August 31, 2012

After two weeks he's finally here. AND?! He's brought laundry.

This whole week has been a hellacious one.  Seriously.  But seeing as my company is generous with holidays (we get the Friday AND the Monday off for Labor Day) I seized the opportunity to throw in a vacation day on Thursday.  What the hell?  After this past week, if anyone deserved a five day weekend it was ME.  Besides, I've just realized that it's almost September and I still have a kazillion vacation days left to take.

As I was trying to relax on the back porch yesterday and erase all memories of the prior three days from my brain, hubby then hits me with the his new found knowledge (which included a "prop") that you can use a tampon to start a fire.  Yes, really.  I would have had photographic evidence, but he threw it away before I got around to it.  Why he felt this information was important for me to have, I'll never know.  As I was shaking my head and determining that I NEED to put a filter on the internet to keep him from finding this kind of stuff, his phone rang.

It was the beloved Man-Child (notice how he is now "beloved" and not "that darn kid" - funny how them being away from you will do that).  He talked to his dad for a bit and then asked for me.

As soon as I got on the phone, he asked if I would come get him today and bring him home.  Would I?  Is he crazy?  Of COURSE I would bring him home.

Needless to say, I went to bed with a smile on my face.

I was up and at 'em early this morning.  Which was ridiculous, considering his last class wasn't over until three....but still.  I was going to get my boy!

By 11:00 am, I just couldn't wait any longer.  I told Hubby I was going and he informed me that it was too early.  So I said I'd stop by the library first and maybe make a few more stops before heading out.  And I did.  I hit the library and was in and out of there in fifteen minutes (a record for me).  As I was leaving, I decided to stop in the next big town over and browse in a store that I like.....there was nothing of interest to me.

So basically I was on the road, for real, around noon.  Except, I got lost again in my own neck of the woods.  At this point, I am really surprised that Hubby lets me leave the house on my own....

The problem was this - out of pure habit - when I left the store, I hopped on I-40 East.  That wasn't the big problem.  The big problem was when I realized what I had done, I hopped off at the next, very convoluted exit; the exit that I KNOW is convoluted from prior experience.  I then found myself wandering around for the next fifteen or twenty minutes trying to get back to the highway headed west bound.

As much as I love the shopping there, I hate that town.  Every single time I venture out that way and I just happen to wander off my known routes, I get lost.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!  It never fails.

And yes, I DO have a GPS system.  I just hate using it.  That annoying voice saying "recalculating" over and over and over again gets on my nerves.

Eventually, I found myself heading in the right direction and all was well.  As it was a gorgeous, if a bit hot, day I rolled down all the windows and popped in an upbeat CD and turned it up.  And drove west for two hours.

As I rolled into town, I turned the music down, rolled the windows up and finger-combed my know, to look like a respectable mother coming to pick up her son.  As I was working the knots out of my hair, MC called to see where I was.  He was surprised to find me already in town.  He told me I was early, that he was headed to class and that he would call me in an hour and we would meet up then.

All was well with my little world.  I grabbed a fast food lunch - which wasn't so fast and couldn't actually claim to be real food and did a little snooping about town.

Let me tell you....thank goodness Hubby didn't come along for this adventure because the traffic in this one horse town is insane.  Truly, it was worse than drop off day; and that was pretty bad.

Eventually, I got "the" call.  I headed over to his dorm to pick him up.  Upon arrival, I called to tell him I was there.  I got out of the car with my cell phone ready for the first picture and waited.  And waited.

Eventually, I noticed this person headed toward me with a laundry basket while grinning manically.  I wondered if I should be concerned.

Who IS this bearded, grinning stranger?!  And why is he bringing me laundry?!

Eventually, it dawned on me....this was my baby!

I cried a little.

On the ride home we talked and laughed and it was amazing; especially considering that of late, most car trips include him reading a book and zoning me out or him napping.

Once we arrived, he couldn't stop smiling or repeating that he was SO glad to be home.

Despite how happy he is to be home, he has informed me that he IS going back. Darn it.

I showed him his newly cleaned room.....

Ever the wise-guy....he gets that from his father, of course.

He was EXTREMELY happy to see his own bed again....

As for me?  Well, I'm just glad to have my "little" guy back again for a few days.

August 29, 2012

A peek into married life after the chick has abandoned the nest....

The following conversation seriously just happened.....


Me (while pouring a glass of WELL deserved wine after particularly hellacious week): "How do you know when a bone is broken?"

Him: *quizzical look*

Me (holding up my elbow and pointing to the remaining evidence from ten days ago):

Him:  "Your elbow is NOT broken."

Me:  "Are you sure?  Because I just laid it on the table and almost passed out from the pain."

Him:  "I'm sure." (exasperated look)

Me:  "Do you think it could be chipped?"

Him:  "Probably - but that's not a big deal."

Me:  "Yeah, since it's not YOUR elbow...."

Him (scratching at the back of his neck): "I think something bit me."  (Bending over to show me)

Me (inspecting said area): "Hmmmmm......meh.  It's nothing."

Him:  "What?  Just because I didn't give you sympathy for your elbow?!"

Me:  What?!  No!  It's nothing.....really.  Just a little bump.  Nothing serious.  You know, nothing serious like say, a broken elbow...." (walking out the door to the back porch).

The blog fodder may not have completely dried up since MC went on his merry way after all.  There is still Hubby.....

August 28, 2012

Joy and Shame....all lumped together.

I received an email today - one of MANY to be sure, most of which lead me to tweet the following towards the end of the day....

Because, yeah, it was THAT kind of day.

But this particular email was from a friend/former co-worker.  Actually thinking about it, I don't think I've talked to her in QUITE some time (shame on me).

Apparently, her husband ran into mine today which prompted her to send an email asking me to send Hubby's resume to her; that she would be happy to pass it on to her HR manager.

I almost cried.

This voice from the past....upon realizing that we are in a pickle, held out her hand.  And that?

That meant the world to me.

Even though no promises were made, the very fact that she cared enough to try to help, in whatever way she can, touched my heart.

I asked Hubby about it when I got home (of course, I had already sent his resume along).  He said that he had seen her husband.  He also mentioned that he was embarrassed to tell him that he was still unemployed - particularly since the LAST time he'd seen the man was right after he'd been let go.

I knew exactly what he meant.

Although, I had a sneaky feeling back then, when Hubby broke the bad news, that we were in for a tough haul, I had NO idea that we would still be mired in this mess over two years later.  And I didn't know just how embarrassing it would be to tell people that after TWO LONG years he is still unemployed.

Every time I utter those words out loud now I feel ashamed.  I feel like people are thinking, "Well, what's wrong with him that he can't find a job?"

Even though I KNOW we aren't the only ones in this predicament.  Even though I KNOW he is looking as hard as he can.  Even though I KNOW that there isn't anything out there. Even though I KNOW that NONE of this is his fault......I still feel a bit of shame. I can only imagine how he feels.

But to be reminded that people do care....and that they are willing to help.....well, that leaves me (almost) speechless.

August 26, 2012

A very quiet Sunday leads to random thoughts....of course.

Not much has been going on around here.  With MC gone, my blog fodder has dried up life is pretty quiet.

According to MC, all is going well at school.  He likes his classes and his roommate.  But when he called yesterday (out of the clear blue) I could tell he was lonely.  He didn't have anything to do and since he hasn't figured out the bus schedule he's feeling trapped.

Apparently, his roommate (who is a sophomore - really?  I would have thought they would have paired the freshmen together) went to New York for the weekend to visit his brother.

I am continually surprised about MC's reticence to meet new people.  I mean, I get it.  I'm that way.  But when he was small we called him the "Mayor" of our street.  This kid was so outgoing.  He'd stand at the edge of the driveway and talk to anyone that walked by.   And when new people would move in (it was a new neighborhood - we ALWAYS had new people moving in) he would introduce himself and then proceed to tell them about every person and animal on the street.  He would hug anyone, if I'd let him.  Seriously.

Then he was just like his father.  He didn't know a stranger.  Now?  Now he's just like me.  Not wanting to step out of my comfort zone.  I wish I knew when/how that switch happened.

It must be harder these days for college kids (hell, for anyone really) to meet new people what with the technology we have now.  From what I can gather, all the kids have televisions and computers in their dorms - so where is the incentive or the necessity to get out?  To mix and mingle with other real life humans.

When I talked to him yesterday afternoon, he hadn't left his dorm room all day.  And had no real plans to do so.

Of course, I was concerned.  I don't want him to be lonely up there in the mountains.  I want him to be happy, with friends, and having a good time.

A friend at work was telling me about her sister-in-law.  She just sent her only child to college to live in a dorm.  Twenty minutes away.

Apparently, this woman hasn't stopped crying since they dropped her off.  TWENTY MINUTES AWAY.  As a result, after only a week or so the girl is thinking about moving home and commuting to college.

This made me very sad.  Sad for the mother - because I understand, in a way.  But sadder for the girl.  Because she is feeling guilty.  And that's the last thing she should be feeling.  At this point, she should be reveling in her independence.  Meeting new people and learning new things.

This is the whole purpose of raising our kids - for them to leave us.  To stand on their own two feet.  To become adults.

As much as we don't want to let them go and we will always worry about them; this is the way it is supposed to happen.

As upsetting as it is to think that MC was lonely this weekend, I also know that this will push him out of his comfort zone eventually.  And he will find new friends.  And he will begin to build the life he is meant to have.  And I will be proud.

And for that other mom and child?  Well, for them I will pray.  Pray that the mother sees that her actions aren't helping her child that they are, in fact, hindering her child.  And that her child will spread her wings and fly.  And make her mother proud.

As for us?  We are still figuring out our new normal.  Hubby continues to make too much food - food that will not get eaten before it goes bad.  I'm realizing just how much laundry one extra person can generate and, dare I say it, enjoying the fact that laundry isn't an all weekend project anymore.

August 21, 2012

Right from the top of my head.....really

These are just a few of the thoughts that have been percolating in my brain today.  Lots of fluff.  Enough that if I gave any effort at all might have had posts dedicated to each one; but I'm just not in that frame of mind to put much thought into anything so here goes nothing.....

*  The basketball shorts/knee length black wool socks/sandals wearing guy.....WHY?  Do you not realize just how utterly ridiculous you look?  You DO realize that the "cool" guy you are emulating only wore that outfit ONCE just to see how many idiots he could get to wear that combo.  He was smart enough to realize that no girl would actually want to be seen in public with someone wearing this get up.  Wake up and smell the coffee kid, you've been had.

*One of the things that I am relishing about MC being away at college is the ability to use the "big" laptop whenever I want!  When he was home (before he got the laptop required for school), I mainly used the notebook because he hogged the big one.  I don't mind using the notebook, in fact I love it for it's portability and it's cute factor.   But the big laptop, with it's very generous screen, gives these aging eyes me a VERY clear look at your blogs and all the pictures.  I love it.

*The only other thing that I am relishing about MC being away - his bedroom and his bathroom are now totally spotless.  Really.  I can go in there and not freak out about what kind of animal might be trying to find it's way to our room freedom.

*I stopped at the drugstore (again) today to buy my very favorite eye shadow (L'Oreal #812 Smooth Latte) - only to discover that (again) they don't have it.  This is like the millionth time I've tried to get it; only to be denied.  I kid you not, this shadow is perfect for me.  PERFECT I tell you!  I'm living in fear that it has been discontinued.  I bought something else, but even before I try it I know it won't be a good replacement.  And this makes me sad.

*I wonder what in the hell is the purpose of spam comments.  I mean, I kinda get it.  Click the link and you either get a virus/porn/insert-whatever-evil-intent here.  But c'mon already.  Most of us bloggers are savvy enough to know to ignore you - and you still are.  Go away.

*To have missed MC so much today that I actually tweeted this.....

The only real communication I've had from him was on Friday.  I did hear from him on Saturday....but that's only because I told him to call me once he received his power cord.  Since then I have done my level best to keep pestering him.  I know he needs to "grow" and "experience" and "learn to be independent."  I KNOW. But still....I miss my boy.

And then?  The utter joy when I received a totally, unsolicited call from him this evening.  He's doing well.  He seems to love it.  And?  He's even eating his fruits and veggies.....or so he claims.  And he then informed me that one of his professors spent nine years in prison for growing pot.....REALLY?!

*I've wondered about the new guy.  I still like him.  He still seems nice.  But I have to wonder if he's got the spine that is needed in this particular position.  In our environment, the litigators seem to get away with murder; while the business side is considered "not so important."  I may have to clue him in to a few things.....such as I don't care if it IS budget time and you are being asked to cut, cut, cut.  That is ONLY because the more YOU cut the more the litigators get to keep. *sigh*  It ain't easy training new people.

So what about you?  What bits of fluff can be found floating around in your brain?

August 19, 2012

Gigi's Day Out.....

Since we dropped our one and only off on Friday, we've been kind of bumbling around the house wondering what to do while we wait, wondering when he is coming home.  At one point, we found ourselves standing silently in the kitchen eating chips and guacamole while staring into space....I kid you not.

Yeah, it still hasn't completely sunk in yet.  I think it will take awhile.  Currently, it feels like he is just out for the weekend with his buddies and should be home any minute now......

At any rate today we decided to do something.  Anything.  So I suggested going to the movies.  This is not something Hubby and I do together....ever.  He is not a huge fan of the theater experience (he complains on and on about the cost which totally ruins the experience for me) and our tastes aren't exactly alike.  So all the chick-flicks were out.  And the sophomoric humor, shoot 'em up, car chase type movies that I might be willing to sit through weren't interesting enough for him.

So he offered up the alternative of bowling.  I thought about it for about a nano-second and then agreed.  But first I had to change into jeans.  Because believe me, I was not about to try and bowl in a skirt.  Besides, honestly?  A skirt with those shoes?  NOT a good look.  

On the way there, I trash talked him.  I told him how I was going to totally kick his butt, etc.  You know, all the stuff you pick up when you live in a household full of men and you are just a little bit competitive....

Until my phone rang.  Surprisingly, I answered it for once.  Then I morphed from trash talking to trying to ease my friend's fears about her son starting kindergarten in two weeks.  Until I hung up.  Then the trash talking re-commenced.  Besides, that little guy?  He is TOTALLY ready to rock kindergarten.  And between you and me?  I trash talk WAY better than I bowl so I had to try and psych him out before we got there.

Upon arriving at the bowling alley we noticed that there were only a handful of patrons.  Which was fine by me.  It's too easy to get distracted when the alley is full and I really don't need an audience to witness my "skillz" when it comes to bowling.

We picked up our "lovely" red, white and blue shoes and hit our lane.  I went first.  I picked up my ball and held the proper stance.  I eyed up the lane and away I went.  Ready for my first strike.  What can I say?  I live with the optimism that I can hit one out of the park every once in a while.

As I came up to line and started to let go of the ball, I began to slide on the waxed floor and then my feet slid across the line and hit the even waxier part of the floor and then?

Then I was airborne.

According to Hubby, my legs went out from under me, I was flying into the air and landing flat on my back in under a second.

As I struggled to a sitting position, I put my hand to my head - which apparently, really freaked him out for a minute as he thought I'd slammed my head into the floor.  I hadn't.  But it had happened so fast that I didn't realize what HAD actually happened so I was just checking to make sure everything was where it should be.  Brains still in head?  Check.

As Hubby and another gentleman rushed to my side to make sure I was okay, Hubby's phone started ringing as he was sliding in the alley trying to get me up.  I remember wondering (hoping) that it was Man-Child calling.  It wasn't.  Apparently, I LITERALLY "butt-dialed" my husband when I landed.  Note to self: remove phone from back pocket when bowling.  Considering how hard I landed, it's a miracle I didn't break the darn thing!

At any rate, other than a very small, yet already colorful bruise on my elbow I seem to have weathered the mishap okay (until tomorrow.  Then I'm sure I will feel every inch of the pain from that SPECTACULAR landing).  Once it was over - both the fall and the embarrassment - we laughed until we cried.  And have continued to do so every time it's been mentioned.

Maybe we will get through this transition okay.....if I live through it that is.  Now excuse me, while I go and pop some ibuprofen and take a hot bath.

August 17, 2012

The nest......tis truly empty.

Today was "the" day.

Yesterday we spent the day packing and sorting.  And I'm sure Man-Child was one step ahead of me....removing any evidence that he didn't want Mom's eyes to see.

Last night was spent picking up the rental van (this really reminded me of how ticked off I was about the truck's transmission dying), packing the van and falling into bed from exhaustion.....oh wait.  It was only ME that fell into bed from exhaustion......

The day began before the sun was even up.  We were all dressed and out the door by 7:00 am.

Along the way, I could immediately pick out which other cars were ferrying students off to college by the sheer volume of stuff that was crammed in them.  Either that or there had been a HUGE sale somewhere on microwaves and mini-fridges.

When we arrived at the college, we were directed to the dorm and instructed to pull up and then volunteers quickly emptied our car.  Man-Child went to sign in and we were told where we could park and how to catch the shuttle back.

By the time we made it back to his room, he had already organized all of his clothes and was putting everything else away.  There wasn't much left for me to do to help.  So I made his bed.  Well, I should say I attempted to make his bed.  The beds are semi-lofted (reaching about the height of my chest) so I couldn't reach to get the sheets on to the side by the wall.  So, it became a "family" affair which had me in semi-hysterical laughter because as one of us would tug the fitted corner on it would pop off another corner and so on; I swear I have never seen so much difficulty when putting on a fitted sheet.  We also discovered, that in our haste to leave the house this morning, he'd forgotten the power cord to the laptop; which is kind of an essential piece of the equipment.  We promised to overnight mail it to him.

After which we decided to take a quick walk around campus.  And immediately got lost.  And MC was getting increasingly crabby.  He claims he was having intestinal issues.  Personally, I think he was ready for us to scram.

After we made it back to the dorm they we decided the best option would be to go pick up the car and grab some lunch.  I really didn't want to do lunch at all.  Because I knew that once lunch was over we would have no other excuse to stay.

As we walked out into the parking lot after lunch; which was across the street from his dorm, he was grinning ear to ear (why did he have to seem so happy to see us go?!).  As he hugged me, I tried to hold back the tears.  And I was fairly successful.  I told him to be good and to be careful.  And that I loved him.  I don't think he realizes just how much I love him.  As Hubby murmured something about this being a "good" experience for him, I replied that it wouldn't be "good" for me.

I couldn't watch as he turned and walked away.  I knew if I did that I would completely lose it.  So I got in the car and waited for Hubby.

The drive home was extremely quiet.  I would tear up every once in a while, but for the most part kept it together.  When we were about twenty minutes away from the house my phone rang.  His name was in the display and, of course, my heart was in my throat.  My first thought wondered what could be wrong already!

Of course, it was nothing serious.  One of the video games he'd packed had fallen out of its box and abandoned in the van.  He asked if I could send that on as well as the power cord.

Upon arriving home around 2:00 pm there was no rest for the weary.  We immediately gathered the items he needed and jumped back into our cars.  Hubby to gas up the rental and me to the local FedEx.  We agreed to meet back at the airport where I could drive him home.

When the clerk announced the cost of sending the package overnight, for Saturday delivery, I'm sure she was a little taken aback to notice tears in my eyes.  Tears from the cost and, more likely, from the fact that I realized I was standing in a FedEx store MAILING stuff to my son.  The realization that he is not within a few minutes driving distance from me really brought home the fact that he is gone.

Once we got home for good, I immediately went upstairs and set to work on cleaning MC's pigsty room.  I swear I've never seen dust bunnies so huge!  I think a couple may have even growled at me.  I texted him a picture of how nice his room looked.  No reply as of yet.

The truth is, I think I'm numb.  I'm too tired and the separation is too fresh for me to really comprehend it all.

I KNOW this is a great experience for him.  But I also know in the coming days it will be really hard for me as our new normal falls into place.  That even though this will be good for him - it won't be good for me.

As sad as I am that he's not here I'm also very excited for him.  He is standing on the brink of his future.  His life is still un-mapped and uncharted.  Where he will end up is anyone's guess.  And as his mother, I will stand back and let him go - despite not wanting to - and will cheer him on as he becomes who he is meant to be.

As for tomorrow?  Well, tomorrow I plan to clean his bathroom.  But before I do, does anyone know where I can pick up a cheap Haz-Mat suit?

August 15, 2012

"THE" time is near.....

Well, that's it.  "He" (Man-Child, for those of you that may not know) leaves on Friday.  Heading off to college.  Leaving his poor old mother alone.....(okay, okay....Hubby will be here.  But's not the same as having your one and only offspring under your watchful eye and you know it!)

Surprisingly, I've done fairly well up to now (you can't count "THE" events, like the Mass and the Graduation) (and okay, re-reading that made me cry again!).  Come Friday, all bets are off though.  By then I'll be one big, hot mess.  There will be tears and snot everywhere.  (Sorry for the graphic description, but I know it will be true.)

The surprising change has been in Man-Child.  He has been extra needy of late.  He's also been extra crafty. As in, "Hey Mom, wanna make me some cornbread?  Cookies?  Cake?  'Cause, ya' know, I'm LEAVING soon!"

Or, "Hey Dad, Chinese food sounds REALLY good right now!  Ya' know....I'm LEAVING soon, right?"


I have to give it to him, that boy does know how to work it.

In addition to the requests for favorite foods there has been extra hugs, extra "I love you's" (from out of nowhere I might add) and, as an added bonus, extra rough-housing.

Yes, I said rough-housing.  Despite the fact that MC is nearly a grown man and my husband is definitely old enough to be considered a grown man, these two have acted like brothers forEVER.  And the rough-housing, which had somewhat died off in the past year or so, is back on with a vengeance.  I guess, despite the level of open affection that we share in this house; for men that affection can only be shown as long as there is rough-housing in the mix.  Hugs and kisses just don't do it for them.

In fact, I just had to interrupt this post (that originally had NOTHING to do with rough-housing) to go in and scold them.  I swear we almost lost a window, various assorted knick-knacks, a coffee table and a hip!

And truthfully?  I can't afford a new hip for Hubby right now, much less a window, a coffee table or a knick-knack.

At any rate, I think it is finally dawning on MC that he is really going.  In fact, he said as much to his he forced his father to sit with him in his pigsty room yesterday as he went through some of the things he wanted to take with him.

And what he's packed so far?  I'm glad you asked.  He has packed a HUGE box full of books.  That's it.

Novels that he has already read, I might add.  Novels that he won't have room, nor the time for, once he gets where he's going.

And with that, I can definitely proclaim that he takes after ME....

It's also finally beginning to become real for me too.....especially after a friend asked me today, no less than FOUR times, that "You're gonna be okay, right?"  And why do I have this nagging feeling that come Friday morning I'll have a text from her asking me the same thing?

But as of tomorrow, we crack down.  We begin to pack all that really needs to be packed.  I'm sure there will be surreptitious sniffles (mainly from me) as we figure out exactly what needs to be done.  And then we will pack the car and go to bed early so we can be out on the road before the sun actually comes up.

Hmmm.....and I wonder why I haven't been sleeping so well this past week?

August 13, 2012

Caller's a great piece of technology....until it's not.

Caller ID.  It's fabulous, isn't it?  Before it came along we actually had to answer the phone in order to know who was on the other end.

The anticipation was almost painful; wasn't it?  Would it be the cute guy you met the other day?  Would it be your best girlfriend calling to pick apart the latest gathering of friends and what they were wearing in minute detail?  Or would it be the annoying sales call? Or your mother reminding you for the gazillonth time that you need to call your Aunt Gladys?

You just never knew.  Picking up that ringing phone was a roll of the dice.  And being the curious humans that we are, we usually picked it up and sealed our fate - either we got a date out of it or we hung up the phone being more than a bit annoyed.  You just never knew!

Until Caller ID came into the picture.  Then we were freed from the bonds that a ringing phone brought.  We no longer HAD to answer it - we could just look at the little window and figure out if we needed or even, wanted, to answer it.  And the angels sang - much to the annoyance of the sales guys and moms the world over.

And then other fabulous technology crept in.  Like Speed Dial.  Another wonderful invention - no more would we have to store those all important phone numbers somewhere impractical; like in our brain.  NO.  Now with ONE push of a button you could call whomever you want.  It was magical.  Just think of all that free space your brain has now that it no longer has to store all those phone numbers!

But then one day you realize a fatal flaw to all this marvelous technology when you accidentally hit the wrong speed dial and the phone rings a few times before you realize your mistake.  You hang up and pray that the person on the other end of the phone never checks her Caller ID.  But, of course, she does; because as I mentioned before humans are curious.  They want to know who called.

And despite the fact that you really don't want to talk to the person you accidentally called (because you are beyond aggravated with them and their choices and figure the only way you can remain friends is to not actually talk to her until you - and things - calm down or you might actually tell her that you are aggravated with her which would lead you down a road you aren't really ready to deal with at this moment in time) you are then INUNDATED with voice mails and texts from this person.

And then?  That is when you realize that maybe Caller ID wasn't such a good idea after all.

August 11, 2012

Twenty-six days.....and some other stuff.

Here we are.....twenty-six (TWENTY-SIX) days later.....

And I haven't said a word.  Not one.  Despite the fact that it's beginning to drive me crazy.

Besides - does anyone really need all those spices and things?  Yes, that very statement may explain why I am not the cook in this household.

This exercise in futility has made me realize that those damn spices are going to sit on my table for eternity.  Especially considering that Hubby doesn't read my blog so he can't take a hint that way.

In other news, Man-Child leaves us in exactly six days.  SIX.  I have been in a frenzy of trying to get ready.  And by frenzy, I mean that I have been thinking there is stuff I should be doing/buying but I haven't really done anything and have pretty much been spinning my wheels.

Currently, he has sheets, blankets, a computer and - as of today, a hamper and laundry soap.  But that's it.  I've hit a dead end.  I know there are other things he will need but I can't seem to think of them.  Maybe tomorrow will bring inspiration.

In advance of a trip to Asheville this weekend (I KNOW, how dare he leave me on the LAST weekend he'll be home?!) he actually did laundry.  Color me amazed.

I mean, he knows how to do laundry but getting him to actually do it is a monumental task.

At any rate, last night he had me watch as he then actually FOLDED said laundry - and by that I mean he determined that the best place to do his folding was on my bed as I was trying to read.  And then promptly informed me that I must be OCD when I informed him that he was folding his undies backwards and then not stacking them up properly.

I mean honestly, after all these years of receiving properly folded and stacked laundry deposited neatly on his bed for him to put away you would have thought it would have seeped into his brain.  Apparently not.

He will NOT do well living away from me.  I can already tell.

August 6, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday.....or.....Meetings from hell + eyestrain + missing my "voice" = exhaustion.

It has come to my attention that some people in my department absolutely love meetings.  They LIVE for them because it makes them look important....or busy....or something.....

They even have meetings about scheduling meetings....SERIOUSLY!

Really, an intervention needs to occur and a 12-Step program should be put into place immediately.  I'll send a memo to Human Resources ASAP.

Me?  I don't "do" meetings.  Of course, I can schedule them all day long.  I don't have a problem with that, but to actually attend one?  Not something that I aspire to.

As you may have surmised about me from what you read here I'm not really a "people" person (quit snickering.  It's true!).  If you have something that you need from me ask me directly or even better yet, send me an email.  Do not ask me to attend a meeting, where I might be called upon to speak.  This WILL NOT happen.

I don't care if I HAVE worked with the majority of the people in attendance for more than ten years.  I will have nothing to say.

Well, that's not quite true.  I WILL have something to say - I just probably won't voice it.

My most favoritest boss ever knew this about me.  And if I was forced into a meeting she usually did most of the talking.  And always included what I happened to be thinking into her train of thought.  She was good like that.

But now she's gone.  My voice is gone.

She tried to prepare me, I can now see, by forcing me to attend some meetings that I didn't want/need to attend in advance of her departure - before she actually told me she was leaving.

But because we couldn't wrap up this one project before she left, I was forced to attend a TWO HOUR long meeting today.  One that is squared centrally around me and the work that I do.  The results of which mean at least three, or knowing these guys - most likely ten - more meetings before all is said and done.

It was torture I tell you.  Pure torture.

To add to the fun and excitement - as I am prone to do, I sat at the far end of the conference room.  This resulted in me not being able to actually SEE the demo that was up on the big, gigantic screen.  Which then resulted in the severe eye strain and momentous headache that I am still experiencing 3 1/2 hours later....and most likely explains this glass of wine that currently sits at my elbow.....

Why yes, I do like ice in my wine - it keeps it cold here in the sweltering weather.  And, for the record, that book?    Buried Prey by John Sanford?  TOTALLY worth the read - I promise. 

This also makes me question my handsome eye doctor's wisdom in not upping my contact prescription on my last visit.  His excuse?  That if he did it would actually weaken my eyes and that I'd probably need readers in addition to the contacts.

At this point?  I don't care.  Bring the readers on.  I understand that you can get some hip and fun frames these days.

And just for the record, whenever I become Queen of the World (which I expect to happen ANY DAY now) meetings will be abolished.  All my directives will come via email.  Be prepared.

August 3, 2012

The long, ranty post that wasn't.

Well, I was all prepared to write a ranty post and it totally got derailed. *sigh* And I'm SO good at those!

I sent my husband an email today and asked the guys to meet me at the store after work.  The plan was to buy a laptop for MC to take to college.  Yeah, not so surprisingly, this is NOT a luxury item for students anymore.  These days it is an absolute necessity - can someone tell that to my wallet, please?

As today was the start of the back-to-school tax-free weekend here in North Carolina we figured we would take advantage tonight before it gets all kinds of crazy in the stores tomorrow and Sunday.

We had done our due diligence in preparation.  We knew exactly what we wanted and where to get the best price.  We were like ninjas - we were ready to strike.  No dithering around the store wondering if this one would be better than that one.

So we rendezvoused at the local Office Depot at 5:30 pm.  I figured we'd be in and out in no time.  But Office Depot was ready for us.

They were out of stock.

Seriously?!  Already?  Only a few hours into the biggest back-to-school shopping weekend of the year?

We, okay....I, demanded information asked about the stock at other locations.  I was determined.  I was going to get this damn computer tonight, come hell or high water, because tomorrow?  Tomorrow it will be like Black Friday out there; and after the week I've had I just couldn't face it.

Much to my amazement, two of the other stores (rather far away) actually had a limited supply on their shelves at that very moment.

We conferred.  I could tell that Hubby had absolutely ZERO interest in driving across town to try and score this deal.  But remember, I was determined.  Besides, we really don't have much time left to get this bit done.  He leaves in exactly two weeks and there is still much to be done.  I wanted this bit out of the way.

So I decided on a store, that for some reason I thought was off the beaten track.  Turns out, the store wasn't off the beaten track - but on one of the most heavily traveled roads in our area during rush hour.  Hmmm.  So much for MY sense of direction.

At any rate, we made it over in record time.  Apparently, Hubby was channeling a NASCAR driver, because I'd never seen him drive like that before.

Once I realized where we were actually headed versus where I thought we were headed, I figured that this mission was a failure.  I even tweeted my rising frustration . . .

Ignore the's hard to type on a phone while flying through town with a crazy man at the wheel


And, just so you know, I finally figured out how to properly embed Tweets! Finally, one thing accomplished this week!

And then immediately started composing a long, ranty post in my head about how stores are inconsiderate and rude.  And they should be ashamed of themselves for inconveniencing people; particularly ME, on a Friday night - when all I really wanted to do was go home, put on my jammies, and have a glass (or three) of wine after a long stressful week.

But then we arrived at our destination.  And lo and behold, we walked right in and immediately found a friendly, helpful associate who said, "Yes, we do have that model in stock; let me get it for you."

And with that the long, ranty post died.

But still, the question remains.....why don't these stores stock up on these must-have items in preparation for weekends like this?  They KNOW that parents are going to be out there looking for the best deals they can find - especially in this economy.  The guy at the first store even said that more were coming in throughout the weekend.  So why spread it out?  Why not have all the inventory at the store at the beginning of the sale?  It's a mystery to me.  

August 2, 2012

My Scariest Moment.....The One Yet To Come

Why yes, I am doing the link-up, blog hop, whatever-you-call-it, from MamaKat's Writing Prompts.  I know I don't normally do this kind of thing (the PRESSURE - the REMEMBERING to actually do it!) but as soon as I saw this prompt it practically wrote itself....

I've had many Scary Moments in my (*ahem*) very short life.  There was the time someone broke into our house via my bedroom I was sleeping.  I thought it was my brother sneaking into my room to either take something I had or scare me; so I promptly told him off.  Until he responded he wasn't my brother as he reached toward my bed....whereupon I promptly brought the house down with the screaming and carrying on as he fled.  Yes, that one WAS pretty scary.

Then there was the time I found a snake in my bed.  Yes, a real, live snake.  I had come home from a night of teenage revelry and crawled into bed with the lights off.  I felt something cold and I pushed it away.  Then I felt it MOVE.  I brought the house down with that one too, come to think of it.  I still blame my brother for that one even after all these years; I don't care what he says - I KNOW he did it.

Or, when I finally went into labor and realized that Oh-My-Hell-This-Baby-Is-Coming-Out!.....and the following days when I brought that sweet baby home and realized Oh-My-Hell-I-Don't-Know-What-To-Do-With-It.  Terror stricken moments to be sure.

Or, the first time I got the call that MC had been in an accident....and then again when he called about the wreck.  And then, watching from the sidelines as he was injured not just once, but twice on the field in one, short season.  As well as a few others along the way, memories of which I've somehow managed to suppress.  Those darn kids....they sure know how to terrorize you; don't they?

Of course, we can't forget the terror I felt the day I got the call that Hubby had been let go from his job.....and, frankly, pretty much every day since then.

But I think, without a doubt, that the most scariest moment is currently looming.

In a few weeks time now (yikes!) I will be dropping that boy off at college.  I will be cutting the apron strings and watching him take his first step into a world where I am not.  A world where he will be presented with choices - choices that I don't get a say in.  A world where he will have to make decisions without my input - and then live with the consequences.

It terrifies me to let him go (although, I do know that it is time; and I think I have made my peace with it....until I actually have to DO it).  I have held him close all these years and nurtured him and loved him and cared for him.  And now, to just walk away?  That is the scariest moment of all.

But I know in my heart, despite the little voice that keeps saying, "Are you SURE, you did the best you could?", that I HAVE done the best that I could in raising him.  I know that he is a good person.  I know that I can trust him.  I also know that he will make mistakes - and learn from them.  I know all this and more about him.  I know that he has all he needs to go on and begin his life - without me hovering in the background.

And I know that I will still be here to help him where I can and that he knows that he can always turn to his parents for unconditional love and support.

And I know, it's time to let him go.  And, truthfully, that scares the ever living hell out of me.