October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The nails are painted black.  The pink streak is becoming pinker as I type.  Plans are being made.  What does that mean?

It's Halloween!  Soon off to the party that my friend D was NOT invited too and, apparently, acting like a baby about.  I'll deal with him on Monday, somehow.

But let me tell you, my fellow ghosts and goblins, if you have never had a contact pop out while you've got one hand full of dye and try to replace it with the one clean hand....then you, my friend haven't lived!!  Does this kind of stuff only happen to me?  Certainly, seems that way.

Both Hubby and Man-Child are kind of in a snit about this gathering tonight since they've discovered that the only people they will really know there are the hosts.  And they don't know them that well.  This from my two very extroverted guys.  I've informed them to both suck it up and put on a happy face because they will meet lots of new people.  Besides, I think Man-Child may have a little crush on my friend's daughter.  Not that he'd ever do anything about it.  He'd be too terrified that my friend and I would TALK about it.  Oh, the horrors.

You know, I think I put that damn contact in backward!!  Oh well, I only need one eye to type, right?  I'll fix it in a bit.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe Halloween!  Watch out for the little ones if you are out and about tonight.

PS - just realize I've lost my "signature" in all the construction around here.  So, Chic - next time you pop in please remind me where I found it in the first place.....

October 30, 2009

PLEASE quit talking to me!! And wonderful news (at least for me)

Really?!  Truly, I love my hubby.  I really, really do.  But why does he insist on talking to me when I have something I want to say to y'all??

He's fabulous, he's smart, he's interesting.  But I had another conversation going on in my head.  ::sigh:: Such is the life of a married woman I suppose.

So......finally!  I can talk to you.  BUT....be warned, this is a bragging post!  (I know, I hate those mom's that brag on their kids all the time, like they are perfect or something [which really?  how many kids do you know that are perfect?].  But for this house this is big.)


For the past week I have been going crazy because I have not been able to access Man-Child's grades online (which is a FABULOUS ability and I wish every school had this option); because they were updating the system with the end of quarter grades.

From what I could tell up to this point Man-Child had been doing really well.  So this evening, FINALLY, I was able to access the grades.  M-C did excellent!!!!  At least in my eyes.

Our problem with M-C has been (at least since 5th grade) was getting the homework done and turned in.  He would ace the tests, etc.  But has had a major problem with getting the homework in, the projects turned in on time, etc.  Needless to say, this would cause his grades (despite the good test grades) to plummet.

This has been a HUGE problem.  Which absolutely has driven me crazy.  Apparently, it's more of a "boy thing" because everyone I've talked to with girls don't seem to have this problem.  And, as a girl, I just don't understand it.

But tonight, after I was finally able to log in to the system and see his final grades for the quarter I was ESTATIC.  He did very well; especially considering it is football season and his evenings are eaten up with practice and games.  In the whole quarter he has only missed three homework assignments (which as far as I can surmise were when he was out sick; so he was either too lazy to make them up or they wouldn't accept late assignments - which is the practice of some teachers).!!!  You have no idea how huge this is for us!

So, after posting this and doing a major happy dance, I am off to give M-C a huge kiss & hug (whether he wants it or not!) and tell him how fabulous he is!!

Why does this kind of thing ALWAYS happen to me?

I have two friends I work with.  They have a love/hate relationship.  Well, actually they are more like siblings.  Some days they get along great and others end up with one shoving cake into the face of the other and before you know it things have escalated.  Yes, this really happened between the two of them.  Needless to say, that incident pretty much brought the party to a standstill for a bit.
The one friend (we’ll call her T) is having a Halloween get-together tomorrow night.  She asked me to keep it quiet as she wasn’t inviting many folks from work.  No problem, I can keep my mouth shut.
My other friend (we’ll call him D) wanted to come see Man-Child’s football game last night.  (Don’t ask – it was bad!!  So glad the season’s almost over; I don’t know how much more the kids can take!  Or hubby – I really thought his head might explode last night).  Since D is almost as directionally-challenged as me, it was decided that they would swing by the house and follow us to the game.
D and his wife came a little early.  So, being the wonderful hosts we are we invited them in for a minute or two and a quick glass of wine.  So they are seated at the bar chatting when D happens to notice the invite hanging on my fridge!!!!
Apparently, he wasn’t one of the few that were invited.  Oh hell!
D, being the type of person he is, didn’t ignore it or wait until he got home to vent – no, not D.  He was not happy.  If it had been ANYBODY else, this wouldn't be an issue.
As soon as we got into our respective cars to go to the game, I began texting T; hoping to get to her before D.  Who began texting her as soon as we got to the game.  I’ve no idea what he said; but I’m sure it wasn’t nice.
I haven’t talked to T yet, but have received a text telling me that she did get my text first.  I feel sooooooooo bad.  But seriously?  I really thought D would arrive and we would leave.  Never even thought about the invite.  But as soon as his eyes hit it – I began to cringe.
I know there is nothing I can do at this point (and I have apologized profusely to T via text – haven’t been able to reach her by phone yet) but I feel terrible.  I’m thinking the least I can do is buy her lunch.  A really, really nice lunch.

October 29, 2009

There is nothing I can say or do to help her.

At this point, all I can do is listen. 

My co-worker came to me this morning with another grim tale about her son.  She acknowledged that she is the primary cause for him behaving the way he does – i.e., overcompensating for his lack of a father, being too accommodating, etc.  But she doesn’t know how to reverse it.  She’s also afraid that if she puts the discipline down too hard he will shut her out completely; as he has his father.  Privately, I’m leaning toward putting the hammer down; I doubt seriously if he would shut her out – he knows she loves him and takes care of him; whereas his father did not.

If she tells him that his only choice is to follow her rules or go live with his father; he replies that he wouldn’t stay at that house even if someone forced him there.

If she tells him he can’t go somewhere or do something – he walks out and does it anyway.  She can’t physically stop him.

She has absolutely no leverage and he ignores what she says.  She is all alone in this fight.

I’ve given her all the advice I know to give.  My heart is breaking for her.

Last night he and a friend (who was staying with them) left the house at 12:30 pm.  They do not live in the ‘hood; but it’s not the safest neighborhood either.  She yelled from her room to ask where they were going; it’s a school night, etc.  He yelled that they’d be right back and left.

An hour later they still weren’t home.  She jumped in the car and began driving through the neighborhood.  She found them.  They had walked to a convenience store 20 minutes away and were on their way back.

Needless to say her son was furious that she dared to come looking for them.  He sent her a nasty text last night that she received this morning that basically told her to never, ever come looking for him like that again.

She said he picks arguments with her (she thinks) so that he can feel justified in picking up his dinner and eating in his room.

I suggested counseling.  She said he won’t go.  I told her that maybe she should go that maybe they could give her advice as to how to deal with this kid.

I’m at a total loss.  Is there anybody out there who has been in this position?  Or does anybody have any suggestions that I can offer her?  She is a single mom.  The father lives 3 hours away and he and the son don’t speak – at all.  The only male role models around this kid are his frail, old grandfather and his uncle who has a lot of disorders.

Sounds to me like this kid has a bunch of issues and needs to see a counselor; but what would be the point if he wouldn’t talk?

October 28, 2009

Categorization and other ramblings...

I've been thinking about blogs and how they are described.  Yes, sometimes my life is extremely boring.

Some folks have humor blogs.

Some folks have political blogs.

Some folks have mommy and/or daddy blogs.

Some folks have blogs for venting.

Some folks have blogs for fashion.

Some folks have blogs for health and well-being.

You see where I'm going with this, right?  So I don't have to keep listing all the types of blogs out there. (Whew!  Good, because I was beginning to lose focus.)

So my question is...how would this one be categorized?

I'm a mom (no longer a mommy though), sometimes I am (inadvertently) humorous, I sometimes comment on the political climate (not often though), I definitely bring fashion into the mix (sort of) and while I haven't really mentioned anything on health and well-being (other than the post on the walk-in clinic, which I really don't think qualifies) it's bound to pop up sooner or later though.  And I definitely vent (a lot!) here. 

So what does that make this blog?  A blog-of-all-trades? 

Or possibly, the blog with the most parentheses ever used?  ('cause really???  I don't seem to see parentheses used that much in other blogs.  So I'm beginning to think it's just me that sees the value in them) (am also noticing that I use italicizing alot...hmmmm, wonder what that's about?)

In other news.... (wasn't that a nice segue?)

*  Man-Child and I are back on speaking terms. 
*  The shower is rigged to work (and not leak) for at least the weekend.  (did I tell you about that??  Can't remember and am too lazy to look back.  Synopsis-water was leaking into my kitchen area for the THIRD time!  Builder has already fixed it once.  Replaced the tub the second time.  Now thinks it's the shower and will have to rip all the tile out of my bathroom!  Fun.  And did I mention he is a friend?  Makes things a little dicey)
*  Actually had a productive day at work (which lately seems to not be the norm!)
*  And the Halloween candy has been raided (but I'm not allowed to tell you about that!)
*  Am totally exhausted (why?  that would be too much TMI, suffice it to say it's Mother Nature!)
*  Hubby showed me how to use the fancy wine-opener.  I don't think I'll be able to use it.  Muscles may be involved.  And I have none.
*  There was something else I was going to add here; but Hubby started talking to me and now I can't remember.

So with that.  I'll close for now.

October 27, 2009

Because it's MINE, damnit!!!


So, I was all set to post this FABULOUS blog about Man-Child and Hubby stealing the Halloween candy from the only kids that will probably come by for Halloween - if we aren't already out the door, since we have a prior engagement.

When Man-Child starts giving me grief about reading what I was writing and wanted to read it.  I told him no.

It was all very joke-y at first.  But, knowing M-C as I do, I should have known it would escalate.

It did.  To the point of me sitting in a chair clutching the laptop to my chest saying over and over again, "It's mine!!!"  Until Hubby had to intervene.

Childish????  I know.  It was only a post about Halloween candy.

But, in my defense... it is mine!  And I'm not ready to share with him.  Or Hubby. 

Why can't he let me have something that is mine?  Just mine?

Over freakin' Halloween candy?  Really???  And this is why I'm in tears??

Seriously??  Tears?  Over this?

Yes, it must be PMS.  AND the fact that, it's MINE!

I'm not saying anything that I wouldn't say to their faces; so why am I so protective?  Why do I not want to share?  Maybe because it's mine?  All mine?  And I deserve to have something to myself?

If Child Protective Services doesn't show up after this (which I am SURE all the neighbors witnessed) then they never will.  Even though I have been overdosing my child.

And no matter what - it's MINE!!!!  And I don't have to share if I don't want to.

P.S.  I promised him I wouldn't post about the Halloween candy....but this is a totally different subject....right??

I'm a baaaaadddd mom!

And I wanted "them" (whoever "they" may be) to give a prescription pad so I could give my child antibiotics whenever I thought he needed them!  I must be crazy.

After our little trip to the walk-in clinic the doc told me to give him the Z-pack, Actifed and Mucinex.  He mentioned that you could get MucinexDM, but since I had the Actifed already I wouldn't need that.  ::sigh::

So immediately after our visit, I trundled off to the pharmacy.  I bought various things including nail polish, foundation, his Z-pack and MucinexDM.

And I proceeded to dope my child up.  To the freakin' hilt.

I had him taking three of the MucinexDM and three Actifed a day.  At least until Monday.  Then I realized, hmmmm - the MucinexDM is only needed twice a day.  Okay.   Fine.  Dropped his dosage.  It had only been a day....how much damage could that incur??

This morning, after feeding the kid another MucinexDM, dropping him off at school and instructing him to take another Actifed along with his Z-pack, I began to feel kinda cloggy.  So, I fished out the MucinexDM bottle.  And noticed that it was MUCINEXDM!!!!!!

This means that I have been overdosing my kid on decongestants BIG TIME!! 

As a side note, the MucinexDM worked fine for me - although I might need another dose before bed.

So, when Man-Child came home I informed him that he shouldn't take any more Actifed as I have been overdosing him.  I then asked him if he'd been feeling strange or had any unusal tics.  The smart-ass then fell to the floor and began shaking all over.  Yeah, funny.  He knows how to push that guilt button really hard!

Hmmmm, he seems fine.  Hopefully, there will be no lasting damage.  Apparently his funny bone still works fine-but the guilt I have may live on forever!  Particularly since I am posting this for all to see and judge. 

What can I say?  Being a parent is hard and reading the fine print??  Well, sometimes that comes a day or two later.....

October 26, 2009

Maybe it's back??

So I played some solitaire (don't judge!  It frees my mind) and took a "forced" bath. 

I say forced because something is leaking and it's either the tub (which has already leaked TWICE before) or the shower.  The builder seems to think that this time it's the shower.  Whatever.  So, now I can't shower in my shower and I will have to shower in Man-Child's shower (shudder!!!  I really  don't want to go in there!  He's in charge of his own bathroom!  Do you know how boys keep their bathrooms???  'Nough said!) (hmmm, how many times can I put the word shower in one sentence???  Apparently five, as long as I have all my varied parentheses!).  Thus, the forced bath.  To see if it was the problem.

I love baths; especially on cold nights that make my toes cold.  But I really didn't want one tonight; but I did it anyway.  Because that's what one does as necessary.  Now I'm hot.  Sitting on the back deck hoping to get cool again.

Anyway, during said solitaire and bath I thought I could tell you about the shopping trip I planned with my co-worker.  I've told you about her before - the single mom with the kids (and ex) that walk all over her.  (You remember - the son told her this!)  Anyway, she mentioned that she was in the market for some new clothes (about time - she's been wearing the same things over and over forever!  And, they aren't very stylish-I am NOT judging!  I love her no matter what she is wearing!) and was going to visit a local (favorite of mine) department store after work.  So, I casually mentioned that I had nothing going on this evening and would love to meet her there, if she didn't mind.  So we had a date.  I may have mentioned to you before that I am also worried about her because she has no life outside of her children and her parents.  I mean honestly?  What is she going to do after the kids and the parents are gone?  You simply MUST have a life outside of your immediate family.  I love hubby and Man-Child; but really?  They are not my WHOLE life.  Maybe 98% of it, but not the entire 100%.  I've only been able to coax her out a few times--it's like pulling teeth!

She is very conservative.  I am too, to an extent.  But I don't mind trying out new things.  I figure we are only here once....and you might as well try new things.

So we get to the store.  I suggest several things.  She looks at me like I am crazy.  The juniors department?  (yes, even us oldies [Man-Child's word!  Not mine!!]  can find a few things in there)  A belted jacket? (yes, it gives you shape)  Mid-rise pants? (far more comfortable than the regular pants - and much more stylish) Heaven forbid!!  So I send her off to the dressing room reminding her that she only has to try them on; it's not like she has to buy it. 

Eventually, she comes out.  The pants didn't work.  She liked the jacket but the belt was wonky.  I think next time I may have to supervise her....

So we went to the shoe department (my favorite!  In case you haven't picked up on that before).  I was able to talk her into trying on shoes that she normally wouldn't have thought about.

Did I mention she's very conservative?

We left the store without her buying anything.  BUT, she did tell me she'd learned a few things (like she might actually like belted jackets after all?  And mules?).  I told her we'd do it again and that she'd leave the store with a few things; for her

So slowly, oh so slowly, I am pulling her out of her shell.  Eventually, she may actually show up to work in a ::gasp:: belted jacket or a pair of mules!

I think I need a new job.  Personal shopper.  Anyone interested?  I'm available.


So, what do you think?  Is it back?  Nah, I think I'm just reaching now....oh well, definitely better than the walk-in clinic post.

I got nothing.....

Seriously.  I even stooped so low as to write about our visit to the walk-in clinic.  And really??  Who wants to hear about that.  It's boring.  Ask me, I know.  I was there.  For hours!

I could tell you all about taking Man-Child shopping on Sunday.  The boy hates to spend money.  And you know what?  I almost hate for him to as well.  Because I ended up buying the majority of his stuff!.  It must be the age, because he's really getting into clothes and labels.  But, he is sooo frugal, that I could swear I saw moths flying out of his wallet when he opened it.  I taught him to look for the clearance and sale sections.  Yay me.  I did my job.

I've been trolling around checking out everyone's blogs.  Y'all all have something to say.  And not one thing sparked anything.  There was nothing I could even steal!  Not that I'd steal from you.  But, you know, nothing sparked one idea.  Nothing.

So why am I sitting here writing if I have nothing to say?  I'm writing in hopes that as I type something great will pop up.  That I will have that "aha" moment.  Three paragraphs in; and still....nothing.

I'm so boring.  Great, what if you guys begin to find me boring too?  What if I never have anything else to say?  This is not good for my self-esteem.  I'm getting depressed.

Do you think I could blame it on PMS?  I mean, everything else is blamed on it.  Why not blog-block too?  So that's what I'm going to do.  I have PMS-induced blog-block. 
So tell me, what sparks you when you are in a PMS-induced blog block? 

October 24, 2009

What a way to spend a Saturday morning!

Man-Child has been sniffing and snorting for days now.  I figured that, as usual, he hadn't been taking his allergy meds and just needed to take them consistently until it all died down.  It didn't.

So early this morning, Man-Child shuffles out to the back deck where I'm reading the paper; still sniffling and snorting.  It was driving me mad!  So I began to question him.  Are the meds helping?  No.  Is your (ummm, how to say this delicately??) mucus discolored?  I don't know.  And he walks away.

I resume reading the paper and drinking my coffee.  He returns with a tissue.  And informs me that not only is it green there is a little bit of blood in it.  Great.  (sorry if you were eating as you were reading this!)

Under normal circumstances I would have just scheduled a doctor's appointment for after school and been done with it.  But, between football practice and games, the earliest we could have made an appointment was Friday.  And with the blood and all, I didn't think it wise to wait that long.  Besides the sniffling and snorting was really beginning to get to me.

So off to the weekend walk-in clinic we go.

Man-Child's eyes practically popped out of his head when we walked in and he notices that just about every other person in the waiting room is wearing a face mask.  Needless to say, he was a bit worried.  Turns out if they checked in complaining of flu-like symptoms they were given a mask.

Then we proceed to wait and wait and wait.  Because that's what you do at walk-in clinics.  We heard one woman tell her boy's entire life story.  Including the fact that he didn't have solid food until he was six!    Really?  Why????????  Another woman was complaining about the very place were in!  Why then are you there?  You could have gone to any another clinic.  She then went on to complain that she broke a tooth and can't find a weekend dentist.  This woman was nothing but one complaint after another.  On the flip side, I had to listen to Man-Child moan about how he had better things to do.  Really?  Like what?  He said he wasn't sick enough to waste his time sitting there.  I haven't had the urge to smack him in a long time; but there it was.

Finally, after about an hour and a half we were moved to a room.  Where we waited some more.  And I listened to M-C complain some more.  Although he did suggest that while he lay back on the table, with his hands crossed on his chest, eyes closed I should open the door and scream "HE'S DEAD!" to see if that would get someone in there faster.  It was kinda funny, actually.

Once we finally saw the doctor, he looked Man-Child over in a matter of minutes, pronounced that he had a sinus infection and wrote a prescription.  Hmmm.  I knew he had a sinus infection.  As a mom you learn these kinds of things over the years - it's almost like attending med school.  I'm beginning to think that after so many years of experience, they should let moms have the ability to write prescriptions for certain ailments.  I diagnosed the child at 9:00 am.  They diagnosed the child about 1:00 pm.  Seems we could have saved a few hours here.

So with prescription in hand, hopefully the sniffling and snorting will die down quickly!

So....I "Googled" Myself....

And I come out FIRST in a gigisramblings search.  Huh.  Who would have thunk it?

(Of course, I bet if you googled all sorts of random ramblings you would have come up with all kinds of stuff.)

But every time I've googled myself before (no judging; you know you've done it!!!)  I never even appear on google!

So this means I'm FAMOUS!  This means I must shop for a fabulous dress and even more fabulous shoes!!!  I must be ready for my red carpet moment at the drop of a hat!!!

Because the paparazzi is hiding around every corner!  And I simply must NOT let them catch me in my pink thermal long johns, with wet hair and glasses!!  Heaven forbid!

Look out Angelina Jolie!  I'm hot on your trail!!

October 23, 2009

Embarking on the teenage years; a mom's angst

Man-Child is getting antsy.  As I mentioned in the previous post, it's his first high school party.  They should be here to pick him up in about 10 minutes.  He's been ready for at least the last 45.  You know, in case they showed up early.

I asked him if there would be parents there.  I reminded him to just say "No" to any inappropriate behaviors.  He said, "I know Mom!!  What kind of kid do you think I am?"  To which I responded, "What kind of mom would I be if I didn't remind you?"

It's kind of scary watching Man-Child embark on normal, teenage things.  Why?  Because I remember my teenage years ALL to clearly.

I mean, really!  He's going to a party.  I don't "know" the parents (they are football parents, but SO!  I don't "know" them).  He's going to hang out with kids I don't "know".  He won't have MY supervision (which is INFINITELY superior to any other parent). 

As I said, I remember my teenage years.  Granted, the household in which I grew up was totally different.  Parents weren't as "hands-on", there was alcoholism thrown in and other things.  Which means I was a totally different kid than Man-Child.  But still....the peer pressure thing.  It really bothers me.

Will he cave to it?  I mean, there's never been any indication that he is a "follower".  He's always been a "cautious" child, independent (expect when it applies to taking care of himself; i.e, feeding himself!) and a leader.  How will that translate to the teenage years?  I mean he's never been to the emergency room; except for the time we thought his appendix was rupturing - turned out he had gas.  No broken bones; no climbing on the roof to see if he could float down with a sheet; none of it. 

I think he'll be fine.  I think he'll make the right choices.  But still....that niggling little doubt that every mom fears (especially one who's been there!) is chewing at my brain.

He will be fine.  Right?

Finally! And other random mutterings

Well, I apologize for my ineptness playing out on the world wide web; but there you have it.

Finally - the new look seems to be complete (if I'm missing something please let me know).  It only took most of the day.  So, if I don't have a job come Monday for playing around on the internet (because yes, I work for Big Brother!) someone is going to have to step up and pay me for sitting at home and playing on the internet.  Yes, this means you!

I'm still at a loss about the blank brown box - if anyone has any ideas let me know.

In other news, the big bad team we were playing last night wasn't as big and bad as they were made out to be.  Yes, we still lost; but we lost with points on the board and by playing very well.  Yes, the crowd still did not stand up and cheer for our boys.  But I did.  And I did it with a sign.  Man-Child informed me that he could occasionally hear me from the field (does that give you an idea of how quiet the crowd was?).  And, even though Hubby said the sign would embarrass Man-Child; it didn't.  When he came off the field he told me that it was cool.  It said HEY 59!  MOM WANTS A SACK!  I didn't get one but he got quite a few really good hits in (since when does that statement seem okay for a mom to say??).  All in all it was a good game.  I didn't actually lose my voice, but it is kinda scratchy from all the cheering.

Man-Child has his first ever high school party.  Since he was all wrapped up in Little Miss Hot Chick last year, he never really participated in any of the social events.  I convinced it had to do with her; although he claims that is not the case.  But I'm a mom and I was an insecucre high school girl at one time (many, many moons ago), and I know I'm right.  So, tonight he's off to a party.  The bad part is that he and his buddy need to be picked up at 11:30 pm.  The good part is that Hubby has taken it upon himself to do so.  YAY!  I just knew I would be saddled with this one.  The other bad part is our social life has taken a hit - we were invited, as a family, to a gathering tonight.  The other good part is that it was an outdoor event and it is supposed to rain.  So it all works out in the end.

Ahhh, Friday nite on the back porch, with the computer, a glass of wine - who could ask for anything more?

October 22, 2009

Well, it didn't work

I tried sooooo hard on that new template!!  I thought I had it licked, I really did.  Apparently, I didn't.

But, being one not to give up easily, I will continue to work on it tomorrow.  Because I'm tenacious like that.  Or as hubby so eloquently puts it, I'm a pitbull with lipstick (and fabulous shoes!  That's my addition to his quote, if you didn't pick up on it).

I am disappointed it didn't work the first time out but....try, try again is my motto.  So eventually there will be a new background (that won't hurt Bina's eyes and isn't so girly; because despite what you may have heard, I'm not really that girly!)

After tonight's game, I have a feeling I won't be able to talk all that well - bonus for y'all; since that means my only means of communication will be typing!!  Since I probably won't be able to unload on unwitting co-workers - that just means more of me for y'all (don't you feel special?).

So anyway, I apologize for any confusion my "transformation" caused.  I was certainly beginning to wonder why there were NO comments at all on the new look.  I was beginning to feel unloved and unwanted.  Thanks to Jody for pointing out the problems!  Otherwise, I'd still be out here feeling unwanted and unloved and posting into cyber-space all by my lonely self.


Please bear with me as I tweak things.  I think I like the new look and hope you all do as well (hope this one doesn’t hurt your eyes Bina!).
Still have to figure out what that crazy little block up in the corner is and how to fix it or get rid of it….
Need to get my awards re-posted.  Along with who was cool enough to bestow them in the first place.
Oh, and I have my “real” job to do as well.
But the cool thing is – I didn’t lose my Friends list or my Blogs I Read list – these were the two things I fretted over the most (well, that and finding a template!).
This whole HTML thing can be pretty tricky; so I’m pretty proud of myself for not making the whole thing explode.
So anyway, other than the obvious fixes that still need to be made; is this a keeper or not?  Be honest!

**UPDATE**  Just been informed that no one could comment on the updated template!  ARRRRGGHH!  Since we've got a game tonight I won't have time to deal with it so I've reverted to old one for now.  In the meantime send your good vibes our way we NEED to win this game!  It's our "rival" and most of our kids have been sick!  So we need all the help we can get!!

October 21, 2009


Well, I was all set to rant on and on about how Blogger seems to be losing my comments on my own blog when suddenly; they've appeared.  Out of nowhere!


Apparently some of the comments I've made on other sites just never made it to their proper destinations.  WTH??  Does Blogger think that I have the time (or the patience) to re-post to every blog I've commented on?  Not hardly.  Soooooo, if you haven't heard from me recently; IT'S NOT MY FAULT!  Really!  I've left many comments.  Are you seeing them?  Who the hell knows?  Because I'm not.

Anyway, another WTH moment at Gigi's house happened this morning. 

Over freakin' toenail clippers (sexy, no? Yes, that's the way we roll over here).

Every pair of clippers we have/had in this house are gone.  Where?  Who knows.  They are probably having a grand old time with all the socks that have gone missing. 

Do you know who I suspect is the culprit?


Yes, that's right.  Though many of you think he is such a sweet, innocent thing.  I know better.  I'm convinced he's in the black market selling clippers.

Every single time he asks me for clippers and I find them for him - they mysteriously disappear.  Explain that!

If we had stock in all the companies we have bought clippers from we would be rich I tell you!  Rich!!

I distinctly recall handing him the last pair and telling him, "Put them back; because every time I give you a pair of clippers they go missing."  His response?  No, they don't.

If that was the case then why are there no clippers to be found in this house?  Hubby was asking about them this morning.  And you all know when hubby asks me to for something, I generally do it asap because that's the kind of person I am!

Man-Child was asked what he had done with them.  The response??  I don't have them.  Well then, who the hell does!!!

And speaking of which, where have all my teaspoons gone.......

Really, Hubby??? Do I look stupid to you?

Ask a man to do one little thing!!  Honestly.

All I asked was for him to hang a set of blinds.  So, that I could blog without the sun scorching the eyeballs out of my head.  Really, is that too much to ask?  It would have taken 15 minutes; tops.

Would you like to hear the litnany of excuses I received?  In a very aggrieved tone I might add.

I'm in the middle of cooking dinner (oh really?  Hmmm, seems to me all the prep work has already been done and it's in the oven.....)

I have to pick up Man-Child (hmmm, at the time you still had 45 minutes before you had to leave....)

I need to clean the kitchen (odd; that's Man-Child's job)

And .....


Give me a break.  I said fine, whatever and walked away.  TWO MINUTES LATER, I notice him sitting in the living room watching tv!!!  Are you freakin' kiddin' me??

Apparently, I'm only allowed to ask for things to be done on the weekend WHEN there isn't a game on.

Now generally, when Hubby asks me to do something for him (unless it's before I've had my coffee) I try to do it then.  Why?  Because I'm considerate that way (and I don't want to forget about it ten minutes later).

He does this all the time.  Drives me absolutely bananas.

Whenever I ask for something he acts like he is THE only person in the house who does ANYTHING.  Please.  He cooks.  Yes, for this I am eternally grateful (but that is only because he likes to eat and not be poisoned).  He helps out around the house - yes, I'm grateful for this too.  But come on, who does the bulk of the housework?  The cleaning, the driving MC around, the never-ending, freakin' LAUNDRY??????????

::inhale::: ::exhale::  Must stay calm and not get all stabby on him. 

It starts with baby steps…

This morning, for the first time ever Man-Child made his own breakfast.  While this not seem monumental to you it is for us.

Man-Child is notoriously lazy when it comes to feeding himself.  This is his father’s fault (seriously) since he does all the cooking and is basically an Italian mother - “eat, eat!” – and gets frustrated if someone else is in his kitchen and doing things in a totally different way than he would. 

I have been trying to get Man-Child to learn to fend for himself.  Hubby gets too exasperated whenever he catches me in the kitchen (ineptly) trying to teach him how to make something simple, like eggs.  So then he takes over and Man-Child fades into the background.

If I don’t feed the child in the morning, he will give me those big, puppy dog eyes and try to make me feel guilty.  Even if I don’t fall for it he would rather go to school hungry than make himself something (yes, that’s how lazy his is.  Totally his father’s fault!).  I can’t stand to send him to school hungry so I end up feeding him something (usually through a drive-thru). 

This morning, after Hubby left, I pulled out the Pillsbury Grand Biscuits (hey, do not judge!  I’m NOT a cook and these things are pretty good – and quick – and way better than fast food).  I proceeded to walk Man-Child through the process of heating the oven, opening the can and popping them in the oven.  I took a total hands-off approach.  He did it all (reluctantly).  Once they were in the oven off I went to finish getting ready for the day with instructions on how to set the timer, etc.

When I came back down – Man-Child was stuffing biscuits into his face proclaiming them “great!”  Then Man-Child even semi-cleaned up the kitchen and put the leftovers away!  AWESOME.

But when I told him how he could create a ham & cheese biscuit tomorrow out of the leftovers he said, “Let’s not go overboard Mom.”

::sigh::  It starts with baby steps….and having Hubby out of the house!

October 20, 2009

Why is it??

Why is it that Man-Child asks me to help him study Spanish; knowing I don’t speak a word of it other than si (and knowing that his father has a marginally better grasp on it than I do)?  I think he just likes to hear me mangle the words.  And lord it over me.

Why is that when you are told not to touch something (like your hair when you’ve got dye in it!) that it immediately begins to itch uncontrollably?

Why is it that people are such complete assholes jerks when driving?  Where is the common courtesy people?  I’ve had my blinker on forever!  And, guess what?  You not letting me in only gets you one car ahead of me!!  And generally??  I’ll get ahead of you anyway . . . just to prove my point!  Because yes, I can be that petty!

Why is that hubby continually questions me about the pink streak?  I tell him because I like it.  I ask if he doesn’t and he shrugs and says it’s none of his business.  So why keep asking me??  (Maybe if I tell him it’s in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month….by the way, go check those ta-ta’s ladies!).

Why is that people absolutely insist on talking on their cell phones/bluetooth’s (which makes you look ridiculous, by the way) when they are trying to complete a transaction with a human?  Such as checking out or ordering something?  Again with the common courtesy.  I have informed Man-Child, on many occasions, of the dire circumstances he will find himself in if I ever catch him acting in this manner.  I think he understands.

Why is it that those damn sheets continue to pop off the bed???  Yes, I’ve asked this before, but I’m still looking for an answer.  (Thanks, Bina, I checked out that video.  I fold sheets almost the same way, but I’m going to try that little extra angle to see if that helps me out!)

Why is it that Man-Child and Hubby look at me in horror whenever I am doing some kind of beauty treatment?  Do I look at them in horror when they are screaming, idiotically at the game on the tv?  (well, yes, I actually do.  And then remind them it’s only a game.  So, I guess it’s only fair.  But barely!)

Oh my, this is fun!  I could do this all night.  But, since I have to get up in the morning and running the risk of boring you guys all night; I’ll stop here.

Working to find confidence.

I’ve read two posts in the past two days dealing with confidence.  Or lack thereof.

I know that I’m not the most confident person I know.  But I do know that from my childhood until recently I suffered from debilitating shyness.

It was horrible.  My cousin even went so far as to have a tee-shirt made for me that said, “I’m not stuck up; I’m just shy.” Because she told me that everyone thought I was stuck up.  But she knew better.

I have reached a point in my life where I am more confident.  I don’t care so much about what most people think of me.  It’s liberating.  Soooo liberating.

The main example I can give to show you just how shy I was; I was set up to meet this guy (who is now known as Hubby) at a small get together.  I can’t remember, I think it was dinner and watching a football game or a movie.  I don’t think I said one word the entire evening.  And he tried.  Oh, how he tried, to engage me in conversation.  Not one word from me.  As soon as the game/movie was over I was out of there like a shot; mumbling something about having to get up early for a dental appointment.

Needless to say, my dear friend called me early the next day to find out what had happened (she’d already heard the other side).  She wanted to know if I was even interested.  Yes, of course I was interested.  She also knew how shy I was.  She pestered me and pestered me.  She informed me that he assumed I wasn’t interested.  She finally told me (yes, she was the match-maker in this whole deal) that he had said that if I called him (which showed interest) he would take me out and see what happened.  It took me forever.  But finally, I made that call – THANK GOD he wasn’t home so I was able to leave a message.  The rest, of course, is history.  Of course, now he says that I’m not the quiet, meek woman he married….I tell him he wouldn’t want that anyway.

That, of course, wasn’t the end to my shyness.  There was the family wedding where I was terrified and got upset that Hubby left me for five minutes to go talk to a family member he hadn’t seen in years.  Not long after that I left the reception with a “headache” and hid out in the hotel room for the remainder of the evening.  I’m sure Hubby was relieved to not have to babysit me anymore. 

After I had Man-Child things got a bit better.  He and Hubby are very extroverted; which in turn put me in situations that I normally wouldn’t have been in.  And, you know how small ones always seems to invite complete strangers to talk to you.  And you, being so proud of your small one, eventually end up talking back.

But not too long ago, I realized; if I act confident then I am confident (that sounds stupid, I know-but somehow, it works).  It’s kind of like that saying about smiling even when you don’t feel like it and then you find that you are smiling because you want to?  (yes, more trite crap – but true) (maybe that’s why it’s trite?) (oh hell, more parentheses!).  I’ve also realized that all those people who look and act so confident . . . really aren’t.  They are projecting what they want you to see.

Man-Child, being in his teens, is going through this sometimes.  Always thinking that people are watching him, judging him, etc.  I’ve tried to explain to him that in reality they aren’t.  They are too busy worrying about their appearance and what people are thinking about them.  Some days he gets it; some days he doesn’t.  I’m just thankful that he doesn’t suffer the way I did when I was a teen; when I was a teen it was constant.

Anyway, there are days when my confidence is low – but on most days I try really hard to be the strong confident woman I want to be; and on those days?  I usually succeed.

But still…every time before I hit “post” I am plagued with the “what-ifs;” as in, what if I offend somebody?  What if no one likes it?  What if this is the post where everyone unfriends me?

But you know what? I’m going to hit post anyway.  Let the chips fall where they may.

October 19, 2009

I think he totally got suckered in....

By now, I'm sure most of you know how I feel about the kitchen.  I do NOT want to wake up to a dirty kitchen.  Period.

So, this evening I'm perusing some blogs - as I am wont to do in the evenings, when I notice that Hubby is cleaning up the kitchen.  WTH?

I wander in, oh so casually, and ask "You aren't doing the kitchen; are you?"  And he responds, "Well, HE isn't feeling so well."

"Really?" I ask, oh so noncholantly.  "Yep.  He was telling me how his stomach was bothering him."

"Really?"  I ask again.  Hubby replied, "Yeah.  He said something about going to bed early."  "He didn't ask me to clean the kitchen for him!"  Rather defensively, I thought.

Hmmmm....methinks someone got hoodwinked.  Softie!!  (Yeah, I have soooo  much room to speak after today!)  Whatever.  The kitchen is done; and I don't have to worry about it!!

Although, you realize (of course) just how badly I will feel if it turns out that Man-Child ACTUALLY has whatever bug is going around!!

P.S.  I've been looking at my blog.  Is it too girly?  Cause you know; I'm not that girly.  Also, I'm thinking of cutting my hair off; any opinions? 

He owes me!

First, he eats what was supposed to be my lunch.  A lunch that I was really looking forward to.  Leftovers from lunch out yesterday.  A California burrito.  Yum. 

Then, upon arriving at work (a full 30 minutes, at least, away from his school) I receive a text. 

I kno its asking a lot but could you swing by the house and bring me my practice gear?

(Yes, I realize the word know is spelled incorrectly – I am quoting him here).

I realize this is where that tough love that I always advocate should come into play.  You know, where if you don’t take care of your responsibilities then you should suffer the consequences.  I know this.

But, I also know that the repercussions on this is kinda big.  If he can’t dress out for practice, then he can’t practice.  If he doesn’t practice he won’t get as much playing time on Thursday.  And it’s a BIG game.  And we only have a couple more games.

So with much planning, darling hubby will be swinging by the house at some point this morning; grabbing said gear and dropping it off here.  Whereupon I will then use my California burrito-less lunch hour to take said gear to Man-Child.  Instead of using said burrito-less lunch hour to go buy the requested white thermals since his coach insists on white long sleeves, rather than the blue that he had for the last game.  Yes, I realize it’s a uniform and supposed to match or whatever.  But blue IS the main color of their uniform.  ::sigh::

He is going to owe me big time for this one.  Two disruptions in my day?  Big time.

October 18, 2009

Really, really random thoughts, comments & musings

I've just seen the first peek of the sun in the past SEVEN days!  Ahhhh.  Unfortunately, it was setting.  I'm in serious need of some of that vitamin D!!

Sheets.  Please can someone tell me how to keep the bastards on the bed??  I've tried everything and they just will not stay on the bed.  Every morning, at least one corner has come off.  WTH?  This is very vexing to me.  Also, cannot figure out how to fold the fitted sheets.  Is it just me?  Am I not that bright?  Because it never fails, no matter how I fold them they are never the same size or shape as the flat sheet.  Yes, this is where my OCD is peeking out.

Between Hubby and Man-Child it's like have two boys in the house.  Apparently, they've taken my decorative bamboo sticks and have been beating each other with them!  ::sigh::  No wonder I can't have anything nice.  I wonder who Hubby will play with when Man-Child goes off to college?

Chardonnay.  Yummmm.

Chocolate.  Yummmm.

Litterer's (is that a word?) particularly those who throw their beer cans and other junk into my yard; should be shot.  Yes, that may seem harsh, but I don't care, I am tired of them.

Balloon Boy Saga.  It is sooooooooo a hoax; and that father needs to be brought up on more serious charges.

The shoe wall will be done.  I've decided that I don't want hubby's closet after all (at least until I change my mind again).  I think with a little reconfiguring my closet would work.

It needs to stop raining so that I can get my vitamin D and so that I can wear my new shoes.

My new little heater is doing so well that I'm still out on the back porch even though it's about 40 degrees.  I love my back porch and don't want to give it up for the winter.  So I'm holding out as long as possible.

I have WONDERFUL friends!!  (both virtual and real!)

I truly don't want to go to work tomorrow.  I think I should be a lady of leisure.  But then I'd probably be really fat and boring.  Because truly?  Some of the folks I work with give me lots of ammunition.  And some of them are really great though.

Just got a really random phone call from someone we don't know who was apparently upset and crying.  Should we call them back and make sure everything is okay??  On that note, we've received several calls from a parole officer.  Hmmmm, me thinks someone just made up a number....And on my cell I recieve lots of calls for a Ronnie.  Hmmmm, another fake number?  UPDATE:  random call was totally in a foreign language.  Maybe we shouldn't call back because we won't understand each other??

Why do I feel compelled to keep playing solitaire until I win??  Am I really that competitive?  Apparently so.  And WHY can't I win at solitaire more often?  Stupid game.

Why do Hubby and Man-Child feel compelled to yell at televised football games?  Do they think it can hear them??  Hmmm, maybe the same reason I talk to my computer and other inanimate objects?  (What??  Don't tell me that you don't do this!  I'm sure it's quite common and everyone does it!)

Laundry.  Really??  Do you have to pile up sooooo quickly?  ::sigh:: it's a never-ending cycle.

Now that I've bored you with all my random thoughts, etc.  I'm off.  You are very luck though.  I could have gone on and on all night.  But Man-Child is demanding the computer.  Who does he think he is?

October 16, 2009

And then, there was 25....

All of a sudden I have 25 followers.

Where did these people come from?

I started this just as a way to get this "stuff" (mostly drivel, I know) out of my head; never expecting people to find me.  To "friend" me.  But they have.

Yes, I realize that 25 isn't a lot compared to some bloggers.  But to me???  It's awesome!!!!

Especially because I wasn't expecting this.

It means that whatever drivel, crap, sh*% I have to say there are people out there who want to see it.

Why???  I don't know.  Half the time Hubby and Man-Child totally IGNORE what I have to say.  Maybe it's because they aren't as fascinated with shoes as I am.  I don't know, I don't judge.  They are family, I HAVE to love them.

You guys are awesome (I'd totally list/link you - but after yesterday, (and truthfully, today) I'm tired)!!  ::are you allowed to do parentheses inside of parentheses?  I don't care.  I'm tired.  And, it's my blog; so there!::

So, if you ever find yourself out this way, let me know.  Maybe I'll meet you during your layover (because, really??  As much as I love this place to raise a family - not so much to visit.  Ok, I guess the local tourism board won't be contacting me anytime soon...)

Why can't I reach some of your blogs though??  That is my big question.  I click on your profile and all I see is the sites you've joined (which can be quite interesting; let me tell you!)  But can't see YOUR link.  Which drives me mad; because I try very hard to check in on everyone who is following/friending me.  (YES!  Friending is a word.  Why?  Because I said so!  I mean really, if you are taking the time to see what kind of drivel, crap, sh*% (ahem) STUFF I have to say; then by all means, I need to see what you have to say. ::again with the double parentheses?  You'd think I didn't do so well in English/Language!  Which, by the way, I TOTALLY did!::  (But sometimes you have to break the rules to get your point across!)  :: great!  more damn parentheses!  How do you get away from them?::  ::Conclusion...you can't!::

Anyway .... (as usual, I digress...) thank you for being there.  Because, believe it or not, that external validation means something.  ::ooooo - very creepy statement!::  Who would have thought that virtual "friends" could have meant so much in such a short time?  ::okay, that statement made it sound like I have absolutely NO life outside of you guys!  Which (no offense) is soooo not true!!::  But, truly??  I love you all.::

Thank you all.  I bow to you.  If you weren't totally awesome I probably would have given this up by now.

The Post I WAS going to write last night….

Before BellSouth/AT&T decided to play games with me late last night.  ::inhale.  exhale::  (letting it go now).


Last night Man-Child had a football game (that was over an hour away I might add) and hubby ditched me (that’s another story completely).  So I bundled up and headed out.  As an aside, if you want to stay warm at a football game the attire that seems to work is to first put on your thermal long johns (yes, tres chic, I know), pull on a pair of jeans (which will need to be a little large to get over the long johns), a heavy sweatshirt over the top of said long johns.  A coat and gloves.  What I neglected was my poor toes.  Next time, at least two pair of socks oh, and something to sit on so my butt doesn’t get frozen from the aluminum benches. 

Anyway….our jv team is not doing so well this year – lets just leave it at that.  But, that being said, does it then give the parents and other onlookers to be total slackers during the game?  Come on folks – cheer for the kids (even if yours doesn’t happen to be playing).  Boys on the sidelines – really?  Even you can’t be bothered to cheer for your team mates?  The season is almost over (only two or three more games) and I am thoroughly disgusted with these people.

Last year, win or lose, the parents stood at the edge of the field (forming a tunnel for the kids to come through) and cheered those boys – who played their hearts out.  I know it meant something to them.  This year it seems like everyone is like “oh well the games over; lets collect the kids and go.”  So last week, after the game, I stood at the edge of the field and began clapping.  Finally, some of the dimwits got it and began clapping with me.  Last night, I did it again.  Only one other person joined in.  Yes, it was late, cold and drizzly.  Yes, we still had over an hour to drive to get back to the school to wait for our kids.  But come on!

As Man-Child and I were talking in the car on the way home, he informed me of the divisiveness going on with the team.  Apparently, at least one (maybe more) actually “trash talks” his own team mates!  (This is the kid who, last year took his helmet and hit one of his team mate on or about the head with it!  Really lovely child and he’s how old?  15?  Acts more like a 3 year old).  He causes and starts arguments while in the huddle on the field!  Hmmm, and they wonder what is wrong with this team?  I asked Man-Child if the coach knew about this.  He said no.  I told him that he had to let the coach know – because this behavior must be stopped; that is detrimental to the team, it’s unsportsmanlike and is not appropriate at all.  Man-Child agreed and is supposed to talk to his coach.

Man-Child then went on to tell me that he REMEMBERED WHAT I HAD SAID TO HIM ONE TIME!  (Yes, utterly amazing, I know!  This is why you must continue to yammer at your kids all the time.  Occasionally, something sinks in!)  He told his team mates “Even if you don’t like each other, you have to get over it and work together.  When the season is over you don’t have to talk ever again.”  Yes, I was proud.  He actually listened to his mother (at least once!) and I have proof!  Of course, it didn’t sink in to those other kids.  Hmmm, maybe I should yammer at them….think the coach would let me?

So even though we lost, I am so proud of those boys (yes, even the ones who aren’t mine – except for that one kid).  Because despite the lack of enthusiasm from the majority; most of those boys soldiered on and played their hardest.  And because those boys (the majority of them) play with integrity and honor.  So win or lose, they have every right to be cheered on and to walk off that field with their heads held high.

When BellSouth/AT&T Decides to Piss Me Off . . .

They do it in a BIG way!  No, never do they just do small annoying things to irritate me.  No, no.  They have to do something that is giant and going to totally make me go off the deep end.

This is now the the third (yes, count it – the THIRD) time in as many years.

Last time, earned them a six page letter to the Vice President of the Regional Office.  Hmmm, never did get a response.  Of course, after that letter he was probably too afraid to contact the crazy she-monster that created it.

I am currently typing this into Word Live because once again I can’t access my internet.  Why, you ask?  Because we lost power for one second (according to hubby who was home at the time).  And apparently when my modem/router reset itself it decided that it’s password didn’t match the password on the computer (WTF?)  We’ve lost power many, many times and have never encountered this problem! 

We have moved twice since having BellSouth/AT&T as our provider.  And both times they have royally screwed things up.  Yet, still charge us an arm and a leg!  Neither time, has anyone EVER said to me; “Hmmm, you know we might need to change the password on the router too….”  or “Here, write down the answers to your “secret questions” (that are so freakin’ obscure you’ll never remember them!!).  So here, I sit at 11:30 at night with much to say to you all – and I CAN’T GET THERE!

Of course, I’m not going to deal with those morons tonight.  So, I’m sure I’ll have PLENTY to add to this post tomorrow (or whenever it is that I’ll actually be able to get on the damn internet – from home at least).  Pray for those morons.  Really.  Because I am fed up!  And someone will hear about this and heads will most likely roll.

***UPDATE**** So I caved and called the morons tonight.  Went through PHONE TREE HELL and then do you know what happened, my dear friends??  They hung up on me!!!  Yes, that’s right.  I was conveniently “disconnected.”  Now you know why I  am calling for a total boycott of BellSouth/AT&T.  Because they suck!!!  Bastards.

So like the glutton for punishment that I am, I called back.  Again with the PHONE TREE HELL.  Success!  I am finally connected with a “customer service representative” who quickly determined that she wasn’t qualified to assist me (then why, pray tell, is she answering the damn phone!).  So she transferred me.  And now I am listening to b.s. music and unhelpful “hints” that might (but most definitely won’t) fix the problem.  And the connection is horrible.  And this is supposed to the “THE” phone company!  It is now almost midnight.  And I need to get up in the morning….::sigh:: why am I doing this to myself?  The current message is mentioning that at the end of the call they want me to answer a customer survey that will be emailed to me!  Really??  I doubt seriously if you want me to that.  At least, honestly.

****NEW UPDATE****

Okay, so for all this griping about them, I was finally connected to another human.  A human that actually knew what in the hell I was talking about and what she was talking about.  She fixed the problem in about 15 minutes.  Hmmm, so maybe that six page letter did do some good after all.  Even if they never responded….

But since it still royally pissed me off and because I’ve already devoted all this time, energy and outrage on this missive; I’m going to post it anyway.  They still suck, but have at least one employee who knows what the hell she’s doing.

Now, if only I can remember what was so important that I wanted to tell you to begin with. . .

October 14, 2009

Really, really random ramblings . . .

So I promised Allie at Hyperbole And A Half that I would write about a Mandatory Sex Party (well, I didn't actually promise her to her face or to her blog; I did it all in my head.  Ok, if you are going to nitpick, I'll go tell her I promised her and let her know that I totally followed through on the promise I gave her; in my head).  The basic premise is she wrote a post with the words mandatory sex party (it's sooooo not what you think!).  Then she googled the words mandatory sex party and the only thing that came up was her blog.  So then she got the idea that if we (followers, bloggers, tweeters, etc) got on board and peppered the internet with the words mandatory sex party then the whole world would google it and find us.  So that, my friends is why I am writing about mandatory sex party, because I promised Allie that I would.  So, if you haven't met Allie yet; go meet her.  She's hilarious; in my opinion (and we all know how much my opinion is worth!)

In other news, I was reading a magazine today and came across this article on Christine Aguilera.  I didn't actually read the article but from scanning the pictures I've surmised that it was about her house.  Which was nice, but not really my style at all.  BUT, she does have this - and I want it!!!  Desperately!!!

Yes!  It is what you think it is.  A Wall of Shoes!  So, if I can convince hubby to switch closets and convince him to build it, I could have a mini-wall.  I need some support here folks, I absolutely must have a shoe wall of my own.  Send letters of support or whatever you think would work.   I have to have it.  According to the picture caption, she groups her shoes by designer.  I would group mine by style.  See, I have a plan!

Also, hubby is trying his best to make me fat.  Why?  I don't know.  But I am soooo onto him.  Last night he made Man-Child this FABULOUS sandwich to go with his soup.  Man-Child didn't eat the sandwich; but hubby left it out taunting me.  I took one bite.  (I generally don't eat dinner, fyi)  I was hooked, I ate the whole damn thing!! Talk about guilt.  Tonight, I have no idea what he's making; but before he left he sauteed some mushrooms and onions.  I love sauteed mushrooms.  Again, he left them out to taunt me.  (Yes, I took a few!)  I'm this close to my goal weight.  Why is he doing this to me??

And last but not least, Man-Child has a game tomorrow.  It's over an hour away.  So please put your collective gifts together and lets get this team a win.  They really need one.  And while you are at it, please make it warmer and quit raining - I really don't want to sit out in the rain and cold.  Come on people, it's the least you can do for me.  I mean really, I introduced you to Allie and mandatory sex parties.  You owe me this much!

October 13, 2009

It is so funny to listen to Man-Child these days.  In so many ways, he's growing up.  And in so many ways he's still the sweet, little guy.

Tonight, he asked me to read an essay he wrote in English (still the little guy, seeking approval and yet, the man he's becoming, willing to share).  The essay was well-written (despite the spelling errors - pox on you SpellCheck you are ruining society!).

I told him so.  He then took a big drink of milk and went "aaaahhhh."  Just like when he was little.  He couldn't understand my amusement.  But when he was tiny he did that every time he took a drink.  I found it completely hilarious.

It's amazing to me that although this child is growing into a wonderful man, I can still see glimpses of the little guy he used to be.

My little guy was absolutely amazing to me (as is the Man-Child).  I was absolutely fascinated, frustrated and amazed at this little person.  He was so strong-willed (as am I; wonder where he gets it from), so determined, so there (as is Man-Child)!  I always said (when he was small) that he had fabulous traits for a grown-up.  And he has.  Those same traits that frustrated me to no end when he was small are still there; and perfect for the adult he is becoming.

The problem for me now is the tranistioning.  He is no longer my sweet, chubby little guy.  He's almost a man.  And it's bittersweet.  Because although I'm losing my baby; I am gaining a wonderful young man.  One who is honest, sweet, loyal to a fault and utterly amazing (at least to me). 

We are entering the turbulent years.  The dreaded teens.  But I have enjoyed him so very much and have loved watching him grow; that I can't help but think these years are also going to be filled with joy (and frustration) - much like the early years were.

I totally miss my little guy; but am totally loving who the Man-Child is becoming.

The Guy was hinky and I totally could have died (maybe)

After work yesterday I had to go to the cell phone store to have Man-Child’s contacts, etc. moved over to his new phone.  It was raining and icky.  All I wanted to do was go home.  But I had promised; so there I was.

As I’m sitting there waiting for the guy to do his magic (which why can’t they show us how to do this?  It can’t be that hard, right?) with the phones this other guy comes in. 

I immediately got nervous.  He seemed like he was strung out on something and just didn’t seem right

I kept my eye on him the entire time I was in there.  I scoped out a good place to hide if he started shooting or something.  Yes, he was that hinky and I was that nervous.  Even two of the employees of the store seemed a little tense and kept their eyes on him too.

I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Apparently, he didn’t go postal and shoot up the place; or if he did the media is keeping it under wraps because I’ve seen no mention of a crazed man on a killing spree.

When I told hubby about it he immediately said you should have called the cops.  WTH?  The cops aren’t going to come and arrest someone who gives me the creeps (although that would be AWESOME if they would!  Think of it; the creepy little guy down the hall, the one with a Napoleon complex; the crazy stalker-like lady down the hall; the one who walks around here like he’s a got a broom stuck …. ahem. I digress…. But that would be awesome, wouldn’t it?).

When Man-Child got home the very first thing he said was something about the phone, of course.  No hello, how was your day, etc.  ::eye-rolling::  Teens. 

So as I gave him the phone I informed him that I had almost died to get it set up for him.  He didn’t seem very impressed.  Just said, “uh, huh” and walked away.  Jeez what does it take to make an impression around here?

October 12, 2009

How Dare He?

So hubby had the absolute nerve to tell me (in a roundabout way) that I'm getting old.

How dare he?!

He - who is a full TWELVE years older than me!

I happened to mention that my entire back-side was sore.  He asked, "From what?"  innocently enough.

I replied that I wasn't sure; maybe from squatting to do some planting.  And he said . . .

"It's hell getting old. It starts in your 40's and by 50 you feel half dead."

To ME he said this!!!

Has he not been married to me long enough (19 years in January)?? 

Is he crazy; maybe suffering from dementia because of his advanced age?

I'm not sure.  But I made a point of reminding him who will be pushing whom in a wheelchair in the near future.  And that he will totally be at my mercy . . .

Therapy really does wonders

I needed some major therapy this weekend particularly in view of unexpected visits from Visitor 1 and Visitor 2!  And by therapy, I mean of the retail kind.

So off to the stores I went.  A few things were purchased for the house – to welcome fall.

DSCN0074 DSCN0073

Nothing says autumn quite like pumpkins, mums and wreaths.  Of course, my mums haven’t opened yet.  Soon though.

And while this did ease some of anxiety and tension.  It wasn’t quite enough.  I concluded that I probably needed a little more intense therapy.  (I’m sure hubby would agree – not about the retail therapy variety though…)

So this beautiful sweater (that will look great with a wide belt!) and a matching scarf were procured.


By now I was feeling a bit better.  But still needed a little something more.

I found it!  And once ownership was mine I felt almost normal again!


Aren’t they beautiful?  They are black suede peep-toe booties.  I found a beautiful sweater-dress that would have gone with them perfectly.  But alas, the budget was being stretched so I had to forgo that item . . . for now. 

Now that these babies are mine (and the fact that Visitor 1 and Visitor 2 are both gone!) I am right back to my happy-go-lucky self!

It’s amazing what a little therapy can do for you!

October 11, 2009

Gigi's Laundry Rules

Okay - you all know how much I hate laundry.  It stinks.  It's a never ending cycle.  I almost hate to see the empty laundry basket because you just know as soon as you turn your back it will be full again!!  Even though I mainly only do it for two.  Ever since I found a nicely folded stack of clothes in the dirty hamper (thanks, M-C!).  That quickly earned him the ability to do his own, since he was too freakin' lazy to put them away!

So here are my rules:

Empty the pockets.  If you don't - oh well.  Because I'm damn sure not checking them for you.  You are lucky if I even bother to sort them!  (yes, hubby has been known to wear pink underwear because of this!)

And woe is you if your pen leaks all over my clothes!!

If you can't take it off right side out - not my problem.  If it gets folded or hung, it will get folded or hung inside out.

You can't be bothered to pre-treat (even though I've asked you to do so a million times!) then I can't be expected to remember what shirt/pant/etc. needs to be pre-treated either.

If it needs to be ironed - you are SO on your own.  I hate ironing more than I hate doing laundry.

And the number one item on Gigi's list - IF YOU COMPLAIN, IT BECOMES YOUR JOB!

End of story.

So, needless to say, we are a bunch of wrinkled, stained and pink slobs around here.

October 10, 2009

Conversations with Man-Child

Me:  .....so I know I'm not the most perfect mother in the world, but ...."

Him: [crickets chirping]

Me:  What?  I'm not the most perfect mother??

Him:  I was just about to say you were.

Me: ??? You....

Him:  I hesitated too long?

Me:  Yes!  And any brownie points you may have earned up until this point are GONE!

Him:  Am I the most perfect son?

Me:  Of course.

Him:  No I'm not are you wouldn't yell at me all the time.

Me:  No, then you wouldn't be normal.

Him:  Yes, I would - I'd just be perfect.

Me:  If you were perfect what would I have to blog about?

Him:  Don't blog about me.


Him:  It's my birthday!

Me:  Yes, it is.

Him:  You know, before I was born, there was no color.

Me:  What??

Him:  Yeah, before I was born the world was just black and white.

Me:  What??

Him:  It's true.  It's just like that movie.  Everything was black and white.  And then....I was born.

Me:  [sipping chardonnay thinking - where did this kid come from??]

Oh no the creature cometh!

He's on his way.  He'll be here in about 2 hours.  No one can tell me how long he's planning on visiting.

Me?  I'm praying that he'll leave on Monday.

I really, really, really don't like this man.

So currently, I'm filling up my days and nights with obligations, girl nights, etc.  Anything not to be here as much as possible.

You know how there are people that no matter how hard you try - you just can't like anything about them?  That's this guy.  Then I feel bad, because hubby and Man-Child thinks he's great.  So surely there must be some kind of redeeming quality about him, right?  Ummmm, no there's not.

He just creeps me out.  He's annoying.  He's obnoxious.  He's vile.  And he will be in my house for an indeterminate amount of time.

What to do?  It's obvious.  Stock up on the wine and get on the phone because I have a lot of plans to make.

October 9, 2009

Great. ..just freakin' great

Apparently, there is a mouse in the house. . .

I came downstairs after showering. Was walking toward the kitchen. And something small & fast streaked across the floor. I screamed (naturally - what would you do??). Hubby said - what was that? I said I think we have a mouse and ran toward the living room and straight up onto the hearth. Mice can't jump; can they? If they can don't tell me!  My brave and darling Man-Child went bravely toward the kitchen - jumped back and said "Oh crap!" Might have said something a little stronger; can't remember through the trauma. Hubby grabbed his shoes (what??) and went toward the area. He couldn't seem to find anything. But I know what I saw and M-C knows what he saw.

Seriously.  I am completely wigged out!  Just sent hubby out in the middle of the night (ok so it's only 7:45 pm) to get a trap of some sort.  Since he claims he can't "catch" it on his own.  Apparently, they are too fast for men humans to catch.

Great.  How am I supposed to sleep tonight knowing that there is a critter loose?  In my freakin' house!!!

Yes, I realize that we live on what used to be farmland and has been undeveloped for years.  Yes, I realize that building our house has displaced said critters.  Yes, I realize we have undeveloped areas behind us.  But seriously?  IN MY HOUSE????????

I cannot deal.  Seriously, I cannot deal. 

Anybody in the market for a house?  I know one that might be up for sale very soon!

October 8, 2009

Baby Emma

As I was cruising around in the blogosphere last night I came across this post: (I warn you it’s not a happy, funny, light post)



Upon reading this and clicking further which lead me to this:


My heart broke into a million pieces.  I remember when Man-Child was an infant.  He was not an easy baby.  He had colic.  He didn’t sleep ever.  I was fairly young and totally inexperienced with infants.  But never in a million years would it have crossed my mind to shake him to make him stop.  He was a baby for God’s sake.  Their only means of communication is crying.  They can’t tell you what is wrong.

Babies are meant to be cuddled, kissed and loved.  Babies are meant to grow up un-harmed.

The very fact that this happened at a place with people they thought they could trust is truly sickening and frightening.

I know that being a mom (or caregiver) is extremely trying, exhausting and frustrating at times.  I know that I lost my temper on more than one occasion.  But, I would put the baby in a safe place and walk away.  That is all you can do.  When you are upset or frustrated the baby senses that.  You cannot calm a child when you are frustrated too.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and sense that you are beginning to have feelings of resentment toward a child – please, please go talk to a counselor, your religious leader; your doctor, a friend; someone.  Never, ever shake a baby or child – it could kill them.  If you know a parent (or caregiver) that seems to be overwhelmed and having issues; talk to them and offer to help.  It could save a child’s life.

Please take an extra minute or two today to hug your children and let them know how much you love them.  Then take a moment to say a prayer (or send good thoughts) for Baby Emma, her family and any others who are suffering in this way.

And please, spread the word.  The only way to put an end to Shaken Baby Syndrome is education.

Emma Crew

Emma Crew

When I look in the mirror. . .

I see me – at a weight I can live with.  It’s taken me years to be able to say that.

I still tend to see my flaws but am trying to embrace them as part of me.  I realize that I’m not perfect – and never will be; so I have to love what I have.

I see someone who is not as young as she once was; but is now a confident, strong woman.  A woman who is happy where she is in her life – happily married, mother of a teenage boy, a good friend.

My thirties were a turning point in my life and as I begin the journey of my forties – I truly think I am in one of the best places of my life.

No longer do I care (much) about what people think.  No longer am I worried that people are looking and laughing at me.  No longer am I worried that whatever I say will sound dorky (I know it sometimes will and I don’t care).

I see a woman who is at peace with herself and her place in the world.  I see a woman who is happy.  And you can’t ask for anymore than that.


This prompt was supplied by Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop from Mama's Losin' It.  It was inspired by Liz at Loving Mom 2 Boys

October 7, 2009

Why does hubby say I have blonde roots?

I have brown hair. But hubby insists that I have blonde roots. I really don’t see it but here are a few of the instances he has given in support of this absurd notion:

  • I left the car running during dinner out one night and completely freaked out when I couldn't find my keys. Imagine my chagrin when they were found in the ignition – with the car running. Luckily the car was unlocked. No, I was not drinking.
  • I once told him that he needed to take me to the hospital because I was positive I was having a stroke. Why? Because I couldn't see clearly out of one of my eyes. Turned out, I neglected to take out a contact and then put my glasses on. This does tend to blur the vision (again not drinking).
  • I watched him walk out the back door and then screamed like a crazy woman when he came back in because I wasn't used to seeing any one use that door and figured he was an axe murderer. (not drinking)
  • I once told him I was pregnant; but had read the results wrong. The next time I told him I was pregnant he asked to read the results for himself. (definitely not drinking)
Hmmm, after re-reading these a pattern is beginning to emerge – I think it must be the not-drinking that causes these episodes. Quick! Somebody pour me a glass of wine! LOL.

I’m sure these things could happen to anybody. They are just minor details. I’m not a ditz, really. I am a smart, organized woman who has her “moments”. Really. 
So why am I sharing – This is finally my 100th post! To see my most recent ditzy moment read here.

October 6, 2009

More Ramblings and Rantings (and I am NOT spacey!)

So, you all remember how I was flipping out because there was only 81 days left until Christmas.?
Well today at lunch I went to TJ Maxx to see if I could find anything for gifts.  I found these little beauties for the girls at the office for only about $2.00 each!  (Score!!)
Can you see the little snowflakes embossed on each one?  So cute.  Put some scented candles in and done.
When I got home I decided to inventory my gift closet.  What???  You don’t have a gift closet?  Get one, immediately!  Best invention EVER!
If memory served me correctly – I had seriously depleted the gift closet last year.  Turns out I had.  BUT – I had begun to replenish it during all the after-Christmas sales last year.  Which means that I know have enough crap stuff to cover the girls through next Christmas and maybe even a couple of birthdays.
Inventory includes:
4 candle holders
5 birds (very cute with “wish” etched in them)
2 silver candles
2 snowmen candles
Noel ornaments (each ornament is a letter)
Peace ornaments (same deal)
2 jingle bell wreaths
6 mini loaf pans
Joy ornament in silver
4 gingerbread-looking ornaments
2 sets of pretty magnets
2 Nutcrackers
2 sets of notecards with the initial K (sooo know whose getting those)
Snowman soap dispenser
Crystal votive
Crystal candy dish
1 set of three jeweled boxes
4 sets of purple gloves
4 sets of bath salts
Christmas platter
So I’m pretty well stocked for the girls at the office and any of those “what-if” gifts.  Whew.  I feel a little better already.  I even made the appointment for Man-Child’s portrait today.  There’s still decisions to be made about the party and THE list.  ::sigh::
In other news – this is my 99th post.  Will I do another “huge” 100th post?  Doubt it.  Maybe I’ll just re-post what I thought was my 100th post.  We’ll see.
And Man-Child just informed me that I was “so spacey that not even NASA wanted to explore my brain.”  Thanks.  Thanks a lot.  Do I really deserve this?  No, I don’t think so.  Because for the record I am NOT spacey (I do have my moments – but I’m NOT spacey – although hubby tells me I have blonde roots – what the hell?).  Believe me when I tell you I am the most non-spacey of this bunch that I live with!
Doctor’s office also informed me today that yes they have the flu shots for Man-Child BUT they are only giving them out on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2:00 pm and 4:00.  WTF?  Really?  And when are working parents and children in school supposed to come and get them??  I’m getting very irritated with our doctor’s office.  I may write a letter (I’m famous for these – just ask Northwest Airlines (3 page letter) and BellSouth (six page letter)!).  So even though the shots are free through our health insurance – I guess I’ll be taking Man-Child to the local pharmacy – unless I can convince the doctor’s office to re-arrange their schedule.
AND . . . yesterday, some crazy woman absolutely REFUSED to let me merge – even though I had my blinker on and everything.  I almost either a) smashed into her car or b) run up over the curb and into someone’s yard.  WTF?  Really??  And then it turned out that she was in front of me practically all the way home.  So – you know me – I proceeded to have a hostile conversation with her all the way home.  Which may or may not have included expletives. 
I’m so tired of dealing with idiots.  I’m off for a glass of wine and some relaxation.  Thanks for “listening” to the rantings and ramblings.

October 5, 2009

Okay Now I Feel Like An Idiot

Apparently Blogger counts your "drafts" as posts too.

That means my last post wasn't actually my 100th post.

And after all that linking.


I think it counts anyway.

It’s The BIG One….

I've worried over this and worried over this.  This is my 100th post.  Yeah, I know I can't believe it either.

I wanted to either have something deep and profound to say or something absolutely hilarious.


I got nothing.

So I grabbed a glass of wine and played solitaire.  Don't judge.

Solitaire and chardonnay help me to think.

And this is what I've decided - I'm dedicating this post to all my followers friends.  If it weren't for you - I wouldn't be here.  (Well, technically, that's not true - I'd probably still be here rambling and ranting all to myself; which I do on a daily basis anyway.  But I'd be lonely!!  At least this way, I'm not talking to myself!  I'm talking to you!)

So a big shout out to:

Liz at but-then-i-had-kids who was my very first friend and she loves shoes almost as much as me. 

Chic Mama I’ve become very involved in her blog (no, I’m not stalking you! I just want to put you in my pocket and bring you home with me!)

Sandy at One Day At A Time

Mom’s Web at Moms Peace Bites

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Sandy Calico at Baby Baby

Blasé at Think and Laugh, Not Necessarily In That Order

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Cholessa at Choleesasworld (sorry I haven’t visited before but I just now found your link!)

Lisa (I can’t find your link on your profile page!)

Miss Mel at Night Light Stories

Lee at Weber's World - The Way I See It

Bina at Just Another Day

Kathryn at From the Inside ... Out

Thank you all so much for your support, for reading, for commenting.  The comments you made during my crisis with my dad touched my heart.  It utterly amazes me how although we don’t “know” each other – we are there for each other.  Ahh, the power of the internet.

Some of you have been there from the beginning; some of you have just found me.  How you found me, I don’t know.  Hmmm, might be interesting to hear how you found me.

So go read the blogs of these fabulous people.  They are cool.  They must be if they are friends of mine.

I’m tired now.  All that linking has plumb wore my fingers out.