September 16, 2018

Florence Update.

As you all know, Hurricane Florence slammed into Wilmington, North Carolina last Friday and thoughts and prayers are with those that were affected.  Man-Child and I were in that area recently and are heartbroken at the devastation.

Then we were told to brace for the after effects that we would feel inland.  And the hype was/is getting us all very nervous.  Knowing that we had a few trees that are "iffy" on one side of our house...the side our bedroom is on, of course.  I determined that I would be sleeping on the other side of the house for the time being.

We've had rain but, so far, not nearly the amount that we were told to expect.  We've also had some wind but, again, not nearly as strong as what we were told to expect.  But yet, the news reports keep telling us to be on alert.  I can honestly say that I don't think we have too much to worry about at this point but who knows?  They are the ones with the education, tools and experience.  So we shall see.

I grabbed this screen shot from this afternoon and was relieved to see that we aren't in the direct track and wondered why local new stations were still issuing flood warnings.

Then I saw this screen shot (also taken from and it became clear...

Probably because the storm (now a tropical depression) is SO big!  As you can see, it is covering both North and South Carolina and is overlapping into Virginia and Georgia as well!  So although we aren't in the direct path we are getting hit with the outer bands - which explains the hype.

And as I was typing this a tweet came across my feed stating that there is flash flooding in Charlotte...which, as you can see, also isn't in the direct path.

I do have a funny story to share - although, especially to my husband, it wasn't funny at the time.  Friday evening as we were battening down the hatches in preparation for the worst, I asked The Husband to bring in the chairs from the front porch.  At that time they were calling for really high winds.  He told me that there was no need but I insisted.

Being the great husband he is he acquiesced.  But, for some reason, rather than carrying the chairs down the steps and around the house into the garage he decided to carry the chairs through the house and into the garage.  As he was carrying the second chair in he felt pain in his finger.  He put the chair down and that's when he noticed he had just carried a wasps nest INTO the house!  The sneaky buggers had made a home under the chair.  Then he began trying to kill all the wasps.  Luckily, there were only a few of those wasps so he was able to dispatch them fairly quickly but, I have to tell you, having wasps flying around in the house led to a bit of hysteria.

We put some baking soda on his swollen finger and once the pain and swelling from the sting subsided even he had to admit it was kinda funny...who brings a wasps nest into the house?  Especially, given with his history with bees.  Apparently, it is his destiny to spend his whole life having run ins with wasps and bees.  I've lost count of how many bee stories he has under his belt now.

So that's the update.  Currently, we are safe and most likely will not be in any danger...but I will still be sleeping on the other side of the house until this storm has passed because I still don't trust those "iffy" trees...and we will be getting someone out here to assess those trees sooner rather than later!

And, of course, as I was just getting ready to hit "Publish" both the wind and the rain has stepped it up quite a bit.  I still think we will be okay but will be keeping an eye on the news...

UDATED: It's REALLY pouring now and we have a bit of standing water...but we are going to be okay. I just hope we don't lose electricity...

September 8, 2018

Despite my fears, these two knuckleheads pulled it together enough to get the lights and internet turned on before today...

Today was officially "move in" day for Man-Child and his buddy.  And although, I had my doubts as the title infers, they did manage to get the basics set up.  AND, as a bonus, were able to wrangle some extra bodies to help with the actual move; thank God because The Husband and I are way too old to be wrestling furniture up three flights of stairs.

To be perfectly honest, I carried one VERY light box and was finished with the actual "moving" part quite early on in the process.  From there I moved on to the emptying boxes, washing dishes, finding homes for said dishes, arranging furniture and buying a few necessities that the boys surely never even thought shower curtain liners and toilet paper.

Of course, being the tornado that Man-Child is he has left a swath of destruction in his wake...along with a great deal of stuff that he didn't think to bring with him.  Which means that I will be packing up the detritus and hauling it over to his apartment sometime in the near future.  Then I get the joy of cleaning out and rearranging the rest of it.  A mom's work is never done.

Dropping him off at college was probably the hardest thing I've ever done but this?  This is the weirdest.  When we dropped him off at college I knew he'd be coming back home eventually.  But now...we won't be waiting for him to come home and that is a little unsettling but I am excited for him.  He's moving into adulthood officially.  And while I still sometimes miss that sweet, little guy I am so extremely proud of the adult he has become.

Of course, he still has one foot still in the door as he has already informed me that he will most likely stay here most Friday nights during high school football season as our house is closer to the school where he coaches.

And then, of course, the lure of food will be strong...since I'm not confident that these two guys can actually cook anything as tasty as The Husband.  And I'm sure the promise of some of mom's baked goods will bring him running.

August 25, 2018

If you give a husband an inch; he'll take a mile.

In my ideal life, most of my counters would be clear of clutter.  But I live with two other people.

This one corner of our kitchen counter has been taken over by The Husband.

It all started because The Husband insisted that this was THE perfect area where he could charge his phones.  I said fine; I will find you a box to store the charging cables when not in use.  So I bought a nondescript, little box to sit on the very end of the counter...and, as you can see, we ended up with this mess...which is slowly creeping further and further out onto the counter.

The Husband, God love him, doesn't see this as "clutter."  Much like he doesn't see the olive oil, the spice grinder, various spices, oven mitts or the NutriBullet (that no one uses) left out on the counter as "clutter."  He is of the mind that he will need it again eventually anyway; so why put it away?  Here's the answer - because it MAKES. ME. CRAZY.

After looking at this mess all day, and because The Husband is gone until tomorrow afternoon, guess what I'm doing tomorrow?

Yep, dealing with his clutter.

And when he comes home, I will show him where his "stuff" belongs and he will agree to keep his "stuff" where it belongs...until, ever so slowly, it will begin to creep back onto the counter.

It's a never ending cycle people.

August 23, 2018

Instant Karma - how sweet it is

We've all heard of karma; but generally we aren't around to witness it, which is SO unsatisfying.  Instant karma; though rare, sometimes happens and when it does, it is VERY satisfying.

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who tailgate...well, it's a toss-up between that and people who don't use their turn signals.  And I don't know about where you live but here we have a flat out epidemic on our hands with tailgaters and non-turn signal users.  It's really crazy and drives me batty.  And no one seems to realize how reckless and dangerous both of these things are; and day by day it seems to be getting worse.

At any rate, on my way home from work this evening, a car being driven by a very road-ragey person raced up behind me and attached themselves practically to my bumper.  Now, I don't know about you but generally I have an urge to S.L.O.W.  D.O.W.N.  even further but, as usual, I resisted that urge because honestly, you have no idea what the road-ragey types are capable of or if they are carrying a gun and are willing to use it - such are the times we currently live.  And really, that is the better strategy and way safer than engaging or even prodding their rage.

As soon as practical, I pulled into the right lane and this person sped on by.  Earlier in my commute, I had noticed an marked police car travelling the same route.  I had no way of knowing if this police car was still on the same road or not.

A couple of minutes later, I saw flashing lights up ahead and I muttered, "Good.  I hope it's road-ragey person!"  And it was!!!

I don't know if they got pulled for tailgating or speeding but either way, I felt vindicated.

Now, the odds of being pulled over rectifying this person's behavior is slim - but still...instant karma.  Can't deny it - I drove by with a huge smile.

August 21, 2018

A Wedding Dilemma...

We have a wedding to attend.  This is momentous only because it coincides with a trip up north to visit my beloved Mother-In-Law.

Let us ponder why is this momentous.  Because I have managed to convince The Husband that BOTH events NEED to happen.  Will it be inconvenient?  Yes.  Will it be expensive?  Yes.  Is The Husband's anxiety ratcheted up beyond his normal levels? Yes. Do both need to happen?  Yes.

We have watched this boy grow up since before kindergarten.  His family considers us family.  The trip up north is important because The Husband's mother isn't getting any younger (thank God, she's in good health, but still...) so it is ALL important.

At any rate, we are going to the wedding.  Usually, I know the etiquette for these types of things...but this one is stumping me.

The (church) ceremony is at 2:00 pm - which denotes a certain type of dress.  The reception isn't until 5:00 pm - which gives a little more leeway regarding the dress.  The Husband, bless him, is stuck in a suit either way.

So what do you think - do I wear one dress for the church and another for the reception?  Or do I need to find that ONE (elusive) particular dress that works for both situations?

August 16, 2018

The Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett...a book review

Generally, I don't read via Kindle unless I'm caught somewhere where I don't have a book or something else to do.  Not because I'm a Luddite; but more because I prefer the heft of a book in my hand.  And, to be perfectly honest, I haul around enough crap every day that I don't want to add a book to that equation.

Nevertheless, I found myself in that exact situation the other day (i.e., book-less and nothing else to occupy my time), so I utilized my Prime Membership and downloaded this book from Prime Reading.

The synopsis from Amazon:

"In 1992, celebrated novelist Ann Patchett launched her remarkable career with the publication of her debut novel, The Patron Saint of Liars.  On this 25th anniversary, read the best-selling book that is "beautifully written...a first novel that second-and third-time novelists would envy for its grace, insight, and compassion" (Boston Herald).

St. Elizabeth's, a home for unwed mothers in Habit, Kentucky, usually harbors its residents for only a little while.  Not so Rose Clinton, a beautiful, mysterious woman who comes to the home pregnant but not unwed, and stays.  She plans to give up her child, thinking she cannot be the mother it needs.  But when Cecilia is born, Rose makes a place for herself and her daughter amid St. Elizabeth's extended family of nuns and an ever-changing collection of pregnant teenage girls.  Rose's past won't be kept away though, even by St. Elizabeth's; she cannot remain untouched by what she has left behind, even as she cannot change who she has become in the leaving."

I can see why this story was a best-selling one (and can't believe I haven't found it before now); as it was very compelling and kept you guessing.  I thorough enjoyed this story though I must say that simultaneously I was and was not surprised by the character, Rose.  Without a doubt, this character is an enigma and by the end of the story you will find that she remains an enigma.  This isn't one of those stories that is formulaic or one, where from the very beginning you know how it will end - all tied up in a neat, little package.

Since this book's debut 25 years ago, this author has gone on to write nine more books (not all novels; from what I can surmise); most of which seem to have achieved the NY Times Best-Seller status.  When I chose this book, I knew the author's name sounded familiar but I couldn't place why it sounded so familiar...until I looked at the author's website...apparently, one of her later novels was on one of Man-Child's summer reading lists in high school.  He enjoyed it well enough (even though it really wasn't his "thing") that he passed it on to me - I only have a vague memory of reading the book and enjoying it (such as it is when one is BOTH aging and a voracious reader - unless I do a review on it, I generally only remember vestiges of the story).

After perusing her website, I feel sure that I could enjoy reading other titles by this author.

August 12, 2018

Scrolling through Twitter yesterday...

...and then this happened.

To which I replied...

And then I said...

To which she replied...

And my final reply...

I am forever grateful that my backyard is secluded so that no one was witness to my VERY sloppy cartwheel...back in the day they were kinda graceful.  And now I can feel it in my right thigh.   But, I CAN still do a cartwheel...but that may have been my last one...

But now I'm wondering if I can still do a roundoff...

Hmmm...better not chance it today.
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