March 31, 2010

Total Randomness - because I'm being distracted!

I'm just sitting here just trying to compose a witty, thoughtful post on my back porch; and how are you.....

Hmmmmm, what is that noise??

There are a couple of tags that I need to respond to - which I will get to.  Eventually.  I've actually been busy lately (which hasn't been the norm of late) . . . but I'm off next week (yay!) so maybe then?

What IS that noise??

'Course I also wanted to say something about how taste and smells can evoke memories; of places.   Of people who are longer here and how they've influenced your life.  And how very powerful those memories can be.....

What the hell?????

Or how I wanted to catch you up on my friend who is contemplating divorce.  She's got him out of the house and some days seems to be on course; but doesn't seem to have the will to say SHAPE UP or SHIP OUT! (and seriously?  Between you and me-though I am all for trying to work it out if possible- this AIN'T happening! He is NOT willing to attempt any change on his part) I keep telling her she needs to channel her inner bitch (or me; whichever is easier) in those moments.....

What the HELL is that NOISE?

Then of course, there are those comments from the last post.  I really, really wanted to respond to a few of those.  Especially since some seemed really concerned.  Really?  Nothing to be concerned about - all is well, despite how cryptic it may have seemed.  Thank you, truly.

WHAT THE F*#%! IS THAT NOISE?????  It's absolutely driving me BATTY!!!

Oh!  It's Hubby.

On his lawn mower.

Apparently, Spring has sprung (finally) and it is time again to pull out the loud, obnoxious equipment that deals with the yard.

Hmmm.  I suppose I'd better get used to it. 

Because if you were with me last spring/summer you will recall that I have a neighbor that loves to mow his grass on an every other day basis (personally? I'm convinced this is his way of hiding from his family...I once caught him using his mower to blow his leaves - driving back and forth slowly through his lawn.  Methodically pushing all the leaves to the tree line.  Seriously?  It took hours!)!  And a neighbor with a very yappy dog (and apparently, a very yappy owner.....I'm just sayin' if you are more yappy than the dog.....there might be an issue......).  And a neighbor with small children who make it seems like they are killing each other constantly (owwwww, my arm!!!!!  owww my eye!!!  Moooooooommmmmmmm!  Funny, I've never heard her respond to one complaint from the small children......poor kids!)  But I've yet to meet any of these neighbors (and we've been here 1 1/2 years - and generally?  WE aren't shy....).  If I had I might be a mite more sympathetic.......


March 30, 2010

Okay, okay! I got your message.

Do you ever believe the Universe is trying to tell you something? Have you ever been having a tiny little issue (that has somehow snowballed, because that's what issues do?) and then everywhere you turn there are glimpses of things that seem to be trying to tell you something but you ignore them – because you are too self-righteous, pig-headed, correct convicted to listen?

And then one morning you wake up and there the Universe is: beating you over the head with a large stick; yelling “Open your eyes you moron! Pay attention! I’m trying to tell you something!”

That was what I faced today.

Practically first thing this morning, I read three things that made me sit up and take notice – even though the coffee had yet to kick in. I read them one right after the other. They were words that I did not seek out looking for enlightenment. No, instead these words sought me out from various sources - the newspaper, a blog and a quote.

Each was profound; they all said the exact same thing in their own, distinct way and they were all pointed directly to me and my little issue .

Okay Universe. I got it. I understand what you are saying and because of this, I think I’ve found the resolution I needed.

Universe you can seriously stop beating me with that stick now.

March 24, 2010

Just a peek at part of me that apparently wasn't visible before.....

"May I just say, I LOVE to hear you mad? I didn't know you had it in you, and I freaking love the phrase "give a rat's ass". You go girl!"

A direct quote from Bina.

I have to tell you this made me roll on the floor laughing.  Seriously.

She didn't know I had it in me?! 

Makes me question just what image I am projecting to you all?  A sweet, peace-loving hippie?  A granola-girl who only wants every one to "be happy?"  Me skipping through meadows making daisy chains?  What?

Just ask Hubby or Man-Child.  They will tell you that I "DEFINITELY" have it in me to get mad.  In fact, I can imagine their response if asked.

"Oh Lord!  PLEASE don't get her mad.  Especially if it's directed at ME!" 

And yes, that would be the response from both of them (and probably a **few** others, that may or may not have had my venom directed at them)!

Now granted, I don't lose it as often as I used to (or for that matter, as spectacularly - there was that time the cake got taken for a ride to the woods.....which is now family legend and repeated often - although in all fairness?  THAT cake had to go!).  I believe the term is "mellowing with age."  These days I'm more likely to go off on an inanimate object (say....the computer that is not behaving properly....yes, just ask my co-workers who hear me berating the computer, or any other piece of office equipment, on a daily basis) or the poor guy with broken English on the other end of the line as I'm trying to re-connect to the Internet that has been mysteriously cut off for no reason......or Ebay.

Yes Bina - I definitely "have it in me" to get mad and (as they say in this family) you don't want to "get my Irish" up because it can get ugly.  And I can hold a grudge like you wouldn't believe.

So now that I've complety shattered your image of me as the sweet little southern belle...I'm off to make daisy chains and to tell everyone I meet, "Don't worry!  Be Happy!!"

Thanks so much Bina!  I needed that laugh today!!

March 22, 2010

Do you censor yourself?

I ask only because it seems as if I censor myself A LOT.

Yes, this is an anonoymous blog.  No one I know (in real life) reads it (that I know of.).

No one I know (in real life) reads or follows my (very lame, I know) Twitter account.

But yet.....

I find myself censoring myself.


Am I afraid to face my deepest, darkest thoughts?  Am I afraid to share them?  Am I afraid that they might make me face things in my life that I don't want to?

I was all set to post a Tweet tonight.  All typed out; ready to go.  All I had to do was hit enter.

I deleted it. 

I had a post all set to go.  All typed out.  All I needed to do was hit Publish.

I didn't (and will most likely delete; if I know myself at all).

Why?  I don't know.

Am I that private of a person?

That I can't even share what I am thinking or feeling with people who don't know me in real life?  With people that I know won't judge me? (at least you haven't so far....and please don't start now; right now?  I couldn't deal.  Seriously.)

Apparently, I am.

I've told you before that it's the little things in life that can make me happy.  Well apparently, it's also the little things in life that can make me unhappy or paralyze me.

And at this moment in time?  I am both unhappy and paralyzed.

I'm closing comments, because I can't deal with questions, etc.  I just had to put something out there that states where I'm at right at this very moment; and to just get it off my chest (so that maybe I can sleep....).

I promise; it's not a 10 (on a scale of 1 to 10).  Most likely, it's a 3 that has been blown completely out of porportion (which I've been known to do a time or two.....).

And know that (hopefully) tomorrow, I will be in a better mood. 

And even as I contemplate hitting Publish for this lame-ass post; I question myself.....

March 19, 2010

You win lose some

I logged on this morning (around 4:45 am - thanks Hubby) to discover that I've lost a follower/friend.

This made me very sad.  And I remembered waaaaayyyyy back when - the first (and so far, only) time I un-followed someone.

I was very torn on the decision to un-follow.  It wasn't because she wasn't nice.  It wasn't because she was rude.  It was actually nothing personal at all - I just wasn't interested in what she was saying.  But I was afraid I'd hurt her feelings (because like me - her "numbers" weren't high enough that you might not notice one going missing....and, like me, I was afraid she would take it personally.)

So despite that momentary feeling of why didn't they like me!!!!!!!  I let it go.  After 8 months of doing this (holy cow!  It's been 8 months already?)  I realize that this blog isn't for everyone (heck it really doesn't even have a "theme" or a "purpose" and I'm certainly not into "branding" it and I know I didn't get into this for the "numbers" game).

But when I logged back in later?  The number was mysteriously up again.  So, nosy me went to check it out.  And it was one of my favorite reads.  She'd become a friend!!!  I was delirious (I know that is spelled right-why does it look soooo wrong?).

So without further ado, let's all welcome Texan Mama (she's not actually from Texas - but hey!  She moved there so we will count her as one!  And yeah?  So I moved away?  Guess what - I'm still a Texan and will always be one!  So there!)

Stop in, say hi - tell her I said hi.  She is fabulous, she is friendly and she is real!  You will love her and her family, I just know it.

As an update on the last post (since I can't leave you hanging....) - It has yet to be resolved.  Mainly, because once he got over his "hiding out" and asked me what the problem was - he did it with attitude.  And seriously?  Am too tired (hello?  I've been up since 4:00 am stewing over this) to deal with attitude.  I pretty much told him so and have been left alone ever since.  It will be resolved - most likely tomorrow.  It will all be fine in the end - it usually is (yes, we've done this dance before, as have all couples).  But mostly, I wanted to thank you all for your kind & supportive comments - usually I feel very alone and insecure when Hubby and I argue....but you guys - while not making it "easier" per se . . . you've made me feel less alone.  Thank you.

March 18, 2010

Because I just had to get it out!

Warning!  Major rant about to follow.

I realize that I am feeling "touchy" right now.  But come on.

I was sitting on the back porch happily making my lists because it's actually nice enough to sit out for once.  My list and my hubby's honey-do list.  He and Man-Child wander out to chat.  I make an innocent comment about something that needs to be done (nicely too mind you - wasn't bitchy at all!  I swear!).

Do you know what that man had the absolute nerve to say?  He told me to "relax" that "we are living in the house and to just enjoy it."

Seriously????  First of all - just because we are living here doesn't mean that there is nothing to be done.  And second of all (and yes, it really isn't a direct connection - but in my mind it is) - just about all the things HE has wanted to do has been done or is in the process of being done.  Patio that we certainly did not need (or could really spare the cash for)?  Done.  Retaining wall next to said patio (again that we did not need or could readily afford at the time)?  Done.  The efff-ing shed that we had to have immediately (which still isn't done!!  How many months later???) - in process -AND?  The construction waste is still sitting in the yard - because he told the construction guys not to worry about it! (WTF?) So this crap has been sitting there since Christmas.  Yes, Christmas.  How many months ago was that?  About three months ago, thank you very much! 

The things I have wanted to do?  Cabinets for the laundry or the butler's pantry?  Emmmm - not a necessity.  The tree I wanted re-planted to replace the dead one?  Not done.  Oh, but he did pull up the dead one back in the fall (yay him) but has left the gaping hole sitting there for nigh on how many months now?  Any household or landscaping projects that I've wanted done - I've had to do myself.  Which pretty much has meant that although some of it got done (simply because I am tenacious to a fault) - the majority?  Not done - simply because I don't have the strength or the know-how. 

Yes, I know this all sounds very petty - and yes, I'm as prickly as a porcupine today (I know this and freely admit it) - but for the love of Mike - seems to me he's been pretty damn selfish lately and I'm pretty sick of it.  I'm not looking for major renovations or prohibitively expensive things done.  Really right now - I'd be pretty happy just to have the construction crap out of my yard - is that too much to ask?  I'm sure the neighbors would probably appreciate the hell out of it too. 

And you know what else ticks me off?  Instead of saying, "Honey, what's wrong?" after I tore up his list (which did not include most of the things I listed above - instead included piddly little things that would take him no time to accomplish!) and told him that he was free to "enjoy" living here, do you know what he did?  He went inside, ate dinner and left.  Do I give a rat's ass where he's gone?  No.  (But I've a pretty fair idea where he's at and for all I care right now he can stay there).  Am I being irrationally upset over such a minor comment that I most likely took wrong?  Probably.  But you know what?  I don't care - I've been very patient and I'm tired of it - I want a few things done around here - so what? 

And you know what?  They will get done.  He will either do them or he can damn well pay to have them done.  And then he can sit back and "enjoy" living here until I have another hissy fit (which may be sooner than he thinks!).

March 17, 2010

Tag! You're It!

Recently I was tagged in a Photo Meme, by the wonderful Wilderness Chic.

At first I was concerned about what kind of picture would end up here.  Since the death of my other laptop not too many pictures have been downloaded to the new one.  I figured we'd have to put up with some stock photo that came with the computer and I would have to make up some kind of story.  But then my brain began to work and I recalled that I have bunches & bunches of pictures on the work computer (that I really, really need to pull off......note to self.) 

Anyway.....this picture is of my very dear friend.whom I've known for 24 years now (how did that happen?).  She still lives in Texas and I miss her every day.  This picture was taken last summer when she came to visit.  She and I can not see each other for years and pick up right where we left off.  Even while apart (and not telling each other either) we are either doing or buying the same things.  It's quite funny - around the time I got interested in Feng Shui - so did she.  When I got my Blackberry - turns out she got one as well.  As I don't have a sister I have claimed her to be mine - and even though she has a sister she's graciously agreed.

The rules are as follows:

Open the first photo folder you find.

Scroll to the tenth photo

Post the photo and tell the story behind it

Tag five or more people

Being the rebel-child I am - I tag you all!  You're it.  Get busy.

March 16, 2010

My mind has been completely and totally blown.....

I have learned a lot in my short time in the blogging world.  The following is just scratches the surface of what I have learned.....

I've learned that people "across the pond" eat weirdly named things - like "Scotch Eggs"  "toad in the hole."

I've learned that those same people celebrate Mothering Day (read Mother's Day in American) in March and not May.

And most recently?  I have learned that our Canadian friends buy their milk in bags.

Yes, BAGS.

Out of all the things I've learned - it's the last that has completely freaked me out.

I don't know why.

But really?  Milk? In bags?

Apparently, they buy the milk (in bags), bring it home, snip off a corner and place the bag into a pitcher.  Why do they not just pour the milk into the pitcher and toss the bag.  That I might could understand - recycling and all. 

I'm very confused by this.

Milk -In. A. BAG.  It blows my mind......


If you would like a more detailed (and pictoral) explanation - please visit Momma where she explains how it all works (and is confused that us Americans are confused.....)

March 15, 2010

The dammit I forgot again - better known as the What's In Your Bag post!

The ever darling Chic Mama has tagged me in the What's In My Bag game.

I've seen this around in the blog-o-sphere and it seems fun.  So here you go (be warned - there is nothing of burning interest in there.  Now had you asked me back in the day when Man-Child was small there would have been little Lego "guys" and multitude of rocks and anything else he found of interest....)

Here's the bag.  Where's it  from?  I don't know.  Let's just call it "vintage" since I've had it forever!  I have been in the market for a new one for a while now.  But I'm picky and haven't found anything I like yet.  I'm also one of those women that would love to switch out her bag to match her outfit - but you know what?  I don't have time for that - I'm lucky I've matched my shoes in the morning much less worrying about my bag.  So this is what I lug around all the time.

As for the contents?  Ahhhh. You are very lucky (or I am since it saves me from embarrassment....) I had recently cleaned it out (prior to being tagged thank you very much!) - so the contents are extremely mundane.

As you can see, I carry the requiste makeup bag - except mine only contains Blistex (THE only thing that heals chapped lips!), the mositurizer part of my lipstick, several lipsticks I've bought and ignored since they didn't stay on as promised (hey, I'm busy - I don't want to be re-applying all the time), hand cream and possibly some emergency "products" for those "special" days that sometimes sneak up upon us....

I've got the wallet which I love.  Except for the fact that it doesn't hold change.  For that I have the spotted change purse - which for some reason, every time I use it I am reminded of being in grade school.

A check book - which frankly, gets used so seldom these days I'm surprised the checks haven't yellowed and become crisp with age.

There's the shades - which I carry around in all weather optimistically hoping for the sun to peep out.

Gum - because, well, it's gum.  You gotta have gum.

Benadryl tablets - because for some reason my dear son thinks if he pretends he doesn't have allergies then he won't suffer.  But then he does and who is the one who is prepared and ready?  Mom.  Upon retrospect, maybe I should keep them in the makeup bag instead of floating around crazily in the bag?  Hmmm, something to think about.

My little bag of crystals - which include a rose quartz, tiger-eye, quartz & some other's that I can't be bothered haven't had the time to figure out what they are - but I feel sure they are helpful....cause, they are crystals, right?  But my gripe with the pretty little bag?  It won't stay closed - ever.  So then I have all the stones floating around in the bag.

My camera case because I want to be ready for all those wonderful pictures that I take.....yeah, who am I kidding.  These two photos in this post?  Probably the only ones I've taken all year.....I lug that camera around everywhere and yet can never seem to remember that I have it on's a cute little camera though.  It's a red Nikon and I love it...whenever I can remember that I have it....

Pens, in the event I need to write something down.  No paper of course.  But I've got those checks that are going's called recycling!

And, last but not least, a tape measure.  Why?  Because you never know when you will need to measure something.  Shelves for the as yet unfinished cloest?  When you find a very cute table for that area I've been working on - is it the right size?  Of course, as my tape measure is miniscule - half the time you will find me marking the end spot with my finger and starting over from there to complete the measurement - and then you can watch with hilarity as I try to add the two measurements together.  (As an aside - God help me if the measurements on the box read in "feet" because I always have my measurements in inches and to convert that?  My brain would surely explode.  I've been known to call Man-Child and whisper furtively into the phone - "I need to know - how many feet is xxxx inches?"  I need not have bothered whispering - because all my fellow shopping patrons can hear him laughing hysterically.....::sigh:: such is my life).

I'm wondering what I could possibly be missing in there.  Ah yes, keys and phone.  But realistically, both of those are usually in my pockets - so I guess they don't count.

So now it is your turn - Bare Naked Mummy, Liz, Brighton Mum, Muummmmeeeeee......, and Mrs. Lovely.  What are you carrying around on a daily basis, hmmmmm?

Ooops!  Guess I should hit publish before I run around telling everyone they've been tagged......

PS - hmmmm, maybe check for a TITLE before hitting publish as well.... ah well, if you've known me for any length of time you should be used to this . . .

March 14, 2010

Happy DST & Mother's Day!

I love Daylight Savings Time. 

I know everyone hates the aggravation and the "jet lag" of switching the clocks.  But Daylight Savings Time?  It ROCKS!


Because it is 6:45 pm and it is still daylight.  And I am still dressed.  Usually by now, I've put on the p.j.'s and prepped for bed.   Why?  Because it is dark.  And when it is dark - it's time to go to bed.  That's how I roll (yeah, big party animal over here.)

During Daylight Savings Time I tend to be super productive and generally happier - I'm convinced it's because of the extension of the sunlight.

Personally, I think they need to figure out a way to keep it lighter later longer (say that three times fast!) all year round.  It would make me one happy camper - and if I'm a happy camper then usually those around me are a bit happier as well.....just ask Hubby & Man-Child, they'll confirm that it's true.

It's only day one of DST and I have been super-super productive.

My house is clean enough that if you un-expectedly showed up at the door, I'd actually let you in rather than hiding in a closet and pretending I wasn't home (not that my house is usually a total rat's nest!  But still, I'd rather you not see it if it's not at least half-way decent....and as we've discovered in previous posts - if my family is here - then my house is not kept up to my standards [because they go behind me and purposely mess everything up!  Really!]  Hmmm-am seriously thinking they must move to the never-to-be-finished-shed/guest house ASAP.).

Laundry - while not completely done - the majority is done, folded, hung and put away (and you know laundry is the bane of my existence!).  And I can see the laundry room floor - BONUS!  (As far as ironing goes - forget it.  I don't do it - if you want something ironed in this house - you do it yourself or send it out for cleaning.)

Top tabs on blog; figured out (kinda).  For this I have Fab In Your Forties to thank.  This is something I have struggled with for months now.  I would start to mess with it, get frustrated and realize I had something more important to do and let it go.  Today Fab tweeted that she was ready to smash her computer.  As a friend, I simply could not let that happen!  So I Googled it....again.  But, as is the way with the all mighty Google, it's all in how you phrase your request.  Today I phrased it just a twitch different and hit upon the result I'd been seeking all this time.  I sent Fab the link tout-de-suite!  Hopefully it works for her (email me dear if it doesn't, we'll figure it out.  I mean it is only technology after all and as you know, we are far superior!) as it did for me.  What?  You haven't noticed my top tabs?  I realize they are tiny, but still....  There are only two for now, but I expect I'll be adding to them now that I've figured it out.

I even got a bit of shopping done today.  I have been obsessing over a scrolled mail sorter for a while now.  I have searched and searched.  I have yet to find it.  I know they are out there - I've seen them.  But now that I am searching for them?  Nowhere to be found - such is the story of my life - once it's in my head and I want it I simply can't find it.  Hmmm, note to self:  learn how to do metal work - it may be the only way to find what you are looking for....

Although I did find some boyfriend jeans and am super excited about that as they don't make me look as short (and round) as I thought they might.  So, a mini-yay!

I have also discovered that today they celebrate Mothering Day in the UK (almost tomorrow over there now....) - another thing learned from my friends across the pond.  So, to all my dear friends who are/have celebrating/celebrated today - Happy Mother's Day! 

And for those of us in the US - Happy Daylight Savings Time!!!

March 12, 2010

All about boys

You guys seriously made me laugh with all your comments to my last post; particularly those of you with little, sweet boys.  And Bare Naked Mummy with her Things I've Learned This Week post (she's grateful, at the moment, that she's got girls...) (very clever post by the way!  And thanks for the link!)

Aren't they adorable those little guys....... ::snicker::

Yeah, enjoy that because yes, Lee & Sarah that was only a sprinkling of what you are in for.

Right now they are mommy's little guys but in a few years?? 

First they start to smell.  And no, that little puppy dog smell they might have occasionally now isn't what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about seriously makes your eyes water and you have to drive with all the windows down even though it's freezing smell. 

So then you begin to talk and talk and talk and talk about hygiene to them.  They don't listen.  Why?  Because they are boys and they aren't interested in things like changing their underwear or deoderant.

True story - as I was doing laundry one day I realized that I didn't see any of Man-Child's (then Boy-Child) underwear or socks.  I asked him about it.  He shrugged.  Realizing that the only way to get a straight answer was to ask a direct question I asked him when was the last time he had changed his underwear - turns out it had been at least a week!!!  All together now - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

I had to remind him daily to put on deoderant.  One morning we were almost out the door and I asked him if he'd brushed his teeth (yes, was the reply for once); then I asked about the deoderant.  Silence.  I told him to go back upstairs quickly and put it on.  Standing at the bottom of the stairs I could look right at his bathroom door.  I walked to the stairs to tell him to hurry and stopped in total shock.  What did I witness?  Boy-Child spraying his deoderant onto his shirt!  Apparently, it was too much effort to take the shirt off and apply the deoderant where it belonged so he figured spraying it on top of the shirt would work fine.  NO!!! It doesn't!

Eventually though those boys get big enough to really get interested in girls and ::ahem:: other things and then you deal with the constant showers (as a mom - you really don't want to know - trust me!) and the Axe body spray (or it's equivalent) and are always asked "Smell me" "Smell my breath" "Do I smell okay?"  And after having lived with the smelly boy you face smelling anything with trepidation.  And guess what?  Axe (or it's equivalent), when applied as liberally as it generally is, also has the ability to burn the hairs in your nose right off - so it's not much better.

I have been fortunate that my boy wasn't as adventerousome as some (thank you God!)  So we haven't had to deal with the broken bones (yet.  Although, he does play football so I expect an injury or two before it's all over).  Although there was the time we went to emergency room thinking he's appendix was about to rupture....turned out to be gas (so yeah, boys can be drama queens too.....) how embarrassing (and expensive....).

From what I understand, boys are not nearly as verbal as girls (although I could almost argue this point as mine never shuts up....can you say future lawyer?).  But by verbal I mean when you ask how his day was - I get "okay."  Even as young as kindergarten that's all I could pull out of him.  From friends who are mothers of girls I understand that girls will regurgitate everything.  Boys?  They don't dish.  Period.  Just figuring out what he had for lunch can be painful.

Luckily we haven't had to deal with an actual girlfriend yet.  Yes, we had the long distance relationship; which was bad enough.  But I figure within the next year or so.....that will change.  There's probably more girl interaction than I know about - but with the advent of cell phones fortunately/unfortunately I'm not as privy to who is calling him.

My boy is fabulous and I would never switch him for a girl (especially when I remember what I was like as a teenager......), but as the saying/book goes "Men Are From Mars; Women From Venus" - it's completely true.  Boys are befuddling.  Their ways are different and no matter how hard you try to understand - as a mom you simply can't.  You just try to raise the best (and cleanest) man you can.

So Mom's of Boys - good luck.  It's a smelly, but fun ride.  Being the only girl in the house has lots of perks (no one borrows your stuff) but can be a little lonely (can you say football widow during the "Season" which gives you a lot of shopping and blogging time - another perk!).  But all in all?  I wouldn't trade my boy for anything in the world.

March 10, 2010

It's "Freaky Friday" all over again.

Did you ever see that movie? (either the original or the re-make)  Because seriously?  That is my life right now.


Since before Man-Child was born it seems I have been battling testostrone.

Since his birth?  It has been twice the battle - so those of you with sons - watch (read) and learn - it NEVER stops.  And eventually - they switch places - just to mess with your mind - yeah cause they are evil like that (nevermind that they say women are the crafty ones; it's the males you have to watch out for....really!).

I used to ask Man-Child when he was small - "Little Man; why did you do this?"  His response?  "It wasn't me."  Being an only child he had no one else to blame but his father - and he threw him under the bus every single time (it  was actually kind of funny).  Even when I knew better.

Back then I would ask his father to do something.  His response?  "In a minute."  Which, inevitably never seemed to come (at least not fast enough for my liking).

Nowadays?  I ask Hubby something and his response is: "I didn't do that."  Although I know perfectly well he did.  And when I ask Man-Child to do something his response is "In a minute." (and you know - uncannily like his father - that minute never seems to come fast enough for my liking....)


What's a girl to do - alone in this sea of testostrone that seems intent on driving her mad?  I'm convinced; they are doing it on purpose......

March 9, 2010

Maybe the worst is over? (crossing fingers and toes!)

What is that?  Is that a hint of warm weather?

Do I hear birds chirping?

Do I see green coming into the plants and trees?

Am I sitting out on my back deck, blogging away (with Hubby right next to me - asleep upright?  HOW does he do that????) at 8:00 pm - NOT covered in layers head to toe?.

Can I dare hope that winter is finally past?

Boy, I sure hope so - cause this has been the roughest winter since we've been here.  It has made me long for that Texas heat (and humidity - which between you and me I never thought I'd EVER say that!).

Although - some of the "nervous nellies" are saying that the cold weather isn't over yet - I'm ignoring them!  I'm convinced it's time to paint my toes and pull out my sandals!  Whose with me?!

Just another reason to dislike FaceBook with a passion......

I've explained to you all (at great length!) just how much I dislike FaceBook.  How I dislike all the Farmville requests, the requests to "unlock" gifts, the MafiaWars requests, the folks who are pushing their Pampered Chef, PartyLite, etc. stuff (especially those that are pushing their "business!" It's a social networking site y'all!!!  Don't you get the difference between "social" and "business?").

Well, apparently, even though I have my Facebook status locked down tighter than Fort Knox (or so I thought) you can still find me if you happen to be "friends" with one of my "friends."  I don't want people to find me.  I want to be able to catch up with a few, select, special friends from home and keep an eye on Man-Child.  THAT IS IT.

But apparently, before I realized just how much I dislike Facebook - I made "friends" with a couple of my REAL friends from work (meaning people I actually like outside of work and have had into my home.  Real friends).  Well one of these friends had "friended" someone else from work - who has then sent me a friend request because she saw me through the Real Friends page (confused yet?).

Now I like this person who has made the request - she seems really nice.  But I don't talk to her every day.  We don't email back and forth.  We don't even forward funny emails to each other.  We are acquaintences - that is it.

But I don't want to be her Facebook Friend.  So far I've just ignored the request.  But how should I respond when/if she asks about it?  People get their feelings hurt over the slightest things - if I tell her how much I dislike FaceBook and only want to be in contact with certain people.....well, you see how that could go and I have to work with her (not necessarily on a day to day basis; but still - she is in a department where I need to have a good ally - yup, so office politics come into play ::sigh:: you just can't win.).

Right now?  I am seriously thinking about shutting down the whole thing.  Starting over - under an assumed name and only contacting about 6 people - but of those 6 people - they know people and then I'll be found all over again!  It's a cult, I'm telling you!  You just can't win!

I really, really dislike FaceBook right about now.....

March 8, 2010

Feng Shui - Finally.

Oh the pressure! After all the comments looking forward to this post – now I’m scared that this will suck!.

I have been asked to do a post about Feng Shui. I can only give what little I know, as I just dabble; so if anyone out there knows more or can offer enlightenment please share.

So with the disclaimer out of the way….

Feng Shui is basically (very basically) the art of placement and much of it is just common sense (at least in the Western philosophy).

I was first introduced to Feng Shui a few years ago and found it intriguing and have been poking around with it ever since. It’s all about balance and creating a calm environment. Of course it gets much deeper than that once you start looking into baguas, “cures” and “enhancements.” Then of course, there are the various schools of Feng Shui – Black Hat, traditional, etc. And, of course, each school has different philosophies. So it can get very confusing.

The basic idea is to set up your environment in a way that promotes good energy (called “chi”). It also turns out that this directly tied to the way you decorate and arrange your home. When your home is uncluttered and flows easily then usually, your mind and spirit are also uncluttered and flows easily as well. The objective is to create harmony and balance; which involves practical solutions to everyday issues. Establishing a traffic patterns that make it easy and convenient to navigate through your home; furniture placement and eliminating clutter (this is the hardest part for me since I live with two clutter rats). Removing clutter from each area is a big cure. Apparently, clutter stagnates chi and you simply do not want stagnate chi.

There are cures and enhancements that you can use to help remedy problems in your home and your life. And again, depending on which school you are reading about, some of them can seem quite contradictory. Whenever you put a cure or enhancement in place it is very important that you have intent. When you use a cure or enhancement it shows that you are willing to take charge of your life and make changes. Some say that these cures work through the power of suggestion. That when you look at them you are reminded of your objective and are spurred on.

I mentioned an elephant inside the front door in an earlier post which prompted a few questions – which in turn prompted this post. The elephant is a “cure” (not sure if that is the correct term in this instance-maybe I mean symbol....). It is thought that if you place an elephant with a raised trunk inside your front door, on the floor, facing into the house with some coins on his back that he will usher in fortune, or, alternatively, if you place a crystal on his back that will aid in finding work. Of course, you must have the “intention” when you do this. (So it was with intent that I did this – because I want to win the lottery this week. That is my retirement plan so I need all the help I can get. Plus I like that this kind of stuff drives Hubby crazy. I can’t help it, it’s the devil in me)

A bagua is a tool used to help determine preferred locations for certain functions.

A bagua is a chart with nine boxes – with each box representing different areas of life.

Aligning the bottom of the grid with the same wall that includes the front door, visualize (or, if you are like me and have to see it all laid out, using a blueprint) each area of your home as being in each quadrant. Mine looks something like this:

Your front door will be in either the Knowledge, Career or Helpful People (or a combination of two) box.

Once you have divided your floorplan – you can then begin to work on the areas you feel you need assistance. For example, in the Wealth corner I keep live, healthy plants; one of which is bamboo – long a symbol of good luck, good fortune and prosperity. After doing some re-reading as research for this article, I can see that I need to do some more tweaking over there (which partly explains why my checking account is languishing). The idea is to have symbols of abundance in this area. Anything broken, dusty, etc. should be removed. Think about it like this – if it’s broke, then you probably are too.

In the Love & Marriage corner, I need to figure out how to place symbols of romance & love; which may be kind of tricky as that is part of my kitchen and backyard….but as pink quartz crystal is a strong symbol I could hang one in my window.

When thinking of feng shui symbols – we usually first think of those tied to the Chinese culture –which may clash with what you find beautiful and soothing (and aesthetically pleasing to the eye). But you do not have to use culture symbols that you don’t understand or that don’t appeal. You should use symbols that appeal to you – the stronger connection you have with the symbols you use the more powerful they are for you.

This has probably turned into my longest post yet. So, I’ll stop here. There are some fascinating websites that will explain it all in much more detail and much better than I could possibly hope to.

I’ll also have you know that this has been the most difficult post I’ve ever written. Usually, I know what I want to write about it; grab some quiet time and bang it out. This post actually involved research and digging into my notes – and I still feel that it is woefully inadequate – but if nothing else, it will satisfy some of your curiosity and give you a starting point if you have any interest in pursuing it.

March 5, 2010

I try soooooo hard!

Today, I spent all day working on a post (sssh! at work!) about Feng Shui since someone was interested after my mentioning it in passing and another made a comment.  It made me think that you guys might be interested in hearing about it, at least a little bit ('cause really?  It is interesting.  And, the added bonus?  If you have a Hubby like mine - it is fun to drive him crazy with the feng shui talk....okay, maybe that's just me!).

This was the first time I've "worked" at a post.  Usually, I have a topic in mind.  I sit down; bang it out and am done. [Yes, my friends - that is how this particular "genius" rolls....  ;-)  which may explain the total randomness.....] 

No, today I did "research."  I re-read my notes, looked stuff up on the internet, had diagrams, pictures, the whole nine yards.  I did all this for YOU!  And then I emailed it to myself (at my home email)  (so I could post from home; 'cause you know I work for big brother and they don't pay me to blog....although technically, I guess they did today....BUT they shouldn't be able to track it....).  And what happened??

I can't open the attachment.  Seriously?!  I have tried everything under the sun.  It will not open except as a garbled mess.  And the thing is - the Word I have at home is newer than the Word I have at work; so theoretically it should work!  Arrrrggghhh!

So you will just have to wait (and pray I don't forget - cause we all know that my memory isn't the best....and Monday is a looooong way away!)

In the meantime, it seems that I have acquired two new readers - so let's call them out for attention.  First up we have Heather who hails from Finland (apparently, I really appeal to those from other countries.  But that's okay - that gives me a reason to visit said countries!) and Cinderella (who is actually from America, it seems.  Surprise!  See?!  Some Americans seem to like me!).  I'm so glad that you two have taken the leap and decided to join me - as I've told others - it's random - you'll get used to it - maybe (although actually, truth be told even after all these years of living with me, I'm not used to my randomness yet!  Yeah, so good luck with that!)  But thanks for joining me on this journey!

March 4, 2010

So? Who are you?

I've noticed that I have accumulated quite a few new readers

Such as, "The Mad House," Amanda, "tishjett," Kristi, and Eyegirl..... (have I missed anyone?  I know I have - forgive me!)

These folks are my newest readers.  Bringing me up to 45 (where do you guys come from? I am eternally grateful, no matter how you came to be here!)

A couple of you have commented.  Thank you.

A couple of you haven't.  Why?  I'm curious.  I need to know - what drew you here and compelled you to follow; yet not comment? 

Obviously, if you've commented, I've hit a nerve.  If you haven't commented....what drew you here?

I've linked to those that I can - the others?  Well, obviously for whatever reason, I can't link.  The profiles will not let me get to them - so I can't read (and/or follow if the desire is there...and since there are no comments = no way to find you!) or link. 

I do love to check out new folks (although lately, I have been remiss....I'm sorry!!!  All I can say is that I tryb -but real life gets in the way!) but if I can't get to you....

Why is it that with some you can click on their "name" and go to their site and others you can't?

So seriously?  If you are here?  Please let me know so I can get to know you.

Can you feel the love?


There are no other words.  I am humbled.

WildernessChic has deemed me (yes, I know. ME?!) worthy of the Happy Cupcake Award. 

From what I can discern, the only rules are that I have to list ten things that make me happy.  Easy-peasy.

1.  My little family, of course (although they also have the ability to drive me crazy.....)
2.  Shoes (no explanation needed for those that know me....)
3.  Sunshine (I am positive I suffer from SAD!  Sunshine makes me happier than I can possibly explain.)
4.  Having my nails "done" (whether by me or by a professional - pretty fingers just make me smile)
5.  Weekends (especially productive ones!)
6.  My lists (especially crossing stuff off them!)
7.  My new laptop (yes, we've finally bonded.)
8.  Chardonnay (because, seriously?! How can Chardonnay NOT make you happy?)
9.  My Blackberry (because - the internet, anywhere anytime?  Can you beat that?)
10.  And you, my very dear blogg-y friends.  You are awesome!  For this reason - this award is for all of you; because you ROCK!

The fabulous muummmmeeeeee...... at No Wine On Wednesdays has also awarded me with the Sunshine & Laughter medal.  Apparently, the rules are the same.  So; see above (because, seriously?  Twenty things that make me happy in one sitting......ain't happening!)

If you haven't visited these two wonderful ladies . . . what is wrong with you?  Get over to their sites immediately and you will love them as much as I do!  Promise!

March 3, 2010

Check List and other ramble-y bits

Golden Mountain (feng shui-stuff) set up outside front door.  Check

Elephant inside front door (more feng shui).  Check.  (now I just sit back and wait to hit the lottery!)

Nails done in the hot new fabulous shade (not the Chanel one that everyone is talking about unfortunately - but still really fabulous!).  Check.

Boys off to the gym for a few hours so I can sit here blogging and reading blogs. (hey! In my opinion - blogging IS working out!  What with all the typing and scrolling my fingers are looking HOT!!!  Especially since they've got that nice new manicure!)  Check.


An update on my hellish dealings with eBay.  They still suck.  Yes folks, here it is March and I am still fighting with these people.  Seriously?!?!  Like I don't have anything better to do than get into email-arguments with you on a daily basis?  What you don't realize eBay is that you are arguing with ME.  I will NOT give in or give up (just ask Hubby!).  You WILL succumb to my wishes sooner or later!

An update on my friend who is contemplating divorce.  He is out of the house for the moment.  If you knew her you would realize what an accomplishment this is - the things he has gotten away with over the years..... They have an appointment with a counselor next week.  Maybe they will work things out.  Maybe.  If he is willing to make some MAJOR changes (which, at this point, I don't see.  I know he will change for a few weeks - he's done that in the past before reverting back to his old ways).  But she is standing firm that he cannot come home until the changes have been made and he has lived by them for a while.  I understand that he has a lease on an apartment for the next three months.  We'll see what happens.  As for her?  Well, this is the happiest (and the best) I've seen here in a long, long time.  This is also the happiest I've seen the children in a long, long time....

As for my other friend that got the divorce but is hiding it from everyone?  I haven't heard from her directly lately.  Oh, I've received a few forwards and seen a few things on FaceBook - but no direct contact.  I am assuming that she and her husband are still living as if they are married and that things are going well.  I really should call her - but am reluctant because the whole thing just smells funny to me and I really don't want to be involved anymore than I already am....

So that's about it on the updates (unless there is something you want me to follow up on?  If so - let me know....).


Is the title typed up before I hit "post?" Check.

March 2, 2010

My "AHA Moment" about Twitter

So there I was following tweets.  (Despite my silence on Twitter - those of you I follow should know that I am religious about reading your tweets!  Really!  All eight of you!).
A couple of times I almost tweeted.

But, I deleted them.  Why?

Because I think too much about what I'm going to write.  And I only have so many characters (what? 149?) to express myself.

I almost tweeted: "What!  Do these boys think they LIVE here or something?" out of my sheer frustration that Hubby is up, listening to (and singing along with) music (loudly I might add!) - which is seriously interfering with my train of thought.  But then I thought about how that might sound to someone.  Yes, he does live here (sorry had to come back and do edits; otherwise it would have read: Yes, he does live.  Which in reality, would have been TOO funny! Am telling you now - I over-analyze!).  And he has every right to be up (and alive) (particularly since it's only 8:00 pm - although usually he's out on the couch by now....) and listening to music (especially since he's listening to something I like...) and singing along if he likes.  It makes me sound like I don't want him to be here.  Which isn't true.  And that Man-Child is rattling around upstairs like a bull in a china shop (I swear every time I head upstairs I expect to see mass destruction!  How can one person make SO much noise?) (and is also interfering with my train of thought!)

Or the other Tweet I almost posted and then deleted.  It had something to do about this damn snow.  But then I thought about those just a bit north who have had it soooooooooo much worse and those who still don't have power after the last snow "event."  How insensitive of me!

Being limited to how many words I have to express myself should be a challenge.  But it's not.

It frustrates me.

I want to be able to make sure that whoever is reading what I am writing gets the whole thing.  Not just a nibble (this may explain why any letters [and this blog for that matter....] I write go on for so long......).  I worry that people will read my tweets and think - oh, what is she complaining about now?  Or - oh no!  Something must really be bothering her! Or, oh boy! Her life is all roses!

I want people to realize the whole story - not just that moment in time.

Apparently, I just don't have the ability to tweet.  And that is the sad fact.  I over-analyze every word that I put out there (be it good or bad).

So fellow Twitterers (is that right?) please bear with my random, odd-ball tweets (i.e. -  Forecast: snow flurries - no accumulation. Reality: Snowing & accumulating like crazy. ::sigh::) (my tweet for the day).  It's all I could bear to put out there after over-analyzing it too death.  But continue to tweet away.  I'm reading and commenting where appropriate.  And I enjoy seeing what you have to say!


And as an FYI, hubby is finally asleep (at 8:33 pm on the couch) and the radio is silent!  Ahh bliss! (and yes, Hubby is still alive; I don't know how much longer Man-Child has though as he is currently torturing me with a bamboo stick - seriously???  How old is he?)