June 23, 2016

Procrastination at it's finest...

I have taken procrastination to the nth degree.  I am not proud of this...but I share this story only as a cautionary tale to you, dear reader.

Today, a co-worker commented on my wedding rings.  In fact, her very words were, "I've never seen you wear that ring before..."

She was talking about my wedding rings.

Here's the deal.  About a week ago, I went to the jeweler as I needed to have a necklace fixed.  On a whim, I grabbed my rings and took them along.  Upon arriving at the jeweler's I told them to fix the necklace (a quick and easy fix, I figured) and asked them to call me with an estimate to fix the rings (a very expensive fix, I assumed).

Fast forward to a few days ago - I received a call from the jeweler to inform me that my "items" were ready.  WHAT?!  No call about an estimate?  I drove to the jeweler's in a snit - ready to argue the charge for fixing the rings.

Upon arrival, they apologized for the oversight and offered me a price too good to be true that I folded and just paid for it.

And then today, when the co-worker commented on my rings, I realized...those rings that had been languishing in my jewelry box for over ELEVEN years!

Yes, you read that right.  ELEVEN years!  

Right after I joined the Legal Department, one of my diamonds went missing; which explains why my co-worker had never seen them.  Granted, a small diamond, but still...

I tucked those rings away for safekeeping until I had the opportunity to get to the jewelry store.  In the meantime, I wore the anniversary band that The Husband gave me to commemorate our ten year anniversary.  It is a beautiful band that incorporates my birthstone interspersed with diamonds.  A band that I couldn't wear with my wedding rings because of their unusual shape.  To be honest, I was kinda happy that this band got some "show time."

Cue to today, when my co-worker commented on my rings,,,and that when it hit me...it's been ELEVEN years since I've worn my wedding rings.  ELEVEN years!!

HOW the hell did I allow THAT to happen?!

One of these days, I'm actually going to get my life in order.  One of these days...

June 20, 2016

Man-Child...a source of constant worry.

After such a dry spell, what are the odds that Man-Child would be the source of yet another post?  Three in a row - what a streak!

Not this past weekend, but the previous one, found me driving up the mountain to get a glimpse of my boy.  This summer has found him in school and working thus leaving precious little family time.  We spent the day together and all was well.  As I left, I reminded him that this past weekend was Father's Day and that he should really make an attempt to come home to celebrate.  He agreed and a plan was set.

The following Monday, The Husband was chatting with him and it was revealed that Man-Child wasn't feeling very well.  A joke was made that the last time I went to see him Man-Child was ill after I left; turned out allergies were to blame, if I recall.

Carrying the joke just a bit further - that same weekend I had visited with a friend - who complained to The Husband when he dropped by to see the progress her husband was making on the wall that he was installing, that she wasn't feeling well...luckily her issues turned out to be allergy related.  Phew...I don't need any reason for everyone to think I'm the bearer of the plague.

Fast forward to last Thursday, when I received a phone call from Man-Child.  He was just leaving the student health clinic - that's when I knew this must be pretty bad.  He never goes there unless he has to (we can all take a moment to thank his father for this particular trait.  Okay, okay - I admit I might have the same trait but not to the same extent as these two).  The clinic announced that he had "bacterial pustules" on this throat and sent him away with an antibiotic.  I clucked over him and told him to start the medication and pain relievers immediately and to get some rest.

He was supposed to work on Friday so I wasn't expecting to see him until I woke up on Saturday - as he had planned to drive in after he got off work; meaning I would be sound asleep by the time he arrived.

Imagine my surprise when I drove up to the house after work on Friday to find his car at the house.  Apparently, he was in enough pain that he used the note the clinic gave him to get out of work.  Clue one that something was going on.

Clue two?  His eyes.  You know how when your little ones are really sick their eyes tell the truth?  I could tell he really, really didn't feel well.  When asked if he felt any better, he said, "a little."  I thought, "Okay, it's taking a little while for the antibiotics to kick in...let's give it a little more time."

Clue three?  He went to bed early.

On Saturday, he slept in.  Once he finally got up, he and I took a run into town to find a suitable Father's Day gift (yes, I have been procrastinating again).  Upon returning home a couple hours later, he went to take a very long nap.  Our original plan had been to take The Husband out to eat on Saturday and let him break in his new charcoal grill on Sunday.  Considering how bad Man-Child was feeling we decided to go out to eat on Sunday and plan to christen the grill another day.

By Sunday, I felt that surely there would be some improvement...particularly since Man-Child took to his bed fairly early again on Saturday night.

Come Sunday, I thought he looked a little better and he didn't seem to complain much.  We went out to lunch and I noticed he was only picking at his food and his eyes had "that look" again.  Usually, especially at this particular restaurant, he absolutely DEVOURS his food in record time and is eyeballing my plate with naked interest.

After getting back home, he took another nap.  After sleeping for a few hours, as I was reading on the back porch, I heard him and The Husband using loud voices.  I came in to see what was going on - apparently, The Husband was trying to talk Man-Child into staying since he still felt so ill.  And Man-Child was frustrated that he still didn't feel better and was feeling the need to get back to school for class and work today.

In a flash, I remembered that our doctor's practice has an after hours clinic on weekends.  How I remembered that, I'll never know as we haven't had to use the clinic for years now.  I asked Man-Child if he wanted to see the doctor before he went back and he agreed.  That was when I knew - without a shadow of a doubt - that this kid was sick, sick.

He insisted on following me to the clinic as he was planning on driving back up the mountain afterward.

At the clinic he was not to pleased that upon hearing about his sore throat they made him put on a mask.  Luckily, the clinic was not crowded.  We were in the waiting room for only about five minutes before being called back.  And then another five minutes before the doctor came in.  A miracle to be sure.  Maybe that's the trick - show up at the clinic an hour before they close...

The doctor was great.  Very thorough.  She talked with us and listened.  She examined Man-Child and announced that she wanted to take his blood.  She mentioned that the results would be back in just a few minutes.

True to her word, she came back to the examining room and announced that Man-Child has mono.  Ugghh!

As I mentioned in one of the previous posts - Man-Child is smack in the middle of a lot of stuff...finishing classes this summer and planning on student teaching this fall.  Not to mention, he's been trying to pick up as many hours as he can this summer.

The doctor stopped short of telling him to take the summer off - but stressed that this a viral issue.  Which basically means that we just have to wait it out.  And that the harder he pushes himself the longer it will take to work through.

She prescribed several things to help deal with the pain.  After spending an interminable time at the pharmacy, I felt sure he would wind up following me home.  He didn't.  He insisted on driving the two hours back up the mountain.  *sigh*  Stubborn boy.

I texted him this morning to see how he was feeling.  He responded with "meh"  which I assume is better than "arrgggh!"  Apparently, between the "magic mouthwash" and pain pills she prescribed he was feeling just a tiny bit better.  But not enough to attend classes or go to work, according to our most recent texts.

Why, oh why do they get sick when they can't be home?  Where I can make sure he is resting, eating all while monitoring his eyes?

June 14, 2016

Adult life lessons - apparently, they don't end at twenty-one.

It's been a while since Man-Child has provided blog fodder.  It's about time he coughed up something!

At the end of last month, Man-Child told me he needed to get a physical before he could student teach and asked me to set up an appointment for him, which I promptly took care of,while reminding him that he needed to take the new insurance card with him and asked if he had the updated one.  He assured me that he had it and would make sure to bring it with him.

He then promptly re-scheduled the appointment I had made. *sigh*  Lesson learned, next time, I'm going to have him schedule the appointment himself.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago when we received a bill from the doctor's office for nearly $600.00. Needless to say, The Husband freaked out.  Actually, "freaked out" is an EPIC understatement. Perusing the bill, it seems that they didn't file a claim with our insurance - which was odd as they always have in the past.

Considering his outburst, it was no surprise when he asked me to follow up on this before he left for work this morning.

Oh joy...my favorite thing to do - deal with issues via the telephone.

So when I got to work, I got all my other dreaded tasks dealt with first.  Anything to keep from calling and arguing with the doctor's office about this bill.  Then I spent some time visiting with a co-worker.  And then, when there was no other menial, piddling little task left to waste my time with, I bit the bullet and called.

I spoke with Amy.  She was calm and sweet, which to be honest, in this day and age is a rare find when calling to dispute something.  I explained that we had received this bill and that it didn't seem that any claim had been filed.

She looked at whatever she was looking at on her end and informed me that Man-Child had in fact brought his insurance card...

His dental insurance card. *sigh*

Which will be deemed MY fault by the young master since I didn't specify which card to use.  Despite the fact that the dental card clearly says Dental on it and the health card clearly says Health on it.

She said that I could email her the health card and that should fix the problem.  Yay!

On the other hand, we have this semi-adult.  One that is excelling in his college career.  One that is about to be released into the world.  One that has been making sure his rent and bills are paid on time (granted using our money, but still...). To stand on his own two feet and take the world by the tail.  But I can't trust him decipher between which insurance card should be used when without being specific. *sigh*

Obviously, our "teachable" moments aren't over yet.

June 1, 2016

A Man-Child Update

I haven't spoken about Man-Child much lately here - mainly because he hasn't been around a lot lately and, to a lesser extent, because I haven't felt comfortable sharing about his life now that he is older.

BUT...I figured it was time to share some of his recent accomplishments (yes, I might be biased but I am one proud mom).

Man-Child is THIS close to graduating college.  He has to finish up some classes this summer and then he moves on to Student Teaching this fall and will graduate in December..  He majored in Physical Education and hopes to coach one day (preferably football, of course).

He has recently received his placement for his Student Teaching at a local elementary school less than three minutes from home (apparently, I will be the only person in this house with an actual "commute." I put it in quotes because even though I drive the farthest, compared to Houston the commute is laughable).  The only better placement he could have hoped for was the local high school (he was praying that he wouldn't get a middle school assignment - and I don't blame him).  My friend, with young children tells me the only better placement would have been at his old elementary school - two minutes away (where her children go now).  So basically, he will be spending his days playing with kids.

Seeing as he's always done well with younger kids, I think he will be fine.  In fact, after the one semester he taught at the elementary school where he goes to school was over last year he told me, "Mom, I'm really going to miss these kids - they are so awesome!"

With a teacher that caring, I can only imagine that they miss him too.

As you can imagine, I can't wait for fall to hurry up and get here so that he will be home and so I can get started on that backyard.

He has a girlfriend that makes him happy.  That's all I will say on that subject.

All in all, Man-Child is doing well, happy and will be home soon - as a mom you can't ask for more than that, right?

*I KNOW!  Two posts in two days?  Miraculous.*