March 30, 2011

Three by Nine (wait - is that a math question????)

I have been tagged by Nova at Cherished By Me in the three by nine meme. Thank you, sweetie.
I have to answer the following questions and then tag others to do the same :
  • Three names I go by: 
Ma (which I can't stand), Mom (reserved for when he really needs something) and Gigi.  There may be others but I refuse to disclose them at this time

  • Three places I have lived: 
Houston (born and raised), LaPorte, TX (married and birthed MC), and currently Somewhere in, NC (which is beautiful, despite my recent moanings about Winter leaking into Spring)

  • Three places I have worked: 
A veteran's commission (humbling - especially as I was very young at the time), in a commercial property office, (currently) in the legal department of a very large company

  • Three things I love to watch: 
Waves at the beach (is there anything more stress-relieving?), my friend's little guys - cause they are so stinkin' cute, and ......ummmm, I got nothing.

  • Three places I have been and love: 
Going home (to Houston), the beach and the shoe store.  What can I say - I don't go anywhere exciting; but I do get a tingle of excitement every time I walk into that shoe never know what you are going to find!

  • Three people that email me regularly:
My dear friend, who shall remain unnamed as she isn't part of the blog world, Julie - because she's always trying to get the last word in.....  ;-)   and work people

  • Three things I love to eat: 
Mexican (but the GOOD stuff; not the stuff we get here); Reese's Peanut Butter Cups; Shrimp and other assorted shellfish.

  • Three people I think will respond : 
Who knows? 

  • Three things I am looking forward to: 
A vacation....a real one and not one where I take time off to get stuff done around here.  Spring/Summer - just because I'm ready for some nice weather - you know, the kind that doesn't tease you with warm weather and then SNAPS you back into winter in the blink of an eye.  Turning the corner....because I'm sure we are about to.

Here's the part where I'm supposed to "tag" people.  We all know by now, that this is the one part of the game I just can't do.  So if you wish to play along, grab the button and the questions and run with it.  Otherwise, feel free to respond to any or all questions in the comments.

March 24, 2011

The One Where I Throw a Hissy-Fit For You All To See.....

I've had it with these people that live with me.  I'm done.

Not one person in this house listens to anything I say.  Period.  If I had any pets they'd probably ignore me too.....

I have been asking Man-Child for OVER A MONTH (on a daily basis, no less) to schedule his Junior Interview.  It still hasn't been done.  Today, being an exceptionally quiet day at the office, I cruised over to the school's website and noticed that they've announced (for what is most likely the 100th time) a webcast for juniors this evening on The Complete Application - now I'm not quite sure what that is, but I believe it has something to with easing the process of completing applications for college - you know, so you don't have to write out every single one.  This is important.  So I sent him a text asking him to watch this webcast and reminding him AGAIN to schedule his $%@#**@ Junior Interview.

(I left out the $$%@#**@ part - but I was thinking it).

The webcast was scheduled to start at 5:00 pm.  More than enough time for all the kids to get home from school, have a snack, register and set up to watch.  Or so you'd think.

At 4:55 pm, he calls me to ask me how to get to the site - how the hell should I know - wasn't that explained in the announcement this morning?  Lucky for him, I printed it off because I knew he'd be calling - because I knew he couldn't be bothered to have written it down.  I explained to him that he had to register and where to go to do so.  From there he should have received instructions.  "Good!" I thought, he's finally doing something that will ensure his future success.

Until I got home.  And he wasn't on the webcast - because he got frustrated at trying to register.  I took a deep breath and changed the subject.  I asked if he'd scheduled his interview.  The lame excuse I got was that he'd  a bad day and never saw anyone in the office (oh please - there is always someone there - does he think I'm an idiot?).

Needless to say, I lost it.

I am so very tired of being the only person in this house who seems to have any concern about preparing for college.  Or for preparing for a job interview.....

To backtrack.  Last week Hubby got a call for an interview for today (keep your fingers crossed please).  I told him then he needed to go buy a suit or something.  The position he'd been in for the past 10 years did not require a suit.  So he only had one.  One that no longer fit quite so well and had mysteriously sprouted a hole. (????)

Actually, I've been telling him for the past six months that he needs a suit.  I understand he doesn't want to spend the money right now - but seriously?

So he finally bought a blue blazer, with the thought that the types of jobs he's been applying for a suit might look "overdone."  Fine, I get that.  But buddy?  You need some pants to go with that blazer.  And NO, those black pants don't work.

Now let me interject here that I would have bought him something.  I would have found the time, somehow, and taken this task off his plate.  But about two years ago he decided that he is a "big boy" and has his own tastes (which I personally do not like; which is a nice way of saying he has no taste, in my opinion.  Plus there's the fact he is pretty much color blind) and has decreed that he will buy his own clothes from now on.  And that is why I did not get involved in this project.  But I DID explain to him what he needs to buy.

I told him again last week to go get a suit or something.  He never did.  Then he finally came home with another blazer - this one black with some kind of stripes.  It still doesn't match the damn black pants.  So when I finally saw what he planned on wearing (last night!) I put the kibosh on it.

So about 9:00 pm last night, while he was blissfully snoozing on the couch (the jerk), I was rummaging through his closet for something suitable.  I finally decided that the blue blazer, a shirt and tie, with khakis would be fine for this particular interview and I set it all out for him because dammit, I AM a good wife.

This morning when I asked him if he saw what I'd set out for him to wear - he told me that he was going to wear the black jacket with the mis-matched pants.  When I explained how he couldn't and what he needed to wear instead - his only response was one of utter confusion.  He couldn't understand how black can't match black. And yeah, with that whole color blind thing going on try explaining shades to him!

When I asked what the problem was with my outfit choice - he informed me that the khakis don't fit. (NOW you tell me?  Seriously? NOW?).  Then went on to explain that the blue blazer wasn't his (then whose was it?? I know it's not mine!) AND that it is missing the buttons (what in the hell is going on his closet anyway? First mysterious holes and now missing buttons? I know I don't have these problems in my closet!).  Even later he informed me that he found his blazer in MC's room - on the floor and behind a door(?) in a total wrinkled mess and not wearable.  I still don't know:

1) who that first blazer belongs too or where the buttons went and
2) why Hubby's blazer was in Man-Child's room - on the floor and behind a door - in the first place.

Well - at this point I kinda lost it (for the first time today - but not the last obviously).  I told him that I had TOLD him to buy something and his only response was that he had.  But seriously?!  How could he have not planned this out in advance?

I finally just walked away.  Because I had to get ready for work and there was simply nothing more that I could do.  So what did he wear?  I don't know.  I do know that damn black jacket wasn't worn - it was expressly forbidden and still hanging in the closet when he left.  But that's all I know.  He did tell me that he felt the interview went well - so, we will see (fingers crossed, prayers being sent up, rosaries being said, good vibes.  All of it!).

I work a full time job.  I do all the household crap around here.  I do the laundry. I remember the birthdays and other occasions.  I buy the cards, the gifts, etc.  I ensure that all paperwork is done and turned in to whatever institution it belongs to one time. I keep up with deadlines and to-do's for each of them and remind them and remind them and remind them - to the point that they consider it nagging. In addition to all that, I do everything else that needs to be done.  I do it all.

And I'm tired of it.

I'm tired of being the only one who cares.  Who thinks of this stuff.  The only one does the stuff.  And when it doesn't get done because of a failure on their part they expect me to wiggle my nose (a la Samantha from Bewitched) and "fix it."

No more.  I'm done.  At this point, they can both {insert very un-ladylike phrase here}.

I think I need a vacation.  By myself.  Somewhere tropical would be nice.....

Sorry to rant - I wasn't going to post this.  But then I thought - what the hell?  I'm sure there is someone else out there, somewhere, who would be happy to realize that they are not alone.

And if that's you?  Well then you need to come on this mythical tropical vacation with me!  We will sit on the beach, drinking fun drinks with umbrellas and not worrying about anyone else but us.....doesn't that sound heavenly? dream......

March 21, 2011

I'm getting more wrinkle-y by the minute - I need your help!

Y'all remember these?

And how I was all kinds of proud of myself?

What I did not take into account while creating these beauties is the fact that I live in a what amounts to a wind tunnel.

For whatever reason, there is always a breeze on the back porch - even when the wind is still everywhere else.  Not that that is a bad thing, mind you.


But it does become a bit of a problem when it's a breezy day anyway.

And you have pulled the curtains across to block the sun, so you can read blogs without having to squint.  Because squinting causes wrinkles ya know.

And then your curtains do this....

So, because I am brilliant, I decide that this will work.....

Why yes, those are rocking chairs holding back the curtains.

It worked.  For about a minute.  And then, the curtains were doing this again.

Which, I might add, is NOT helping me to keep from squinting at the screen (WRINKLES, people!).

So, I need your advice.  Any ideas?

March 17, 2011

In my book, I'd call that a win.....or another "first"

As the mother of a 16 year old, I can confidently say that we have seen many "firsts."

The first smile (and no, it wasn't gas!).  The first bite of "real" food.  The first tooth.  The first step.  The first haircut.  The first girlfriend.

You know, all the biggies.

Today?  Today we experienced another "first."

But let me start from the beginning....

I was merrily on my way to work.  Taking the long way - because, really, I wasn't in a rush to get there.

As I was approaching my turn, the phone rings.  I glance at the phone - because, seriously, who could be calling me at 7:45 am?!

It was Man-Child.  I figured there must have been an accident on his usual drive to school and he was calling to find an alternate route; as this has been an issue in the past.  Despite being driven around these roads for most of his life he hasn't figured out the connections yet.  But that's okay.  After 13 (or is it 15?) years, I haven't either.  Which may explain why I wander around in circles quite often - which is, quite possibly, a post for another day.

"Hey sweetie!  What's up?" I chirped.  His response stopped my heart.

"Mom?  I hit some guy's car."

I immediately found a place to pull over because I really needed to concentrate.

I asked him if he was okay.  He was.  Obviously.  Otherwise he wouldn't have been the one calling me.  My mind immediately flew to the fact that he travels the interstate to school EVERY SINGLE DAY!  OMG!  Was he calling me from there?  Or the major road?  WHERE IN THE HELL WAS HE?

As I am busily picturing twisted metal, rising smoke and anguish all around; he informs me that he is at "the" diner (a place he frequents so often that the waitresses set the table and bring his glass of tea when they see him pull into the lot before he even walks in the door) and has hit a car in the parking lot.

Although this information soothes my mind and heart just a bit - I was still concerned.  So, of course, I immediately turned the car around and headed toward him.  My boy; my heart.  Because, despite all the information I had - it wasn't enough.  I HAD to see him.  To make sure he was okay - not just bodily - but in spirit.

It goes without saying that, of course, I hit every red light imaginable and was behind the most dawdle-y drivers EVER.

And, of course, I called his father (whom I cursed long and loud when he didn't answer the phone on my first two tries), to come join us at the scene of the accident.

Man-Child informed me later that he was concerned that *I* was going to have an accident the way I whipped into that parking lot.  What can I say?  At that point, I was physically ill and needed to get to him.

Luckily, he hit the biggest, sturdiest truck in the lot.  Unfortunately (maybe), it was a company vehicle.

It's good that he hit this particular truck in that there was very minimal damage to the truck (virtually invisible) since it was so big and sturdy and bad because, since it's a company vehicle, a police report had to be prepared.

Luckily, I arrived before the police.  You all would be so proud.  I remained calm throughout everything.  When the police arrived, I thought for sure Man-Child was going to faint.  I've never really witnessed color draining from one's face until today.  You know why "they" say that all the time?  Because it's true.  The color literally drained from his face - from the top down.

Fortunately, both the man he hit and the officer were both very kind and understanding.

The sun had blinded him *just so* as he was trying to park the car; apparently the real problem began after he "kissed" the bumper and proceeded to back up - which is exactly what I would have done.  The nice man, the police officer, and I (and eventually, his father) all informed him that it could happen to anyone - that's why they call them "accidents."  I can totally attest to that as there were several points this morning on my drive in and my drive back to him where I couldn't see (damn time change!).

We are hoping that the company will let us pay for the (minimal) damage and not go through insurance.  Our insurance bill has doubled since adding Man-Child as a driver and (in the words of the nice policeman) the insurance company would "eat us alive" if this was on the books.

Unfortunately, the damage to Man-Child's car wasn't as minimal....

You can't really see how ripped it is here-this just gives you an idea

But.....the car is drivable.  And everyone is okay.

In my book - I call that a "win."

As an aside, I am so proud of this boy of mine.  The nice man made a point of telling us several times what a nice, polite young man we had.  He informed us that he felt so very sorry for Man-Child when he walked into the diner and told him that he'd hit his truck.  The nice man told us that Man-Child was so sad and upset.  And that he was impressed with the way Man-Child "manned" up to the experience when he could have so easily backed up and parked somewhere else without him (the nice man) ever knowing that he'd been hit.  It's moments like that when you think that maybe, just maybe, you are doing something right.

March 15, 2011

No Complaints.....

At this very second, my house is in near pristine condition.  This makes me happy.

The fact that I had next to nothing to do with it - makes me even happier.  And the fact I had nothing to do with it is why it's in near pristine condition and not totally pristine - but I'm not going to get picky here.  It's clean and I didn't have to do it.

Hubby did it all.  From top to bottom.

All in preparation to have our house photographed.  I don't quite understand the whole thing but a friend of Hubby's is trying to get his business off the ground and Hubby is being a friend and doing what he can to help him.

That's great that he's so willing to help his fellow man.  It's even better that he totally made his wife's day/week.

The downside?  When Hubby is involved in the cleaning part - he's great at it - no complaints.  (Even if he doesn't see the dusty baseboards)  But when Hubby is involved with the putting away part.....he tends to "hide" things rather than actually put them away.  If I don't ask where he put something IMMEDIATELY after he "puts it away" he tends to forget what he did with it.  Which would mean that those school pictures and all that other stuff - would be lost to me forever (or until I stumbled on them a year later).

He tends to not put things back in their proper place.  I mean really?  That plant belongs on the other side of the chair - not hidden half behind it.  And the chair is not at the proper angle.  (Why yes, I am a little funny about things being where the belong.  To tell the truth that makes living in a house with other people a little difficult at times.)

And then there is this.

Rather than figure out why the doors won't stay closed (which has only been a problem since we moved here).  This was his solution.

Yeah, fixing those doors is going on the To-Do list for this weekend.

But you know what?  Despite him not doing it the way I would have done it; or putting things where they belong; it's done.  And I'm not complaining one little bit!

March 11, 2011

And this is what happens when you have a husband at home all day with access to the internet...

Do you know what this is?

Yeah, I didn't either.  After looking at this thing sitting on my kitchen counter for a week or so, I finally asked Hubby.

Apparently, it's a brick.  Wrapped in aluminum foil.

Why is there a brick, wrapped in aluminum foil, sitting on my counter, you ask?

Yeah, I wondered about that one too.  But after being married to this man for so many years I was almost hesitant to ask.  Because, really?  Did I want to know?

Eventually I had to ask.  The curiosity was killing me - why in the hell is there a BRICK wrapped in aluminum foil sitting on my kitchen counter?!

Apparently it has something to do with cooking a chicken.

And THAT is reason 5,688 that I don't cook.  It's far too complicated.

March 9, 2011

So much to say . . . .

(so little of it interesting) and so little (quiet) time to actually sit down and post something.  Well, something relevant and of some kind of importance anyway.

So this is what you get....

Hello.  Hope you are all well.

Things are fine (for the most part) here at Gigi's house.  Just waiting for Spring to leap upon us -pollen and all - and on that ever elusive job to appear for Hubby.  Both seem to be lurking just around the corner somewhere.  Hopefully, they'll both make an appearance sometime soon.

Man-Child?  Well, thank you for asking.  He is doing well and causing no undue grief (knock on wood) other than usual teenage stuff (you know....I say "take out the trash, please." and he responds with "I will" and three hours later the trash is still sitting there....whereupon I do my damnedest to not completely lose it with him - yeah, the usual).

My job?  Well, despite my beloved colleague departing and heading into retirement (gleefully, I might add) not much has changed.  I've added a boss or two or possibly three (for the moment) to my duties and despite Big Dog's claims that things will be "crazy" I've yet to notice much difference to my daily routine.  Which truly makes me wonder what his idea of "busy" might actually be......obviously our definitions are FAR different..... It also makes me wonder why he has posted the position for, what I guess would technically be my replacement.  It's confusing, I know.  My job is safe - I'm just officially keeping my uber-favorite boss who is wonderful and adding Mr. Big Dog but the new person would get the others.  But in my opinion, we OBVIOUSLY don't need anyone and they should just add that salary to my current one .....but then again, no one is asking me what I think or even seems to care that I have an opinion.  Ahhh, corporate life.

And finally, welcome to my newest friends - I'm so glad you've found your way to my little corner of the blog-o-sphere.  Come on out and say hi and introduce yourselves, why don't you?

March 2, 2011

The Project is complete - and nobody cried

It was a "Project" that has been in the back of my mind for a while now.

A Project that I have been making tentative steps toward.  Tentative because a) usually when I try my hand at these kinds of things it doesn't always work out so well and sometimes, ends in tears; b) I was reluctant to spend the money not knowing if I'd be happy with the results (do you know how many times I've done projects only to throw them away because they didn't turn out the way I'd envisioned?); and c) because it's been far too cold to go outside and work on it anyway.

This past weekend the weather was wonderful - it almost reached the 80's here! (A true miracle, considering it was February)  So I decided to go for it.

I made drop cloth curtains.  Yes, out of drop cloth.  The stuff you use to protect your floors/furniture from paint.

Yes, I'm insane.

But hear me out.....I read on a random blog somewhere (sorry, can't remember where) about these.  Then I Googled them (check it out) they are really nice.  And easy!

So, I informed Hubby that this is THE solution to our issue with the back porch (the sun shines in at certain times of the day and is BLINDING).  He laughed hysterically.  Until I showed him the Google results.

Then he agreed to try it.

And for once??  My crazy notion actually panned out.

AND it turned out better than I thought it would.

The thing is - using drop cloths (from Home Depot - not Lowe's - apparently their's have seams in inappropriate places....) that only cost about $10.00 a piece is a good deal.  They are already hemmed and ready to go.  

All you need to do is iron them.  Hmmmm......I'm not much on ironing.

After about the second panel (I needed four) I learned that you need to start from the middle and go out.  I also discovered that laying it out in a large carpeted area works out well - although it isn't ideal for your back to be crawling around on the floor.  After the third panel, I almost decided that the wrinkles added "character" to the drapes.

We bought closet pole "cups" (I don't know what else to call them) and spray painted them.

prior to painting

We purchased something called "conduit pipe" (don't ask me, I wasn't involved in this part.  We tried PVC pipe; but because the opening was so large that didn't work) that we cut it to fit....

Then we spray painted it.....

Then; after all the ironing, measuring, etc. we were ready to hang.  I used curtain rings with clips on them and folded the top of the panel over, creating a valance, thus preventing the need to cut and hem the panels as they were too long.

And thus, my "no sew" curtains were ready.  Except, I needed a way to pull the curtains back when they weren't in use and to keep them from blowing all over the place when the wind blows.

This involved some "sewing."  I bought some beautiful upholstery fabric (on sale) and fabricated these tie-backs.  

The sewing totally involved the "stitch witch" stuff....

I am so excited with the results - 

Closed to block the sun

Even Hubby likes them (!!).  

This is the perfect, inexpensive way to put up curtains in a casual area.  Keep in mind that the fabric won't be perfect and the hems may not be perfectly straight - it is a drop cloth after all, but it is a quick and easy fix and most importantly - cheap.  Can you imagine how much I could have paid for real curtains for an opening that large?  I think the total was about $60 including the panels, all the hardware and the fabric for the tie-backs.

As I was crawling around on the floor ironing, I was thinking of all the different ways these could be dressed up.  You could stencil a design on them.  You could add a fabric trim.  The ideas are endless.

Of course, me being me, this Project spurred on another one.  Now I'm in the process of re-covering the faded pillows with fabric to match the tie-backs......

All I need now is for Spring to get here so I can get out there and enjoy them - once I finish those damn pillows.