May 27, 2018

Let's see what's blooming....

Today I did minimal yard work - this means I had three small goals and I completed them.  Then took a trip around the yard to see how things are looking.

First up...

Front porch - alas, the door has not been replaced yet...still debating whether or
not to remove the storm door.

My neighbor alerted me to the fact that these lovely planters were going for $5.00 each at the local Food Lion.  I was lucky enough to snag two of the last four.  Ignore that random planter of (cilantro? And my finger - whoever said I was a photographer was a liar.) whatever to the right. 

The front porch is actually brimming with activity right now, as off camera, there are pots that contain a few tomato plants, basil, oregano and peppermint (I've heard it wards off wasps...I'm beginning to have my doubts).  The back porch is also busy as it is hosting most of my container plants (sorry, no photos) that have been languishing in the house over winter.  They are beginning to make a come back from the lack of sunlight this house sorely does not provide.

My plan for these planters on the front porch was to raise them - so I went in search of planters today.  I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for but I did find these...they are actually inverted bathroom trashcans and they seem to fit the bill.  I think if I painted them to match the pots they'd work even better.

Next up was to plant a hydrangea.  We have this one weird, unfinished bed on the side of the house.  My plan was to plant something in memory of my friend and then finish off the bed with some hostas or something.  Today I bought a beautiful hydrangea - carted it around in my hot car for several hours before planting it.

Poor, sad, wilted hydrangea.  Also, I still need to finish the bed and add mulch. 
To no one's great surprise, my finger makes it's way into the shot again. *sigh*
The heart-shaped stone next to it has a phrase about remembering those
we've lost.

My last goal today, was to remove an invasive vine near the mailbox - no pictures of this event.  I was able to loosen the GINORMOUS root ball but was unable to remove it by myself.  This required brute strength.  So The Husband stepped in, flexed his muscles and pulled it out for me.

Then I took a stroll around the yard.  Last fall, in the big bed, we laid cardboard down and covered it with mulch.  Then earlier this year I learned about Preen and used that in the bed.  Between the cardboard and Preen the big bed has been pretty much weed (AND blackberry!) free!!  I will put out some more Preen next month and continue to monitor the situation.  Although, the lamb's ear seems to be peeking out and I thought, I'd removed it all.  It's not a plant that I care for - especially since I've discovered how invasive it can be.

Of course, by now, my peony has spent all of it's blooms but I did grab a picture during it's blooming glory.

I also managed to snag a photo when the roses and irises were in bloom...

SO happy about those irises - they were transplanted from the shady side of the yard.
I've heard I should be deadheading those roses - but the enormity of the task is

The transplanted hostas are also very happy in their new locations....

Earlier this spring - and yes, we need to mulch
This one is REALLY happy!
The hydrangea that we cut to the ground earlier this year is thriving...

Although, it seems this one is more of a "lace cap"
than a mop head, sadly.  It is also too close to the
camellia and we should probably move it - where,
I don't know.
The daylilies are also happy - and while I don't love them, I'm not sure what I could use to replace them.

I do know that they do need to be divided though.  Again, something I'm not
willing to do in this heat and humidity.
This yard has come a LONG way since we moved in.  There is still much to do (I'm looking at you, front yard!) but I am so pleased with the results we've seen so far.

May 20, 2018

I procrastinated again...

This weekend I have put off most of my "weekend chores" much to my current dismay.

Instead of lounging around watching Netflix as I normally would about this time on a Sunday evening, I am sitting here waiting.  Waiting for the clothes to dry, for my fingernails to dry, my toenails to dry and my hair to dry.  The only thing that I'm not waiting to dry is that load in the washing machine - but eventually, I'll be waiting for that to dry too.  *sigh*

I wish I could say I put off all my chores to do something fun and exciting.  No, instead I faffed around on the internet, mainly doing jigsaw puzzles online - which, much to my detriment, I've just learned was a thing.  In my defense, these types of puzzles are good for your brain - so technically, it wasn't a COMPLETE waste of time yes it was.

In other news, yesterday we finally ordered a new front door.  I've been putting off that decision because I couldn't figure out what color I wanted to paint it.  Initially, I wanted to paint it black to match the shutters.  But then it dawned on me, I have been slowly replacing all the door hardware to oil rubbed bronze.  Oil rubbed bronze would be lost on a black door.  Man-Child also opined that a bit of color would be nice.

Currently, we DO have color - but I hate it.

For some reason, ALL the exterior doors are painted this ugly burgundy color.  So I began searching for the perfect color for the front door (all other exterior doors will be painted black).  That was the major holdup as I already knew exactly what door I wanted.  I was in love with this Craftsman-inspired door.

The windows will bring some much needed light to our very dark living room.

The problem with finding the right color?  Our siding has a green undertone - yuck.  I'm not overly fond of green.  But I have finally hit upon THE perfect color - this lovely bluish green color.

Blue Lava
So I didn't completely waste this weekend - I found the color and ordered the door.  Now we wait (more waiting!!).  According to Lowe's we need to "allow" 21 days for the door to be ready (and they aren't even painting it!).  Then after they install we need to wait for the painter.  *sigh* So much for instant gratification.

And there went the dryer alarm...finally, we are getting something done around here.

May 11, 2018

A Surprise for an Early Mother's Day

Today the Mailroom dropped off these beauties...

Another crappy photo full of random desk stuff....
I never claimed to be a photographer.

Man-Child had sent me flowers as an early Mother's Day gift.  He knew that I have been struggling lately - between my late friend (we are still trying to work through this; it's harder than I would have imagined) and a few issues at work (the "attorney" that I want to throttle on a daily basis) - and wanted to brighten my day.  It worked.

AND The Husband actually took the initiative and made reservations for Sunday.  This is a HUGE departure from badgering me about where I want to go (along with the whole "we need to go early because Mother's Day is SO busy" spiel) that I usually get around now.

So there you have it - my Mother's Day is complete's not even here yet!

Happy (early) Mother's Day!