December 28, 2015

Favicons for Blogger. Yes, I finally took the time to figure it out. Always a day late and a dollar (or a million) short.

As you may have noticed, any blogging that's been going on around here for the last year or so has been...erratic, at best.

You may have also noticed, in the last couple of weeks I've been posting more - I put that down to the fact that I've been on vacation for the last ten days.  And I've realized just how much I miss it...even the behind the scenes stuff which, admittedly can make me crazy, at times.  I was reminded of this fact as I was faffing about in the behind the scenes stuff today.

The other day I was monkeying around with a photo editing website using a recent picture that actually had me in it.  And when I logged into Blogger today it occurred to me...I haven't updated my picture on the blog in about oh, three or four years!  Bad blogger!  (Note to self: Update Twitter picture too!) But in my defense, I really don't have that many pictures that include me since I'm usually the poor excuse for a photographer in this family.  The picture I was goofing around with was probably what jogged my mind as it is probably the most recent picture I have that includes me.

So, over there on the right is the me of now-ish (it was taken in November by a friend).  I haven't changed too much, I don't think.

Anyway, as I was looking around trying to figure out how to replace the picture (come on people cut me some slack, I haven't messed around in the back end of the blog in over three years!), I stumbled over the layout portion of the blog.  And noticed, not for the first time I'm sure, the Favicon gadget.  But this time, I actually had time to figure out what a Favicon actually is a teeny-tiny picture that you may have noticed on certain web page tabs.  Like these...

And I figured that can't be too hard to do...can it?

After a quick Google search, I came across this website, which explains it in fairly simple terms.  So, if Blogger is finally behaving, you should look up and note that I was able to accomplish this and I'm going to share how I did it.  Now, to be clear, if you are using a different blogging platform, you are on your own for how to upload it - but you should be able to follow the steps I used to actually making one.  Unless of course, you are on a Mac...but even so, I would think the steps are pretty similar.

You'll note mine is fairly simple - which means anyone can make one.  One word of caution though, be pretty sure that you really like the result before you put it on your blog because I put one up and didn't like it.  After creating this one, I spent far to much time trying to get Blogger to use this one instead of the first one that I didn't care for...uggh!

I used PowerPoint but you can use Word, if you'd prefer.

I opened a blank PowerPoint slide, I knew I wanted the initial G.  So I inserted a text box, typed the letter G in a font that I liked and added some background color that I felt coordinated with the colors on my blog (which, hey-ho, maybe I should change that up too?).  Then I saved the PowerPoint as a JPEG (this step is important).

Then I logged out of PowerPoint and opened the JPEG with Microsoft Office Picture Manager and cropped out all the extra white space.  Next click the resize option and in the custom width and height section put 16 in both boxes and hit okay.  This will make your picture teeny-tiny.  Save the new image.

Now log into Blogger and go to the layout section.  If I'm not mistaken, the Favicon gadget is hardwired into your layout and if you don't choose your own, Blogger automatically puts it's ubiquitous symbol there instead.  Click edit and choose the Favicon you created.  Hit save and you should be good to go.

Now, after all that, go create yourself a Favicon.  Are they necessary?  Not really.  Are they fun?  Yes.  And if you don't add your own, just remember you are, in a round about way, advertising for Blogger - which is all well in good; but wouldn't you rather promote your own blog?

Now if you tell my that my "G" Favicon isn't up there; I will probably I tested and re-tested with success.  Until I hit Preview on this post and the first thing I noticed on THAT tab was the first Favicon...*sigh* Sometimes I think Blogger is just out to drive me mad.

December 27, 2015

I'm cautiously let's make a decorating decision.

The inspection report came back on Christmas Eve.  There are no significant issues with the house; so with any luck the negotiations will go well.  We still need to have the air conditioning looked at - though it appears if there is an issue, it's fairly minor - and the septic inspected.  But again, I'm not expecting anything major to pop up.

With that in mind, I headed out to look for paint.  Why?  Because the house currently has a very, very orange wall.  And while I don't mind a terra cotta color - both that and this orange - are too dark for this space.

Despite that large window, this room is already kind of dark - and that paint does not help.

At first, I thought that I'd go for the most neutral color that we had in our last house.  Sherwin Williams Macadamia, which I love.  But that house had more natural light than this one does...

and as I looked at it in the natural light, I thought it might still be too dark and yellow, hence the paint chip selection (seriously, there is an undertone of yellow in real life).

Although the Husband refused to go with me to look at paint samples, he agreed to look through whatever I chose and help me make a decision.  He immediately reneged on that promise when I showed him the choices....

According to him - they all look the same - what is he blind?!

I a point.  They are all in the same color family.  I'm looking for something that will POP against crisp white trim but not be too dark.

Currently, one of my leading favorites is...

Valspar Cincinnatian Nichols Taupe...which for some reason on the computer looks very similar to the other.
Or Sherwin Williams Renwick Beige

And just like that, I'm now thinking THIS might be my favorite....

It's a bit lighter and not too "cool."

I'm leaning more toward grays and taupe.  My thinking is that we paint the entire house one neutral color and as we begin to decorate each room we can re-evaluate the color as we go...yes, I expect this to be a LONG and on-going process (ssh!  Don't tell the Husband I said that!  I'm sure he expects that we will paint and be done-he's so naive).

So what are your thoughts...yes, I realize the each monitor will reflect the colors differently...but I'm hoping for some kind of consensus...or for you to tell me your favorite color - which may skew my whole choice.  Yes, I'm wishy-washy...especially when it comes to paint.  Normally, I tape all my swatches to the wall and look at them for a few months while I make a decision.  Obviously, I don't have that option this time.

In other news...I have been reminded of what just what a small town this really is....

The other day, I received a text from the woman who owns our first house (who, by the way are now also friends of ours) stating that she'd heard we were moving down the street and wanted to see if it was true.  I assumed my other friend (the only one I've told) shared the news as she lives across the street from her.

Turns out she didn't.  My husband ran into her sister - news seems to travel fast around here.  From what I can gather all of our friends from the old neighborhood seem to already know.

But the reason for the small town comment?  Turns out my friend knows the owners of the house.  It also turns out that when my friend's husband had minor surgery recently, the owner was his nurse while he was in recovery.  As he lay recovering the nurse mentioned to my friend that they would be putting the house on the market and my friend mentioned us and she told her to let us know - hoping that maybe they wouldn't have to put it on the market at all.

Now, that's not how it happened, as my friend's life went sideways for a week or so and she had to fly home to be with her father who was ill.  So the whole thing left her mind as she had more important things to deal with - we just happened to get lucky and see it as soon as it hit the market.  But isn't it funny - what are the odds that my friend would have known the people who own that house?  And had a discussion with them about us?!

I'm beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, this is the house we were meant to have.

December 23, 2015

Are you SURE it's Christmas time?

Other than all the decorations and the radio channel that has been playing Christmas carols since the week after Thanksgiving; it doesn't really feel Christmas-y around here.

That probably has a lot to do with the fact that the temperature today came close to 70 degrees today and is predicted to hit 74 tomorrow - definitely NOT the norm for this time of year!  Plus it has been raining all week and from the looks of it we won't be seeing much of any sun for the next ten days!

This forecast?  Pure hell.  By the end of it I will have surely lost my mind.

So yes, I'm not feeling very Christmas-y at the moment.  Yes, the Christmas spirit will surface tomorrow when our guests arrive for Christmas Eve dinner and will probably stay through most of the next day.  But then I know me, it will be Bah Humbug as the rain and gray begins to start to suck the will to live out of my soul.

Okay, so that might be a slight exaggeration...but not by much.  Unless the Husband - or Santa - brings me a sun lamp for Christmas.

I hate this kind of weather.

At any rate, I believe I'm ready for Christmas now (like I have any other choice at this point in the game).  Tree done.  Gifts bought and wrapped (I'm actually ahead of the game on the wrapping this year!), stocking stuffers at the ready, and the scavenger hunt all set (and no, I haven't told Blabber-mouth where this one is hidden - but of course, he has told me where my gifts are hidden so if I wanted to peek, I could....*sigh* He's a tough one to train) - so come on Christmas, I'm ready.

In other news, we had the house we hope to buy inspected today...initial findings seem good.  We will get the full report tomorrow, hopefully.  As our last name is so unusual around here, the inspector remembered us and looked up the report for that first house we had hoped to buy.  Seems he was relieved we didn't buy it after all.  So are we, as I feel sure that would have been a purchase that we would have ultimately regretted deeply.

In other house related news, I have been happily scouring Pintrest and Houzz for paint colors and decorating ideas...I've been doing that all along, but at least now I have an actual house to go with the ideas!  And if nothing else, it keeps me indoors and my mind off the weather!

In the event that I don't get back here before, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and know that you are counted as blessings in my life.

Much, much love.

Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2015

Weekend wrap up: The Sunday before Christmas.

As of today, it looks like the majority of the gift buying and wrapping is done!  *whew*

Of course, there is that one elusive present that still needs to be procured.  Which found me driving to the next town over - to the only store that I knew that would carry what I was looking for - only to discover that this store is no more.  Which then found me driving back to our town - all the way on the other end of town - at the mall, no less (I despise going to this mall, you should know), to another that might have what I was looking for - only to find that this store is no longer located at this mall.  *sigh*

After a quick Google search I have determined that there may be another store that might hold what I seek; if not then I have a decision to make...let this one gift go or go on a 4 hour, round trip drive.  Currently, I'm thinking that I'll just let it go.  After all, there are other holidays and birthdays on the horizon.

By all accounts, Man-Child had a wonderful time in NYC yesterday.  Although, it appears that somehow they walked to Brooklyn and back.  This is based on watching his checking account.  But surely, that can't be right.  I'm thinking maybe they ate at a chain that is based in Brooklyn.  Ahh, what do I know?  I know nothing about NYC and the surrounding area.  But even the Husband (an NY native) asked, "How the hell did they end up in Brooklyn?!  They would have had to cross a bridge!"

At any rate, they ended up back at the brother-in-law's late last night.  Today found them in New Jersey to watch the Giants game.  Unfortunately, the Giants lost - but, according to the Husband, it was a great game.  And Man-Child has informed me via text that he had an "amazing time."

Tomorrow they begin their journey home.  And once they are back on home soil, I will rest a little easier.  Fortunately, the forecast continues to be in their favor.

Other than that elusive present mentioned above, there are only a few stocking stuffers left to purchase.

Despite having the majority of the Christmas shopping/wrapping done, I feel so far behind this year.  I have a feeling that if I looked back that this would be the case for most years. Do we ever feel ahead of the game when it comes to Christmas?  I think not.

Speaking of gifts, I mentioned - via text - to one of my best friends that we have a contract to buy a house in the neighborhood that adjoins hers (one we used to live in) and her response was so over the top that I think we have just given her the best Christmas present ever.

That was one of the reasons we considered this house.  We know several people in the adjoining neighborhood.  We would have a built in social circle.  I hate to wish my life away, but truly?  I'm ready to have this move (if it happens!) behind us.

December 18, 2015

Road Trip!! Unfortunately, I'm not the one road tripping...

Man-Child came home for the holidays and announced that he and a buddy were taking a road trip.  To New York to catch a Giants game.  Well...technically, to New Jersey (as that's where Giant stadium is...who knew? And Connecticut - as they planned to crash at my brother in law's place).

This announcement did not make much of an impression on me, as I know how these guys work.  Not one of them have any ounce of a planning gene.  They will make these grand announcements about what they are going to do and then it never comes to fruition.  So I figured that nothing much would come of it.

But yet...this time I have been proven wrong (ONCE...only once have I been proven wrong).  Luckily, the weather is supposed to be nice and clear for the weekend.

As of 7:00 am, the boys headed out.  I was a nervous wreck.  That's a long drive - about 12 1/2 hours.  I hid it well - I thought - although I did caution them about stopping often and sharing the driving responsibilities.  The Husband told me to quit "mom-ing" them.  But, as that is a mother's job; I ignored him.  I realize that he is an adult.  I also realize that seeing the Giants play - in real life - IN Giant's stadium has been a life long goal for Man-Child.  But still...a mother worries.

I have just now received word that they have arrived.  *phew*

Tomorrow, he and his buddy plan to see New York City (and yes, I'm just a bit jealous - all while hoping that the Uncle is available to join them to show them the sights.  See?  Lack of planning.  They sprung the fact that they would be crashing at the uncle's house on him just a day or two ago).  And then on Sunday to head over to New Jersey to see the game.

Man-Child told the Husband that he had been saving his quarters for the toll roads...oh how we laughed.  When we told Man-Child that part of our Christmas gift was some cash to fund the trip...he claimed that the gift was too generous because...."surely, he won't need that much in NYC..." and again, we laughed.

Though I worry, I know this will be an eye-opening experience for Man-Child.  He will learn that a 12 1/2 hour drive is long and arduous; and that your buddy?  He can be pretty aggravating when you are stuck in the car with him for hours on end.  And guess what?  He thinks the same of you.  He will learn that a little planning goes a long way.  He will learn to budget on the prudent side...because it will always cost more than you think it will.  And...finally?  He will learn that it is a wonderful thing to make memories and realize your dreams.

So although, I'm not involved in this road trip...the one that has made me a crazy, helicopter mom, I'm glad he's making it.

December 15, 2015

For the person in your life who doesn't need more "stuff"

I've mentioned before how difficult it can be to buy gifts for my beloved Mother-In-Law, as she wants for nothing and needs (nor wants) more "stuff."

This year, when faced with the Christmas gift dilemma, I took a new tack.  I determined that as we are "twins" (we are so alike in so many ways, it's almost eerie!  This post might explain some of the MANY ways in which we are alike), I would buy her a bunch of small things...things that I would like and use and it paid off.

The Husband called me yesterday to tell me that he spoke to his mother and that she RAVED about the package.  Apparently, she particularly loved the fact that each item was individually wrapped.

So in the event you need to buy for that particular person in your life who doesn't need more "stuff" think about buying things they could use, things that are not particularly expensive, but useful.

All of the following were included in my MIL's package:

*  Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark (she has a sweet tooth but she tends to not buy sweets, but I figure at Christmas a little bit of yummy is okay)

*  Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans (that woman loves her coffee, so I felt sure she would love these)

*  Three Books (To Kill A Mockingbird, Go Set a Watchman, The Book Thief) (all excellent reads that I'm sure she'll love as much as I do)

*  A slapped together manicure kit (new emery board, cuticle cream, cuticle tool, sugar scrub, lotion and favorite)

*  A microfiber hair turban (I love these things!)

*  A beautiful plum infinity scarf that I know will complement her coloring

*  Eternity Perfume (I love it, so I'm sure she will as it's not overpowering)

*  A sweet, little planner (she generally uses a freebie bank calendar, I thought this would be nice upgrade)

So here's the take-away...when in doubt about a gift(s) think about what the person can actually USE versus more "stuff."

If it is something that they can use every day, they will be even more appreciative than if you gave them another thing to dust.

December 14, 2015

And so this is Christmas. And that means candy! And by candy, I mean EASY CANDY...I don't even own a candy thermometer.

Yesterday I realized I haven't made any candy yet for the holiday season...which, honestly?  Despite how easy it is, this is the only time of the year that candy gets made.  I had two, no-fail, always raved over recipes.  This year, I've added a third.  Which may be a good thing, since for some reason my fudge is looking like it might have failed me again for the second year in a row - this recipe has been a no-fail for many years, but for the past two have been a total I'm scrapping it.

But I want to share my newest, favorite candy recipe tonight...Peanut Butter Fudge (original recipe here). I chose this recipe out of the three I found because I had all of these ingredients already...and, if you've been around here any length of time, you will realize that it's bound to be easy; because I don't deal with complicated recipes.

1 cup creamy peanut butter
2 sticks (1 cup) of unsalted butter (don't freak out.  It IS Christmas...calories don't count)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon salt (I left this out)
4 cups (I KNOW...but we ARE making candy) sifted confectioner's sugar (I didn't sift it - mainly because I don't have a sifter)

Line an 8-inch or 9-inch square baking pan (I used a 9-inch pie plate because my square baking pans have gone missing for some reason - WHERE could they be??  Maybe I'll find them when I start re-packing everything) with aluminum foil.

Melt the peanut butter and butter together in a large bowl until completely melted and smooth.  Be sure to stir often during the melting process.  Once melted stir in the vanilla.  Add the sifted (if you bothered to sift it) powdered sugar and stir until combined.

Press the fudge into the baking pan - smoothing the top.  Cover tightly with aluminum foil and chill for 4 hours or until firm.  Cut into pieces.

The resulting candy is divine (why, yes.  I may have had a piece in lieu of dinner last night); the co-workers RAVED over it yes, this totally replaces the easy fudge recipe that has been failing me of late.  My waistband is happy that I only do this once a year...come to think of it, so are my co-workers.

Someday, remind me to post the easy-peasy Marbled Almond Bark recipe that everyone loves, and requests, every year.

December 12, 2015

A contract...yes, I may be hyperventilating....

What follows is what I wrote yesterday.  Yes, I'm still in shock and wary.  Hopefully, this time the result will not end with owners who refuse to negotiate...

I WAS going to write about the fight the Christmas tree and I had; but this news trumps that - besides, the tree and I have since made up...but remind me to tell you about that fight.  It was EPIC and ugly.

Here's the deal...if you are house hunting here's my top tip: See the house in the daylight.  When you go in the dead of night you can't see ANYTHING regarding the outside of the house.

What we saw on Wednesday was intriguing.  The neighborhood is a desired one.  The price, for said neighborhood, was almost spot on.  The age of the home is fairly new-ish.  Just about everything about the house was perfect...even the areas where compromise was needed; which means that any compromises made were compromises that we could live with; except (you knew there was one, didn't you?).

The ONE issue?  The living room.  It is awkward and REALLY tiny.  So we went to look at it again yesterday...during the day.  And again, we both came away thinking that this house could work...if we can figure out a way around the living room.

This morning I had a thought...when we have guests over they tend to congregate either in the kitchen, around the dining room table or in the backyard (depending on the season); we have rarely had people over to sit in our living room.

All the other compromises had already been resolved in my mind and that little detail nailed down our decision just a little more...but I had one more concern...where would the Christmas tree go?  Had we seen this house in July, the whole Christmas tree placement issue would have never reared it's ugly head.  So despite the illuminating thought about how we entertain, this remained an issue.

Until this afternoon, as I was discussing the dilemma with my co-worker/friend.  She insisted that I pull up the pictures.  We pored over the pictures and she looked me in the eye and said, "Haven't you had to compromise your furniture layout EVERY year in EVERY house to accommodate the Christmas tree?"  And I had to admit that yes, this was the case in every house we've had, save one.  And then I realized...that was one less issue to worry about with this house.

I am still concerned about the size of the living room but we have scheduled ANOTHER walk through for the sole purpose of measuring their furniture to compare with ours.  If their furniture is larger (and I think it might be) then this could possibly work.

I have to admit, the only thing holding me back from telling the Husband, "Let's DO this!" is the fact that I am terrified that we will commit, buy it, move in and realize that we've made a horrible mistake.

Then I think...even though previously we've built all the houses we've bought together, there is always that element of "what if?"

And?  As I was typing this post we received a text from the realtor...someone else has made an offer.  We have countered.  And now we wait.  While wringing our hands.  And telling each other that if it is meant to be then it will all work out.

Have I mentioned how much I hate house hunting?  Of course I have.  And I do.  I seriously hate it.  Especially because now?  If we win this round we will, possibly, be stuck with a house where our furniture doesn't fit.

And all of a sudden this post has been hijacked to real time as we wait...

And it looks like we are in a bidding war...

And it looks like we may have a house...

Oh dear God...

And as of this morning, we have a contract.  If all goes well, we will be moving to a house, that may or may not accommodate our furniture, in little over a month.  Cross your fingers for us, because God knows after our past experiences, literally anything could happen.

Apparently, unpacking all those boxes did the trick.  Now, let's just hope that we will have a mild January, because God knows I don't want to move in the snow.  And that living room?  I think I can make it work.

December 5, 2015

...and the Christmas crunch time is on!

Every single work day last week, the Husband had to literally drag me out of bed, so yesterday I predicted that I wouldn't be able to sleep in today...and I was right; my eyeballs snapped open at 5:30 am.

I think that may have something to do with the fact that I am soooo far behind on Christmas prep.

Today has been productive but I still don't seem to be any closer to the bottom of my list...but there's always tomorrow.

Today I was able to get the house semi-clean (in this area it always seems that it's one step forward and two steps back; the result of living with other people) and the laundry half-way done.  I also figured that today would be a good day to make cookies for our offices.  So after 82 chocolate chip and 43 peanut butter cookies were made - as I was dividing them up for our respective offices, the Husband reminded me that he is on vacation next week...oh  well, I guess my office will REALLY love me as they will benefit from his vacation.

We also bought our Christmas tree only took going to THREE different lots!  Most of the trees we were seeing were either huge or were Charlie Brown Christmas trees.  Condo life means that we can't accommodate a huge tree but still...we wanted a decent tree.  We eventually found one that would easily fit (kinda, with a little tweaking) in our living room without being overwhelming...

By the way, this is one of my pet peeves about decorating...scale is important and there are a lot of people out there who don't seem to realize it.  Yes, I am happy they are in the spirit and making their home festive...but a teeny-tiny wreath perched on top of a huge, two car garage just makes me shake my head.  Scale,'s all about scale.  And don't get me started on the lights...


The local Greek church was hosting a craft and pastry sale today and after Man-Child had raved about the baklava when we attended the festival earlier this year and after I fell in love with Spanokopita enough to try and make it myself I knew I had to make time to stop by.  My original plan was to buy the goodies and take a trip up the mountain to visit Man-Child tomorrow to surprise him with the baklava; but he informed me last night that he had many plans this weekend - so instead the baklava has been frozen for a later time.  But the Husband and I have already dug into the Spanokopita - it really is heavenly.

Later, while I was out (running to pick up some plastic ware for the bakvala - because the Husband sent just about EVERY piece we own with Man-Child loaded with Thanksgiving leftovers; which was another reason I'd planned to get our stuff back!) the Husband took it upon himself to put the lights on the tree AND he did it the way I "suggested" (what a guy!).  I plan to finish the tree some time tomorrow, I hope.

Despite being behind the eight ball as far as most of the gifts on my list go, I am done with shopping for my mother-in-law, so tonight I wrapped gifts, as they need to be shipped soon - considering the trouble we've had with shipping her Mother's Day and birthday gifts this year - which really?  I've been sending this woman packages for almost 24 years without a problem and suddenly this year her local post office can't find her!?

Since my plans have changed, maybe tomorrow will be even more productive...but hopefully, my eyes won't snap open until 7:00 am (how sad is it, that I think of 7:00 am as sleeping in?). far along are you in your Christmas prep?

December 3, 2015


I admit it...I AM a lazy blogger.  Partly because of the house situation (I have nowhere to sit quietly and be productive, usually)  but mostly because I am a lazy blogger.

I've known this since I first jumped head first into blogging (over SIX years ago!!  My how time flies) that I didn't have the time to devote to doing it "right" so I muddled on the best I could.  The few times I've tried to do something technical that a "real" blogger had on his/her blog, I would invariably make a total mess of things.  So I've mainly left things alone.

I haven't even prettied up my template in I couldn't tell you how long.

So why am I talking about this today?  Well, the Husband isn't home (so the house is quiet for the moment) and I read a post today about blogging tips, something which I haven't done in YEARS!  And, apparently, I'm more lazy than I knew.  A couple of the tips, I make a swipe out now and again, but for the most part...nope, I don't do them.

But I will admit that some of her tips are actually really good ones.

Like keeping an actual list of ideas (now that I've got that handy dandy planner to keep everything in one place, maybe I could, theoretically speaking, do this one).

The Project posts that are a big part of her blog would prove problematic for me.  Why?  Because when I get an idea to do something, I just do it and only after it's done (and all photo ops are out of the question by then) does it occur to me that "Oh.  I could have done a post on this."  (Yes, I know...I AM my own worst enemy).  Which leads me to photographs.

I know pictures are a big part of blogging - but rarely do I slap one up.  And if I do?  Well, you can be sure I haven't edited it, slapped a watermark on it or figured out how to make it "Pin-able."  Is this something I'd be willing to address (in the future, when I have more quiet time)?  Possibly.  But, let's be honest here, this is mainly a blog that rambles on and on.  It's not a fashion blog, it's not a lifestyle blog, it's mostly just words falling from my brain to my typing fingers.

I did love the fact that she shared just how her photo editing software of choice (PicMonkey) could do certain things (which, to be honest, when I've seen things like that, I was pretty sure that html coding was involved...who knew it could be so easy?!).

The generating the content part I can do (given enough quiet time), I've got that area, along with the editing, covered (kinda...hey mistakes happen). But the consistency?  Yeah, I've been falling down in that area.  But latter part of December is looking up (hopefully) since I will off work for more than two weeks.  Yes, once again I've too much vacation time left before I lose it.  This is good and bad for multiple reasons.

The responding to comments part is something that I've always had - except, I usually would respond to the person via email (if they have their email attached to their blog).  Recently, I have been attempting to respond via the blog rather than a personal email (how's that working for y'all by the way?), in an effort to show new visitors here (you may not comment, but I know you are looking) that this a place where you can comment and know that I've read it and responded.

I've thought about installing some type of comment widget where you can click a box to be notified that a response has been posted to your comment (does Blogger do this automatically?  I just looked at an old post to see and it seems it does.  Does it work?) like Disqus; but I despise Disqus as a commenter, so I've done nothing in that area (and my laziness is once again laid bare).

And speaking of comments - I have noticed that comments, across the board - not just here, have fallen dramatically.  Even for the "real" bloggers.  Are you finding that to be the case, as well?  I attribute my comment decrease due to the fact that I don't blog as frequently as I should, but can't figure out why comments are down every where else.

So are you a Lazy Blogger like me?  Or, do you know what you are doing?  If so, add your tips in the comments and maybe we will all learn something new.

December 2, 2015

Another "Gigi" moment...x 1,000

Throughout our entire relationship, the Husband has consistently maintained that I have "blonde roots" (apologies to my blonde readers)...up until now I have vehemently denied this allegation.  I am a smart (unless math is involved), fairly confident (except for those certain days), emotionally strong (mostly) woman.

I am NOT space-y.

Usually (unless you have read some of my older posts where I have admitted my failings to the world at large. I 'm not providing links because I have my pride, doncha know)...

But today?  Today I might have to own up to those blonde roots.

For the past year six months, I have been waging an EPIC battle with CommentLuv (by the way, that battle?  It's been in my mind, I've never actually taken this up with CommentLuv...THANK GOD!).  I have been ALL over the internet trying to figure out the answer to my problem for the past year six months.

My problem?

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I tried to leave a comment on a blog that uses CommentLuv I would receive the following error message....

Basically, it's telling me that my blog doesn't exist...HOW does that happen?!
Can you spot the problem?

I didn't...until today...

Still not getting it?

That's took me a year a little while too...take a closer look

Does that look right??, it does not

NOW it becomes clear...

I am an idiot.  I have been driving myself completely crazy...only to realize that I, apparently, can't remember my own damn web address for my blog.


The Husband wins this round; but in the interest of preserving my sanity...let's just keep this between us. Okay?!

December 1, 2015

It's that time of year again...

When I start to receive texts and Facebook direct messages asking me for my address; from people that I have faithfully been exchanging Christmas cards for the past fifteen to twenty years.

Every year this astounds me to no end.  Why?

Because I keep an address book.  And?  Because I'm crazy, I also have a dedicated Christmas Card List, where I immediately cross out old addresses and add new ones as they are brought to my attention.

So according to my very, scientific (by that I mean my very unscientific) research, I have concluded that I must be one of the select few in this world that actually keeps an address book.  Surely, that can't be so...can it?

If nothing else, at least I'm organized in that area.

But this is also the time of year when I begin to ruminate on the other areas of my know...the areas where I've not been so organized.

Which was brought to my attention in a glaring way over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I wrote out three different lists on three different occasions of all the things I needed/wanted to get done...and I immediately lost all three lists.

All the apps?  I've tried them.  The calendar on my phone?  Yup, tried it.  And then I remembered way back in the day when I was a little more uptight and a lot more organized.

Because I'm a list maker, lists usually work for me.  But it can't be a list on a scrap piece of paper or on a post it note, because those disappear right before your eyes.  It needs to be contained.  So I went out and bought a planner.  Which wasn't as easy as it you know how many options are out there?!

In my experience, the simpler the better.  My requirements were fairly simple, I thought...I wanted a section that showed the whole month (to show me what was coming up), followed by weekly segments (to tell me what I need to tackle for the coming week), a space to add tasks and a completely separate area for notes (this is to remind me of what I need to do - pick up dry cleaning and to record my 2015 Christmas gifts; so I don't replicate them next year).  And it had to be small...but not TOO small.  I finally found exactly what I was looking for at Barnes and Noble and it is perfect.

I have already added in ideas for Mother's Day gifts, which I recorded in I am reminded to find the gift, wrap it, and get it mailed in plenty of time, because this is where I have been failing...the pre-planning.

So here's hoping that 2016 will bring a more organized me (fingers crossed)...albeit a me that isn't as uptight as the old me.