September 24, 2021

Even after all these years...we are still laughing at ourselves.

We decided, after much agonizing, to cancel our trip to see my mother-in-law.  We just can't risk it for her as much as for ourselves.  At any rate, my sister-in-law requested that we do a video.  Apparently, she is compiling videos from those of us that can't attend the surprise party for my MIL.  

We determined that we would do the video last Sunday.  And all I can say about that is that by the end we were howling with laughter at several of our attempts, some of which I thought you might enjoy.

*crossing my fingers that I got them in the right order...but since Blogger won't let me preview the video portion before hitting publish...who knows?*

I "thought" I knew was I doing...apparently not. In
my defense...we've never used the video/camera
function on this computer before

And who should drop the F-bomb?
The Husband, of course.  The sad part?  We
nailed that "video" - the one that I neglected to 
actually record.

He almost mentioned the surprise party...not realizing that this
video would be played during the party.

At this point, we had a serious case of the giggles.

After about a million takes, we finally got through it without laughing...somehow.

And after reviewing these videos, I realized that I am in a SERIOUS need of a haircut.  So much so, that I'm currently eyeballing the scissors...

September 5, 2021

The Husband's newest "toy"

 We shall start this post by saying he is an absolute hero.  Somehow, he found whatever was needed to fix the leaking pipe; thus a plumber was unnecessary!  YAY!

The Husband has been lusting after a smoker for years now.  YEARS!  And he finally the bit the bullet and actually bought the smoker of his dreams, with my full approval even though it was ridiculously expensive - but we had planned carefully so that it was mostly bought with cash.  God knows, I was tired of all the drooling over smokers.

The smoker arrived yesterday - he was over the moon.

What I neglected to take into account of his new acquisition?

He is like a little boy; SO excited that he just HAS to tell me all the details.  It must be angled just so! (why? I don't know and am careful not to ask)  Look!  It has this little (I don't know what) so you can regulate the temperature!  Look!  This acts like a hot plate!  Look at the welded seams!  Did you know this weighs 600 pounds?!...

And on and on and on....

It's kinda cute.

And a little annoying.

All at the same time.

Currently, he's smoking some chicken and his just informed me that with a smoker, sometimes it stalls out and you need to add more wood because it takes tending, don't you know?

But you know what?  He's excited with the smoker of his dreams and his little boy excitement is endearing...and a little annoying...but I imagine that will abate soon.

*The good thing about a smoker is that it shouldn't dry things out...because.....(the most recent statement as I wrap up this post).

September 2, 2021

Do I know how to kick off a vacation or what?!

 For those of you that are new around here - my company has a very generous holiday schedule, which gives us the Friday before Labor Day AND Labor Day Monday off - which means a four day weekend. Yay!  But since I've used very little vacation (thanks COVID!) I have taken the rest of next week off, as well.

So as my work day wound down, I found myself in the kitchen looking to start the dishwasher (coincidentally, I've read TWO posts this evening about dishwashers...what are the odds?) and reached under the sink to grab a dishwasher pod and noticed...something.

I told myself I'd worry about it later, that most likely one bottle or another was leaking.

Dear reader, it was NOT a random bottle of cleanser that was leaking.  No, instead it was one of the pipes that was leaking and that underneath all the random crap that resides under the sink was a moldy, watery mess.


I gathered up all the rags in the house and proceeded to mop up the mess, then bleached EVERYTHING.  Twice.  Put a bowl under the suspect pipe and waited for The Husband to come home, while I contemplated whether or not it would be easier to just move.

As you might imagine, The Husband was not pleased to walk into this scenario and is currently at Tractor Supply praying that he can find something to cap off the one drain until we can get a plumber out here.  If he is successful in this mission, or so he says, we can at least use the other half of the sink (I have my doubts).

In the meantime, copious amounts of bleach has been poured and pipe bits are soaking in it.

What is shocking to me, is how this hasn't come to our attention before now.  Am also now understanding why our allergies have been in overdrive lately.

Luckily, it seems, the leak hasn't been a gusher as none of the wood feels spongy or rotten.  Small blessings, I suppose.

But still...what a way to kick off a vacation.  Now I need to shower because...ICK!