I just don't get it.

It's not like we aren't "fun" people.  Man-Child and I  hilarious and always seem to have fun.

I. Just. Don't. Get. It.

What am I missing here?

February 20, 2010

D-I-V-O-R-C-E (anyone remember that song? that's the only note of levity in this post...)

So, here's the deal.

We've known this couple for about 11 years or so.  We are friends.

I love her - she loves me.  The hubbies - they are best buds.

Perfect; right?  'Cause, really?  How often does that work out - that couples love each other?  Not often.  Usually the stars have to be aligned just right and for us - they were.

Now, I have known from the get go - that I could I never be married to this man.  He's a great guy.  He's fabulous, etc.  But, as my hubby?  No.  One of us would end up being maimed (or even dead in the backyard) - and it wouldn't be me (lucky, lucky him - right?!).

For the past - oh six or seven years - I've seen this coming.  And now, finally, I think it's here.

She was over here today - with her suitcase.  She's done.  We talked.  She told me it's over. I told her she was welcome.  In the end, she went home - she's concerned about the whole "abandoning the house/kids" issue.  I don't blame her.  (Although, between you and me?  I don't think he knows about that....she totally could have skated on that one!)

My advice for her is sparse - I simply do not have experience in this arena.  I've told her in no uncertain terms (several times) - that she needs to do what is best for her and the children.  I've told her that I will support her no matter what.

My heart is heavy.  I love them all.  But, right now?  It's the children I'm most concerned about.  I made that perfectly clear.  I know that there is nasty arguing going on.  I know that those children have been witness to it.  I know that those children are not happy.  I know that she isn't happy.  I know that, despite his bravado, that he is not happy.  At this point - I think they are toxic for each other.

But those children?  That is what breaks my heart the most.  Because I can look at those kids and see what all this has done to them.  I told her today - that if, they do end up divorcing, that the children would be fine.  Why?  Because the arguing (which can get really ugly - I know I've witnessed it on an occasion or two) would be done.  I know - I remember how my parents were.  And when it was finally done?  It was a relief.

I can't even begin to imagine the position she is in right now.  But - again, between you and me? She needs to send him packing.  Those children deserve soooo much more than they are getting right now.  SHE deserves so much more than he is giving her.  And truly?  He deserves so much more.  But as things stand right now - they are all slowly killing each other.

And it is breaking our hearts to be watching this from the outside.

February 19, 2010

In ten years.....

The very sweet Respectfully Yours over at Here Is What I Think has deemed me worthy of the "You're Going Places, Baby" award.

"This award means you're really going places, Baby. You'll still be blogging about your great adventures 10 years from now, and I'll still be reading them."

{ The Rules }

1. Link back to the blogger who sent you this award

2. Post where you would like to be in 10 years

3. Pass it on to other special bloggers!
#1 - Accomplished.  Go visit RY; she is wonderful!! And not just because she has deemed me worthy of an award - really!
#2 - Ohhhh, I hate these types of questions.  I'm more of the "let's see where this goes" kind of person; because I'm generally happy with where I'm at.  But in this instance?  I'll actually try to answer it.  Do you know what would be AWESOME?  If in the next ten years I could actually meet some of my new friends face to face - even those that live "across the pond" or across the continent.  That would be an awesome goal!  One that I may even actually work toward.
#3 - Passing it on.  Er....., ummmmmm, shuffling feet.  You guys know I can't do this part.  You Know IT!  I think of you ALL as bloggers I want to be reading (and meeting) ten years from now (except for you crazy stalker/serial killers - I {and Hubby} really don't want to be meeting you anytime soon).

So thank you so very much RY!  I totally appreciate you thinking of me - I definitely expect to still be reading you 10 years from now as you blog about your retirement experiences in Florida!

Thank You letters

Dear Hubby;

Thank you so very much for sharing your cold with me.  On the first decent weekend we will have in eons!  I will cherish it.  The sniffling, the sneezing, the aching - you are far too generous to me.

Much Love,


Dear Big Baby Man (@ work):

Thank you for pouting and being a general baby today.  It caused me much amusement.  I particularly enjoy that I've learned you are trying to discredit me (and my boss - whom you seem to have declared your mortal enemy for some reason; I can only assume it's because she's smarter and much more grown up than you).  What gives me even more pleasure?  That you were chastised for your behavior.  Although, I know what you were up to today - cause you are transparent like that.  I've got my eye on you, my friend.

Very truly yours,


Dear Procrastinators (again, at work):

Thank you so much for delaying your duties so that I had to stay late last night.  There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting around at work, after hours, twiddling my thumbs just waiting to complete a project.  This is the stuff I dream about when I come to work every morning.  You made my day!

Very truly yours,


Dear Morons Who Don't Know How a Three Way Stop Intersection Works:

All I can say is thank you for bringing so much excitement into my life.  What other amusement can I expect on an almost daily basis than watching you almost slam into oncoming traffic that has the right of way?  And the best part?  Watching you get all righteously indignant while beeping your horn.  You crack me up - until you almost hit my car.


February 18, 2010

Some "Trends" should NEVER see the light of day.


I was perusing the latest InStyle magazine.  I came across this sight quite often (couldn't find it on InStyle's site though - funnily enough....). 

Apparently, socks with heels is the most current trend.  In fact, one person wrote in to say (something along these lines - I don't have the magazine in front of me) how much she loved this look and how should she wear it.  I'm thinking "Ummmm? NEVER!"

Now - maybe this makes me a very conservative fashionista - dare I say it?  A fuddy-duddy.

But I vow to you all right now "I will NEVER, EVER be caught dead wearing socks with my high heel sandals!"

February 17, 2010

"New" Rules for Lent?

Today is the beginning of Lent.

Yes, I realize that whether or not you participate in Lent is an intensely personal and private choice.  It's not something you are to trumpet to the world.  I get it.

But, I've been a bit confused of late about Lent.

When I was a kid (waaaaayyy back in the dark ages when dinosaurs roamed the earth - this is what Man-Child seems to think anyway....) Lent was the whole time.  Every single day.  Whatever you gave up (or added to your routine) that was the way it was to go - the whole season; even if it ended up being more than 40 days.

Now?  From what I am hearing everywhere (including church) - Sunday's don't count.

I kinda understand the reasoning.  Every Sunday is supposed to be a celebration; not a fast. 

But really?  It's kinda counter-productive don't you think?

You give up chocolate and can have it on Sunday?  Okay, you are still abstaining the remainder of the time - it's still a sacrifice technically - but you can gorge on Sunday?

But what if you give up something else?

Say.....buying shoes?  So following this "new" way (although according to everything I've read; it's not new - then how come I never heard of it growing up?) you could then buy the shoes on Sunday.  And then proceed to enjoy them every day - even if you don't wear them except on Sundays (you could still go into the closet and drool over look at them).

So tell me, am I the only one who has never heard of this Not On Sunday thing?  Or has this been common knowledge for years and I am the one who has been living under a rock?

February 16, 2010

Former Friend

Lesson learned.  When you have a post all plotted out in your head.  Post it.  Do not get side-tracked.  Do not read and respond on other blogs.  You know why?

Because you will then completely and totally forget what point it was that you were going to make, oh so eloquently (and no I don't think it's an age thing; it can't be 'cause I'm still very,very, very young!)


Since I can't remember all the details (and yes, I wrote the salient points down - but have apparently left them at work for the cleaning crew to read.....) you, my very favorite peeps, get the condensed version.

Open letter to a co-worker (apparently, former friend).

Don't be shy.  If I/we have ticked you off, tell us.  This way we can know what we've done (although from what we can surmise -after many conversations discussing this very issue - is nothing!) and apologize, as necessary.  Don't just stop talking to and associating with those who have loved and supported you for years.  Not only is it rude - it's childish.

It is also extremely childish to not only stop talking to your friends but to then go to those that you never considered friends (or even seemed to like!) and start chatting them up and laughing gaily while we are sitting there looking on in total incomprehension.  No one cares if you find new friends.  We (the three of us you are currently shunning) are grown up enough to appreciate new friends - we all enjoy new friends! 

I can almost understand if one of us had ticked you off enough to shun (almost, mind.  Life is far too short to hold a grudge in my opinion - wait!  Let me write that down!  With my family?  I'm sure I could have a post in there somewhere....someone remind me of this tomorrow when, once again, I've misplaced my notes) but all of us?  What is this?  High school?

I, of the three of us, am not as sensitive as the others.  Your attitude doesn't bother me as much as it does them (okay, maybe a little).  But when I see and hear the hurt that they are feeling?  Well, it raises up the mama bear in me - and that makes me angry.

I don't understand your attitude.  I don't like it.  You are intentionally hurting people that I care about.  For no good reason that I can see.  Stop it.  Put on your big girl pants and grow up.  If you don't want to be friends anymore, fine.  Be an adult about it.  Although you are not happy with the situation with which you are currently presented - this is not our fault.  And you need to realize that.  The people you are unhappy with isn't us; and there is nothing any of us can do to "fix" your problem.  And?  Guess what?  Your attitude isn't going to fix the problem either.

Love, Me

February 15, 2010

I've achieved another award - and have forgotten again!!!!

***once again, I've proven myself unworthy....if I can't remember to put a title on  a post....***

The always lovely, Mrs. Lovely, over at The Ideologies of Melissa has seen fit to bestow an award on me.  I am humbled.  I have still yet to figure out why anyone wants to read the stuff I put out there; but apparently, some of y'all like it.  So, thank you.  You all humble me - because I read what you have to say and feel woefully inadequate.

So with many, many thanks to Mrs. Lovely - I have been presented with the

What can I say but, "Wow!"

Apparently, there are rules attached to this award (uh-oh....you know I've been known to rebel.....)

The rules are:

I have to list 10 things that make me happy and do at least one of them today and then pass it on to 10 other bloggers.

What Makes Me Happy:

1. My Hubby - although he can get on my last nerve....he's a keeper!

2. My son - because although he can also get on my last nerve....he's pretty fab!

3. Blogging - you guys are the BEST!

4. Crossing stuff off my list - yeah, I'm funny that way.

5.  Chocolate - although it's currently on my no-no list; I still love it.

6.  My iPod - I love being able to hear what I want when I want.

7.  Reading - cause, really?  Is there any other way to spend some down-time (besides getting stuff crossed off THE list)?

8.  NEVER having to worry about what's for dinner (thank you Hubby!)

9.   A clean kitchen in the morning (thank you Man-Child; when you don't "forget....")

10.   Being this close to my goal.

Now to pass it on to 10 bloggers.  Ummm - not gonna do that.  Why?  Because you ALL deserve it - because you are ALL Beautiful Bloggers.  So, if you read this - it is YOURS.  Take it; love it; OWN it.
Mwah!  YOU are fabulous!

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's (and another book review)

Well, I was all set to write a post about how quiet I've been on the internet lately - possibly due to the winter blues that many of us seem to be suffering from.  Or maybe, it's because I've been busy getting some of my projects crossed off the list (you remember the list(s) I was making way back in December?  (Seriously?  You didn't think I was done with it - did you?  No, my lists are "living" documents as they continue to evolve and grow!) and I truly have accomplished much this weekend - thanks to my fabulous Hubby's assistance! Mwah! Love you darling!).

Instead I've decided to tell you about the latest book I've just read - because it is awesome!  It is one of those books you don't want to read in snatches - you only want to read it when you've got plenty of time to devote to it.  In fact, I've just devoted the last two and a half hours to finishing it (proof - to those of you with small children - that one day you will have two and a half hours to yourself eventually.)

The book is Too Close To Home by Linwood Barclay.  I've read another one of his books and loved it too.  But this one is about a family that is brutally murdered in their own home and about their neighbors - one of whom was in the home when it all went down.  The book has many twists and turns and is very fast-paced.   At one point, there is an arrest and things are looking grim.  And then it twists.  And then, you are thinking "Aha!  Now I know what happened!" and then it twists again.  And the ending?  It ties it all up very well. 

While the story may seem a bit fantastic to those of us who live less drama-filled lives but then there is a reason they call it fiction and Linwood Barclay does a very fine job of drawing you in and keeping you riveted.  So, if you have the opportunity to read his work, I would definitely suggest you do so.

On another subject, I hope you all have had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  It is definitely a low-key holiday around here - I gave the guys each a little box of chocolate and socks (what?! They NEEDED socks!) and they reciprocated by doing the heavy lifting on some of my projects; which made me even happier than most gifts.

Thankfully, my company is closed tomorrow so I have a day to tidy up some loose ends on these projects and maybe even catch a movie with Man-Child (if the weather isn't too bad).  Any recommendations for a mother and teen-age son to see together and actually both enjoy?

February 10, 2010

Why yes, I am cranky in the morning.....

I've been up since 5:00 a.m. and am already more than a little irritated.

::sigh::  Let me back up so you'll understand.

Upon arriving home last night, Hubby informed me that the power company had been out to run the electric to the shed-that-will-never-be-completed.  Great.  He then informed me that they completely tore up the lawn in the process.  Fine, whatever.  The lawn looked like crap anyway - maybe this will give someone the incentive to fix it this spring.  He then tells me that also the power company had cut the cable line.  Again, not a big deal (for me anyway as I don't watch much television).

Before retiring last night, I checked the local news website to see what was up with the schools.  Yesterday it poured rain; buckets and buckets of it.  And the temperatures were to go down into the 20's last night - I figured the schools would at least be delayed for icy conditions.  Nothing had been reported yet.  (As a side note - this news station also offers text alerts if the schools are going to be closed or delayed.  I have signed up for this service FOUR times and have yet to receive an alert!).

When the alarm went off this morning - I turned on the phone.  No text alert (of course - why should I expect one at this point?).  I went to turn on the television and remembered - no cable.  So I creep downstairs without turning on any lights - figuring I'll check the website and if school is delayed I can crawl back into bed without having woken myself up too much.

Nothing.  Looked like school was to go on as scheduled.  So I turned on the lights, made a cup of coffee and went out into the freezing, wickedly windy morning to get the paper.  No paper.  Dammit.

Come back in and jump online only to discover ---- schools have been delayed for two hours!  Of  course they have, I'm wide awake now.

And my paper?  Still hasn't arrived.  They made it on time during every single snow event - where are they this morning when I actually have time to leisurely read it while savoring a cup of coffee - instead of scanning it quickly and bolting back that cup of joe?

I am not a morning person.  I never will be.  And right now, all I want is my paper.  And a couple more hours of sleep.  But it looks like neither is gonna happen.

But - looking on the bright side - the sun will be out today!  And that usually puts a smile on my cranky face.

February 8, 2010

Do I have a "problem?"

This is a direct quote.  This is what Hubby asked me today.

Why, you ask? 

Because I want to re-arrange furniture.

Normally?  Hubby wouldn't even be involved.  Normally, I'd just move it and that would be that.

But this time?  It involves moving a (very heavy, apparently) couch & chair from upstairs down.

I've already explained to you about his extreme dislike of change with the whole closet debacle. (which, for those of you interested - I think he's getting used to his new environs despite his unwillingness to admit it).

We've been in this house for approximately one and a half years.  In that time, nothing major has really been moved.  But in that time, I have realized how we are using our space.  What is working; and what isn't.

And what isn't?  The whole "keeping" room area (right off the kitchen).  It has become a total junk dump.  (I don't deal with clutter too well - after a while it makes me "itch."  Seriously.  And when I begin to "itch," I become a word that rhymes with it....).

That means the desk must go!  Immediately.

My feeling is that a sitting area would be much better there.  That would confine the clutter to one corner of the island.

But to hear Hubby go on about it....according to him I must have "dyslexia" (does he even know what that means???) or some other problem.

I have informed him that it's called "decorating" and realizing how we use the space we have and how to make better use of that space.

The conversation ended with us agreeing that maybe he needs to live in his shed and leave the actual house to me.

At the moment?  Sounds like a really good compromise to me.....

Did we? Or didn't we?

Thank you Jody for reminding me that I kinda left y'all hanging.  I know.  I'm bad about that.  I post something with kind of a "cliff-hanger" ending and then never follow up.  I get distracted (did I tell you about the shoes I almost bought this weekend and then talked myself out of because Man-Child needed new dress clothes for Mass at school?  Why does he keep growing??  HOW can he still be growing!  He's already so big.  I think I stopped growing at 14 - why is he still growing!!!  ::sigh:: they were lovely - I'll be heading back after payday to see if they are still there...see?  I get distracted easily.  But they were a lovely cheetah print with a patent heel - dammit, I should have bought them.  I think I know what I'll be doing at lunch tomorrow...).


Anyway.  Yes, we ended up having a SuperBowl party.  We ended up with a total of 13 people (who are actually eating solid foods-the other is the sweetest little guy ever!!!).  But up until about 3:00 pm we only knew of three people who were coming.  But Hubby had prepared as if hordes of people were coming.  Along with the requisite chips, dips, nuts, drinks, etc. he also prepared chicken wings, sausage & peppers, chili and I forget what all else (because his motto is - it's better to have more food than the guests can possibly eat; despite their best efforts!).

It wasn't as bad as I was dreading (because yeah - sometimes, despite my best efforts, I take a pessimistic look at things - especially when it involves disrupting my sleep patterns!).

Most of the ladies, weren't into football (like me) so we sat in the other room cooing over the little one, chastising the children (yeah - somebody remind me to tell you about the "children") and catching up.

Everyone was actually gone by 9:00 pm (before the game was over) and most of the kitchen was clean by 9:45 pm (and you guys who've been around awhile know how I feel about having a clean kitchen before I go to bed!!).

No one stayed past their welcome or proceeded to turn this into a "par-taay" (which as well as I know some of these people - it's been known to happen a time or two.  But luckily, I think we've all grown up (a bit more) in the last few years and are, hopefully, past all that).

So, all in all, it was a successful evening. 


But?  That doesn't mean the football talk is - because now we have the "draft" to look forward to.  OMG!  I now know about the draft (in a very vague and round-about way).  This means I am picking this stuff up by osmosis.  Someone please help me before it's too late!!!

Total Weirdness

Imagine my utter, total & complete shock this morning when I clicked on one of the blogs I follow and discovered a picture.

Not just any picture.  A picture of a woman I know in a group of women.  A woman who was both the sister & the wife to a couple of guys I used to work for/with.

I knew it was her.  I even emailed the picture to Hubby to verify for me that it was indeed her (cause he is awesome with faces & names - unlike me who will forget your name as soon as I turn around.  Hell, it's a miracle I remember my name, much less those of friends and family).

Turns out this woman (whom I've always liked) has a pretty successful blog and was a speaker at Blissdom this past weekend.  I'm not really sure what Blissdom was/is - but apparently is a conference for bloggers.

When I got home from work I found her blog.  Which was ridiculously easy to do.  All I had to do was type her name and the word "blog" into Google and there she was (so any of y'all that think you are blogging anonymously - but have your name in there somewhere?  With a little work [or not so much as was my case] you can be found.  Just so ya know).

As I mentioned, I used to work with her husband and for her brother. 

I really don't have a problem with her husband or her - but her brother?  And the rest of their family - which also worked for the company?  Them, I kinda have a problem with.

Eventually, I got paid.  But a lot of the others never did.  It was ugly and even now, almost 9 years later, there are still extreme bitter feelings.

And this is just another reason I choose to remain anonymous (other than the fact that Hubby is persistent in his belief that you are all serial murderers/stalkers).  This woman lives, at most, 15 minutes from me.  It's a small town (so small, in fact, that her hubby was actually my son's coach at one point after the whole "thing." [Yeah - a little weird!] But in all fairness - out of the Pop Warner Football coaches that my son had - he was the best!  Cause he really is a good guy - just got caught up in a really bad (and awkward) situation).

This woman could easily stumble across my blog, if we had cross-readers (which I don't think we do after a cursory glance at her blogroll) (and, if she read this post she'd almost exactly know who was writing it; especially since I have my picture is so obviously out there - I, of course, haven't changed that much in the intervening years) and that could be, at the very least, very uncomfortable and if I wrote about the whole, ugly story - and although every word would be true from my point of view - how would she, and her family, view it?  That could possibly get ugly.

So again - I'll remain anonymous 'cause (apparently) the world is far too small for me not to.

February 5, 2010

Bad Hostess With the Mostest - that would be me

Hubby mentioned in passing to me a week or two ago that he'd like to have a SuperBowl party. 

Sounds good to me - have a few guys over to drink beer and watch the "Big Game," while I could go to a movie, read a book, blog, whatever.  I can roll with that.

Hmmm.  Apparently that wasn't his plan.

Next thing I know, Hubby has plastered his invitation on FaceBook for all the world to see.  He has just invited everyone we know over.  Which would include wives - which means I would have to play hostess.  On a Sunday night.  Until late.  Because the "powers-that-be" at the NFL seem to think that late on Sunday night is the perfect time to have the "Big Game."  Knowing that lots of folks will be having parties.  Knowing that most of those same people have to get up and go to work in the morning!  Personally, I think the "powers-that-be" are idiots.  Just my opinion.  But I digress.

Now normally I don't mind being the hostess with the mostest.  But let me let you in on a little secret.

I don't like football.  Especially watching it on television.

Yes, I am uber-football mom when Man-Child is playing - but that's because I have a vested interest in the game and I'm actually there and can get caught up in the excitement.

But for the most part?  Leave me out of it.  I have far better things to do than watch grown men run around on the field - like cleaning the oven, digging a ditch, or cleaning a sewer line.  ANYTHING is better to me than watching a game on t.v.

Luckily (is it wrong for me to think that?) no one has responded, at least via FaceBook yet.  I'm thinking it's because Hubby waited to late to do the invite.  (Hasn't he learned anything from all these years being married to me?  You have to send out invites at least two weeks in advance! Basic social etiquette - duh!).  So hopefully, everyone else already has plans.  Yes, bad hostess with the mostest, for not wanting this party to go off.

But - between you and me - I will hold that title proudly if this so-called party doesn't materialize.  Yes, I'll put on the sad face for Hubby but inside?  I'll be doing my little happy dance.

February 3, 2010

I Couldn't Make This Stuff Up If I Tried!

These past two weeks or so have been crazy busy at work.  Not that I'm complaining!  It truly makes the day fly by - and I'm enjoying what I'm doing so I'm a happy camper.

With that being said, the urge to get out at lunch time is strong - to get away and take my mind off things for an hour (and to get away from the few nuts we have rattling around our department).  Particularly today as the sun was shining and it was warmer than it's been in a long while and especially since I know that more icky weather is heading our way this weekend.

I had decided to take myself up to the fast-food joint up the road and have one of their awesome hamburgers.  I figured I'd take this burger and head over to the park and enjoy my lunch in the sunshine.

Now this particular establishment prides itself on just how slow their service is; they claim it's because that nothing is made until you place your order - yeah, right.   But whatever, for a fast-food place their burgers are good.

I place my order, specifying "no ketchup and no onions." Because yeah, I'm picky like that - plus I like to assume that if I don't order it exactly like it appears on the menu I might get a fresher product - plus I don't like ketchup or onions on my burger.  After spending approximately 12 and one half minutes in the drive-thru I receive my bag of cholesterol-raising goodness and head for the park - about five minutes away.

I arrive.  Get settled.  Crack open the bag.  Take out the burger.  I'm practically salivating at this point.  It's going to be soooo goood!  Take a big bite.


Not only is there a huge onion on my "burger" they also apparently forgot to put the main ingredient of a hamburger in!  There was no burger in my burger. 

No, I'm not kidding.

Basically I have a salad sandwhich ... with cheese.

Seriously??  I can see  forgetting that I said no onion - you get in a routine, it's the lunch hour rush, whatever but to forget to put the meat on?  How the hell does that happen?  I mean, you remembered the cheese - but not the meat?  They even have little pictoral signs up back there showing the employees how to make said burgers!

Needless to say, I headed back to said fast-food joint (I had to because 1. I needed to eat and 2. Because who the hell forgets the meat! and 3. I had to eat a burger - I was mentally prepared for the guilt I'd feel later after I ate it - so I was committed).  When I walked in the manager asked if there was a problem.  I informed that yes, indeedy there was - that I was holding a salad sandwhich.

The sad part?

He didn't seem surprised.

So instead of enjoying my lunch in the sunshine - I had to scarf it down like a rabid wolf and head back to work.

And it's stuff like this, my friends, that will keep me blogging forever . . . because how can you not share stuff like this with the world?

February 2, 2010

For My Fellow Readers (and yup, I've forgotten AGAIN!)

Since, apparently, a bunch of you are readers.....(can I tell you - my post about Under the Dome probably had the most comments ever?!) I have decided to tell you about another book I've read.

I have just finished Cane River by Lalita Tademy. 

To be truthful - I probably picked this up at Barnes & Noble from the discount table.  (cause yeah - I'm cheap that way.  Don't judge!  I have to be!  Because between you and me - my book habit is waaaaayyyy worse than my shoe habit!).


This book was part of the whole Oprah's Book Club thing.

Totally worth it.

It's a historical fiction book (which generally, I'm not too fond of); based on the author's research of her family history.  It's a story of four generations of women.  The beginning generation being slaves and ending in the difficult early years of the twentieth century.

This woman's style of writing is gripping (okay - really?  That doesn't sound like me - but this book is one that you want to come back to - so how else would I describe it?)

It describes the struggle of  family of women throughout slavery and beyond; the indignities; etc.  What they went through to preserve family.  How much family means - what they went through to insure that their children had a better life.

It's an awesome story - so if you get a chance; check it out and let me know what you think.

Arrrrrgggghhh!  Dammit!  I've forgotten to put a title AGAIN!!!!!!!!

I've been accosted in my own home!

Okay y'all - just what in the hell are we going to do if when Man-Child goes off to college (and then when he's really, really gone?!).

I came home a little later tonight as I had a hair appointment.

As soon as I walked in Hubby pounced!  (NO! Get your minds out of the gutter - I know I share alot but do you really think I'd share that!)

He began to talk to me incessantly.  I mean really - NON-STOP!  I hadn't even taken my coat off yet.


Because school is still closed (and will be again tomorrow) - so Man-Child took off to a buddy's house (not that I blame him) for the night.

This means Hubby came home to an empty house - with no one to talk to - until I walked in.  Have I mentioned he's uber-social?  He likes to be around people.  He likes talking, talking and more talking.

I love him, I do!  And I do enjoy talking to him - but really?

I'm sitting in front of the computer - typing away.  It's obvious that I am busy.  Leave me alone!!!  Besides, the topics he wants to discuss?  We've discussed at least a thousand times (seriously).  This isn't new and interesting.

Usually when Man-Child is here - I am pretty much invisible (this is what happens when you are the only female in a testosterone-filled home).  I've gotten used to this over the years.  It's fine; really.  Because I can do whatever I want without being bothered.  I can read, blog, obsessively re-organize my closet - whatever.  They don't care (as long as they aren't being involved).

So to be accosted in this fashion?  Very annoying.

He's finally settled in front of the television - snoring away. 

Ahhh - bliss!

But what does this mean for our retirement years????

Actually, upon reflection, I'll probably be a much better blogger and commenter - 'cause once he's out in front of the tv - there are absolutely NO interruptions!

February 1, 2010

This whole anonymity thing.....

Most of us are anonymous.  Or at least as anonymous as we can be.

We seek that.  We prefer it.  This way we can speak freely (most of the time).

But as my dear friend (yes, dear although we've not met in real life - yet!) WildernessChic posted today; she had made a connection - a connection that was broken.

A connection with one who just suddenly seemed to disappear.

While I didn't know this blogger (just recognized her moniker from comments on blogs I may frequent-and most likely would have gotten to know her eventually); I understood WC's distress.

Because if some of those that I've "made that connection" with suddenly disappeared...my heart would be hurt.  Deeply.  Because I truly value those connections as "true friendship."  Because really?  We are more open here than we are in real life - and this tells me that those connections? They are real.

Maybe that's just me.  Maybe I feel that connection too dear.  Maybe I think there is more there than there might be in reality.  I know I am this way in real life; so in the ether-world?  I'm sure it's the same.

I'd like to think if I suddenly disappeared - some of you would be looking for me and wondering.  Because I know that would be the case on this end.

Luckily, this story seems to have a happy ending.  WildernessChic's call-out to the blog-o-sphere seems to have worked - she found her friend again. 

(that being said - NONE of y'all are allowed to disappear - period. You don't want to be responsible for hurting my heart; do you? Cause you know, I can hold a grudge if I have too.....ok, maybe only  just for a little while....)

A Facebook Rant; a Mea Culpa; and more snow ranting; basically nothing new.

Facebook people.  DO NOT PUSH YOUR "BUSINESS" (i.e., Pampered Chef and the like).  I already don't care for Facebook that much - what with all the So-n-So asked you to help gather her eggs from her farm - and guess what?  I don't have a farm, I don't need a farm and I don't want a farm.  And to top it off?  I haven't talked to you in 15 years so why in God's name do I need to help you tend to your farm??  It's not my game - it's yours.  You play it (sorry to all my Facebook fiends lovers out there) and leave me out of it.  But I digress....

Facebook is definitely, without a doubt, NOT the place to push your "stuff."  It's a "social network."  It's kind of like being invited to a dinner party, realizing you haven't met Mrs. Such-n-Such and deciding to take over the entire dinner conversation by telling her how wonderful your products are.  Stop it.  It's tacky and rude.  The only reason I'm on there is to keep tabs on my son.  Period.  I don't need to be assaulted with your pushy sales tactics.

Now with that being ranted about....anyone have any ideas on how I can somehow let her know this without completely alienating her?  It's for her own good - really!


Awards?  My bad.  Big time.  I know there some out there that someone has bestowed upon me (this niggling suspicion was aroused upon reading a post from Chic Mama.).  I do appreciate the sweet thoughts and intentions (and why am I really thinking that Liz was one of my benefactors?).  But between Christmas, the death of my beautiful computer, the loss of my template and any of the many other rantings that I'm sure I've engaged in here - it has totally slipped my mind.  I am a bad blogg-y friend.  And I am sorry.  If you honored me - and I didn't post it; mention it, pass it on - I'm sooooo sorry.  I appreciate the love; I really do.  But I get distracted easily.  In the future I promise to make notes (maybe - if something shiny and stiletto-y doesn't distract me....)


This snow-thing?  Am sooooo over it.  Cause really??  This is not what I signed up for when I agreed to move.  I informed Hubby that if this keeps up - we are moving.

Guess what the forecast for this weekend is?  Yup, you guessed it - more freakin' snow!!!!! In the entire time I've been here (about 11 years now) it has never snowed this much in one season!

As it is, our local government saw fit to not do a damn thing about the roads after the blizzard (7 whole inches - and yeah that really is a big deal here) this weekend.  Nothing was done until today.  Why?  Because, and this is just my opinion, there was a HUGE event planned for downtown today and they needed to deal with the snow there.  Seriously - not only did they remove the snow downtown - but they "dried" the streets!  Hmmm....curious isn't it - downtown; no snow & dried streets - outlying areas (and I don't mean the rural areas either); covered in snow, slush & ice.......

I can't tell you about the HUGE event because that would give away exactly where I live - and that would give Hubby nightmares - because, as I've told you before - he is absolutely convinced you are all stalkers waiting to kill us in our sleep. ::sigh::  He doesn't know you the way I know you.


I know there was something else I had planned on sharing with you.  But - it has totally left my mind (hmmm, maybe because Hubby is insisting on talking to me even though it is quite obvious that I am busy here?!).  I really need to start writing these things down.....or maybe not.  Seems most of my posts ramble on for quite a bit....if I could remember what I actually wanted to say - then all bets would be off.......