November 12, 2012

Lessons Learned (...or you know you are getting too old for this)

In the spirit of spreading the knowledge here, in the cold light of a Monday night, are a few of the lessons learned after hosting an EPIC birthday party for your husband on Saturday.

Okay, okay, allowing your husband to throw himself a party....(as I've mentioned previously, Hubby took it upon himself to throw himself a birthday party).  Fine, whatever.

He sent out the invites (via Facebook....tacky, but that's just the snob in me.  He could have at least taken the time to create a beautiful invite and sent it via email.....cause that's SO much more personal) and was looking forward to it with great glee.  He had decided that he would make homemade pizza (like that's NOT an undertaking and a half) and demanded that I NOT make any sweets.  No cake. No cookies. No goodies of any kind. Fine by me, that meant that there was less for me to do.

He's on a diet.  But, apparently, pizza and wine are on the approved list of said diet.....

At any rate, here are the lessons.

1.  When your step-daughter actually shows up hours earlier than you anticipated (because she is known world-wide for showing up MUCH later than planned) it is NOT a good idea to join her in that first glass of wine.

2.  When Hubby takes that first pizza out of the oven, and every subsequent one thereafter, it's a good idea to be standing next to him to ensure that you get a piece.  Otherwise, all your guests just might beat you to it; all while refilling your glass.

3.  Be cognizant of the time.  Otherwise, at one point you will look up and discover that it's past 1:30 am.  And considering you haven't seen the other side of 10:00 pm in a long, long, long time, that means it's really, really, really late.

4.  And upon waking the next morning, you will surely regret EVER telling Man-Child, "No, you don't need to buy a bus pass to return to school; I will be HAPPY to drive four hours, round trip, to take you back."

5.  And then, somehow surviving Sunday, awake on Monday to realize that you STILL don't feel human.


  1. Oh man. I havent stayed up past 10pm in forever............

    Where are the pics????????????

  2. I don't drink wine. I guess that's a good thing, since I hardly ever drive... even on a good day! Glad you made it okay!

  3. And you have an entire week to get through before the next weekend. My solution would be to come home after work and go to bed...

  4. OH GIRL I am laughing with (at?) you and feeling your pain. We had a 12 hour surprise party for the Captain in September. Of course it was a Saturday and my birthday was sunday, so at midnight I declared "New party!" and we partied on. Sunday had to be one of the worst days of my life!!! Yes do make sure you eat. Sounds like fun!

  5. Wine, beer, and pizza are all zero calories on party nights.

    You could look it up. :-)