November 25, 2020

Twas the day before Thanksgiving...

 Y'all.  It has been A week around here.  

That previous statement is a MAJOR understatement.  Luckily, I took this week off so at least I didn't have any work issues to stress over.

We woke up yesterday to discover that we had zero hot water.  Despite the installation of a new hot water heater back in June.  I immediately put in a service request with the home warranty people.  And waited.

Waited some more.

And a bit more.

Finally, I called the service provider that was assigned to our request directly.  The person who answered the phone was very pleasant - but was firm on the fact that she would have to call us back to make an appointment (why?!) and was VERY clear that there was no way they could send a technician that day. *sigh*

I informed The Husband to expect a call - as his phone number is on file with the home warranty people.

He never received the call. *sigh*

Which meant that we woke up to ANOTHER morning sans hot water.  AND I woke up later than normal.

Today was supposed to be the day that I made the FOUR pies that Man-Child requested for our socially distanced dinner tomorrow...that's FOUR pies for THREE people.  Granted, the majority of the pies will depart with Man-Child but still...

Today was also the day that I had hoped to wrap up a painting project.  HA!

By the time I had my coffee, read the paper, etc. and started to get dressed it was very nearly 10:00 am - with nothing accomplished.  During this time, I received an email that we had an appointment for service...for Friday.  FRIDAY.  When I sent The Husband a text with this information, he called to tell me that he'd called the service provider this morning and that was the best that he could do.  Apparently, according to the home warranty people, no hot water isn't an emergency.  Also, apparently, the home warranty people had the wrong number on file - hence no call yesterday. *sigh*

Cue me Googling a new home warranty company.

Then I started boiling water - to wash dishes.  Apparently, it takes approximately thirty minutes to heat large batches of water.  While I was idly busy with this project, it came to my attention that not one, but TWO, light bulbs were out.  Our kitchen is sorely lacking in light even when ALL the bulbs are working - so being two down was unacceptable...particularly before one of the busiest days in the kitchen.

After a hot mess session that was washing dishes and lunch - I ordered bulbs for curbside pickup.  And finally got around to starting on the pies.  I was in the final stages of the first pie, I had poured the filling into the 9 inch shell that The Husband had so kindly purchased for me last week...only to realize that he had instead purchased 6 inch shells...which does NOT work for these pies.

So I had to make an emergency run to the grocery store; which I had hoped to avoid since everyone else was at the grocery store.  While at the grocery store - where no one was social distancing AND the majority of people were wearing their masks with their noses exposed - I received the email telling my curbside order was ready...the trip to that store normally takes fifteen minutes.  Today it took almost thirty because of the traffic.  WHY with the traffic?  Shouldn't all these people be at home or at the grocery store with their noses exposed?

While I was out The Husband came home and discovered the remains of the halted pie making.  When I walked in, he knew I was not a happy camper but wasn't sure why.  I held my tongue...until he asked if I was missing an ingredient.  I told him how thankful I was that he had secured all the ingredients I'd requested but I really needed the larger pie shells.

He was gobsmacked because, according to him, he'd spent an inordinate amount of time looking at pie shells to get the right ones.  I get it, if you aren't careful, it's very easy to get the wrong size; I've done it. He concluded that he must have seen the 6 inches when it was upside down. I took a deep breath and offered him grace.  He was more upset with himself than I could have been been.

At any rate, it's now eleven hours after I woke up - the pies are done.  The painting project is awaiting one, last coat - which may be done tomorrow morning. I've vented to you via this post.  I think it's about time to shut down for the night.  Because I have to get up early tomorrow to start boiling water...

This will definitely go down as the most memorable Thanksgiving ever - in so many ways.

But still, we will count our blessings.  Because hot water or not, we have many.

Happy Thanksgiving.

November 15, 2020

Bit by bit. Piece by piece.

The random "Great Clear Out" is progressing.  Granted, it's only when the mood strikes - which ebbs and flows.

This afternoon the mood struck.  And when the mood strikes, I NEED to get to work.  Otherwise, I find that I can easily distract myself with something very unproductive.

Today, I began with the big dresser in my dressing room that I want to get rid of  to make room for a desk - Man-Child is the intended recipient of said dresser.  The "how" of getting it to him is up in the air.  He has a friend with a truck that would be willing to assist - but I don't want the friend in the house.  So, I am thinking over the "how" to move the dresser into the garage.  The options are limited as there is no way The Husband and I can move this behemoth on our own.

At any rate, this dresser has twelve drawers (I told you it was a behemoth!) - I had previously gone through six of the smaller drawers and set aside items for Goodwill.  Today I tackled the six large drawers.

Guess what I discovered?

For someone who RARELY wears socks (yes, even in the winter it's rare - but then look where I live), I had an inordinate amount of socks.  I was able to set aside many brand new pairs for donation.  Of the few that remained, I'm positive there are at least three pair that I hate for whatever reason.  I figure when I come across them at some point this winter they will be immediately tossed.

My tights collection was harder to cull through - even though we are now a "business casual" always company (let's not forget the fact that I'm not even going in anymore), I DO really adore fun tights for skirts and dresses.  I figure I will hold on to most of them for a little bit longer before they get tossed.

At any rate, I was able to cull a LOT from that dresser and a LOT from the dresser that will remain.  Enough so that I was able to fit everything from both dressers into the one six drawer dresser.

Heady with that success, I headed into the closet I have been dreading the most.  

The closet that holds the "craft supplies."  If you know me, I'm not really a "crafter" (despite my recent foray into embroidery).  I will take up a notion - try it for a while and set it aside.  So basically, I was venturing into the closet where all my crafting notions go to die.

What irritates the most about this closet?  That I have moved this crap from house to house.  Not just once...but MULTIPLE times - never mind the fact that I haven't looked at, used, or thought about any of it for years!

Why?  Because I "might" want to do that *insert craft here* again.  Today, I banished that ridiculous thought and packed it all way in boxes headed for Goodwill (I should note, I only packed away the things that could be used and treasured by actual crafters - the rest of it, *giving the side eye to the questionable craft paint* was set aside to be dropped off at the hazardous waste facility).

We will not EVEN think about how much wasted money was sitting in that closet.  No, we shall not!

After I had packed it all up, I tossed it in my car and drove it to Goodwill immediately - not giving myself time to re-think any of it.

Truthfully, that closet held much more than just crafting supplies.  What remains is Man-Child's.  Things he currently wants to keep...or more accurately, wants me to keep for him.  This will have to be dealt with eventually - but not today.

Now to figure out how to move that giant dresser.  Because between you and me?  I NEED that desk in that room with a door.  The Husband is off this coming week, while I will be trying to work from our dining room table in this "open concept" house.  It may not end well.

And this is what blogging has become in the COVID age - a blow by blow description of decluttering. *sigh*