August 31, 2009

What Do You Think?

Listening to the radio on my way in this morning, they were talking about an article (that I, of course, can’t find to link it in) about schools no longer emphasizing cursive handwriting.

I, personally, find this reprehensible.  I remember learning cursive.  I loved it.  We wrote out everything in cursive all the way through elementary.  It was mandatory.  Now they don’t.  In fact, even when Man-Child was in elementary they taught them cursive and then moved on.  He never had to write in cursive again.  His handwriting is absolutely terrible.  Hmmm, wonder why?Now, granted back when I was in school (and dinosaurs roamed the earth), we didn’t have home computers to type up reports – which is why we handwrote them.  But Man-Child on the other hand is expected to type up his reports using MLA formatting.  My how times change.

Apparently, cursive handwriting is a dying art and the schools don’t seem to think that it deserves the emphasis it used to receive.  I assume they figure if they can sign their name, that’s good enough.

They figure the future is here and computers rule so why learn to write.  Well, if we follow that line of thinking – why learn how to tie shoes?  They have Velcro ones now.  Why learn how to spell when there’s spell check?  Why learn how to add, subtract, etc when we’ve got calculators.  I could go on and on.

Yes, with the advent of computers, email, twitter, etc. handwriting does seem dated.  But it’s still used everyday in every office around the world.  Quick notes, messages, etc.  And we will be unleashing these kids into a world where they won’t know how to read handwriting.  Basically, in a sense, they will be illiterate.  How very sad.

What are your thoughts – should cursive be de-emphasized (I won’t hate you or block you if your thoughts happen to differ from mine – promise!) in schools?

Weekend Review

Here it is a wet, dark Monday.  ::sigh::  We had such a wonderful weekend that I think I’ll take time to look back at all we did and savor each moment.

A dear, dear friend of mine went into labor Friday.  She called and asked me to pick her mom up from the airport as she was on her way to the hospital.  I did, of course.  It was so wonderful to see how excited she was for the impending arrival of her second grandchild.

Unfortunately for my friend, she was in labor for 30 hours!!  She didn’t get an epidural until toward the end.  She’s crazy like that.  After it was all said and done she said I was right (of course!  I always am) about the epidural.  Duh.  My thoughts are why endure the pain if you don’t have to?  Granted it slowed my labor down some, but I was relaxed enough that hubby and I played cards during the downtime!

Saturday we had friends over for dinner.  Hubby made pizza – his first attempt and holy cow!  They were amazingly awesome.  Definite hit.  Adult beverages were consumed but no over-indulging (which with this particular crowd is rare!).  Fun was had by all.  The wild savages kids didn’t even wreck the house too bad – which is amazing considering there were at least five of them.

Sunday, of course, was the best day.  As you know, I brought home some pretties.  And they are making me very happy every time I look at my feet on this dark and dreary morn.

Then we headed over to welcome home mom and new baby.  He is so adorable.  I held and cuddled the little guy the whole time.  Almost makes me want one.  Almost.  I think instead I’ll just commandeer this one whenever I need a fix.  What is it about babies that make you just go to mush inside?  They are sweet and innocent.  Their little skin is so soft and almost translucent.  Little fingers and toes.  Tiny little ears. ::sigh::  Truly a miracle in every sense of the word.  They make you realize that no matter how bleak the world seems, how bad the economy seems that there is truly hope in the world.

Isn’t he precious?  I’m already in love.DSCN0018Big brother isn’t so sure about the new addition to the family.  So far, he seems to like him; but I have a feeling that in a couple of weeks he’ll be ready for him to leave!

I tried to get my friend to trade one of her precious guys for my big guy; she didn’t go for it.  She said she couldn’t afford to feed him. 

August 30, 2009

Sunday Ramblings

They SOO did not have these when I had a small child.


No!  Not for me.  I had to struggle all the way across the parking lot trying not to let little one get run over by all the crazies who think that the parking lot was their own personal racetrack.

Of course, I parked there.  I have a child, don’t I?  He just wasn’t with me.  And he’s too big to fit in the shopping cart. Besides, I was in and out of the store in less than five minutes.  Don’t judge me.

And really?  Are short people getting taller?  Or did they change the measurements as to what constitutes “petite”?  I’m vertically challenged.  I know this.  Generally, when it comes to pants I head over to the petite department to try and find a pair that will fit length-wise.  But lately?  I try on the so-called petite pants only to discover that they are at least 2 to 3 inches too long!!  What the hell is up with that?

And while I’m ranting about the petite department.  Do you manufacturers not realize that not all petite people are old?  Honestly, sometimes I’m in there thinking what the hell?  You don’t find the old-fashioned, icky kind of clothes in the “normal” department.  You generally won’t find elastic-waisted pants in the normal department either.  But there they are – in all their glory – in the petite department. 

Now let me ramble on about check-writers.  QUIT IT!!  The stores seriously either need to ban the practice of accepting checks or give these people their own line.  Why don’t you have a debit card already? 

And people who don’t work don’t need to be out and about during my lunch hour.  And if you are, realize that just because YOU aren’t in a hurry, I am.  I only have so much time to get my stuff done before returning to my prison office.  Thankyouverymuch!

Let’s not even get me started on all the idiots out there who can’t drive; but insist on doing it anyway.  Or all the rude people.  Or all those kids who insist on wearing their pants half-way down to their knees.  Oh no.  Let’s not get me started.

Whew!  Now that I’ve got all that out of my system let me apologize to the elderly, the people who don’t work, the check-writers of the world. . . oh, hell – I apologize to everybody for everything.  I wasn’t dissing YOU – it was the other person.

My newest little pretties

I have been coveting these babies for a while now.  But because I am so cheap frugal I’ve been waiting for them to go on sale. 

Last week they were on sale and I was prepared to buy even if I still thought they were kinda high.  But they didn’t have my size. :-(

But that was fate – because this week they were on an even better sale!  So I was out the door like a shot this morning to a different location to find my pretties and bring home.


Aren’t they beautiful?

I don’t think the picture shows it clearly, but the heel is a red patent leather.  That was what really drew me to them.

Then, as luck would have it, I wandered into another store.  And what to my wandering eye did appear?  These beauties – on sale!

DSCN0013 Of course, I had to have them too.

I knew if I didn’t bring home both pair they would just languish in the store un-loved.  Unless of course some hideous person bought them and didn’t give them all the love they so richly deserve!

Luckily, hubby wasn’t home; so I was able get them settled into their new home without having to explain why I had to have them.

He just doesn’t understand that sometimes shoes actually talk to you and that you just can’t leave them at the store.

So here they are – safe in their new home.  Aren’t they lovely?


Don’t they look happier already?

August 27, 2009

A Football Mom

Yup, that's me. A phrase that I truly thought would never describe me. I scream, I cheer, I tell the boys to "take someone down." But underneath it all, I'm still a mom.

I resisted. Oh how I resisted. I adamantly put my foot down. He would NOT play football until at least middle school - when he was bigger. When he was stronger.

But he loves the game. Even more so than his father. As a little one, he could spout off stats like nobody's business. He didn't even give that much attention to his school work.

Between the pleadings of him and his father, I caved.

I have always been of the opinion - don't make him play anything until he asks. And this was something he was begging for. Begging me. He really, really wanted to play.

His dad kept telling me that if I made him wait he wouldn't have the skills or talent to play. So I relented.

He loves the game. He loves everything about it. He lives for football season (this is the season that I go shopping!). Even in off-season, it's all he talks about.

Our game tonight was not a good one. We lost. Not surprisingly. I'm actually surprised the other team did as well as they did considering. The game started at 5:00 pm. In the 95 degree heat. What were they thinking. This constitutes cruelty in my book. How can you expect children to go out in this weather, with all their gear, to play a game? Even the spectators were miserable. And we didn't have 50 pounds (or whatever it is) of gear on, running up and down the field.

Our team is full of newbies who've never played before. So this was a particularly brutal game for them. They aren't used to it. Much less in the heat.

As the game wound down. Defeat was inevitable. Then IT happened.

A player was down. In the last play of the game. He didn't get up.

My eyes immediately started scanning the numbers on the back of the jerseys.

A sigh of relief. Man-Child was standing.

The boy still didn't get up. My heart went into my throat. Who was it?

The coaches from the other team began to run out on to the field. The boy still did not get up.

One of our coaches came running off the field - yelling for the boy's parents. My heart stood still.

Finally, both teams began to leave the field and yet, the boy was still down. We began to hear an ambulance wail in the background. I was terrified for the other mom.

The ambulance came and loaded the boy onto the vehicle. At this moment, no one still knows exactly what happened. We think [hope & pray] that it was just heat exhaustion. I'm sure we'll hear more later tonight or tomorrow.

I looked at my husband and said, "This is why moms' hate football."

So although he loves it. And I will cheer in the stands louder than anyone. The very thought of seeing my boy lying on the ground turns my stomach in such a way that I can't even begin to describe. Because I know, the outcome could be so much worse. And despite being a football mom I am still first, and foremost, a mom.

How I Broke My . . .

Okay – I’m taking up the challenge that Mama Kat has thrown down.  I love Mama Kat giving us these writing assignments – it’s almost like being back in school.

But, before I began I have to swear you all to secrecy.  Hubby can never find out.  Pinky-swear?!

::sigh:: Okay.  Here goes.  How I broke my car.  Yes, I said my car!  Quit giggling.  It’s quite serious.  Technically, I didn’t break it.  But it wouldn’t be fair to blame it on Man-Child cause he was only about 10 at the time.  And actually, it wasn’t even his fault.  I think it’s only fair to blame the car manufacturer.  Yes, definitely.  That’s whose fault it was.  But I can’t even send them a letter or anything complaining about their shoddy manufacturing because this is all a SECRET.

The boy and I were driving down a very busy road one day.  I had a lovely RAV4 (I LOVED that car – the only car I ever loved).  Anyway, the gear shift thing is on the console in between the two front seats.  Man-Child was just reaching that point in his life where he was all arms & legs. 

Then it happened.  One of his legs bumped the gearshift and knocked it into neutral while we were driving.  It probably would have been fine.  But I panicked.  Wouldn’t you?  Yes you would, don’t lie.

I panicked and tried to throw it back into drive.  But somehow instead threw it first into reverse, then back to neutral and finally into drive.

For the next few weeks it seemed fine.  I totally forgot about the incident.  A couple of times the car seemed to sound and act funny; but nothing serious.

Then one fine day, Father’s Day to be exact, we were heading to a local restaurant to celebrate what a wonderful dad hubby is and IT happened.  The car died. In the middle of the road.  Well, not actually in the middle – it died but we were able to coast into the restaurant parking lot.  To say Hubby was not a happy camper is a MAJOR understatement.

I still hadn’t made the connection. 

We went inside and had a tense dinner.  After which we called our friend who is also a mechanic.  He came and looked at it and told us it was a goner.  He gave us a ride home.

We had the car towed to the dealership – luckily they gave us something for it and we were able to get me a little car (with a not so little car payment!).  I don’t care for this car at all – but at least it drives.  I cried for my RAV4.  If I could have, we would have had a little ceremony before sending it off to the wherever dead cars go.

It actually took me a couple months to put it all together.  We killed the car in that one little incident.  But it’s the manufacturer’s fault for making the gear shift be able to move so easily like that.  He barely touched it with his leg.  And really, it shouldn’t be able to shift into reverse while the car is actually moving!!  That seems like a major flaw in their manufacturing process.  ::sigh:: I wish I could write them to complain – maybe they would send me a new RAV4. . .

Anyway – that’s how I broke my car.  And remember you are all sworn to SECRECY!  You pinky-swore!!

August 26, 2009

I think Hubby might be trying to kill me . . .and other random things

It’s passive-aggressive sure.  But I know it’s his plot.  To kill me by omission.  This is at least the second time in a month or so that he has ignored my screams.  For all he knows a serial killer could be after me.  Sure, the first time it was only a frog that wandered into my garden where I was working.  Wait – what do I mean only a frog.  These frickin’ critters are absolutely terrifying to me.  Don’t ask me why – but they are.  Hubby was out back, I was out front.  Believe me, as deaf as he pretends to be, there was NO way he couldn’t have heard that scream!  Man-Child heard from inside the house and came to my rescue.  This is why I love him with every fiber of my being – even though he drives me crazy. 

Anyway . . .

Tonight I was sitting on the back porch working on the computer (more about that in a bit).  When something touched my inner thigh – yes, inner thigh!  I screamed.  Because what in the hell could be touching my inner thigh while alone on a screened-in back porch?  Hubby, whom I can view through the back door – continued to watch T.V.!!!  What the hell!!!  Turns out, it was only my napkin (quit snickering).  It easily could have been some kind of sadistic serial rapist-killer!  And yet, there he sat.  Calmly ignoring me.

I’ve got to keep my eye on this man.  God only knows what he’s slipping into my wine.

To get my mind off his nefarious plans – let me tell you about my computer.  I’m so excited.  (yes, I’m a total dork)  This laptop has been running EXTREMELY slow lately.  And as the technological genius (not) in this household it has been left up to me (as have many other projects) to figure it out.  Why take it in to a skilled technician since I’m sure (famous last words) I can totally tackle this task.

Well, after copious amounts of Google and talking to IT at work (I mean – that’s what they are there for, right?).  I have been able to fix my computer for free, easily.  And now this baby is lightning fast!  I’m soooo excited.  As I’ve told you before, it’s the little things in life.

My second great announcement is . . . I’ve FINALLY figured out how to tame the frizz that sits on top of my head.  I think the presses should stop to take note of this one. 

I have very wavy hair.  So wavy it’s easier to go curly than straight.  But really, who wants to be curly all the time?  I have in my arsenal a multitude of product.  Seriously, I have spent mega-bucks on product.  I know have enough to get me through for at least the next three years.  But for some reason none seemed to work.  Very frustrating.  But, for whatever reason, I switched my flat iron and now, viola!!!  No more frizz.  I’m very happy.  Just had to share.

Well, hubby is out of eye-sight now.  I suppose I’d better go find him in order to keep an eye on him. . . if all of a sudden I disappear from the blogosphere make sure you call the cops.

August 25, 2009

I have a confession to make . . .

I un-followed someone the other day. Does this make me a bad bloggy friend?

When I was new to all this (and really, I still am). I followed blogs. Without really looking into them. This particular blog seemed fun. And I thought I'd really enjoy reading what this person had to say.

But I didn't.

What this person had to say basically did not hold my interest. I'm soooo sorry!

But truly, I don't have time to keep up with things that don't interest me. I'm sure plenty of people find this blog interesting. Just not me.

So, after a few days of dithering over it. I un-followed.

I feel bad.

To be fair, I don't think this person even realized I was following. This person never even commented on my blog. But still . . . I love my followers and amazed that they even follow. So how would I feel if all of a sudden I realized I had one less follower?

The crazy thing is; I didn't even start this for followers - or comments. But now, I love the fact that I have followers and I really LOVE that I get comments.

I feel like a bad bloggy person.

I think I need a glass of wine.

Husbands and Technology

My darling hubby.  What can I say about him?

When he finally decided to learn how to use the computer I was delighted.  He’s finally moving out of the dark ages.

But, I soon discovered I’d rather he never picked up the mouse in the first place.  I became his “help desk.” 

I can’t tell you how many phone calls I’ve received at work asking me how to attach documents, how to enlarge fonts, how to change the color of the fonts . . . And not just once either, oh no.  I would get the same phone calls over and over.  Do you realize how challenging it is to walk a newbie through this stuff over the phone?  Especially when you’ve never seen how his computer at work is set up?  And they are using programs that you don’t even have on yours?  For a while there, every time I saw his number pop up on the caller id I’d answer it “Help Desk.”  I truly should have sent him a bill for my time.  Hell, my employer should have sent him a bill for time!

Then he learned how to create a playlist of songs and play them on the laptop at home.  He also seems to be deaf.  So he would turn up the speakers very loud.  I explained to him repeatedly that laptop speakers are crap and he was going to blow them out.  Man-Child told him the same thing repeatedly.  Well guess what happened?

The speakers went.  I scolded hubby – much to Man-Child’s delight since for once he wasn’t on the receiving end.

Last night – the speakers miraculously began to work again.  I was delighted.  I turned them all the way down so hubby wouldn’t know.  It was going to be my little secret.  Man-Child came to me out of the blue and asked me if the speakers were working again since he’d heard a “ping” the other day.  I told him yes, but then made him promise not to tell his dad.  This does not make me a bad mom.  Does it?  Bad wife, maybe.

Preparing Your Kids for the Real World

When I started this post it was so totally going to be about something else . . . but I couldn’t get it to work.  It was basically going to say – make sure you have a life outside of your children – because once they are gone what are you going to do?  But like I said it wouldn’t work and was total crap.  So I scrapped it and have decided instead to let you all in on how I'm preparing Man-Child for the real world.

Currently, I have a friend whose children can’t seem to do anything for themselves.  Mainly because their mother – with the best of intentions – has done and continues to do everything for them.  She just sent the one off to college (hence the thoughts for the other post) who can’t talk to people – like mom would order her food because she didn’t want to talk to the waitress.  She’s 18!  She’s gonna have trouble with the real world – that is my prediction.

I think it is really important to prepare your kids for life without you.  For this reason, my son does his own laundry; knows how to clean a bathroom properly (that doesn’t mean he actually does it all the time though); he’s learning how to iron; and, if I can get hubby to cooperate, will be learning how to cook and do the yard.  The problem here is hubby is too impatient and would rather just do it himself.  (Note to self: talk to hubby again).  I’m also seriously thinking about getting him a Student Checking account so he can learn how to manage his money.  (That girl in the paragraph above – just overdrew her account; she’s only been there two days!)

Yes, Man-Child complains.  A lot.  And loudly.  Informs me that none of his friends have to do their laundry and clean their bathrooms.  I have informed Man-Child that he will be the only one in college with clean underwear.  And that when he has a date the girl won’t be so grossed out by his bathroom that she may actually see him again.

It is my job to make sure that he is prepared to go out into the real world.  He will be leaving in only 3 short years.  I remember how I didn’t know anything when I left home.  I don’t want that for him.  I want him to go out confident in himself and his abilities.  If he can master these life-skills then he will surely be a success.  And my job will have been successfully completed.

August 24, 2009

First day of school

Finally!  It’s here.  Mother’s across the world are breathing a huge sigh of relief.

I love summer and have always looked forward to it.  Man-Child was always enrolled in a camp – so our routine never really changed.  But this year, he had aged out of camp.  So all he did was sit home and moan about how bored he is.  He moaned, ate, watched tv, ate, played video games, ate, messed around on the computer, ate. Like to drove me crazy – and put us in the poor house as our grocery bills were astronomical!

But no more!  Back to school he went today - - moaning all the way.  I reminded him that I didn’t want to go to work either – but he wasn’t buying it.  Maybe I’m just a geek, but I remember being ready to go back to school in the fall.  Not him.

I’m hoping this will be the year that M-C gets all of his assignments done and on time.  This has been a constant problem since about 5th grade.  He passes tests and exams with good grades.  Gets great grades for participation in class.  But when it comes to homework . . . endless source of frustration for me.  No matter how many times I explain it to him it.just.doesn’!  Homework is an easy A.  Not doing the homework really screws up his grades.  I’m hoping that now that he’s in high school he’ll begin to realize how important grades are in the scheme of college and start buckling down.  If not, I’ll have to get into Nazi-Mom mode.  I don’t like Nazi-Mom. 

He said he was sure that I didn’t do all my assignments in my school-career.  Oh but I did.  Faithfully.  Because in first grade, I couldn’t find my homework once.  I had done it but couldn’t remember where I put it.  Sister Susan (a mean old woman who shouldn’t have been teaching small kids) smacked the back of my legs with a ruler and made me stand in the corner.  I eventually found the homework tucked in a book – no apology though.  So with that little lesson – I did all my assignments AND remembered where I put them.  Hmmm, maybe I should try this with MC this year . . .

August 21, 2009

I might need an alibi . . .

I have spent the entire morning trying to figure out which bundle package would be the better deal for our family.

This I decided to do because if darling hubby goes into a rant one more time about how ESPN and the cable company are in cahoots because he cannot see Monday night football on regular tv, or complains about why his team in never on the local channels (gee could that be because they are in another STATE!)  I just may have to shoot him.  Although, he is correct – we currently have the most basic, basic cable you can get – which means we have very limited number of channels; which is fine with me because I don’t watch much tv anyway.  But if we wanted to upgrade to get the two or three extra channels that would be watched we have to pay about $50 more a month and then receive a whole bunch of stuff we wouldn’t watch.  That is greed pure and simple. 

The phone company’s website was actually pretty informative {surprise!}.  The cable company on the other hand. . . why even HAVE a website if you aren’t going to have the necessary information on it?  Really?  So I hooked up to the instant chat thingy to ask my question to a representative.  It should have been a very easy question to answer.  All I wanted to know was how much the regular price would be after the “special” was over.  Apparently this is an extremely difficult question to answer.  The first rep. I “chatted” with couldn’t answer and sent me to another rep.  Did she give the second rep. all the info that I had provided her?  No.  So I had to go through the whole song and dance again.  Finally the second guy tells me – well, you are going to need to call our sales department.  ::sigh::  I’m at work here – I don’t have time for this crap.  But I called because apparently I am the only one in this family who has time to do this stuff.

Had to go through the hell that is phone-tree land.  I finally growled at the recording that all I wanted was to talk to a human.  The recording cheerfully responded, “Okay, but first I need xyz.”  ::sigh::  Eventually I reached a human and he was actually coherent and understood what I was asking and answered the question.  Finally! 

Now, how much do you want to bet that after I have wasted spent this whole morning working on this – because hubby doesn’t have the time (like I do??) - when I take all this lovely information home to hubby that he will decide that we should leave everything as is?

So, I am asking you right now – who wants to be my alibi when I completely lose it?  I can’t go to jail folks – I have a son to raise who may soon be father-less.

August 20, 2009

Things I have learned from my teen/If these walls could talk

Prepare for an uber-long post as I have decided to tackle two prompts from Mama Kat’s workshop.  What can I say – they both “spoke” to me and I have a lot to say on each subject.  Sorry.

What I have learned from my teen.

Well, technically, the prompt from Mama Kat’s workshop was: Things I have learned from my toddler (inspired by Big Mama Cass).  But, as I am so far past toddler years, I figured I’d be forgiven for tweaking it a bit.

I have learned that teen boys are like starving hyenas.  They will eat just about anything they can get their little paws on – provided they don’t have to make it.  They eat all day and all night long.  If you aren’t careful they will actually swipe the food from your plate.  And never, under any circumstances, try to get a bite of something they are eating as this can be downright dangerous!  If you hide it from them, they sniff it out and scarf it down.  This can make for an excellent diet plan as there is never any food in the house.

I have learned that, much like a toddler, teens are very demanding.  They sometimes have an over-exaggerated sense of entitlement and sometimes can be quite defiant.  But, usually, will back down when Momma Bear slaps him down (figuratively of course, since he’s now twice the size of Momma Bear).

Again, like a toddler, the teen has an innate curiosity and asks all kinds of questions.  Unfortunately, they are also lazy and if you don’t know the answer and tell them to look it up (either on the internet or, heaven forbid, in a book) they will not do so.

According to said teen, parents are quite stupid and they are quite amazed that the parents have been able to survive on their own this long.  I’m told that as the teen ages the parents become much smarter.

Teens have very strong opinions.  On everything.  It does not make sense to argue with them because they will have the last word no matter what.  It is better to let them figure out for themselves that no, practice did not start at 4:00 like they thought – but instead at 5:00 like the parent knew.  Let the teen sit there and wait for an hour.  It builds character and keeps your blood pressure down.

I have also learned that teens will retain some of what you taught them as toddlers.  They may not exhibit it all the time; but will occasionally surprise you by doing exactly the things you spent so many years trying to drill into them.  Such as being thoughtful and kind to others.  Helping people who need it.  Being respectful to ones elders.  Generally, these actions won’t be aimed at the parents but still. . . you will have a sense of pride and accomplishment when you see, or more likely, hear about these actions.

I am still in the process of learning to let go.  This is hard.  I am learning to teach him to spread his wings.  This is also hard.  How can I let him go out into the world when I have spent so many years trying to protect him?  Taking care of him?  Kissing his boo-boos all better?  As we go forward, I won’t be able to do this for him anymore.  This will be the hardest lesson yet I fear.  But, I am learning, from him to look forward into the future with great anticipation.  Anticipation of who he will become and what adventures the world has in store for him. 

If these walls could talk. (inspired by Jenny Mac from Let’s Have a Cocktail.)

If these walls could talk . . . oh the gossip that would be told.  The scandals of co-workers would be trumpeted about.  Tales of deception, trickery and back-stabbing would be bared for all to see.

Friendships made and friendships broken.  Joys and sorrows shared.  Joys and sorrows gloated over.

The ones who work so very diligently and those who are slackers would all be exposed.

The reasons behind ludicrous-seeming decisions and edicts from on high would become clear for all to see.

Petty jealousies would be revealed – most likely shocking neighboring cubicle and office dwellers.

If these walls could talk people who obsess over the actions of others for no good reason would be brought to light.

The suspicion and distrust of a non-transparent upper-management would be clear. 

Oh if these walls could talk . . . the things that would come out.  Maybe it’s better that they can’t.

Note:  I actually like my job and most of the people I work with; but this is what I see when I look around at a lot of people in this company.  I have to wonder how all these people with the same attitude came to work here?  Or have they just become conditioned that way after being here awhile?  Hmmmm. 

August 19, 2009

My Little Worrywart

He’s so funny, this Man-Child of mine.  He’s always been a worrier.  Not necessarily about big things but just stuff.

He used to ask me all kinds of questions when he was small about driving and how you were supposed to know what to do.

Then he worried that when he finally got big enough to drive that he wouldn’t know where to go and would get lost and not find his way home.

The other day I was driving him to the mall for back to school clothes when he announced that he is trying to get used to carrying a wallet.  I told him I thought that was a good idea.  Turns out he’s worried that he is going to lose his driving permit (that he doesn’t even have yet and won’t for another two months!) if doesn’t keep it in his wallet.  While this is a valid concern, it still made me smile.  He’s not quite the confident, cocky man he likes to think he is – he’s still my little worrywart. 

Spencer 2008  Spencer - 6 years 1st Grade

Cocky Man-Child

Little Worrywart

August 17, 2009

Men Can Cook

Oh yes, they most definitely can.  My hubby does all the cooking in our house.  In fact, he gets downright irate should he find me fumbling around in the kitchen.  I can’t cook.  I admit it.  I can bake like a crazy woman (no cracks please) – but I can’t cook.  I hate everything about it.

This is the second year hubby has participated in the Men Can Cook event.  All proceeds from this event go to our local Women’s Resource Center.  Their mission, as taken directly from their website:

Mission Statement

The mission of the WRC is to promote the self-reliance of women by assessing needs, providing services and acting as a gateway to community resources. In seeking solutions for unmet needs, the WRC provides strategic leadership through collaboration and partnerships within the community.
The Values of the Women’s Resource Center are:
* We believe that all people have dignity, worth, and potential:
therefore, we treat all people with respect and we honor their individuality and diversity.
*We believe in the ability of all women to grow into their own potential;
therefore, we provide the tools and the environment for women to use their intelligence and strength to create their solutions.
*We believe that we can change the world;
Therefore, we will act as change agents and advocates for an equal and just world.
*We believe in humor, fun, and celebration;
therefore, through our attitudes, actions, truths, and stories, we will model the importance of incorporating humor, creativity, fun, and celebration into our lives.

So the cause is a very worthy one as you can see.

Some of the participants have been doing this for years.  And it shows.  All participants are provided a table – and that’s pretty much it.  So some of these guys come in and decorate their area and really do it up right.  We, of course, are the last minute louies and don’t think to do all that – we just bring the food.  But, oh my, what yummy food!  Some guys just bring a dessert or an appetizer and some guys (like hubby) go all out.  This year he decided to make a penne pasta in a vodka cream sauce.  It was too die for.


Even the Man-Child was on hand (gasp!  5 whole hours stuck in an arena with us!  The horror.).  He even helped serve – but tended to get miffed if people passed us by.  Man-Child

The place was packed.  It’s amazing that even in this tough economy that people were willing to pay $40 a person to get in.

The Crowd The crowd

I don’t yet have the figures of how much was raised – but I’m sure it was quite a bit.

In our own small way, we are trying to make the world a better place and to teach our son to give back as much as he can and to help out where he can.  It’s an important lesson to impart.  And I do believe that our actions speak louder than words – and I think he has heard them.

August 16, 2009

The Things You Hear . . .

The things you hear only if you are the mom of a teenage boy:

  1. Smell my room.
  2. Smell me.
  3. Smell my breath.
  4. I'm sure that's what Plato's mom said too.
  5. I'm a genius.
  6. I don't need to do well in school - Einstein didn't.
  7. One day I'll be a great philospher.
  8. Does this shirt smell?
  9. I'm hungry (15 minutes after dinner).
  10. I'm not as slow as you think I am.
  11. Why would I get a stick - that would only be aiding and abetting in my own beating.

::sigh:: Yes, ::sigh:: And people wonder why I drink . . .

August 14, 2009

So here we sit . . .

Hubby and I are struggling to stay awake. Why, you ask?

Because Man-Child had a scrimmage game today -- almost two hours away.

We were both fortunate enough that a friend of his was able to get him to the school at 2:30 pm. So that neither of us had to take off work early to get him there at 2:30 - when the game didn't start till 6:00! Anyway. . . I digress.

So here we are - struggling to stay awake because last year, under the same circumstances, we left him. (Why do I feel the need to link to that post? Particularly, when I wasn't even blogging back then? Yes, blogging is truly addictive.) Why, you ask, did we leave him?

Well, we didn't really. We just both fell asleep. Talk about embarassing. Particularly, since the same damn thing had happened the year before!! Do. Not. Judge!

We aren't bad parents - really. We both just get up really early and as a result tend to go to sleep fairly early.

So here we sit. Hubby is technically on duty tonight since I've been on duty all darn week. Picking the child up at the un-godly hour of 8:00 pm from practice. But I'm still up because I know if I go to sleep - hubby will fall asleep on the couch as usual; and then we'll be in the same place we were in for the last two years. Looking like the horrible parents that we really, truly aren't.

Oh joy, M-C just called - they aren't too far away and hubby has left to get him. So that means I am able to finally call it a night. At 10:00 pm. On a Friday night. Life has certainly changed since M-C has come along. The joys of parenting. Staying up late(?) when all you want to do is sleep. It's kinda like having an infant again -- in a totally different way.

Friday Ramblings - with a side of wine . . .

So, I've figured out Twitter - kind of. Still can't figure out how to reply to a "tweet" on my phone. Oh well, I guess I've got all of Monday for that; since I spent most of today figuring out the first part (can you tell I haven't been very busy at work lately?).

Still can't get the blasted signature thing to work. Thank you Chic Mama for getting me to the right place anyway. I just can't figure out where to drop the html in. I guess I've got most of tomorrow for that.

Bride of Frankenstein hair - with any luck this will be dealt with tomorrow as I have an appointment with my fantabulous hair stylist (who I keep trying to bribe to move in with me and do my hair daily - he continues to refuse. Even after I offered to let his partner come with! AND that I'd have hubby fix dinner for him every night - go figure). I plan on telling him to do what he wishes (except for a pixie - did that once. ::shudder:: never again!). I figure if I start over maybe I'll have better luck. But that is just whistling Dixie - because living in NC in the summer with the humidty (which is still WAY better than the humidity in TX) . . . plus the older I get the crazier my hair seems to get. Hmmm, me too for that matter. Huh. Wonder if there's a connection there?

Also wanted to share a random quote from Man-Child. I tried and I tried to write a post around it - but it just wouldn't gel. You may not find it as funny as I did, since you probably had to be there, but it's my blog so I'll share anyway. Are you ready? He said . . .

"I'm not a snot; I'm just obnoxious."

Hilarious, right? That's him; always with a comeback or the last word since the day he could speak. I had just told him to quit being a snot and that was his rejoinder. I was literally speechless for all of two seconds. Amazing, I know. This is the same child that just told me "Way to strategize, mom!" While I was playing solitare - really??? Do I need this kind of harassment?

The other random quote I have to share comes directly from the book, How to Have a Better Kid by Friday written by Dr. Kevin Leman. I so wish I had this book when M-C was small! But it is also very helpful for teenagers as well - no I am not being paid to endorse this book - but believe me I would!! Hmmmm, in fact, it might make a good gift to a few people I know. . . oh, but I digress. I do that a lot - or so hubby tells me. In fact, both he and M-C claim that it's very hard to follow a conversation with me. I truly don't know where they get that idea.


Anyway, I was talking to a fellow co-worker - who also has a teenage boy - but is the one who isn't firm and needs to throw down a few rules. And she was complaining about her son and how he thinks he rules the roost, etc. Well, after our conversation, I pulled out the book (which she had borrowed - and probably needs to borrow again!) and was looking through the index about defiance, etc. and found this fabulous quote. Ready, it's a great one.

"An unhappy child is a healthy child."

I freakin' love that. Of course, I shared it with her. Because kids NEED boundaries. The really truly do. I also informed her that she could try what many of my other friends do when their kids act up - which is to tell them that they need to come live with me for a while. For some reason, that seems to straighten their kids right up. I don't know where I get this reputation from. M-C claims innocence in spreading these horrible rumors about me - but I don't buy it - I feel sure he is telling all the other children I'm evil. Even my god-son doesn't want to come spend the night here.

Hubby will be participating in the Men Can Cook charity event tomorrow - which benefits our local Women's Resource Center. So, if I can figure out a way to make a post out of it - you'll get all the details tomorrow (or Sunday, or Monday) - maybe with a picture or two thrown in. He is making penne pasta with a fabulous vodka sauce - yum! The house is smelling delicious right about now.

Meanwhile, I am going to retire to the back porch with a lovely glass of chardonnay (or two, maybe three) and see if I can beat my score in Lexulous.

I did it!

Okay – it’s stupid to post about stuff like this – but if I don’t it stays in my brain.  And if I kept all this stuff in my brain then there wouldn’t be room left for the important stuff.  Stuff like where did I put my keys?  Any of the millions of passwords I have for everything (how did we exist before we had passwords?)  The grueling schedule of Man-Child – where he needs to be and when and what do you mean I have to pick him up at 10:00 pm – he’s your child too!

So I took the plunge and figured out Twitter.  I know, I know it’s just one more technological thing to take me away from real life.  But if it goes anything like my Facebook and MySpace pages then it will be quiet and dusty.  I’m sure my friends on those pages are convinced I’m dead since I rarely, if ever, update.  Heck, about the only reasons I even go to Facebook anymore is to check out what Man-Child is up to and to play Lexulous (if you are a word game junkie – check it out!!  You can play the scrabble-like game with friends or by yourself – I’m a nerd, I know.  So quit the snickering).

So now when I’m bored at work – I can tell you immediately.  When I’m bored at home – I can tell you immediately.  When my hair is on the frizzy-side I can complain to you immediately!  (BTW, Chic Mama I tried something different last night – and when I picked MC up from practice the first thing he said was “What’s up with your hair?  You look like the Bride of Frankenstein!”  Nice; real nice – way to stay on mom’s good side.)

So now you have access to me all the freakin’ time.  Aren’t you excited?  Well you should be.  I mean really.  To be able to “hear” what goes on in my head – you should feel honored.

But then, eventually, it’ll be like Facebook and Myspace all over again – then you can enjoy the thoughts in your own head – instead of mine.


August 13, 2009


Okay - I'm NOT a techno-phobe. I enjoy jumping in - learning and embracing all kinds of new technology. But I just don't understand Twitter.

I mean, I understand the basic concept. I would like to join the Twittering world. I really would.

But. . .

Every time I go to join I get cold feet. Why, you ask? Because there is no information on their site. None. Just a join or log in button.

I'm one of those who prefers to know all the in's and out's before I jump.

Tonight I was prepared to take the leap. I really was. Then, I noticed a line that said something about, if you already have Twitter on your phone complete your set up here. WTH?

So then I wondered. If I don't already have Twitter on my phone - should I do that first?? And then, how the hell do you get Twitter on a Blackberry?? I haven't had it that long - so I don't know!

If I join before I get it on my phone - will I ever be able to get it synched and on my phone?

Yes, I know - this is dumb and I should just go for it. But there is NO information! How can I go forward without information?? If you've been with me through the whole Blackberry/HTC Ozone saga - then you already know how I can be. So I continue to agonize. . .

So anyone out there with some kind of info for me - please, please help a sister out!

Oh and while you are at it - could someone please tell me how to get those cute signatures at the end of the post without actually having to insert them every time!


The Assignment I’ve Chosen to Accept

Mama Kat’s latest assignment uses the following prompts:

1.) Your trip to the ER...spill it.
(inspired by Stephanie from This Blessed Life).
2.) "Why are American's obsessed with weight? Why are we always fighting or complaining about what is natural for our bodies?"
(inspired by Jenn from Jenny Says What?)
3.) Describe one of your 'God Moments'.
(inspired by Jordan from Wide Open Spaces).
4.) List ten things you would say to ten different people in your life...if you had the chutzpah.
(inspired by Cassandra from Cassagram)
5.) Why is your kid in time out?
(inspired by Sera from Laughing Through The Chaos)

Feeling rather daring, I’m taking on #1 and #4 this week (so yes, it will be a rather long post – sorry).

So here goes nothing.

1.  Our trip to the ER.  As parents, we have been extremely fortunate in that we’ve only had two trips to the ER in the 14 1/2 years that Man-Child has been on the planet. 

Needless to say, both times were terrifying.

The one best for documenting would be our second trip when MC was probably in pre-school – about 4, I believe.  It was about 10:00 pm.  When hubby came in to wake me up.  He said MC was complaining about a pain in his side.  Hubby said MC was crying and wouldn’t let him touch the area.  He was concerned about appendicitis.  As calmly as possible, I got dressed and hubby carried MC to the car – because he said he couldn’t walk.  We had to lay the seat back and belt him in because he said he couldn’t sit. 

We arrived at the ER and had to wait and wait and wait.  After about an hour, we noticed that MC seemed to be fine and was playing and walking about.  We knew from prior experience, that you will still be charged for your visit if you leave before being seen by ER staff.  Plus, what if it WAS appendicitis and we took him home and it ruptured?  Finally, we were taken back to see a doctor.  She looked at him – prodded him.  And made her diagnosis.

He had gas.

Yes, you read that right.  Gas.  Which apparently he was able to quietly expel while in the waiting room.  ::sigh::  Only my kid.

4.  The ten things I would say to 10 different people in my life . . . if I had the chutzpah. (drum roll please)

  1. I would tell one co-worker to grow up, act her age, let go of the drama and to possibly seek therapy for her issues.
  2. I would tell another to get a spine and lay down some rules for her kids – before its too late. (Actually, there are two, I could tell this too. . .)
  3. And I would tell her to get an attorney & go after the ex because he is royally screwing her around and she’s letting him.
  4. I would tell a friend of a friend that her husband is an ass and a cheater – dump him and thank God you haven’t had kids with him.
  5. I would tell two other co-workers who have been dear friends for years and are in the middle of a stupid misunderstanding to grow up and make up already.
  6. I would tell this person that even though she thinks she  knows-it-all -- she really doesn’t.
  7. And that we don’t want to hear about everything she’s done better than we have or to have her jump into conversations that she was never a part of to begin with.
  8. I would tell the big boss of the dept. to start actually listening – rather than only hearing the first few words and acting on that.
  9. The really, really big boss I would tell to lighten up and relax and maybe act human once in a while.  That would definitely bring up morale.
  10. And finally, I would tell a male co-worker to be man and stop letting his 3 year old run the household and insist on some form of discipline – because I don’t want to hear about it anymore!

Thanks to Mama Kat for once again providing prompts to get the old brain running!


August 12, 2009


“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that the rest really comes from it.”  Dianna Vreeland

Really??  Is that all it takes?

I must try it then.  Because I certainly don’t feel elegant; or look elegant.

In fact, right now I feel downright frumpy, frizzy and fried.  Frumpy because I woke up late and had to just throw something on.  Frizzy – again because I woke up late – and because the weather is causing my hair to freak out.  And fried – well, I’m the mom of a teenage boy, I’m in the middle of trying to de-bug my laptop all while said boy is complaining and wondering why he can’t use the computer, because I’ve been running Mom’s taxi service late in the evening, the weather, because I woke up late, etc.

I mean seriously, how can you think elegant when you are in a pair of tired old pants and your hair is frizzed? 

When I think elegance – I think of smooth hair (which I’ve decided may never happen for me – at least in the summer), chic dresses and beautiful shoes.  Elegance means a spic and span home – not a house with dust bunnies the size of small dogs.  Elegance means not having to clean the house – somehow it just happens.  Elegance means not having to get up at dawn and go to work.  Elegance means cocktail hour – not having to run up and down the highway to deliver and pick up children.  Elegance means having it all together – something I definitely do not have!  Audrey Hepburn is the prime example of elegance.

Even “dressed down” she exuded class and elegance.

But according to the divine Ms. Vreeland if I think I’m elegant – then I must be elegant.  Hmmm. 

May have to try this.  But definitely on a day where I’m not so frazzled.


This Says It All



Need I say more?


August 10, 2009

Now I Can’t Even Buy Underwear Right.

I yearn for the good old days.  The days when I could dress my boy any way I wanted – because he was too young to care – or at the age when he really didn’t care.  When the only requests where that the shorts/pants had pockets (for his rocks and other treasures) and snaps not buttons (because those chubby little fingers had a hard time with the buttons).

Then there was the period when he’d only wear basketball shorts and tee-shirts that never matched.  Even this was an easy time.

In middle school he had a uniform – so there were no requests to be made.  He wore a polo with the school emblem and khaki pants or shorts.  Easy.

Even last year there wasn’t much fuss.  His school’s dress code requires khakis, collared shirt (tucked in), and a belt.  As long as I didn’t buy polo shirts in “girlie” colors it was all good.

But this year it’s a different story.  We went through all his school clothes and discovered, of course, that he’s out-grown everything.  Fine.  So off I go to the mall, which I hate especially on tax-free, back to school shopping weekend.  I only go because Man-Child asked that I get him some clothes from a specific store.  Okay – not a problem as said store isn’t too terribly pricey.

I have to fight through crowds trying to pick what I think MC would like and look good in.  I stand in line for about 30 minutes with only three people in front of me because the clerk is offering some kind of deal to each and every person.  Sign up today and get so much off your next purchase kind of thing.  And people were taking them up on it.  Who cares that the line is practically out the door?  And that it’s hot in that store?  And then when the guy pulled out his checkbook – well, it was all I could do to restrain myself from beating him about the head with my shoe!  Really, a checkbook?  Anyway, I digress . . .

So I get home and give Man Child his new clothes.  He okays most of them without any real enthusiasm – but the one shirt that I really liked and knew would look good on him was nixed.  Because he said it make him look like a zebra.  WTH?  Fine, I’ll return it.  I’ll brave the damn mall again and try not to maim people with checkbooks or silly clerks who offer things when the line is out the door.

Then I asked Man Child if he needed any basics – you know socks, tee-shirts, underwear.  He said yes, he needed it all.  Okay I’ll pick them up next time in Target.  He then informed me that I can’t buy his underwear without him.  Apparently, I can’t even do that right anymore.  Hello??  It’s undies!  But according to him, the last time I bought them – which took forever because he wants boxers that have a closed flap (do you know how long it took me to find those?) – the material wasn’t right.  The material?  We are worried about the material??  He said it wasn’t “boxer” material.  Is there even such a thing?!

Once again, I am thankful he’s a boy – what kind of holy hell must the mothers of girls go through at this time of year?



August 9, 2009

Tags of 8

I've been tagged by Chic Mama
(who is so awesomely chic) in a tag of eights. The rules are:
The rules are:
- Mention the person who tagged you. (check)
- Complete the list of eights
- Tag eight others and let them know.
1) Eight things I am looking forward to :
-School starting
-I can't believe I'm saying this: football season to start - I'm ready to see my boy play!!!
-MC getting his driving permit (it will scare me to death - but make me proud at the same time)
-Watching my children grow up
-Getting the *&^$*&*% outbuilding - I'm tired of the garage looking like crap!
-Getting the *&* &%&^%#& outbuilding so I can actually park inside the garage!
-Fall - I'm getting kinda tired of being hot; but not ready for the cold!
-Next weekend - so not ready for the work week!

2) Eight things I did yesterday:
-Spent money I shouldn't have.
-Ate chocolate I shouldn't have.
-Had wine I shouldn't have.
-Wondered about a friend, that I shouldn't have.
-Put off cleaning house; again.
-Stayed up too late.
-Had junk food
-.Did gardening - it was way too hot - could have gotten sick.

3) Eight things I wish I could do:
- Go on a cruise
- Go ANYWHERE w/hubby
- Get a degree
- Live at the beach
- Win enough at the lotto to not have to worry about tuition
- Make certain people see that negativity/drama is not the way to live life.
- Ensure that my boy grows up to be the man that he definitely could be.
- Ensure world peace

4) Eight places I would like to travel to:

5) Eight places I've travelled to: (yeah right! Have you met my husband, Mr. Go Nowhere??)
-Various places in Texas
-West Virgnia

6) Eight people to tag: ( do I even know this many people in blog-land?)
- (i'm praying really hard for you!!)
-Awomanofnoimportance (who, of course, is terribly important!)
Also, I'd like to give a big shout-out to A Woman of No Importance (who so is) for becoming a friend! Thank you!

August 7, 2009

Shunning truly works . . .

at least for my kid. 

I discovered last night that it really seems to work.  But maybe that’s for only children who are used to all the attention from their parents.

Last night, MC didn’t get home until late from football practice (which is absolutely killing me!  I mean, really?  Who the hell practices until 8:00 pm?  Way past time to get ready for bed in my opinion!).  So dinner for MC didn’t happen until after 9:00.  At which time, I’m crawling up the stairs (because, yes, I’m getting old!).

As I’m crawling up, I croak out – don’t forget the kitchen and tomorrow is trash pick-up.  Thinking in the back of my mind – he’ll totally forget because he’s so wiped and HOW THE HELL will I deal with this tomorrow?  Because as a responsible mom (even though I know he’s wiped) I have to deal because otherwise what kind of adult will he become?  The kind that ends up on street corners?????

So, eventually, I pass out fall asleep. 

When I wake up, I stumble downstairs – desperately searching for coffee – because who the hell can manage the morning without the nectar of the gods? – and find . . .

a totally spotless kitchen.  And . . .

the trash has been taken out!

What kind of 4th dimension have I awoken to?

I gleefully take my coffee and paper (which I totally misread because I hadn’t had adequate amount of caffeine yet) out to the back porch.

After properly waking up – I empty the dishwasher and go about getting ready for “work.”

Later in the day I get a call from MC – who proceeds to ask me who emptied the dishwasher.  I replied that I had – and that if others do their part then other things can get done.

I do believe it has begun to sink in (crossing fingers; rapping on wood – whatever it takes!).

There is a GOD!


Whew! That was close.

Well, I almost lost what little credibility I have today.  I came this close to writing and posting about this 19 year old state trooper who apparently has been fired for placing an obscene picture in the bank canister along with his id and a check to be cashed while in uniform and in a marked patrol car.  He claims it was just a joke.   What kind of a joke is that?

I was going to rant on and on about stupidity, poor judgment, blah blah blah. 

Then I was going to further rant about why in the world the State Troopers would even hire a 19 year old?  Think about it – would you want a 19 year old State Trooper running around?  With a gun?  With no real life experience?  Seems crazy to me.

Thank goodness I went back to read the article before writing and posting. 

Turns out the State Trooper wasn’t 19 years old.  He was a 19 year veteran

So while I could still go on an rant about stupidity, poor judgment, etc.  I think instead I will go back to my little corner and absorb this lesson – from now on I will always make sure I’ve had at least one cup of coffee before I start to read the paper in the wee hours of the morning.  Otherwise who knows how badly I could misconstrue say, I don’t know, the proposed healthcare plan (yeah, like I even read those articles).


August 6, 2009

The Pressure is On

I was utterly, utterly delighted to log in to this humble little blog this morning to discover that overnight I had acquired, not one, but TWO new followers. I even did a little happy dance right at my desk. Yes, my co-workers looked at me a little funny – but you know what? They do that even when I am behaving perfectly normal.

After the initial glow I started to get anxious. I mean OMG!! Now I feel like whatever I put down has to have meaning! What are their expectations? What if I get ::gasp:: blog-block? (Try saying that one fast three times!) What if they realize that whatever I have to say is utter dreck? That I’m not as cool as I like to think?

When I started on this lovely adventure, I never expected anyone to find their way to my little world. And now, I have FOUR followers friends. Oh, the pressure!

Does this mean that I have to say something every, single day?

After my mini-panic attack (and hyperventilating) I calmed down enough to ask myself – Self, what is your problem? Why are you getting so worked up? What did you start blogging for anyway – fame, fortune, recognition? No (although a little fortune wouldn’t be a bad thing!). Self, you began to blog because of all the words in your head had to go somewhere. And yes, maybe some of those words might do some good to someone.

And then I began to realize that these lovely people are following along because they want to. Apparently, whatever I have to say is at the very least, minimally, interesting to someone other than myself. And that is utterly AWESOME!

So before I go off to my little corner and begin to worry some more – because yes, I am insecure; I would like to throw out a great big welcome to my new friends – Moms Web and to Sandy. Thank you so much for venturing into my crazy little world. I also want to thank Liz and Chic Mama for tuning in as well. You guys are great and I really appreciate you being here.


Something I Made By Hand

This post is in response to Mama Kat’s assignment posted Tuesday, which was inspired by Texan Mama.  So here goes.  Prepare to be amazed.

I made these two items for a girlfriend’s baby shower.  Black Baby Shower 6-30-07 019 Black Baby Shower 6-30-07 020 








These two items have all my friends thinking I’m very crafty – which I’m really, truly not.  I do have all these fabulous ideas floating around in my head – but they never actually come out looking like I pictured.  These two things are pretty much the only crafty type things I’ve ever done that worked out okay.  Hmmm, that might be because I followed the directions . . . what do you think?

Have you guessed what they are yet?

Yup – that’s right.  It’s a diaper wreath and a diaper cake.

It actually didn’t take too long to assemble either one and I must say the guest of honor loved these items long after the party was over and the baby was born.

Of course, I guess technically, this isn’t something I personally made by hand – since I didn’t actually create the diapers and gee-gaws on it.  But I assembled it.  In my mind that equates to making it by hand.  At least I didn’t buy it fully assembled.  So that counts for something, right?

Oh, and by the way, if you would like to create one of these lovelies and have all your friends think you are Queen Crafty; here are the directions:


August 4, 2009

School Days Rant

Many, many thanks to Texan Mama for the inspiration of this post.  Yup, just blame her after the dust has settled; because she is the one that reminded me how much this topic gets my dander up.

It’s the public school system.  Particularly here in our area.  First things first, I DO NOT have a problem with our teachers.  All the teachers that Man-Child has had while in public schools were phenomenal.  And I can honestly say, that our public school teachers are not getting paid for what they are truly worth.  It is true that he no longer attends public school – but there were other factors that prompted this – not the teachers.

For the past three years or so I have been active in the Harvest for Teachers program.  This program partners businesses in the community with needy schools.  Basically the businesses allow flyers of “wish lists” and provide boxes for donations to the schools.  Recent studies show that the average teacher spends about $1,200 out of pocket for school supplies.  This is an outrage.  To be fair, here in our school system we had a program that provided first year teachers $400 for supplies – it has been cut.  So I ask you, how can a first year teacher (who most likely a graduate with mega-loans, etc.) be expected to come up with that kind of cash for supplies – especially if this is their first job?  Even if it’s not, the salary of an average teacher cannot possibly be able to sustain that kind of out of pocket expense.  This is a fabulous program and I support it whole-heartedly.

But what truly chaps my hide . . . okay one of the many things about our school system that chaps my hide, is the fact that we are throwing good money after bad into the system.  Last year alone the 2008 operating budget for the country school system was $546,412,884.00.  That’s a lot of dinero, my friends.  But yet they can’t provide the basic supplies for students?  On top of that is the state lottery.  The way it was presented to the voters, it was to be an education state lottery with proceeds going to the schools.  Well, it doesn’t work the way that it was perceived to work.  Most thought that the proceeds would head to schools on top of what the federal/state/county gave to the schools.  No.  Whatever proceeds went to the schools from the lottery the federal/state/county deducted that amount from what they gave.  So in reality, the schools aren’t getting anything extra.  And on top of that, our governor recently took money from that lottery account for another use.  Granted we are in an economic crises – but that kinda shoots the bird at the voters doncha think?

And then, when I actually look at the schools I have to wonder where the money is going?  A lot of our students go to schools that are extraordinarily old and in disrepair, where there are leaks, mold, where AC and heating work only sporadically.  A lot of our students go to class in trailers.  I am not a CPA (hell I can’t even balance my checkbook); but it seems to me that there is a lot of waste going on and somebody needs to look into this.

Don’t even get me started on the whole “teach to test” crap that is going on!!  Man-child’s second grade teacher actually told us at the beginning of the year that all they would be doing that year is preparing them to be able take the state-mandated EOGs (end of grade tests) the following year!!!!  Are you freaking serious?  I’m going to stop here, otherwise this post will go on forever and your eyes will glaze and you will slip into an information overload coma.  And I don’t want that on my conscious.  So I’m done; climbing down off my soap box to slink off to fume in silence.


August 3, 2009

How Do You Like the New Look? (and other side notes)

As you can probably surmise by all the changes around here that it has been another slow day at the office!

I certainly can’t do it at home with the Man-Child hovering in the background wondering if I’m done the computer. When I tell him no he goes away for a bit but drifts back. It’s just easier to do it when he’s not around!

It was a rather nerve-wracking experience, if the truth be told – SINCE I DON’T HAVE A CLUE ABOUT WHAT I WAS DOING. Every time I tried to upload the new template it kept telling me that I was going to lose my widgets! Didn’t want that to happen – that would mean my blogroll, etc. would have to be re-built. Thanks to the world-wide web, I was able to find a way to circumvent the problem – thank goodness.

BUT – I have yet to figure out that top portion where it says “Welcome This is the ideal place to say hello to your Readers and Welcome them...” It won’t let me change that for love nor money. ::scratching my head over this one:: So we’ll just have to live with it until I can figure it out. Also for some reason it wants to paste my profile picture right over the beginning of my profile. Oh well – these are the things you have to deal with when you don’t know what the hell you are doing! :-)


As for an update on the shunning. It worked amazingly well (for the time being anyway). I wouldn’t recommend it for every kid – but for mine it will probably work if used judiciously.

After chatting with an office friend this morning – it was once again brought to my attention that the problems I have with the Man-Child are soooooo miniscule. She is a single mom and seems to have lost control over her son who is only a year older than mine. He does whatever he wants; whenever he wants and she doesn’t have a clue about how to get a handle on it. She isn’t a firm parent and not having the back up of a husband (or even an ex who gives a damn) is really putting her in a tough spot. My heart bleeds for her – because I don’t know how to tell her to fix it. Eventually, I have a feeling he will get into really bad trouble and then what will she do? Lesson learned – as much as my Man-Child can bug the hell out of me – he’s still a very, very good kid.

Hmmm, wonder if I could convince hubby to go put the fear of God in him?? (Yeah, right!!)

Till later, y’all!


Update: OMG! I actually did it. I somehow fixed that Welcome-thingy and it ONLY took me an hour and a half in html-hell!! I think I deserve a celebratory drink for that! Oh wait, I can't I have to go pick up the Man-Child. Damn.

August 2, 2009

Enough Already!

The dishes. Again! What is so freaking hard about it? Really, it's not like there are ten people in this family. There's three. That means that there aren't that many damn dishes to do. We even have a freaking dishwasher.

I am so frustrated. I just don't know what to do anymore. I left to run errands this morning before he woke up. I told hubby to be sure to tell him that I am angry and not to look at me or talk to me today. Apparently, hubby didn't make it very clear.
As I was browsing through the shoe section - eyeballing a very lovely pair of heels - oh joy! They were on sale! Mine. Ahem - sorry, I digress. As I was trying on the lovelies, the beast Man-Child actually called. I ignored it. Then he called again. So I answered. He asked where I was and I informed him that I had told his father that I wasn't talking to him and said goodbye. I'm sure the older lady across from me was shocked as she turned and hustled out of the shoe department right quick. Any way, I decided that the lovelies were just what I needed to combat the stress of being a mom to a teenage monstrosity.

Once I made it home, the Man-Child came lumbering down the stairs to ask me how my day went. I just looked at him blankly. Very mature; I know. He proceeded to follow me around the house trying to get me to talk to him. He informed me that he had cleaned the kitchen, his bathroom and bedroom and had started his laundry. And that he had done all this to make it better. Give me a break. Those are his standard chores - the chores he is supposed to do anyway! He informed me that I was immature. I looked him dead in the eye and informed him that I was very angry at him and he really, really did not want me talking to him right now. He looked at me like I was crazy and proceeded to spout his excuses. I looked at him and told him that he really did not want to hear what I had to say to him at that moment and to go away. He turned and stomped all the way to his room. Yeah - like that's mature. I felt like sticking my tongue out at him.

Apparently, shunning works very well.

Hubby then came to me and asked what was going on. I told him (like he didn't know! I had asked him earlier what we were going to do about these on-going infractions. He, as usual, had no answers). He then had the gall to ask if I was going to mad at the Man-Child all day! He is not helping the situation. And why, oh why, am I always the disciplinarian? Why doesn't he do it once in a while?

I'm really not angry - like I am leading the Man-Child to believe. But I am frustrated. In my opinion he is being very disrespectful. He knows what his duties are; he knows how I feel about the kitchen being left in a mess. He knows I don't want to wake up to a gross kitchen. But yet, he continues to not do what has been asked of him. What can I take away? He's not driving so I can't take driving privileges. I could ground him - but since he's staying home this summer he's pretty much already grounded as there isn't much for him to do around here and he doesn't know anyone around here.

I know he's a good kid and that I could have a lot more problems with him that I do. I know this! I thank God every day for having such a wonderful boy. But I'm so frustrated with him and at my wits end. He lives here - he has to contribute. We all do.

So for the moment shunning seems the way to go. I think once the shunning is over though I'm going to have him do most of the household chores this week. Maybe that will teach him that the little bit he is asked to do around here isn't so bad after all.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!!

Oh, and since I'm sure you are dying to know - here are my new lovelies. Aren't they beyoouutiful?