May 25, 2019

Adulthood - where some days it's nothing but aggravation and unexpectedly shelling out money

That title?  It is the lesson Man-Child has learned in spades in the past few weeks.

He had his oil changed and the car people so "helpfully" informed him that he needs four tires and that his shocks need changing to the tune of way more money than he has to spend.  "Why were they even looking at those things?  I just wanted to have my oil changed!" he fumed.

His father calmed him down by saying the shocks could wait and so could three of those tires - but he needed to replace the one immediately.  Has he done so, as of today?  That would be no.

Then he went to change the registration from us to him.  His dad did something wrong when transferring the title, so they told him he had to fill out another form, have it notarized and come back, which he did.  Only to be told that he was missing the "explanation" for what had happened; this despite the fact that what happened was clearly evident in the paperwork that he did have.  The upshot?  The Husband has to write up an explanation of what he did wrong; have it notarized and then Man-Child has to go back to the DMV; totally aggravating.

After he called his dad and vented to him; he called me to vent to me.  Which is when I relayed what happened when we first moved here.  The DMV spelled The Husband's first name wrong.  Well, technically, it's a name that can be spelled both ways but the version they went with does not match his birth certificate.  When he pointed out the error, he was told - and I quote - "It would be easier for you to go to the courthouse and have your name legally changed."

As an aside, can I tell you the absolute grief this has caused at various times for the past twenty two years?

And then, this morning - The Husband received a call from Man-Child.  His car key snapped off the fob.  His only key.

Another tidbit about this particular key - it's already been broken once before in the past two years or so.  Heads up Honda; you might want to take a critical look at the design of your keys.

I drove out to his place to pick him and the pieces up, as it were, to take him to the dealership.  Where the first guy we spoke to informed us that we would have to have the car towed to the dealership to have this dealt with; luckily, the older guy was within earshot and was able to help us come up with a solution - to the tune of $60.  Which was WAY better than towing the car and having to spend however many gazillions of dollars to fix the key only for them to tell us that, oh by the way, his whatzit is bad and needs to be replaced and also the widget has died.

Around about this point, I looked at Man-Child and said, "This is adulthood.  Aggravation.  But you can't let it ruin your day.  Besides, be glad that key broke today; if it had snapped tomorrow, you would have been out of luck as they would have been closed."  He agreed and we went to lunch at one of his favorite places.

When I asked him how he planned to spend his afternoon, he told me that it wouldn't include driving the car; because he just knew that all four tires would explode.  Fair point.  Some days, it does seem like that.

Now, hopefully, he'll get that one tire changed before he has to call me from the side of the road...

May 23, 2019

Can you say FIVE day weekend? And a bunch of other stuff.

The company I work for generously gives us both Friday and Monday off for Memorial Day.  Wisely, I decided to take one of my vacation days today to give myself a week of vacation.

I really want to complain - at length - about a co-worker.  But, I can't in the event someone finds this post and puts the pieces together.  So I won't.  Just know this - this person is incompetent and in over their head; it's only a matter of time before something explodes.

I know, if it were me, I would not want to be in that position - and no matter what they were paying me would not be enough to keep me in a job where I knew I was failing.

So, having gotten that much out, I can move on to other subjects.

Of which I have none.  Oh, wait!  Yes, I do.

At any rate, I am headed into a five day weekend and hoping to get some more things done around here.  I would love to get Man-Child here to finish weeding through the detritus in his old room and to take everything else away.  He is dragging his feet on this process.  I think what he would prefer is that we keep everything here - this is not going to happen - it will all go, one way or another.

Remember the front door debacle?  Yes, the one that has been going on for almost a year now - this morning found me down at the local building supply company (which is only open during the week - WHY?!  People like me NEED you to be open on weekends!  At the very least, on Saturdays).  While they don't install doors, they can give me a recommendation.  They will also come and measure - now, if I order the door from them I know I will pay way more than I want.  But I also know that if they measure and order and the door doesn't fit, they will have to eat that cost.  The Husband kind of balked at the price but he also agreed that he doesn't really trust the other big box store to get it right either.  So The Husband and I are currently in "negotiations" mainly because we don't need a new door (in his opinion); and theoretically. he's correct.  But, in my opinion, we do need a new door because our living room is a black, depressing hole - and who wants to live like that?  Not me.

After having lunch with The Husband - a treat on a weekday, as we work too far apart for this to occur on a regular basis - he asked what I had planned for the afternoon.  Considering that the day, up to then, had been mild and cloudy I reckoned that I would attack the weeds in the juniper - to be honest this juniper vexes me almost as much as that damned blackberry bush, which I am still fighting but (knock wood) that I seem to be slowly conquering (as long as I stay on top of it).

We actually have two beds (maybe three, but that side of the yard barely registers on my To Do list as it gets very little sun and isn't that visible) of juniper.  One is up against the house - along with some random plants - and this particular bed doesn't bother me as much as the one on the slope near the road.  Why?  Because this bed - which quite possibly also has snakes and other vermin lurking underneath, doesn't require me to wade into it much.  For the most part, I can deal with the weeds from the sidewalk.

And the bed down near the road?  It would require me to wade ALL the way into it.  And The Husband had informed me that he had actually witnessed a snake sliding into it.  So, despite the fact that the bed on that slope desperately needed weeding, I just couldn't make myself go there; despite my heavy, rubber rain boots.  So, I attacked the "easier" bed.  What I wasn't anticipating?

That the clouds would part and that the humidity would rise.  And that there were more weeds in that bed than I initially thought.  *sigh*

While in the middle of this task, The Husband came home from work and realized that I was afraid of that other bed and very thoughtfully arranged for someone to come in to deal with the bed down by the road next week.  He had promised to do it for me but has somehow pinched a nerve in his back and is pretty much down for the count for any heavy labor at the moment.

So all I have to do now is close my eyes when looking at that stupid bed for the next week.  I truly wish I knew someone with a backhoe because I would bribe them to come over and rip out all of that juniper.

Considering it's supposed to get hot and sunny this weekend, I'm thinking I'm done with weeding for this weekend.

I know there was something else I wanted to mention...*thinking*  *hmmm, nothing ringing a bell...*


Have you heard of Erase Your Face?  Basically, it's a cleansing cloth that removes your makeup with only water and are chemical free (they say - apparently, it has something to do with the the amount of fibers) and is completely reusable.  I've been hearing about these for a while and have been skeptical.  But I ran across them at Bed Bath & Beyond a few weeks ago.  Seeing as they were only around ten dollars, I figured I'd give them a try.

Surprisingly, they work!  Now, I do have to say, with mascara (not waterproof) you have to REALLY rub your eyes - and being a woman of a certain age this is NOT something I want to do.  So generally, I use cold cream to gently remove the mascara and then use the cloth.

So, how do I know they work?  My litmus test...

White towels.

Whenever I dry my face after using the cloth - the towels remain white.  When I use my normal face wash inevitably a bit of makeup residue would transfer to the white towels - which honestly?  Would irritate me to no end.  I bought a product to remove makeup; but yet the product didn't remove ALL the makeup - and?  Nine times out of ten I had to use cold cream anyway.

If you've been wondering about this product, try it and let me know what you think.

Usual disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post.  I bought it, tried it and liked it.


In the latest edition, What is Blooming in Gigi's Yard Now - this week we find Asiatic Lilies!

So very pretty.  Sadly, they are pretty short lived - kind of like that peony.  Next up are the day lilies.  Which, to be honest, I'm kinda MEH about.  Sure, they look great for a hot second and then they are scraggly.  And, they really need to be divided - but I'm thinking I'd rather remove them and replace with another perennial (because let's be honest, I am NOT going to baby annuals), flowering something.  Any ideas?

Now, to paraphrase my last sign to pop some ibuprofen, in anticipation of the sore muscles tomorrow from all that weeding. 

May 18, 2019

Today's News Report

We all know what happens when the guys are out of town - either a LOT gets done or a lot of nothing gets done.  Today a LOT got done; so much so that I'm thinking tomorrow will just be a sit back and chill day.  We shall see.

We all also know that when the guys are away, the odds that I will have two, consecutive posts are much higher.  What with no one here to interrupt talk to me or ask me to find whatever it is that is always right under their nose...  Surely, I'm not the only one whose family does this.  It's literally right there!  But they can't see it.  *sigh*

I have been hankering for a portable garment steamer for a while now; so today I bought one.  We shall see whether it stays or goes back.  The idea of releasing wrinkles from clothing without having to haul out the ironing board, etc. makes me happy but only if it does what it claims.  I have a feeling though that the holiday napkins will only look right with a proper ironing.  But maybe, just maybe, this might be the answer to the "ironing a tablecloth" dilemma...only time will tell.  According to the cashier at Bed Bath & Beyond, I have up to a year to decide as long as I hold on to my receipt; which means it will be Thanksgiving, most likely, before I make up my mind.

And speaking of napkins, after reading Life of a Doctor's Wife's post yesterday - which included a link to an old post from Swistle - I decided to up my game in breaking The Husband's addiction to paper towels/napkins.  While I wait for Part 2 of Suzanne's review of Reusable Paper Towels, I decided to bring in some cloth napkins - not crisp, white, holiday napkins.  But just every day napkins - that, hopefully, I will learn to live with the wrinkles -  as I certainly don't want to burden myself with ironing napkins every damn week.  So while at the BB&B, I sourced some pretty napkins - that will *sigh* have to reside on the counter where the paper towels usually sit.  I have moved the paper towels to a less convenient location.

Bright and cheery colors!

The napkin basket that will need to reside on
my counter until he is trained *sigh*

In addition, I plan to re-instate the use of dish cloths in place of paper towels.  Way back, when we were first married, we used dish cloths all the time.  My disgust with his habit of leaving a sopping wet dish cloth laying in the sink is what prompted the banishment of dish cloths.  Now, I am going to teach this old dog a new trick - wringing out the damn dish cloth.

I would also like to report that ALL the bed linens got washed today, as did the usual loads (yes, before you ask, sheets are part of the usual loads.  Blankets and duvet, not as much), up to and including the duvet.  I'm being honest here - I DESPISE washing the duvet; as putting it back on usually makes me curse and come close to angry tears; so I usually put it off.  I am happy to report that this was not an issue today.  Maybe, just maybe, I have figured out the best technique?  We shall see.

I am also anticipating that tomorrow will be an ache-y day.  Why?  Because my back porch was utterly disgusting.  So I hauled out the pressure washer that Man-Child so kindly gifted to me at Christmas.  Can I reiterate here how much I love this thing?!  Yes, it's kind of a pain to set up and tear down; but I'm finding the more I use it, the more adept I am at doing so...kinda like the stupid duvet. At any rate, I hauled it out and around to the back porch and cleaned off all the gross spindles, etc.  Note to self:  next time?  Sweep the floor first.  Guess what happens when the grossness of the spindles mixes with the pollen on the floor?  If you guessed gross, goopy mess; you would be right.  So I shall wait for the floor to dry and sweep tomorrow.  Today I just used water and while it was effective - considering that it appears this porch has never been properly cleaned, I'm thinking the next go around needs to have some sort of cleaning solution added in to the some strapping guys with muscles around to haul everything out onto the patio.

I briefly considered cleaning out The Husband's spice cabinet - before deciding that no, I really don't want him to leave me.

*sigh* all the crap on the counter!
And seriously, who needs this many spices?!

Despite the fact that is wasted, in my opinion, valuable storage - I closed those doors and turned my sights to the "Tupperware" cabinet (let's not even get into the fact that there is no actual Tupperware in there).  From there I weeded out all the items that had no lids...and the random lids that had no mates.  I also unearthed a few of Man-Child's things - if he doesn't take them to his apartment tomorrow they are headed for Goodwill.

Speaking of Goodwill, I also filled up two banker's boxes full of stuff which is destined to land there tomorrow morning.  There *might* be a few kitchen items that The Husband will never miss included...yes, I'm looking at you tortilla warmer that's never, ever been used.

So tell me; why am I so much more productive when it's just me, myself and I?  Probably because I have no one here to question what I am doing or why I am doing it.

And before I forget...Man-Child and I actually got a half decent picture for Mother's Day...

I love this kiddo so much!

Now?  Now I'm off to pop some ibuprofen in anticipation of tomorrow.

May 17, 2019

Life lately

Oh hey! Hi!  Yes, it has been about three weeks since my last post - why are you surprised?  Life has a way of intruding.

And by "life" I mean nothing worth sharing.  Wait...I take that back.  Surely, there were some blog worthy moments/events/thoughts - but just too much of it all at once with not enough time to stop and record my thoughts and reactions.

So this post?  This post will live up to the blog's name - random, at its finest (or boring-est - you decide).

Spring has sprung!  Well, kinda.  The past few mornings have been WAY more chilly than they should have been; so much so that I may have had to use the heater in my car in the mornings; but yet I'm hearing that this weekend we will skyrocket up to 90 degrees; it's way too early for that nonsense.

But things are blooming!  Which means there is much eye-watering, sneezing, etc. happening.  Speaking of blooms, I happened to snap this photo a few weeks ago and shared it to my neglected, fairly unused Instagram account.

My peony in action!

As the blooms started to drop almost immediately afterward, I lamented to The Husband that it is such a shame that these blooms are so short lived.  He told me to take a picture and have it framed.  At first, I scoffed - because what with my mad, photography "skills" - hah!  But on a whim, I uploaded the photo to CVS and began to play with it.  I made a few minor tweaks with their editing tools and ended up with this...

A frame-worthy shot that will now remind me daily of just how much I love my peony while it's in bloom.  And look at that - who would have thunk that *I* could have a piece of "art" in my home that *I* inexplicably created?  I love it and smile every time I see it.

In other news, about a week or so ago; in a fit of frustration I threw some of my house plants out on the back porch because they were looking so bleak from the lack of sun; despite the fact that the nights were probably still too cold for them.  Only to be rewarded with this...

Those ceramic mushroom things?  Absolutely love them!
I keep them in the pots because they will shatter over the winter
if I leave them in the ground.

Yes, I know.  That IS the saddest looking shamrock that has ever lived.  BUT, two weeks ago there was only one, half dead stalk.  I just *knew* the darn thing was done for...but no, apparently there is still some life in there somewhere.  If it follows last year's pattern then by the end of summer this pot will be overflowing with shamrocks and white flowers.  I don't know if it would survive being left out during the winter, so I bring it in and watch it wilt away to nothing.  Maybe this year I'll take a chance and see what happens if it's left out.  And will feel completely guilty if it dies - because a friend of mine gave me this plant and every time I look at it, I think of her...even when it's at it's worst.

And in even more other news, the guys headed out this afternoon for a boy's fishing weekend; there was also talk of cigars and bourbon; which I am going to pretend I didn't hear.  We all know how much I appreciate a quiet weekend alone; but I will be ready for them to come home on Sunday I'm sure.  Stuff will either get done or it won't - that's usually the case - either a lot gets done or lots of nothing will be done; so we shall see. 

In an effort to show you just how quiet office life has been; (oh sure, we had our moments this week, but for the most part it's been dead.) today I decided to wade into my personal email and weed out things.  I wasn't quite brave enough to hit the Mass Delete button so I  would select all the emails on the first page and scroll through to see if there was anything I needed to keep; and repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat through nearly 2,000 emails!  Needless to say, this "project" kept me busy for a couple of hours.  Want to know how many I kept?  About three!  Which I promptly filed away in their relevant folders.  Then I repeated the process with my blog email.  Until I got to the "promotions" and "social" folders (these emails don't pop up in my inbox) - with those I hit the Mass Delete button.  And just like *snaps fingers* that all those emails are gone.  Can I tell you how fabulous it feels to have zero emails in those inboxes (until tomorrow)?  It's amazing!  I did try to unsubscribe from repeat offenders as I went through the process; whatever I missed this time around, I will try to get as they come in.

As you can see, the effort to cut clutter is everywhere.  Next up?  The kitchen counter which The Husband has once again taken over. *sigh*