November 30, 2009

More stuff to cross of my list!

Between the whole weaning process and everything else....I've been a bit stressed.

But today one of my favorite girls saved me! 

She came by this evening (in her pj's no less) to take the family picture for our freaking Christmas cards.

Why has this been stressing me you might ask?  Because in order to send out the invites for our Open House (on the 19th!  And you know you need a two week window on invites - even if you've already told everyone to save the date!) I needed to have the Christmas cards done - so that I can send them out at the same time (do you know how much postage costs these days????  And I have long lists!).

I have been struggling with the guys over this all weekend.  Tried to do it on Friday; they refused to cooperate.  Tried to do it on Sunday - they had previous plans (which, to be fair, I had forgotten about).

So today, finally!!  It is done.  I've picked out the picture to use, I've created the card and the invite, but (dammit) I've left the list at work! 

So first thing tomorrow - I will order the cards (both sets) to be delivered asap!  (Be damned the cost at this point)  (Who says work is for work?  Hell, I've worked on my mother-in-law's photo book all afternoon!!!  Ssshh!  Don't tell!  Hey company - that's what happens when you can't keep me busy with other stuff; like, you know, work!)

::sigh:: Maybe I'll sleep tonight; at least three things crossed off my list by 9:30 am tomorrow!  Yay!

BTW - thank you all for your support!  It rruly helps to know I'm not alone!  Much love!

November 29, 2009

Just call me Smoky Bear

I have waffled over posting this.  I don't want to be judged - or to be thought crazy (I am crazy; but in a rational way - I promise!).  But in the end, I've decided it's a Public Service Announcement.  Because you need to know this stuff - in the event you ever need it.  Just call me Smoky Bear (fyi - he doesn't like to be called Smoky THE Bear) - doing what I do all for your edification!


I'm attempting to come off a really tough (prescribed) drug.

So, if I seem more erratic than normal (or if there is more clarity) please forgive me (or rejoice).

Once upon a time, long, long, ago. Hubby's daughter was living with us. It was a freaking nightmare (for me at least-had I known about blogging; maybe things would have been different - I could have gotten A LOT off my chest).

At any rate; during this period no one in the house was getting along. Except maybe Man-Child (who wasn't a man-child at the time); who was pretty much oblivious (I hope and pray).

I was seeing reality; Hubby was looking at life through rose-colored glasses because finally, he had his child under his roof and she could do no wrong. Step-daugher? Doing pretty much whatever she wanted  because she knew she had daddy wrapped around her little finger. It was pure hell.

One day, Hubby suggested that maybe I needed to be on medication. I scoffed at him. I berated him. What kind of idiot was he?  He was insane!

Divorce court seemed to be our only option.

Then, IT happened. The YEARLY exam was upon me.

The doctor (actually Nurse-Practicioner - whom I love); asked me about stresses in my life. The whole story came pouring out along with tears. Because yes, I was stressed beyond belief.

Lovely woman that she is; she prescribed a very strong anti-depressant; a very mild dose mind you. But please don't stop taking it without talking to me, she said.

Now here we are. Probably about 4-5 years later.

Not once have I been asked - Are your stresses gone (yes, they are. Thank you very much. Step-daughter and I get along famously now that she has grown up and learned to accept responsibility, learned how to be a grown up, pay her own way AND gotten rid of drug-lord boyfriend - it took a VERY long time for Hubby to see these things).

So I've been trolling the internet (as I am wont to do) and what have I discovered? The drug that I am on is EXTREMELY addictive and EXTREMELY hard to get off of.


The stuff I've read about this drug is freaking SCARY!! REALLY, REALLY SCARY! And the stuff I've read about trying to get off it - EVEN MORE SO!

So one recent Sunday - I "accidentially" missed a dose. I was fine. Great; I thought.  This isn't so hard.

On that Monday, as I was preparing for work - all of a sudden I began to get "fuzzy" and had "pinging" in my brain (sorry - there's no better way to describe it).  I took a dose and after a few hours began to feel better.

On Tuesday - I thought - what the hell?  And "missed" another dose.

This went on for about a week; the fuzziness and pinging faded away.

But Hubby? In all his "infinite wisdom" said (after I mentioned I was weaning) "you really shouldn't do that." WHY?I  YOU are the one that got me into this freaking mess to begin with! At this point in the game; YOU have nothing to say about any of this except; THANK YOU FOR STILL BEING MARRIED TO MY STUBBORN, BLIND ASS! (Besides there is the fact that you might totally benefit since one of the side affects is a lack of "desire").

After the week was up; I called the nurse-practicioner and asked for a weaker dose and explained that I wanted to get off this stuff.  She agreed and called in a prescription.  She told me to take the weaker dose every day for ten days; then every other day for ten days and then just stop.

Me, in my infinite wisdom, figured I'm already doing every other day without the meds.  So that is what I have continued to do - just on the weaker dosage.

I've been doing okay - the pinging and fuzziness has mostly been confined to the morning after the missed dose (course, I've only been doing this for a couple of days).  But tonight I am noticing the pinging and fuzziness and I'm due to take a dose tomorrow.  It's not as bad as has been described on some websites; but it is disconcerting; I can't imagine how horrible it would be if I had been on a higher dosage.  It's weird; because I'll be going along with everything fine and then all of a sudden - my brain just "jolts!"  It doesn't hurt - I said, it's disconcerting.  But with everything I've read - at least I'm prepared and know what's going on; otherwise I'd just think I was going crazy!

But I have also noticed that my energy level is WAY up.  Yay!  For the longest time, I figured it was just a matter of me getting older - it's NOT.  It's the drug.  It has been sapping all of my natural energy.  I've also noticed I'm not as forgetful - which again I was attributing to my ::ahem:: advancing age.  I've also noticed that all those "little" things that didn't bother me before (but used to) is also returning (hmmm, Hubby and Man-Child may not like that part....)

I will so beat this; I don't need to be on this medication anymore and I certainly don't want to be on it for the rest of my life because of the fear of "coming off of it."

So yeah? While I totally advocate talking to your doctor (or nurse practioner or therapist or whoever) when you are stressed. TOTALLY RESEARCH THE MEDS PRESCRIBED BEFORE TAKING THEM.

So, anyway, if there are any abnormalities during my "weaning" process; at least you'll know why (and, hopefully, love me anyway).

Okay, I'm totally hitting Post now; for better or worse.

It's Sunday - time to be thankful!

My reasons for gratitude this week:

1.  That this weekend has been extremely unseasonable - which enabled me to get my part of the outside decorations done (usually I'm out there in the cold, cursing and trying to figure out the plugs on the little Christmas trees that line the walk.  This time I was able to do it at a leisurely pace!)  (Hubby has resisted all attempts to get him to put up the lights - he'll regret it when it's cold and he's out there while I sit inside, secure in the knowledge that I've already done my part!  I'll try not to be smug about it - yeah, right!)

2.  That Man-Child is finally beginning to take his education seriously.

3.  That I am still alive after the near death experiences that Man-Child put me through while driving this weekend.

4.  4 day weekends!!

5.  That after today I only have 13 work days left before I am OFF for the remainder of the year!!

6.  Family; of course (although Man-Child has been joined at my hip just about all weekend and I'm about ready to go back to work for some "alone time!")

7.  That my neighbor keeps his yard in order (but REALLY???  I think he has OCD about it or something.  He was mowing in on Thanksgiving (Thursday) and has been out there again on his mower today - blowing his leaves toward the woods and is now using his leaf blower to make sure every last leaf is off his lawn!)

8.  That my computer screen is fixed!! 

9.  That my guys are going out tonight and I will have some much needed quiet time (if neighbor guy EVER finishes his lawn).

So what are you grateful for this week?

It's articles like this one that remind me why I read the paper in the first place.....

I'm recreating this article (because I've searched high and low and can't find a link to the story anywhere!)

It's moose-taken; identity: Man cleared of killing wife

Stockholm - Swedish police say they've cleared a man arrested for allegedly murdering his wife after deciding the culprit was likely a moose.

Police spokesman Ulf Karlson says "the improbable has become probable" in the puzzling death last year of 63-year old Ageneta Westlund.  She was found dead after an evening stroll in the forest.

According to news reports, the victim's husband, Ingemar Westlund, was jailed for 10 days.  The case against him was dropped in January.

- Wire Reports

My question is - just how did the moose kill her that made them think the hubby did it?  Did the moose have a vendetta againts Mr. Westlund and decided to frame him?

Thank you Respectfully Yours for joining in the fun!  Welcome!

November 28, 2009

Have you read.....

Have you read Precious, based on the novel Push by Sapphire?

When the trailers for this movie first came out - I was already to see it.


I've mixed feelings. 

Why?  I read the book.

OH. MY. HELL!!!!!!!

I have read some stuff in my time (I am voracious reader) - but THIS?

I cried the whole way through.  I have never cried or had my heart broken on EVERY SINGLE page of a book before.

It's not a very long book but it is powerful. 

From what I can gather; it's not based on a true story.

BUT to know that this stuff happens EVERY SINGLE DAY is horrifying!

Man-Child (who is also a voracious reader) picked up the book; despite me telling him that he should NOT read it (it's extremely graphic); has read the majority of it under the cover of darkness.

We discussed it today (after I asked him where it was in hopes of hiding it from him).  He informed me that I should be begging him to read it - to make him appreciate even more what he has.  To appreciate that he has the parents that he does.

I don't think I can watch the movie now.  Even if the scenes aren't as graphic - because they would be re-playing in my mind.

Although this book is extremely disturbing...I would rate it as a must read.  If for nothing else, than to remind yourself of the advantages you have had - and to realize that there are those out there who would rather face death than face another day alive.

A productive day - yet sad.....

FINALLY!  I can actually say that I've had a productive day!

My house is clean (kind of).  My little Christmas trees are lining my walkway (thank goodness it was a beautiful day - I HATE to do this when it's cold).  My car is filled.  The clutter is gone (kind of).  Laundry still awaits (ick!) though.  I definitely need more 4 day weekends!  I could get soooooo much done!

But the most productive part?  Lunch with Man-Child.  Today we discussed his education (at his instigation; thank you very much).  He informed me of his "plan" for his junior and senior year in high school.

Needless to say, I was very impressed (and extremely thankful that I am not in school anymore!). 

My child has not been a very studious student (to say the least) in recent preceding years.  I've tried everything to get him more interested in studying (begging, pleading, name it.) and getting the best grades he could get.  He never took the bait.  Although I know that he is bright and could "get" any subject if he would just apply himself just an inch. (I'm actually convinced he took a dive on the AL test in third grade on purpose....).

But something about this year has completely turned him around.

Example:  he is currently averaging a C+ in Spanish (if you knew his previous grades in this class you would be on your feet cheering!).  But he is agonizing over it.  He is just a few points from a B.  And you would think the fate of the world hinges upon him making that C+ into a B.  EVERY day this weekend he has asked me to log on to the student performance website to see if his teacher has posted their most recent grades.  I've tried telling him that his teachers are on vacation too and not thinking about no avail.

Every conversation about his school revolves around what colleges might be looking for . . . and he's only a sophomore.

He is considering taking LATIN next year!  Why?  Because it will help on his SAT scores and because if he has TWO languages it might be more enticing to certain colleges.  Really??? LATIN?!?!? 

I've mentioned how hard Latin is; he doesn't care.  I've mentioned that taking really hard courses doesn't matter to said colleges if you can't make the grades.  He is confident that he can make the grades.  (And I KNOW he can if he applies himself - but the past few years makes me wonder.  He's never LIKED to apply himself).


I have told him over and over again about a certain friend of mine's daughter in recent years (in hopes to get him to apply himself).  And how she continually set herself up to fail.  And how she was repeatedly rejected by colleges because she never applied herself in high school - and was finally accepted to a private college (which of course has set her mother up to fail because she can't afford it .... another story entirely).  Maybe this has finally sunk in?  I don't know.  WHATEVER!  I'm happy.  Man-Child is finally looking to the future and making plans.

While this makes me very happy; it also makes me very sad.  My baby is making plans to leave the nest!  I know that this means I have done my job as a mother.  But boy is stretching his wings and learning to fly.  Away from me?  I'm not quite ready for him to go.  Yes, I still have a few years (maybe more if he decides to go to college somewhere close...) but - judging from how fast the last few years have won't be too many more before he is gone.

And then?? Where will I/we be?  What will we do?

Currently our lives pretty much revolve around Man-Child (how could it not?).  Once he's gone....there will be a HUGE void.  How will we fill it?  The house will be EXTREMELY quiet.  ALL THE TIME!

What started out as such a positive post has depressed the hell out of me.

::sigh::  wandering off in search of a glass of wine and forgetfulness....

November 27, 2009

It's been a long day.....

I woke up early this morning; for whatever reason.  Maybe I was expecting the hammers to start up again.  I don't know.  Curious, they never did show up today - maybe they mistook Hubby telling them to go home yesterday to mean they didn't have to come back.  ::sigh:: we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Man-Child also woke early; which is an EVENT now that he's a teenager (although as a baby we couldn't pay him to sleep!). 

I know I mentioned that I wouldn't be rolling out of bed early for the Black Friday craziness.  And I didn't.  But for whatever reason (I think DRIVING was the main reason) Man-Child wanted to be out and about today.  And as I did have a few errands and things I wanted to procure; I agreed.

OH. MY. HELL!!!  In the name of all that is holy DO NOT let your child drive on the craziest shopping day of the year!  WHAT WAS I THINKING????

We nearly DIED wrecked three times!  The boy definitely needs to work on using his mirrors and watching what the person across the intersection might be doing!  In fact, one man was SO angry - that even after I mouthed "I'm sorry!!!" and gave the friendly wave - still continued to give us the death glare at what had to be the longest light ever!!  Honestly....he could see that Man-Child was a young driver; he could have cut us some slack!  (Although I must admit at this horribly gross misstep error; I had my face in my lap and my hands over my head because I knew we were going to die wreck.)  I think tomorrow I will put a sign in the back window that reads:  YOUNG DRIVER.  BEWARE!

We braved a few of the Black Friday crowds.  We didn't buy much - mainly because the deals weren't great enough to deal with the lines!!  People are crazy - I did not see one thing that was worth standing in line for an hour for; although Man-Child was able to buy me a gift (yes I know what it is; 'cause I orchestrated the whole thing) and was in and out in no time.  I also managed to score two fabulous cashmere scarves for a song at a sweet, little boutique I know.

Other than that it was just window shopping, errands and cheating death.

One of the errands including having my computer fixed by the folks who should not be allowed to deal with the public EVER.  Believe me I was all set to blast these guys out of the water on the blogosphere.  After all is said and done I won't - BUT you can believe I will never step foot in their establishment again. 

They were supposed to call and let me know when the part came in.  They didn't.  I finally just showed up with the laptop and asked.  They were all - Oh let me check.  Come on guys - this isn't Best Buy you should know whether or not it came in.  Apparently, it had.  So I left my precious computer.  They had said it would only take a couple of hours and they would call when it was ready.  I left it at 1:00 pm.  I called at 5:00 pm and was informed that it should be ready soon.  I called again at 6:15 - it still wasn't ready, but they expected that it would be ready soon.  I reminded the moron guy that they closed at 7:00 and wondered if it would be ready for pick up by then.  He expected  that it would.   Finally, around 6:30 (or a bit after) they called to say it was ready.  Guess what?  I live about 20 minutes away and they CLOSE AT 7:00 PM!  After driving like a mad woman behind people who apparently like to drive very slow; I made it.

I was already to argue with the dimwit who didn't understand about express delivery guy about refunding my money for the express delivery; but apparently by now he had either talked to his boss or realized that I was about to go nuts on him and he informed me that they would refund my money in labor costs; so in actuality I saved a little (maybe $10 bucks).  I hope he is on his knees tonight thanking God that I didn't unleash on him - because God knows I was ready to go crazy on him and if I had, my friends, it wouldn't have been pretty. 

BUT now I have beautiful new screen.  One that isn't infected with big, crazy blobs and cracks.  One that doesn't have a million fingerprints on it (since neither guy can figure out that they can use it WITHOUT touching the screen!!  Yes, it's a total pet peeve!).  And I've been able to catch up on my blog reading (since my damn Blackberry won't update who I'm following!!) so all is right in Gigi's world; for the moment, ::sigh::.

November 26, 2009

Sssshhhhh! They're hunting wabbit, errr, I mean deer!

I realize that I live "in the country" (kinda/sorta).  But really??

All evening long as I've sat out on the back deck (wrapped in a blanket and with a heater at my feet - cause I'm cold! But not ready to give up the back deck just yet-cause I'm still dreaming of summer) I have heard guns firing off at regular intervals.

It seems to me that these gunshots are awfully close.  Hopefully, they aren't and it's that sound carries (oh please! Let that be the case!)

I mean our area is fairly heavily populated.  How many deer can there be close by?  The way these guns are going off you would think that the hunters are seeing one every three minutes!  Are there hordes of deer hidden away that no one sees except for the hunters?

I am not a big fan of deer meat or hunting; but I kind of understand hunters.  I grew up among them.  I also understand the argument that if you don't "thin the herd" we will become overrun, they are a nusiance, they cause accidents, blah, blah, blah. 

What I do not understand is hunting on Thanksgiving day and so close to a populated area.  And I do not understand the repeated reports from the gun.  If you shoot at the deer and miss - don't they run away?  I'm sure they don't just stand there and let you take another shot.  I wouldn't!

But; it's Thanksgiving.  I guess for a lot of men (and some women) that means turkey, football and hunting.

For women (and some men) it means a huge mess in the kitchen, listening to football and hunting in the background.

Happy T-day!!

Happy Thanksgiving all my dear friends (and for those that don't celebrate - Happy Thursday!)

I've seen many lovely posts today about what folks are thankful for; I've seen many that recount the tribulations of cooking the dinner - I know tomorrow I will see many about the family drama that ensued.

For us, so far, the day has been quiet - unless you count the relentless hammering and power tools - apparently the guys who are framing out the "shed" don't do Thanksgiving.  These guys have been here since about 8:00 am.  Hubby has even told them to go home and spend the day with their families.  Hmmm, I'm thinking they either don't like their families - or figure that if they can knock this job out of the way quickly then they can move on to another.  It's amazing to see what these two lone guys have accomplished today.

When they started this morning - there was only the concrete slab!  This is what it looks like 8 hours later!

Man-Child and I diligently made the pumpkin pie and the cake-thing (I'm going to have to come up with a name for it), peeled and diced the potatoes in preparation for morphing into mashed potatoes, par-boiled the damn yams and prepared them to be baked.  We even shoved the turkey into the oven.  It was nice to have a helper.  One that didn't complain one bit - as long I made sure he had his breakfast.  He even thanked me for being a good parent (although he did tell me that Father Joe told them to thank their parents at their Thanksgiving service at school - but was quick to add that he would have thanked me anyway; hmmmm sounds a bit suspicious - but I'll take it).

Now we are just waiting for the turkey to finish and Hubby to magically transform all these things into a dinner.

Surprisingly, a few stores were open today - so I went out for a couple of hours to scout things for tomorrow.  From what I can tell there is very little that I am going to want or need that would necessitate me getting out of the house at 4:00 am.  The sale papers show only a couple of items that I might consider rising that early for until you read the fine print only 5 items per store - no rainchecks.  I know I'm not going to be first in line for that deal so why bother?  I figure in a few weeks the stores will still be having sales and I won't have to fight as many hordes of people.  But I am kinda nervous because I've read that retailers have not stockpiled merchandise this year - so the pickings are going to be slim.  But I'm not too worried about it as Hubby and Man-Child have nothing that they must have or will DIE on their lists (heck neither one has even come up with a list - maybe that means they don't want anything?).  And upon review - I have most everyone else taken care of - so I think I'm good.

At any rate, after tonight it's official - the Christmas Season is upon us in full swing!!  Hmmm, really, really need to get on the ball - still haven't taken a family picture for the card; still haven't created the invites for the annual Open House; still haven't even thought about the Open House!

I'd like to say that usually this is all done by Thanksgiving.  But sadly, it's not.  Usually about this time every year I go into panic mode.  But it gets done.  Somehow, some way, it gets done.

Anyway, I've bored you all enough with what's been going on here.  I have nothing deep and insightful; or witty and charming to say - I'm tired and am suffering from severe sinus issues - sorry.

So have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Give thanks for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon you and yours and pray that our troops come home safely and soon!

P.S. - Thank you Lakeviewer for following along!  Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's boring, and a LOT of the time it's random!!

November 25, 2009

And right after my, oh so sappy, post....

Be warned.  I'm going to gripe and carry on.  Yes, I realize I told you all the other day how freakin' happy I was.

Today?  Not so much.  And it's nothing major (it usually isn't).  But come on.

Today was the longest freakin' day ever!  No one was at work; the parking lot was empty.  The phones did not ring, no emails were popping up.  Nothing.  Nada.  So I got through the day.  I knew it was going to be this way.  No problem.

But, if you recall, today was the day that my computer was to be fixed.  I took it to the computer fixit place on my lunch hour.  The part hadn't come in yet.  They were relaxed about it.  They said it was still early, it could come in at any time and, oh by the way, that $150 I paid was just for the part - I will still need to pay for the labor.  (LIARS!)  I left my precious computer in their care; confident that come 5:00 pm it would be fixed.  Went on about my other errands and back to the boring office for the remainder of the afternoon.

I puttered through the afternoon; constantly checking the clock to see if it was time to go home.

Around 4:00 pm my phone rang - oh the excitement!  It was Man-Child.  ::sigh::

He wanted to know if I would be stopping at the grocery on the way home to buy baking supplies.  Oh my hell!!!  I hadn't even thought about baking.  Especially as this year as it will only be the three of us.  He asked what I would be making.  Knowing that pumpkin pie is one of his favorites I told him that is what he would be getting.  He said (can you get this!) "Is that all?"  I reminded him that it would only be the three of us.  He then asked for the cake-thing I made for his dad's birthday.  I said, "Instead of pumpkin pie?"  And, of course, he replied "In addition to."  Being the dumb-ass good mother that I am I agreed - thinking that they are both easy recipes.

At 5:00 pm; still no call from computer people.  But I am out of the office like a shot.  Calling them on the way out the door.  I finally get a response from them when I am more than half-way home (which is about half-way away from where they are).  The @(%&$(%&*(#%& part still hasn't come in! 

I figure at this point, my best bet is to head home - grab the recipes I need; jump back in the car; drive all the way back into town; pick up computer - because of course they are closed tomorrow; hit the grocery and head home.  Oh . . . if only it were that simple.  Because Man-Child now wants to accompany me -- AND drive.  Suffice it to say he nearly killed me on at least two occasions -- maybe more but I think I've blotted out all but the worst of it.

Argue with the guy at the computer store about refunding my "express" delivery money; apparently he didn't understand the whole "express" thing.  Suffice it to say - that particular employee is a moron and SHOULD not be allowed to interact with the public.  Confirm that they "should" be able to fix said computer on Friday.  I don't believe them at this point.  I am learning to live around the great big blob on my screen. 

Hit the grocery store where the employees are goofing off rather than assisting the HORDES of people who have left their shopping till the last minute.

Refuse to let Man-Child drive home (my heart just couldn't take any more excitement).

Arrive home and have a large glass of wine.  Finally.

Now I'm off to make a stupid pie and a cake-thing.  And, you know what??  Thanksgiving isn't even one of my favorite holidays.  Nope.  It's true. 

I understand the whole thankful part.  But I don't get the feeding your face until you are ready to puke; sit in front of the tv watching football part. 

But I do enjoy the whole 4 day weekend part.  So I think I'll have another glass of wine and deal with those damn yams/sweet potatoes (whatever the hell you call them) tomorrow.

A crucial bit of advice before you begin cooking tomorrow.

As Thanksgiving is tomorrow – I thought I’d share with you an episode from my kitchen and the lesson learned.

As you all know; I don’t cook.  I can’t cook.  I hate to cook. (But, I love baking – go figure).  I have been asked NOT to cook.

A little background – Hubby has to work just about every Thanksgiving (yes, his job sucks!).  So generally, he’ll pop the turkey in the oven before he heads off and has usually done a lot of prep work the night before.  We will then have our dinner a bit later than the usual family.

One Thanksgiving about two years ago things were hectic and as we were expecting more guests that year I, being the ever-wonderful wife that I am, offered to prepare the potatoes and yams while he was at work.  I figured between Man-Child and myself we could peel and boil the potatoes and the yam recipe looked easy enough.  I mean, it’s not like it’s rocket-science, right?  (Famous last words – How hard can it be?)

We set to peeling the potatoes from the GINORMOUS bag.  Apparently, Hubby planned on making a VAT of mashed potatoes.  It took us forever; but eventually we got it done and the potatoes on to boil.

We then moved on to the yams.  We read the recipe and began.  Guess what?  The recipe left out one crucial direction.  This recipe was not meant for newbies in the kitchen. 

Did you know that you are supposed to par-boil yams before you attempt to peel or quarter them??  I didn’t.  Do you know just how difficult it is to peel or quarter an un-par-boiled yam?  I do.  It’s a miracle that neither Man-Child or I didn’t saw off a finger or two during this process!

Hubby came in around the time we were about done hacking away at those damn yams.  And proceeded to laugh hysterically.  Yeah – not funny.  How was I supposed to know?  It’s not like I’m a chef.  Hell, I don’t even like yams (now, after all that - I really don’t like them).

Man-Child did inform me after all was said and done that the yams were delicious.  Great.

So – for those of you venturing into the kitchen for the first time tomorrow – par-boil those yams before you do anything with them and have a big bottle of wine handy; you’ll need it.

November 24, 2009

Oh my hell! Really?

Man-Child is going to drive me to drink!!! (more than  I already do - thank you very much!)

He just discovered that no; I don't have the day off tomorrow.  Immediately the whining began....what am I going to do tomorrow?!!  (He hates being left home alone; although as a small child he just COULDN'T wait to be left home!).

Then he discovered that the computer wouldn't be home either!  (because the screen MUST be fixed; before my eyes go COMPLETELY crazy.). 

The whining that ensued would have definitely impressed a 4 year old. 

Then he tried to persuade me to drop him off at a local shopping center for the day.  Are you freakin' kiddin' me?  To leave him, from approximately 8:30 am until 5:00 pm?  Ummmm - ain't happening sweetheart. 

Besides the fact that he would be BORED out of his mind by 9:30 am and then calling me (or his dad) to take him home? NOT HAPPENING!!!

He can stay home.  With his phone (that semi-works after the "incident") and the TV; he'll be fine.

And if I am feeling nice enough - maybe I'll even bring him lunch.  Maybe.  ('Cause at the moment - I'm not feeling so nice.)

Thank you, Liz!

I just received the nicest comment!  Really!  Liz from ...but then I had kids (greatest blog title ever) just said:

"Congrats, Gigi! So glad for you! You deserve it. What I love most about your blog (and your comments on everyone else's blogs) is that you always sound so cheerful and happy. It is so obvious that you love this blogging community! And so anyways, since I am a bit of a Blog Award Whore, and b/c that award is so frickin' cute...I will be accepting the pass-on and posting soon! Thanks!"

And it's true - I do love this blogging community!  I have met some of the most amazing people! 

For the most part, I am cheery and happy. 

Once upon a time, I wasn't so cheery and happy.  I was sad and grouchy.  All the time.  It was bad.

But I read something, somewhere once that resonated with me BIG TIME.  You can CHOOSE how you live your life - happy or sad.  I also read (probably in the same place - I forget) that you can't change how others view the world or behave; you can only change your response to it.  This is very true.

At the time, the position I was in sucked.  Pure and simple.  The people I worked with were un-happy, grouchy people who had a vendetta against EVERYONE and each other.  It was miserable.  I was slowly, but surely, being sucked into their way of thinking.

Once I realized that it DIDN'T have to be that way - things changed.  I began to seriously look at my life and wonder - what in the hell did I have to be grouchy about?  I have a WONDERFUL husband.  A FABULOUS son (on most days - but hey, he's a teenager; there's bound to be some days that aren't so great with him).  A job (that despite, at the time, being miserable) was a good job with excellent benefits.  And fabulous friends.

Eventually, I moved on to a different department (thank GOD!) and life got even better.

So even though I am pragmatic and see things the way they are; I also realize that things aren't as bad as they could be (yes, yes - oxymoron, I know!  What can I say -- that's just me -- take it or leave it).

So thank you, Liz, because you have reminded me of all that I have to be happy for in my little world and what kind of person I could have ended up being.  And know, that I think of you (all) every day and send positive vibes your way.  (And no - I am not one of those annoyingly, perky people - really!  But I am happy - most of the time.  When the guys in this house aren't tag-teaming and trying to drive me crazy.  Which they seem to do on a regular basis.  Like why are all of my decorative bamboo sticks are broken - can you say "sword fight?"  How old are they anyway?  But hey, that's one of the reasons I blog - to get it all out.  Yay - look!  Instead of many annoying parentheses; this time I did it in one big, long one!)

Awwww shucks….you’re making me blush

Two very fabulous friends have bestowed upon me to very fabulous awards.

I’ll try to keep my acceptance speech short and sweet.  Thank you so very much, I am humbled and am flabbergasted that you both thought I deserved such honors.

Bare Naked Mummy has gifted me with the prestigious Zombie Chicken award.

So what do you ask is the Zombie Chicken Award - well The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken – excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all.

And Melissa has presented me with a Happy 101 award. 

The rules are: List 10 things that make you happy
Try to do at least one of them today
Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day
Make sure to link back to the person that tagged you

Ten things that make me happy:

1.  Long weekends (staring at a 4 day one this week! Yay!)

2.  Finding a good deal (I will be doing this one today as I know where I can get cashmere scarves for $12.00 – great Christmas presents and one for me!)

3.  Shoes (yes, they make me happy!)

4.  Blogging and blog-reading (I'm beginning to think I may need a 12 step program)

5.  Sunshine (of which a tiny bit is peeking through the clouds as I type – it makes me smile!)

6.  A good book.

7.  Cover Girl Outlast Lip Color (it makes me happy because I only have to put it on once a day and it does NOT come off!  You know as much as I brag about this stuff they should either pay me or send me free lip color!  That’s a subtle hint Cover Girl!)

8.  My Blackberry.

9.  All my friends

10.  My little family (when they aren’t trying to deliberately drive me crazy; that is).

Now, without further ado I pass both of these awards on to……..




All of you, my friends.  (No it’s not a cop out – I seriously think all of you who take the time to friend me and then to actually read and comment on the stuff that comes pouring out of my brain deserve this award – plus I’ve read all your blogs and they are AWESOME!)

November 23, 2009

Totally forgot! Gratitude List

Now here I stole borrowed this FABULOUS idea from Chic Mama and then I totally forgot that I planned to do it at the beginning of the week (as she does it on Friday's - so it's not stealing that way; do you see my logic?).

But forgive me; it's been a busy day as according to Melissa I have been crazy posting today.  What can I say?  It's been really quiet at the office - so those voices just keep talking, talking, talking and need to get out (no!!!  I'm NOT crazy; really?) is my gratitude list for this week (it may have some repeats - because I am really, really grateful for all that life has to offer - really!)

1.  My little family - because we are so good together; even when we aren't.

2.  My computer - because even with the busted screen - I can still connect with all of you!

3.  You - because y'all belong to my heart; each and every one.  (sappy I know.  But hey, a girl is allowed to be sappy once in a while....)

4.  Man-Child's renewed interest in school (i.e., getting good grades!) - because do you know how many years I've had to go through nagging him about homework (too many to count and to many gray hairs obtained)?? 

5.  Wine.  Need I say more??

Have a good week y'all!!

It’s a WHAT?

For whatever reason, most of my bloggy friends are from across the pond, in various different areas.  It’s wonderful as I get to get a glimpse into what life is like in different areas of the world.

But occasionally, I am perplexed.  Such as the time that Brighton Mum mentioned Scotch Eggs.  Had never heard of them and was intrigued.  When she explained what they were and how they were made I was baffled.  So then, bless her, she found me a recipe and sent it – it then became clear. 

Also, she has given me insight into the schooling system over there.  Apparently their children finish “compulsory” school (read high school-I guess) and then move on to college at 16!  This one still baffles me.  But it seems to work for them.

On one occasion, I sent Chic Mama into a fit of giggles because after describing a therapeutic Reiki treatment (of which I knew nothing) she mentioned that the therapist would ring her next week.  Me, being ever so curious, asked CM – what do you mean she’s going to “ring” you, I was picturing all kinds of things.  Apparently, she meant that the therapist was going to call her.    I’m sure there are plenty of other examples of my “learning” moments over at her place, I just can’t think of them now.  Am too busy blushing over the “ring” issue still.

thatgirl39 at Forty Not Out presented me with this via one of her tweets.  An American Dinner.  Of course I had to ask.  She informed me that is where each guest brings a different course.  I had to laugh at that one.  I guess it could be called that – although we call it Potluck.

And just this afternoon, via a tweet, Fab In Your 40s stopped me in my tracks with this one, she was off to make Toad In A Hole.  Of course, I replied immediately with WHAT?  Apparently, it’s sausages in a Yorkshire pudding (not really clear on what that is either – I think I’ll just Google that one).

So in addition to all the new friends I’ve made; apparently, I’m also getting an education.  See?  All the time I spend in front of the computer is making me more well-rounded person!  (Yes, feel free to use this excuse explanation, if you’d like!)

Fall Trends that I am LOVING right now.

Sweater dresses!  I can’t seem to get enough of them.  With leggings and boots.  Fabulous!


Boots!  They go with EVERYTHING!  I will definitely be investing in at least one (or maybe three) more pair.

Statement Rings.  Really – how could you not love that?

Cardigans – especially the long and lean ones.  Totally love this look.

Skinny jeans.  These work for me much better than boot-leg or flared jeans – which just make my short legs look…well, shorter!  Plus they go great with boots, heels, flats, etc.

What are some of the trends you are in love with this season?

November 22, 2009

I have 30 friends!! And homework hell.

Well my, my.  I've reached 30 "friends."  How the hell did that happen?  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  I like even numbers.  Don't ask me why, I don't know.  Always have.  Could be something to do with the OCD problem that I have?  (It's minor. my opinion!)  (What do you mean it's not normal to have everything just so??  IT IS I'M TELLING YOU; IT IS!)

So welcome to Sarah (do you have ANY idea how much randomness you are in for?) - it will be fun - I promise!

So today; Man-Child once again took me hostage in my car.  Then proceeded to get pissy with me because I actually had errands to run.  He informed me that he was not my personal chauffer.  Really?  Then why the hell are you spending so much time with me?  (It's not like he was jumping for joy before to run errands with me)  He just wants access to my car.  Do I really look like I was born yesterday?!  (Definitely NOT!)

Anyway; Man-Child has a school project that is due Monday.  Surprisingly, he informed me of this on Thursday (usually I have about 4 hours notice!).  So we have spent a majority of the weekend working on said project.  I set up the initial page and had him deal with the remainder (about 26 pages as he had to create a booklet from A-Z on the Scarlet Letter) (He actually did a VERY good job!).

I then had to shell out cash for color ink; apparently ours had run dry.

I then had to shell out more cash for black ink; because apparently if you don't print often the ink dries up - EVEN THOUGH IT HASN'T RUN OUT YET! (tell me this is not a conspiracy with the ink people!  I dare you!  Do you have ANY idea how many times this has happened to me??).

Then I had to buy more cardstock; because they didn't have anymore of the kind we had previously bought; half of which was wasted because the black ink ran out!

So in total?  We spent about $70 for homework.  (Not counting the time I spent "tweaking" it for Man-Child - cause, yes, my time is valuable and I count it!).

Oh. My. Hell!!!  When I was his age we did book reports.  Plain and simple.  Pen and paper.  Now?  Apparently, a lot more is expected (which is fine; that's why we are paying for this expensive education, right?) but come on!  What about those parents that can't do all the "extras?"  I mean seriously??  Ink is NOT cheap!  Even if you get it from the recycled ink stores (which, in all!  So you end up having to buy the real stuff anyway). 

If he doesn't get an A out of this project .... there will be hell to pay!

November 21, 2009

Can I get any more Ramble-y??? Probably not. And new Shoes!!!

So this is what my computer screen currently looks like:

Annoying, no?

But kinda cool in a way; abstract art you know.  Maybe I'll tweak it, blow it up and put it above the fireplace for posterity's sake.


Hubby is completely insane.  I thought I was the insane one in this relationship!  When did things take a turn?  Apparently, I mentioned ONE to many times, that we needed to dig up a tree stump so that we could replace the tree that died.  Apparently, I mentioned this at 9:00 pm.  Hubby then proceeded to dig up said tree stump; immediately.  I informed him that the neighbors were probably watching and possibly thinking that he was digging a grave; he didn't seem to care.  I'm tempted to completely hide out tomorrow just to see what happens (if I'm still alive by tomorrow, that is....).  But he totally rocks; because he DID it; in the dark!  There is now a dead tree stump in my garage (why??  It would probably be happier in the woods; I'm just sayin'); so tomorrow we can transplant a tree (and pray for it to live; IF I'm still here that is; YOU totally know what happend if you don't hear from me in the next few days!).

Man-Child is an awesome kid; even though he has left me with this horrible screen.

I'm trying (very) hard not to hold it against him.

Apparently, driving at night TOTALLY freaks him out.  I had him drive to the party he is attending tonight ('cause he has to learn; right?).  I think he did 35 mph the whole way there.  AND almost trashed a mailbox when an ambulance turned on it's lights.  Yes, I totally pretended to have a heart attack.  He informed me that the flashing lights distracted him.  I may not live to see him get his license (pray for me!).

I totally bought these today; although I'm having anxiety about cash lately; BUT in my defense they are totally CUTE; totally on SALE and I had a COUPON!  How could I say no????  What I'll wear them with??? Not so sure; they aren't quite "work" shoes....but they are beautiful and they called my could I say no?

Sorry; totally icky picure...but they are gorgeous; believe me!  Totally peep toe (have to keep my pedicure up!)  and totally "shiny" am thinking they will go with a longer skirt.

Somebody tell me where the money tree is!

You all remember, I am not a morning person and definitely like to have my coffee and read the paper before interacting with the world, right?

So this is how I was greeted this morning as I stumbled into the kitchen looking for coffee:

Hubby:  "YOU need to TALK to YOUR son!!!!  (with a scowly, mean face).
Me:  "Wha....?"
Hubby:  YOUR son woke me up last night yelling and cussing!"
Me: "Wha....?"
Hubby: "HE broke the computer AND his phone last night!!"
Me:  "WHAT?"

And the conversation went on from there.  Hubby assumed that Man-Child was angry and broke the  computer and phone.  Turns out that WASN'T what happened.  Apparently, Man-Child dropped the laptop and tried to catch it by grabbing the screen - not a good idea.

He was yelling and cussing (bad boy) because he knew that he screwed up.  And he was so mad at himself that when he yanked his phone from his pocket - it landed screen first onto the tile; effectively screwing up his phone.  Poor guy was having a rough night from the sound it. (Thank God I slept through all this!)

So, off we go to the computer repair guy.  $150 and it'll be fixed by Wednesday (luckily we can use it - kinda - until then).

Off to Verizon to see what can be done about phone.  Verizon folks are great.  The guy told my son that since he told him the truth (that he dropped it) he would replace the phone free of charge.  Good - no not good, EXCELLENT.  And life lesson learned - it pays to be truthful.

Upon arriving home, Hubby informs me that the propane tank is empty (which he HAD to have because he REFUSES to cook without gas.).  $400.

Then there is the "shed" which hubby has decided that must be built RIGHT NOW (yes, I want the shed too but I was willing to wait until, say...AFTER Christmas) - approximately $1,200 (that's a conservative estimate).

::sigh::  When it rains it pours.  So if someone could please point me in the direction of the nearest money tree I'd be much obliged!

November 20, 2009

Blogs of Note

Do you browse the Blogs of Note on blogspot?  Occasionally, I do.

Oh my.

I know I have found at least one that I now regularly follow (Kathryn - who is UTTERLY FABULOUS).  But the rest?  Really???

They seem to be very....(what's the word I'm looking for???) focused? 

One is called (I kid you not!) Owl Tattoos.  Now, I'm sorry if I'm just old-fashioned; but if you've seen one Owl Tattoo; you've seen 'em all.

Another one is called The Daily Nail.  Can you guess what that one's about?  Ummm, yes.  It's all about her manicure.  Really??????

Okay, i'm sooo not knocking other people's blogs!!  (Truly, whatever makes you happy....) But really?  Do these need to be deemed as Blogs of Note?  I think not.

Blogs of Note should include people who inspire; who are REAL, who make you want to come back for more!

Owl Tattoos - not so much.  Daily (or weekly or whatever) manicures?  Definitely not so much.

So, really?  What does it take to become a Blog of Note?  Because I have whole list of people who should be featured!  They are folks who have something to say.  They are folks who are interesting.  They are folks who I would love to meet in "real life."

So all you who "friend" me and all those I "follow/friend" take note - in my book .... you ARE Blogs of Note!

Much love!

Blogging and Commenting....

Okay, I've determined that blogging should be a full time job (one that I should get paid for, very well, by the way - I don't care if you don't agree!).

After declaring yesterday, that I am a bad commentator (or commentater); I attempted to comment on the majority of the blogs I follow (which really?  Isn't that many!)  OMG!! 

I have spent probably the past hour trying to comment.  And not really even trying to come up with clever and witty responses.  (sorry - it's Friday.  It's been a long week; I'm trying - give me some credit here!!)

So tell me.  How do you have time to comment on the blogs (and freakin' Twitter!!) and then turn around and blog??

Do you never sleep?? 

'Cause this girl needs her some sleep!

And after the whole splog thing (which those jerks STILL haven't responded - dammit, I'll get on that tomorrow) where I spent the whole day researching that stuff....I mean really?  If I devoted all my time and energy into this little blog - there would be no time for my life! 

But by no means stop - even if I don't comment know that I'm reading (voraciously!) and, at least, having comments in my head (cause that counts - right??)

November 19, 2009


I think I've decided.  I don't like my hair this short.

I know it's kinda too late to decide that.  It's not like I can go back and say "Return it to normal, please."

I also know that I can't do longer hair - I don't like how it makes my face look funny.  So apparently, I need shorter-medium hair.

So I guess I am officially "growing it out" (only, what, two weeks in?).  ::sigh::  The growing out stage is the hardest.  I'm old enough that you would think I would know by know what "works" and what doesn't.  Honestly, does it ever get any easier (hair, I mean?)

I guess when it comes to hair (at least women's hair) you are never satisfied.

So next time I tell y'all I'm ready to cut it all off....point me back to this post, please.  'Cause, that's what friends are for!

Totally Random...and then, not so much

Totally random today.  I'm a bit out of sorts.  Maybe I'll detail all that at a later date.....

First things first - my Blackberry.  Really?  Why is it not updating my blog stuff?  It has my blog on there - but hasn't added any of my friends or any of the blogs I follow.  It updates what I write and your comments - but that's it.  It's making me crazy.  Maybe I should break out the tutorial cd......that just seems like too much work though.

I've been rather quiet on the commenting side of things lately.  Mainly, because I'm trying really, really hard to stay off the internet at work.  It's not working so much.  I still read (quickly) and then jump off (before Big Brother notices) with the intention of commenting when I get home.  Guess what?  I have a short attention span (and a memory to match apparently) and then totally forget (mainly because Man-Child is hogging the computer all the time!  Homework, my eye!! Does he really think I was born yesterday? This is SOOO why I need my own computer for Christmas - somebody tell Hubby.)  (Actually, come to think of it - this one was supposed to be mine!  Hmmm - wonder how they got a hold of it??)

Got a bit of Christmas shopping done yesterday (yes, via the work (you busted me)).  But it HAD to be done.  I've been going crazy realizing how far behind (I think) I am.  Why is it that ALL of the shopping falls to the wife?  I mean really - they are YOUR family!  (Don't you think you could at least give me some ideas, if not actually shop for them?)  You (acutally meaning you, dear reader and not Hubby anymore) do realize that Christmas is little more than a month away don't you?  How did this happen???  Last time I looked it was July!

The computer is totally pissing me off right now because I've only had it out for for about 10 minutes and already the little battery icon-thingy is showing that more than 1/2 the power is gone!  WTF?  What is the point of having a laptop if you have to keep it plugged in all the damn time?  Really??  I mean I can type pretty fast - but no one can type that fast.

Okay - I've got it plugged in.  Now I can slow down and think before typing.  So everything before now?  Ignore because it probably doesn't make any sense because I was under PRESSURE!

Man-Child has been in a really chatty mood today.  These happen few and far between lately.  It's a far cry from when he was a little one and you simply could not get him to stop talking EVER.  He used to tell you all kinds of stuff.  Whatever was on his mind.  Then he reached a phase where he would play this game; what color do you like more Mommy; red or pink?  Red.  Ummm, what color do you like more Black or pink.  Black. Green or pink?  Purple or pink?  It went on and on.  He tried his darnedest to make me pick pink - because I was a girl.  He played this game with EVERYTHING.  Drove me batty.  (He was also very chauvinistic as a little guy.  I've done my best to beat that out break him of this - don't know where it came from - he was born that way; must be from his father's side of the family.)

Then he moved on to his Game-Host phase.  This was when Who Wants to Be a Millionaire first came on TV (with Regis).  He absolutely LOVED this show (as he did most game shows - anybody remember SuperMarket Sweep?  His absolute favorite).  Then it was constant questions in game show format.  Actually it was kind of cute; at first.

Now we are at the phase where we have to drag every little piece of information out of him.  Sometimes water-torture has to be deployed.  But today - from the time he got up he wanted to have conversation.  Real conversation (that didn't involve him or his personal life, of course).  He wanted to talk about a piece we saw on the news the night before.  He even turned the car radio OFF to continue this discussion.  The conversation then moved on to choices and how they can impact your life.  Choices about what classes he should take now to help him in college; how some majors aren't all they are cracked up to be and how you have to really think about what you choose to study in college - because it may not lead you down the path you would ultimately like to go.  You know, kinda heavy stuff.  It was great because I was able to impart what little wisdom I have without it sounding all lecture-y.  Which I try hard not to do since Hubby does that soooo well.  So well that we people have a tendency to tune him out; I'm just saying.

Anyway, I just walked through the living room and overheard Man-Child and Hubby having an intelligent conversation about hurricanes and living below sea-level, etc.  So, apparently Man-Child's need for conversation has lasted throughout the day.  A minor miracle.

I am consistently proud of this child (when I'm not tearing my hair out over minor things like laundry piling up in EVERY FREAKING ROOM OF THE HOUSE! Why can said laundry NOT find it's way to the hamper??) but when he is in this mode?  I am most proud - because he CAN carry on a conversation; logically and intelligently - with any adult (just usually not us).  It's a glimpse of the man he will (too soon) become, if we can navigate these next few years carefully and successfully.

But then, I have that niggling fear in the back of my head.  I remember my cousin.  She was soooo smart.  She was on the right track.  And all fell apart.  Many, many issues came out.  She became involved in drugs and alcohol.  She was sidelined for YEARS.  Thank God, she has finally come to terms with the issues and kicked the drugs and alcohol; but when I look at all the years wasted before she has finally returned to the road where she was meant to heart breaks.  She had a bright future before her.  She had goals - she was going to be a doctor.  Now....she's almost fifty.  Yes, she's graduated college and is going for her Masters (I believe); but what has the world missed - her dreams of being a doctor - totally sidelined.  All because she deviated from her path.  And it happened almost over night (at least from what I can remember).  And this is the deep fear that I have for Man-Child.  Because yes, he is a good kid.  Yes, he has goals and dreams.  But all it takes is one wrong turn....

I suppose this is every parents nightmare that we shove down deep and try not to think about.  Because it could never happen to our kid(s).  But it can, and having seen it first hand....

Okay, this was soooo not where this post was going when I started; but there you go.  Once you start writing it just all seems to come out - whether you want it to or not; whether you expect it to or not.

So on that depressing note.....

November 18, 2009

This just goes to show ya....the blogosphere can be a pretty darn good place

I don't know her.  I've never heard of her or any of her websites; such as this one or this one.

But apparently Anissa Mayhew is an inspiration and blog-goddess to many, many bloggers out there.  All day long, I have seen blogs written about her - the few people I follow on Twitter where all over the place about her.

She has, according to all reports, fought many battles in her life.  But has done it with grace and a smile.

According to what I have read; she has suffered a massive stroke and, although things are looking better, still has a tough road ahead of her.

Like I said, I don't know her and had never heard of her before today; but of course my heart went out to her and her family immediately.

The utterly amazing (and heart-warming) thing is that so many people out there are praying for her, writing blogs about her, tweeting about her; even those who don't know her (such as me) - trying to spread the word, the prayers, the good thoughts/vibes, etc.

I've heard stories about how ugly the blogosphere can be; personally, I haven't experienced it (except for the whole splog thing).  But the fact that people can make such an impact on others via the internet; leaves me absolutely speechless (a first, I know).

It makes me think about all the friends I've made via the Internet.  How I care for them; think about them almost daily and hope that whatever issues they are having get resolved.  It made me think that these faceless (and in some cases nameless) people are my friends.  Yes, I haven't met you; or talked to you face-to-face - but through the internet I've gotten to know you.  Because, sometimes through writing we show our truest selves.

So, basically - I just wanted to let you all know that each of you has made a HUGE impact on my life; because I truly believe that you should tell people how you feel about them in the event of a catastrophic event.  So I want you to know; in the event that one day you log on and you can't find me - you guys are awesome and I count each and every one of you as personal friends.

If you want to read more about Anissa Mayhew you can click here, here, here, or here.

November 17, 2009

Funny Conversation....

I was sitting on the deck; happily perusing some of my favorite blogs.  The boys were out - it was a beautiful morning.  All was right with the world.

Eventually, I heard the truck pull up.  Doors slam (cause boys are loud that way).  Eventually, Man-Child makes his way to the back deck.

"Dad!!"  he says - with much disgust.

"What's going on?"  I replied.

"He's making me crazy!" Man-Child cried.

"About what?"  I replied, very puzzled.

"Driving!"  said he.

"What?"  said me.

"He's driving me crazy about driving!!"

"What do you mean?"  said I (trying to keep a straight face).

"Well, with you - you just act like you are having a heart attack or something; HE just criticizes everything I do!!"

Me - thinking, "What do you mean I act like I'm having a heart attack??"  I REALLY am!!!

P.S. - this must be a personal record! 4 posts in one day!  Where's Guiness Book when you need them?

Legal Stuff You Need to Know (seriously)

I have done a lot of research today on protecting my (and your) work.

This article explains quite a bit.  (And yes, I checked his copyright notice before linking him here).  Basically this article states that it is important that you put a copyright notice on your site for your protection.  And that you don’t have to register anywhere to use the © on your work.

The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works is an international agreement which governs copyright.  According to this Convention; copyrights for creative works (which blogs are) are automatically in force upon their creation – even if you do not declare it.  As an author – you do not need to register your work in any country that has signed this convention.  Parties that signed can be found here.  But basically, I think most major countries have signed it.  An important point to note from the Berne Convention is that your copyright lasts for your lifetime and 50 years after your death. 

Now I’m sure you are all wondering what the big deal is – I mean it’s just a spam blog – it’s not like someone lifted my work and is proclaiming it for their own.  Well, that could happen (though really?  If someone were to want to steal words – there are better bloggers than me to steal from).  But the problem with Splogs (as they are commonly called) is that they are fake and only created to try and get viewers to click on the ads in the site.  Since somehow (I haven’t figured that part out) they work it to where their site comes up first when certain key words are searched on Google (say….Gigi’s Ramblings).  This can be harmful to my reputation.  How you ask?  Say one of you is telling one of your friends how witty and charming I am.  They ask for the website address – but since it is far too long for any human to remember – you tell them to just Google Gigi’s Ramblings.  They do and they come up with several of these splogs and never see my real website – which has been pushed to the bottom of the page –or heaven forbid – to the next page.  They then think – what the hell?  And then proceed to think that I actually produced that crap and that you must be insane to like that kind of crap.  See?  Both of our reputations ruined in one fell swoop.

Now – how to combat these folks.  I’m still looking into it – but from what I can tell – if it’s a Blogger website you can “flag” it and report it.  If not then you need to go to the host and report it.  Which is what I did for this particular weasel.  I have yet to hear back from them.  But you can be sure I will be following up.

Of course, now that I’m in the midst of writing this post I can’t find the article – but somewhere out there Google has an application that will let you know when, where and how your name is being used.  I’ll let you find that for yourselves – I’ve done enough today.

I certainly hope you appreciate all the work I have done for you today (instead of my boss – who thank goodness isn’t here today expecting actual productivity out of me).  You’re welcome.

Well, well. Look what I found…

I was trolling around on the Internet; trying to figure out how some of you know what Google Searches are leading to your blogs.  Does that even make sense?  I’ve come across a few blogs where the authors have posted how some people have stumbled across their blogs through Google – and what the word search was that led them there.  (Yes, that’s clearer)

Anyway, lo and behold, look what I found:

I don’t know who or what this jerk is – but he STOLE my content!  This is mine:

Yes, the jerk garbled it; but it’s MINE!!!!  And you know what?  I didn’t even get attribution!  I’ve searched the site high and low – and there’s no way to reach the jerk that I have discovered yet.

I also found this:

But at least these people list me as the “Source” and when you click the title it directs you back to my page.

I’ve done a little research – and apparently, at least the first one are called SPLOGS – I can only assume that means Spam Blogs.  What their purpose is I don’t know.  But if I can figure out how to hunt this guy down and hurt him; I will. 

So anybody with any ideas on how to protect my stuff – without locking this sight down tighter than Fort Knox – please let me know.  Because this really, really ticks me off.

It all comes down to coffee

Oh the life of an office drone.  It sounds so utterly boring, doesn’t it?  Well, let me tell you – life in the office is full of intrigue, innuendo, and other words that I can’t think of right now.

Currently, our little department is fractured.  Well, actually it’s been fractured since before I even arrived on the scene.  We have our side of the hall and their side.  Although our department head has publicly declared that we are not two separate departments – the rift continues and is perpetuated by not only them; but the department head himself. 

But our little department isn’t the only one that is affected by all those words that have totally slipped out of my brain.  Because of the overall lack of communication and the total lack of transparency from the top down – the workplace is swirling with rumors about being sold to our main competitor; or that there will be massive layoffs since Mr. So-n-So was hired under the veil of secrecy.  It goes on an on.

And, of course, there are always the whispered conversations going on about who is sleeping with whom; who is a total slacker; the jackass; etc.

But right now the biggest issue going on at the office revolves around the coffee. 

Apparently, the powers that be decided to switch vendors to save money.  That is all fine and dandy.  Except for the fact that this vendor’s coffee is horrible.  We have decided that this was management’s plan all along.  Bring in nasty coffee and it will in turn cause all of us to quit drinking coffee; thus enabling the management to cut the contract with the vendor and they will have saved tons of money by not having to buy coffee at all (I can hear them cackling now behind their closed doors).  They think we aren’t on to their evil plan.  But being that we have been fairly caffeine-deprived for the last few days (thus the reason that I can’t think of all the words I wanted to use in this post) we have yet to band together to form a revolution. 

The one big flaw in their plan is that without coffee – our brains are slowly turning to mush (you can tell that just by reading this post).  And pretty soon, no one will be coherent enough to do their jobs.  And it will all spiral downhill from there.  Hopefully, someone will realize this in time to save the company; before we are all left penniless and jobless after the company goes bankrupt.

This is what corporate America has yet to realize; it’s all about the coffee.  With the right coffee people have a bit more energy thus enabling them to get through their day to day mundane tasks.  Without the coffee – nothing gets done (at least not properly).  You realize what this means don’t you?  Without good coffee the entire American business system would collapse.

November 16, 2009


Okay - really??  Hubby is watching the news and just came out to report that a panel has come out to say that mammograms are really over-rated and, really, only need to be done on women over 50.

Are you freakin' kidding me????????

Do you know how many lives (of women under 50) annual mammogram screenings have saved?

Ladies (and gents; if necessary); please, please ignore this panel and get yourselves tested annually.  Insist on it.  It could save your life.

Word verification....or is it just me??

Some time back someone (sorry can't remember who - and am far to lazy to investigate) did a post on word verification - and how it drove her crazy.  I sympathized and moved on.

Now I know what she meant (I do remember it was a she - had to be - I only follow one guy blogger as of yet).

When I comment, I am an enthusiastic commenter (or is it commentor?  Not sure, again too lazy to check tonight).  And more and more I am finding that I post a comment with gusto.  I hit post and then immediately hit close - because I am ready to move on to my next excellent read (of which there are so many!). 

Only to realize as the window is closing that word verification has popped up.  Damn.  My comment is gone.  Unless I have the energy to go back and re-open the post and try to re-create my comment (and you know - sometimes - that second comment just doesn't have the right "zip" to it).  Do you know how often this has happened to me in the past 24 hours alone??

Granted, I am an impatient soul and sometimes make a move quicker than I should; so in deference to those that still have word verification - I will attempt to slow down.  But....

With all that being said.  As of this minute - word verification on this blog is gone!  Spammers be damned!  (But really?  Spammers - here?  What is there to spam here about??  I don't know; I guess we will find out together and deal with it as the issue(s) arise.).

So comment away - without having to worry about word verification! 

You are welcome.

Victory is MINE!!

Well, as I’m sure you are all aware – I have had MAJOR issues lately trying to find pants for work that aren’t too long.

Yes, yes.  I have looked in the Petites department at every store I’ve been in for the past 6 months.  But apparently, some joker out there in merchandising (or whatever the hell it’s called) seems to think that putting a petite label on pants that are actually meant for the human of normal height is hilarious.  (Guess what bud?  SOOOO not funny).

Anyway….I had some time to kill at lunch today.  I decided to run into Sears.  Why?  I don’t know.  I don’t even like Sears.  I’m not sure why...  Oh wait, I do know why I went.  I’d seen their Sunday advertisement saying that all their boots were 40% off.  Uh, don’t bother – all their boots were ugly (and cheap-looking).

Anyway….(yes, I know I keep getting off-topic.  Roll with it) I wandered into the Petite department just to see.  Because by now, I’d totally given up.  I was planning on buying pants that were too long and either shelling out the money to have them altered or take the plunge and try to alter them myself – which would pretty much guarantee that I’d have to throw them away.

But there they were!  (Cue the angels singing!)  Actual Petite pants – that were the right length!  AND even better they were on the clearance rack for $10!!!!  AND they even had the three basic colors I wanted.  AND they had them in my size!  Could it get any better?  I didn’t think so.

Needless to say, I grabbed them up and floated to the checkout counter where I informed the woman that they had made my day.  This seemed to please her. 

She began to ring up my purchases and my day got even brighter.  Because apparently everything on clearance was an additional 50% off – so my $10 pants??  Yeah – now only $5.00 a piece!!!!!!!  I almost kissed her.  But that would have been totally weird and I probably would have been banned from the store for life – which would totally suck since I now know where to find pants (at least until that joker figures out he’s missed one place to spread his evil).

So there – this proves that not every Monday has to be horrible!  See it really is the little things in life!

PS – since the picture of my newest pretty was so dim, I took another one, just for you!

November 15, 2009

Random Ramblings

Passwords.  Really??  Do you realize how many I have??  All the important stuff that I should remember (like the year my son was born or the year I got married) has totally been pushed out of my brain so that I can retain all these darn passwords.  Passwords at work (at least 6; probably more - but I've forgotten the less used ones); passwords for my bank card; passwords for email; passwords for blogger; passwords for online banking; passwords for cellphone stuff; passwords that I never even knew I had until I'm trying to "fix" something (which is real pain!!!); passwords for online shopping.....the list goes on and on. 

I am constantly forgetting what site I'm logging onto and invariably enter the wrong password - which then leads to cursing on my part.  And once, really, I totally forgot the password to my bank card.  Completely, totally forgot it.  Couldn't remember it ever again - it was GONE.  Had to get a whole new card.  That was a nightmare.  So to all you hackers out there that have made all these damn passwords so very necessary.....there is a special place in hell for you....just so ya' know.


HTML code - really??  Do you have to be that damn difficult??  For whatever reason, I still can't fill the date into that random box on my template.  And the whole automatic date/time stamp that's supposed to show up under all my titles?  So not there.  And I've checked everything!  If there's anyone out there who actually understands HTML who feels pity for this poor little girl; email me.  I need all the help I can get.


Really?  Fashion people? I know I've expounded on this issue before.  But it bears repeating.  "Petite" means that it is for short people!  Not short people with freakishly long legs!!!  Those people belong in the regular departments.  Also, "petite" does NOT mean little old lady.  Thank you.  Now go do something about it before I totally freak out in a department store because I can't find a pair of pants that are not at least 4-6 inches too long in the PETITE department and end up in jail for causing a public disturbance (seriously??  It totally could happen any day now; do you realize how long I've been looking for pants that I don't have to alter!  And it's not like I am freakishly short or anything either!).


Hubby?  Man-Child?  You do realize that yelling at the players on tv really doesn't do any good right?  They can't hear you.  Yes, I know I talk to the computer all the time; but it actually listens to me (although it tends to ignore me a good bit of the time.  Yes, we have a love/hate relationship, the computer and I).  The people on tv?  They can't hear you.  Yes, there is a difference.


People with WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER bumper stickers.  I agree.  War is ugly and should be avoided at all costs - but really?  What's your answer?   We were attacked.  On US soil.  A total act of agression - that we did not provoke.  What did you think the response was going to be?  (Yes, this is totally political and possibly inflammatory (which is totally not me) - but I really want to know - what is the answer then??  And if you have a great answer - get thee to Capitol Hill and tell them; because I do want our boys (yes BOYS) to  come home safely and soon) (and yes, I am again using waaaayyyy to many parentheses and italics.  What can I say - that's just me.) (and yes, I talk like this in real life-just ask Hubby.  He constantly has a hard time following conversation with me) (I totally don't get it - I know what I'm saying - why can't he?  Come on Hubs - keep up!  It's really not that hard!!).

And on that note (where I will possibly lose followers and will have to cry myself to sleep for uncountless days to come) - good night.


My grateful list for this week (courtesy of Chic Mama).

1.  I am so grateful to have finally talked to my friend who is in a very bad way.

2.  I am grateful, so very grateful, for my family.

3.  I am grateful for the FABULOUS weather we've had this weekend (particularly after the monsoon-type weather we had last week - hey Mother Nature?  Can we keep this up for a bit longer, pretty please?).

4.  I am grateful that I was able to spend the day with an old friend; and doubly grateful that her illness has reduced to the point where she could spend the day with me.

5.  I am grateful to have found this during our travels today (yes, a bit materialistic of me - I know.  Sorry-but I've been looking for a statement ring FOREVER).

The picture doesn't do it justice.  But pretty, no??  It's a beautiful black, domed ring with crystals.

6.  Grateful that M-C was bored enough to ask me to teach him how to sort his laundry and do it (maybe I should keep him bored more often....).

7.  Grateful that the majority of my laundry is done!!!

Although it's Monday tomorrow and back to the daily grind; I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!

November 14, 2009

Help!! I'm being held hostage in my own car!

Maybe it was a mistake to let Man-Child get his permit.

A big mistake.

Because do you know how my day was spent?  I was pretty much held prisoner in the passenger seat of the car.

Back before he had the permit; I could get time alone by "running errands."   Because really?  Why would he want to go with me anywhere?

No more.  Now, it is constant - "Mom, do you need to go somewhere?"  "Mom, we need to run to Target."  "Mom, we need to go to the grocery."

I tried to sneak out of the house this morning.  For some "alone" time. 

As I was applying my lipstick (I should have run before then!), Man-Child appeared in the doorway.

"Where are you going?"  he asked (oh so innocently).

Thinking quickly I replied, "Christmas shopping."  Surely this would buy me some alone time.  Hmmm, not so much.

He wanted me to come home early so that I could take him to lunch.  Read between the lines to mean: he wanted to drive me to lunch and whatever other errands I might have.  NOT that he really wanted to spend time with me.

::sigh::  I fear that any alone time I might have had is gone!  Do you hear me?  GONE! 

Soon you will find me sitting in a corner; rocking and eating my own hair.  And it's all because, I let him get his permit.  Be warned, my friends!  Be warned!