February 28, 2011

Watch out CoverGirl - I think Maybelline may have you beat.

It's no secret I can "kinda" be a diva and a girly-girl; sometimes.

I LOVE my shoes and clothes.  I have to be looking "just so" in order to walk out the door.  But....I'm lazy.  I want to do what I need to do and be done with it.  Which probably explains why I sport curls more in the summer - because I don't want to fight the humidity.

Huh....apparently blogging can bring on epiphanies when you least expect it.......and it's cheaper than therapy.

I love lipstick; I do.  BUT I don't like the thought of having to re-apply all day long.

I don't have time for that.  I'm a busy woman - quit laughing; I AM busy.  Sometimes.

I just don't want to think about it.  I want to get dressed and made up in the morning and walk out the door and be done.

So for years now, I've been using CoverGirl's Outlast lip color.  I've LOVED it.  I put it on in the morning and forget about it.  I can eat, drink, go to the dentist - whatever.  It stays on for the majority of the day.  It's fabulous.  I'm totally NOT kidding.  My dentist (and her hygienist) both marvel over the fact that they can slave over my mouth and I can get up and it will still be on!

Except for the reds.  The reds will NOT stay on at all.  If I wear the red it will usually melt off before lunch.

Which is a shame, because I love me some red lipstick.

So, I've made do with a beautiful berry shade.

Until now.

Maybelline has introduced a new line called Superstay 24 Color.

I admit; although I usually don't stray from the "tried and true" I will try a new product that promises that I don't have to re-apply my "lips."

I picked a red because of my love for red lipsticks.  I didn't hold out hope because I've been disappointed so many times.

But this time?  This time I can honestly say that it worked.  Better than CoveGirl's reds ever thought about.

Although I didn't get a red-red (because apparently there are other women out there like me and they snapped them up) it was still a red (and not an orange-y red).  And it pretty much stays on for the entire day.  Yes, I have to let it dry longer than the CoverGirl product but....it works!

As an example, I applied it around 4:00 pm yesterday prior to going out. Despite washing my face and brushing my teeth before bed much, much later, the color was still there this morning (albeit a bit fainter - but it was still there).

Sorry CoverGirl, it looks like I may have found a new product (if it passes the dentist visit test) - unless you can figure out how to fix your red "issue" because you do have a red that I love - it just won't stay on.

Please note, I was NOT compensated in any way for this post.  I just wanted to share a new find with you.

February 23, 2011

Seriously people? Seriously?! And this is why I should be in charge of the world....or at least the Internet.

There are many times during the day when I shake my head at humanity.  There are many times when I throw my arms up in disgust and swear that the world is going to hell in a handbasket.  But today??  Today took the cake.

It is official.

After today, I will no longer allow myself to read the news or the comments that "people" make on the said articles. (Someone remind me of this when I go on my next rant - because, seriously? I have no self control and as early as tomorrow morning I'll be back to reading the news/comments.  What can I say? I know myself too well.)

This morning I was reading about the tragic murders of the American couples by pirates.  The article was more focused on the lives of the people murdered.  That is key here.  It was about the lives of the people murdered.

The comments were what incensed me to no end.

As of this morning, over one thousand comments.  And the majority of them stated, in one way or another, that these people were "asking for it."  That they "shouldn't have been there."  Nearly every single one had a misspelling in it as well.  And every single one was hiding behind a screen name.

Where in the hell is the compassion?  These people - no matter what - did NOT deserve to be murdered.  PERIOD.  No one "deserves" to be murdered.

I was taught "if you can't say something nice; don't say anything at all."  Well, apparently the anonymity that the Internet offers lets people give in to the temptation to say the ugliest things.  I have been lucky.  I haven't (knock on wood) yet been hit by people like this.  And you can bet, if I do, they will be deleted and blocked. No, you don't have to agree with me to be published - but there is a thing called respect and a lack of respect does not fly here.  Ever.  And unfortunately, in this day and age, respect seems to have fallen by the wayside.

I have to wonder how many of these commenters would have actually said some of the nasty things they said if they had to reveal their real names?

The kicker?  All the misspellings.  I realize that misspellings are a pet peeve of mine.  But really?  If you are going to display your hateful vitriolic heart to the world - then take the time to run spell check.  Because otherwise; you are showing your ignorance two-fold.

I would link to the article - despite the eternal shame that I have in my fellow man right now - just to give this post credence but I can't find it - so you will just have to trust me on this one. And despite, Man-Child's misgivings, I'll have you know I would be a kind dictator - should you decide that I'd be the perfect one to be in charge of the world.

February 21, 2011

Every once in a while - I *might* need to apologize

Tonight I had to apologize to Man-Child.

I said something that, apparently, wasn't very nice (it was funny in my head, I swear!  Although he didn't think so).

So, I did.  I apologized.  I informed him that I was in the wrong, inappropriate and not very nice.

He graciously accepted the apology.  (He doesn't hold grudges like I do, thank goodness!)

Through Man-Child's short life, I've had to apologize more than once, unfortunately, because every once in a while that filter from brain to mouth doesn't quite work as it should.

But tonight I realized - I never received an apology from my parents - for anything.  EVER.  Even when they were GLARINGLY in the wrong (emmmm, no - I don't hold grudges.  Okay. Yes, maybe I do).

So, by this logic - that we (as parents) admit when we are in the wrong thus teaching our children to do the same - theoretically, the world should be a much nicer place - right?

Apparently, it's not working; i.e. the interactions I've had with other people in the past few days.

February 18, 2011

Apparently he takes after me.....

Here I have been worrying and wondering what he (Man Child) is up to on the computer.

I have been studying the history - convinced that he is going somewhere he shouldn't.  He's constantly tap-tap-tapping away; more so than even me.

Whenever I ask - he tells me that he is doing nothing.  Yeah right.  Like those words don't send a mother's antennae up immediately.

I know he's not posting on FaceBook or MySpace (unless he's blocked me; which I don't doubt that he has - I will find a way around that).  And, like I've said, I've scoured the history, deleted files, etc.

I can find no evidence of malfeasance.

I know, I know.  I should give him a bit of privacy.  And I do.  But it's like pulling teeth over here trying to get anything out of him.  I ask him who he went to the gym with and he responds with, "A classmate."  Really?  I dare to ask the classmate's name and he acts like I am the Gestapo torturing him for information.

So yes, as his mother, I would like to know what he's up to online.  It's MY JOB.

Well, I think I may have discovered it.

He mentioned to his father, who mentioned it to me, that he had posted something on a football (soccer to you folks across the pond) website and it was featured.  So, of course, I read it.  I didn't understand a word of it.  But it was extremely well written.

And, of course, I did a little digging.  Again - it's my job!

Apparently, this forum also encourages each "follower" (for lack of the proper term) to create their own profile and blog.

My son, apparently following in his mother's footsteps, has his own little blog on this forum.  And has posted several columns (including the one that was featured) and has created his own little online group.

I'm so proud.

February 17, 2011

Sorry, sorry, sorry!!

I've been Missing In Action lately.  I know!

But, I've been sick.  Yes, I realize in my last post I claimed to be feeling better - what can I say?  I was wrong.

Immediately after writing that post I began to feel worse - at that point I hadn't even realized that was even possible.

Hubby, funnily enough, was struck down with the same bug on the same day.  So for once, we have experienced our illness together which actually gave us sympathy for each other.  Usually, we don't have much sympathy when the other is sick.  Oh, we pretend to feel sorry for each other - but in truth, we are calling each other a big baby under our breath.  Yes folks, that's what 20 years of marriage gets you.  Fake sympathy.

Although we are both on the mend - he seems to be getting better faster.  I am not pleased.  He continually points out that if I did this and didn't do that then maybe I'd be feeling better - like he is some kind of health guru.  Funny how this attitude greatly reduces any amount of sympathy I might have for his lingering symptoms......

In other news -prior to falling ill with the plague I entered another give-away (I know-I'm getting crazy over here entering all these contests!  What's next? I guess it's true that you have to play to win - so once again I am counting on hitting the lottery!) and I won!  The fabulous Kathryn was offering some Google swag, so I had to play along because - come on - it's Google swag!  And lo and behold, this is what the mailman brought me earlier this week.  It was the only thing that could have made me smile at that point.

Why yes, that is a little Google-alien magnetic kind of guy who also happens to stand in as a paper clip holder (you can't see it in the picture - but Google is emblazoned across his tummy).  Isn't he the cutest?  It has promptly been decided that he must be kept under lock and key as several co-workers have been eying him covetously.....thank you Kathryn - he's adorable!  He almost made me forget that I was dying sick.....

Wait!  What's that?  Do I hear Man-Child coughing and sniffling - the big baby......

February 9, 2011

A conundrum for sure . . . . and I just may live.

I've been over here preparing my last post.

You see, I was sure I had to be dying.

I was ready to charge one blogger with writing my obituary and another with finding the perfect picture to post for said obituary.  I was all ready to bequeath whatever online wealth I had to all of you.

And then?

Then I began to feel half-way human again.

Although that may just be the wine and the meds talking (what do you mean you aren't supposed to mix them?  Are you sure?)

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

But, in the meantime, riddle me this - how is it possible for your nose to be both stuffy and runny at the same time?

February 1, 2011

If you think this title is boring just wait until you see the post.

I have plants in my house.  Quite a few actually - and for the most part they are all thriving.  There are many good reasons to have lots of plants - good feng shui, it improves the air quality in your home, they are good for relationships.......

Okay, I'm making all that up.  Actually, the only reason I can think of is that they are a good way to quickly fill up some empty spaces in your decor and as to why I have so many - well, I'm not sure.  I think people notice I have plants and decide that they make a good gift for me - so now I have more plants than I can possibly keep up with.

Just a quick aside - have you ever noticed that no matter how many windows you have in your home that all the plants will only survive on one side of the house?  No, you've never noticed that?  Well, maybe it's just me.  But all of my plants are located on one side (the west side??) as that seems to be the only place they are semi-happy. Anyway......

You know, the key to having healthy plants is to ensure that each plant has the proper type of soil, pot, food, humidity and . . . . 

Okay, I'm making that all up too.  Usually, I just throw the plant in a pot with some dirt and try to remember to water it.

This plant is my barometer.

When he wilts then I know that I've forgotten to water the plants . . . again.  It's actually quite surprising that any of these plants are still alive considering how often I forget to water them....

Some of these plants thrive seemingly without any love from me at all.  Like this one.

I received this one at Thanksgiving.  I've given it the bare minimum of attention, water and love because it's a poinsettia.  Usually, they die upon receipt and aren't really expected to be kept as house plants.  This one though apparently loves it here.  If it continues to thrive, I suppose I may have to re-pot it and see what happens.  Although I expect that once I begin to put any effort at all into it - it will give up the ghost.  Because plants are fickle like that.

My Christmas Cactus (so named because they are supposed to bloom at Christmas time, of course)

Has officially been re-named the Holiday Cactus.  This sucker blooms for every holiday that the calendar can throw at  it.  As you can see it's preparing to bloom again - well, it is Groundhog Day tomorrow so I suppose it's due. 

Now this one - the Cyclamen?  Well, what can I say?

I love these plants - they are, generally, beautiful.  I've tried to cultivate them at least four different times - and this is always the result - no matter how much loving care, water, light, etc. that I shower upon them.  They always die.  This species hates me.

They should look like this:

After four previous attempts I gave up on this plant.  The relationship was just too volatile.  I'd bend over backwards trying to please but every time it would leave me within just a few short weeks - usually it didn't even take that long.

But then received one as a gift and once again I tried so hard, so very hard.  And, as you can see, after just a short time.....

once again I failed.  I've decided if I ever receive another one, I shall smile and say thank you and then,once the giver is gone, in the interest of saving time and energy promptly throw the damn thing away and grab a glass of wine instead.