February 11, 2024

A Day of Nonsense and Nuisances

 I had three things on the agenda today that I wanted to accomplish - and every single one was met with some kind of nonsense or nuisance.  

Well, technically, there were five or six on the list; but since our morning started a little later and slower than I would have liked, I slashed the list and moved a few things to tomorrow's list.

First up was to change the sheets on our bed.  I stripped the bed and went to get a fresh set of sheets only to discover that the fitted sheet was missing.  I searched the entire closet looking for that damned sheet; it was nowhere to be found.

What is so odd about this is the fact that I store my sheets together - as a set - like a normal human.  It's not like I just throw the fitted sheet on some random shelf by itself.

I usually keep two sets of sheets per bed so while one set is in the wash the other can be used to make the bed.  So now, I had a naked, un-made bed to look at all morning while the sheets were in the wash.

The only thing I can think of is that I accidently threw the sheet into the donation box during my recent decluttering/cleaning session.  Even though I don't see how that could have happened since I took great care in keeping the old (white) sheets separate from the new (white) sheets.  

Considering this morning was 1) cold, gray, rainy and 2) a random sheet had just gone rogue I was a little irritated.

At any rate, I've ordered another fitted sheet - how much do you want to bet the other fitted sheet shows up after the new one arrives?  

The next thing on my agenda was to get a bunch of pictures off my One Drive and onto an external hard drive because every time I logged on to my email, I received a very ominous message telling me that I was perilously close to my limit and that if I went over, I wouldn't be able to send or receive emails.

After a very similar situation with my work "cloud" (which I still haven't bothered to call IT about), I knew I needed to take action.

So, I logged on - and my work laptop was like "Nope - unless you encrypt this drive you can't save anything to it."  Which necessitated me using the old house laptop.  Which is when I discovered, I couldn't just copy and paste what I wanted moved.  No, instead I had to download each and every single file; which downloaded in a zip file; which then needed to be extracted onto the laptop and then, and only then, could I move the files over to the hard drive.  It was insane and took me far longer than the few minutes I had allotted to this task.

Then I had an appointment to get the shingles vaccine; thanks to Engie's very scary post about her colleague's bout with shingles.

When I arrived at CVS, the tech asked me if I had checked in online - I hadn't.  Mainly because I'd never received the check in text that I normally get.  She began to go through her computer looking for my appointment.  She found it and frowned.  Then she asked if my insurance had changed; it hadn't.  She tapped a few more keys and asked another tech a question.  Frowned some more and then asked if I had my insurance card handy.  I handed it over and she tapped some more.  Frowned and went to talk to the pharmacist.

Then they both came over and told me that my insurance doesn't cover vaccines in the pharmacy and that I had to go to either my doctor's office or the Minute Clinic.  To say I was confused was a major understatement because 1) I've received ALL my COVID vaccines at the pharmacy without any issue and 2) isn't CVS the Minute Clinic?

When I questioned her about it, she pointed to my left and told me she thought the Minute Clinic was open and to just touch the screen.


But I walked the six steps to the left - finally found the right screen to touch (there were many - I couldn't even begin to fathom out what the purpose of most of them were - much less how to open them) and tried to log in for my appointment.  And couldn't because I had made the appointment with the pharmacy, apparently.

I tried to create a new appointment for right then and couldn't because "nothing was available today." Which didn't make any sense as I was the only person in the "Minute Clinic" - which apparently, should NOT be confused with the "pharmacy."

By this time I was so frustrated I just left the store - forgetting that I had intended on picking up a prescription while I was there - which just increased my frustration to another level once I'd realized it.

What is the difference if the pharmacist gives me the shot or if I walk six steps to the left and have a nurse practitioner (I guess) or whoever give me the shot?  It was utterly ridiculous.

I stopped at one store, on my way home, and when the friendly, bubbly clerk asked me how my day was going - I grumbled.  And then felt immediately bad about it and told her that I had just had an interaction that was frustrating.  She flashed a beautiful smile and told me to not let it get me down and I assured her she had single handedly uplifted my mood - because her beautiful, cheerful, bubbly self actually did.

And she reminded me that despite the cold, the rain and all the nonsense and nuisances; things in my little world aren't so bad after all.

Oh, and when I got home and went to make an appointment at the Minute Clinic for tomorrow?  I had to laugh - it was the EXACT same process as making an appointment with the pharmacist.  So will I actually receive the shot tomorrow?  Who knows?