January 5, 2023

Clothing Chatter

 This post is brought to you courtesy of Suzanne.  In her last post, she mentioned that she is on the hunt for cute tops.  In my response, I mentioned a shirt that I recently bought and love.  I feel that I fell short in my description of said shirt.  Then she wondered if I would post about cute shirt finds.

Unfortunately, I only have the one recent cute shirt find. But, luckily for you, I have plenty to say on the subject of clothing.

I am still not going anywhere I absolutely don't HAVE to - which means that the odds of me stumbling over a cute top in the wild are slim to none.  Which leaves me to online shopping.  The problem with online shopping is that unless you are VERY specific about what you are looking for, you just end up scrolling aimlessly.

I stumbled across the shirt mentioned above because of a J. Crew ad on Instagram.  I saw the shirt and scrolled on by...but I kept thinking about it.  So much so, that I eventually caved and clicked the link.  Friends, don't click the link because then forevermore you will only see multiple ads from that retailer.

But then again, that won't matter so much, because once you succumb and purchase said item you will then be BOMBARDED with emails from the retailer.  Someone needs to inform all these marketing departments that there IS such a thing as overkill.

At any rate, I have scoured J. Crew's website and it appears this particular top in no longer available which is sad because 1) you can't order it and 2) that means I have had to figure out a way to take a decent picture of it...and we are all well aware that I am not a photographer.

Wide button-collar tunic sweatshirt in
cloudspun fleece.  I swear it's
cuter in real life.

What I love about this shirt:  I'm a sucker for a detailed neck line.  I love that it doesn't have a banded or boxy hem line.  And that it doesn't look like a sweatshirt but that it is still cozy.  On me, this shirt is long enough that I could wear it with leggings and feel like everything is covered; but your mileage may vary.

Speaking of leggings - let me ask, those of you who wear leggings...where do you put your "stuff?"  Since the beginning of the pandemic I've quit carrying a handbag.  Generally, if I have to go anywhere I just grab my keys, wallet and phone.  When I'm wearing jeans, keys go into the front pocket, the phone in my back pocket and wallet in my hand.  

As I (and Suzanne) are still currently on the hunt for cute tops, I figured we'd crowd-source this mission.  So, please share your favorite places to find clothes.

I am also on the hunt for quality, long sleeve tee shirts.  Usually, I just buy them from Target but, here's the deal, the quality is terrible (I know, I know - you get what you pay for, but it's gotten ridiculously bad).  I bought one shirt this summer and, I kid you not, in under ONE hour that shirt had holes in it from rubbing against the button on my shorts.  This winter, I've found a solution of sorts - I just wear a tank under the top and, so far, that seems to help.  But that is not a long term solution, particularly since the summers here are so warm that there is no way I am going to wear two shirts then.  So that's the second issue I want to crowd-source - have you found quality tee shirts?  If so, please share.

And since we are chatting about clothing; feel free to share - what are you a sucker for when it comes to clothing?  Clean lines?  A fun neck line?