January 29, 2019

The perfect "storm"

Today found me heading home around lunch time - we have been without a dishwasher for weeks now and today was the day that it was to be raised from the dead.

Early this morning, I received a call from Man-Child.  He'd called in sick and was headed this way for a doctor's appointment a mile up the road.  He wanted to have lunch after his appointment; which would only work if I could be home between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm.  We agreed to see how it worked out.

Turns out, as I was headed toward the house, he was just leaving the doctor...not quite enough time for lunch - as he wasn't hungry just yet - as he is suffering from a possible sinus infection coupled with a tough of the Norovirus.  So we met at the house and played some cards; rummy to be specific.

As he has the ability to see "three steps ahead" he won that first round handily.  I then fed him a sandwich and he took a nap.

Then, prior to dinner, he called for a re-match.  And this was tweeted out...

And then he won the second game...

And, there you go.  When you can't beat a six-year old at checkers; don't try to beat a twenty-four year old at cards.

And it's true...there's no one else I'd rather lose too...even if he is smug about it!  But that next game?  That one is mine!

January 23, 2019

Acknowledging the big (and small) moments in life...it matters.

So today another co-worker and I took my co-worker friend to lunch for her birthday - which is tomorrow.  Keep in mind, that this is a BIG birthday...one that she is approaching with trepidation.  During this lunch my friend uttered something that broke my heart.

I realize that all families are different and, as such, have different customs/practices when it comes to celebrations.  I know that growing up, despite my family's dysfunction, we CELEBRATED everything...Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, etc.  I know that in her family things are a bit more...muted.  And I can respect that; to a degree.

In my little family, I have made sure that all the events are CELEBRATED - even though I generally shy away from a large production for my birthday; even a BIG one.  But I do want it acknowledged.  I think that's all any of us want; acknowledgment.

After being asked what her family had planned for her birthday she responded with, "Nothing really.  My daughter's birthday is on Friday.  My birthday really hasn't been acknowledged for the past 18 years."

As sad as that was; that wasn't what broke my heart.

The part that killed me?  We ordered a dessert for her and as she was divvying it up to share, she casually tossed out that she couldn't remember the last time she had a birthday cake.  And then she said, "Last year, I bought some cupcakes for my birthday and when I brought them home, my son asked what they were for..."

Her own son didn't even realize it was her birthday!

And that is when my heart broke.  Not only did he not know but no one in her family thought to acknowledge the day with even so much as a card, not to mention a cake.  In my mind, there is ALWAYS cake for a birthday.

My son - which was once the same age as her son - always knew when my birthday was; and his father's and his sister's and his grandmother's birthdays were - because he learned from a young age that these were IMPORTANT dates.

As it happens, she was one of two to make sure that my big day was acknowledged at work - though the majority of the company was blissfully unaware (fine by me; the important people to me knew - and that was plenty).  My guys, of course, lavished me with attention and love - and, since they know me so well, kept it fairly low-key.

I, of course, have plans in place to make sure that she feels loved and acknowledged tomorrow - so much so that she will get a cake, of sorts, tomorrow.  But it pains me that her family isn't doing the same.

No, as a family you don't need to CELEBRATE every occasion; but you should realize that the acknowledgment of the occasion IS necessary and needed - even if the recipient claims "it's no big deal."

Yes it is.  Its always a big deal.  Even if it is celebrated quietly; it's still a big deal.

January 19, 2019

Twenty-eight years....

Today is our anniversary...28 years.  Wow.  It seems like only yesterday that we were young and dumb and rushing headlong into marriage after only knowing each other for a fairly short amount of time.

Just a week or so after we were married - so very young!

I guess we "knew" deep down that this one was for keeps. 

The Husband gave me a sweet card and wrote "How about 28 more?"  I melted.

What can I say about this man?  He loves with his whole being.  He can infuriate me at the drop of the hat...while also having the ability to make me laugh out loud at the same drop of a hat.  He is thoughtful and kind.  And, oh boy, can he cook!  He is an awesome father who would do anything, and I mean anything, for his children, his wife and his family.  As I said in my card for him, I made a very good choice.

At dinner tonight - we splurged and went to a very nice restaurant - he observed that we have been together longer than I was single...I really didn't need that reminder of my age, dear.  But yes, he's correct.

And yes, another 28 more sounds good to me.

January 13, 2019

At least I was kind of productive during this winter event...

Almost, to the date, a month ago we were hammered with a winter event which left us pretty much house-bound due to the 12-ish or so inches of snow.  This weekend we braced for another event - only this time we were being promised ice.  Lots and lots of ice.  And once again, despite our prayers, the forecasters were correct.

When I woke up, the trees were coated in so much ice.  As I wandered down the driveway in search of my paper, I thought the driveway didn't feel too slick.  And didn't think much more about it.  Until an hour later when the power went out.  Dammit.  At one point, The Husband wandered in, noticed the power was out and went back to bed for another hour or so.  All told, we were only without power for almost four hours - inconvenient, yes - but it's not like we had to spend DAYS without power (we've lived that nightmare before), so we are grateful.

Thankfully, the streets weren't too bad, according to The Husband, who braved the roads fool that he is.  I wisely stayed behind.  And not five minutes after he left I heard a HUGE crash.  I looked out the dining room window and saw that the tree tops had snapped under the weight of the ice.  I ventured out, hoping for a picture...

But upon hearing the trees to my left creaking, and the wind blowing, I got nervous so I was only able to snap this very unhelpful picture.  But you can the ice that is coating all the trees.

I called The Husband, and once he ascertained that the downed trees weren't near the house, acted like it was no big deal.  Until he got home.  The first words out of his mouth were, "It looks like a #$&%*( war zone out there!!!"  And then promptly went out to secure a better picture.

Note that all the remaining trees are leaning...

What this picture doesn't show is that this destruction is along the ENTIRE back perimeter of our yard.  The Husband looked at the destruction and declared that he is too old for this.  That this would be at least three weekends of work to clear.

There is a grove of trees off to the left which are leaving me worried about sleeping in our bed tonight - which is on that side of the house - I'm pretty sure, I'll head upstairs, to the opposite end of the house, tonight. And, as I type, I hear the hum of chainsaws in the background...in the very, very dark, background...that can't be safe!

I spent a good portion of the morning online (after the power came back on) but eventually got restless and decided this would be a good time to tidy up my dressing room/closet/whatever.  Which then led me to go through EVERY SINGLE dresser drawer (except the ONE drawer he is allowed to put all his "stuff," i.e. "junk" - not clothes, etc.) in the house.  And once that chore was accomplished, I turned my sights to The Hoarder's Husband's closet.  I thought about posting a "Before" picture but couldn't bear the thought that the picture would reside forever on the internet.

I will note, that through all this cleaning out and tidying, I did not get rid of anything of The Husband's without his express permission; albeit that permission may have been given while he had one eye on the game...

As a result, I ended up with two garbage bags full of stuff headed to Goodwill tomorrow and The Husband's closet actually looks like a closet...still an overstuffed closet...but progress.

Now I'm going to cross my fingers that the power holds out through the night and see what tomorrow brings.

January 10, 2019

The latest gadget to enter our home

In mid-December, as The Husband watched me struggle to open a bottle of wine before shooing me away and doing it himself asked, "Didn't we used to have a really nice corkscrew?"

And we did, kind of.  It wasn't fancy; it was from the Pampered Chef and I was able to use it easily because I didn't have to be tall enough to pull the arms down from a traditional corkscrew.

With this one I didn't have to be tall to use it.

This one, replaced the other one and required me to stand on my tippy-toes

But, as with anything plastic, after years of use the Pampered Chef corkscrew broke and we resorted to the traditional corkscrew - which is fine for anyone who is an inch or two taller than me...unless I want to carry the bottle, glass, and corkscrew to the kitchen table - then I probably could use it without a problem since the table top is much lower than our counters.

All that to say, it gave me an idea for a Christmas gift for The Husband...and the hunt was on.  I knew I wanted a nice one that wasn't complicated.  I saw some that looked like this

Look at that...Pampered Chef has upped their game

and they intimidated me.  So I found myself at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with coupon in hand and I came across this

Cuisinart Cordless Wine Opener

After a quick consultation with Google - who told me that this particular corkscrew had plenty of good reviews - I bought it, took it home, wrapped it up, and put it under the tree for The Husband to open on Christmas morning.

The "cordless" part is a misnomer kind of, in that the base has a cord which requires the item to reside on my counter, plugged in.  And, as I'm sure you all know by now, I hate for things to be on my counter as permanent fixtures (this is one area where The Husband and I don't agree, at all - since he wants EVERYTHING out that he might possibly use) - except for my coffee maker and KitchenAid Mixer...until now.

I LOVE this thing!

Yes, I realize it was a gift for The Husband - and, for the record, he loves it too - but the ability to push ONE button and the cork is removed and to push another button and the cork slides out into your hand and there are NO tippy-toes involved? Love it.

Another plus?  It's pretty low profile, so it doesn't STAND OUT that it is residing on my kitchen counter.  Although, I do have to say, the foil cutter that is included?  Meh, not so great - but still the actual product? Fabulous.  

So there you go, even though it's WAY too early for a "gift guide" for Christmas post - tuck this away in the back of your mind for next Christmas.

*crossing fingers that I haven't doomed this product to it's early demise on my kitchen counter with this post.*

January 1, 2019


We've all heard it a thousand times - get yourself measured for a bra every couple of years.  Sadly, this is usually low on my priority list.  I've been the same size for YEARS.  And it's been fine.  Now, I'm not gonna lie - for the past year or so I've had a hate-hate relationship with my bras.

One day, one would be fine.  Great even.  And then it wouldn't.  As I've rotated between the ones that were great some days and not so great on other days, I came to hate them all.

Today, I finally decided that enough was enough and headed to Soma to be fitted.  The clerk was friendly and helpful...and informed me that I was a completely different size.  EVERYTHING was different - the band size, the cup size - EVERYTHING.

Upon her recommended size, I tried on a few and found one that seemed to be okay.  Now here's the deal with trying on bras.  You only have it on for a few minutes...and in that minute or two everything seems to be fine; so you buy it; which I did.

When I got home, I ripped off that hateful bra that had been driving me crazy and got into the new one; figuring THIS was going to be glorious.  And while it was...better; it still wasn't quite right.  If the bra manufacturer's are to be believed, you aren't supposed to be aware that you are wearing a bra...I think they LIE - how could you NOT be aware that you are wearing one?

Now considering I have tried to measure myself numerous times and my results have fluctuated wildly - I'm wondering if I should go somewhere else to be measured.  Because to be honest; this result flummoxed me completely and from the time I put the new one on until I put on my pajamas, I was TOTALLY aware that I was wearing one.

So I'm thinking this weekend, I will find another place for a fitting and see what they say.

In other news, I head back to work tomorrow *sob* and wondering why I can't work from home (bra-less)...

Happy New Year!  And here's hoping this is the year that I can find a bra that I don't realize I'm wearing...we all have our dreams.