February 27, 2015

Stupid Family Members, Facebook and an idiotic question....

We all know that I am not a huge Facebook person.  Yes, occasionally I will check in on my personal account; but it's rare.  My blogger account gets even less love.

But after my dad's funeral, in a fit of familial love, I "friended" a couple of family members.  And, for the most part, it's been fine.  Apparently, the majority of the people I "friended" (all of three) are about as diligent as I am about posting on Facebook; which means almost never.

But that "one" person...yeah.  I'm already regretting that friending.  And because of the familial relationship I can't actually "unfriend" him (unless he wouldn't know that I unfriended him?  Is that possible?).

So far, I've only cringed at one or two posts.  Until today.  Today, in less than one hour, I have seen two posts that have made me insane.  And the thought that other, sane people in my timeline are seeing this tripe that he is spouting is making batty.  Because, holy moley, I don't want people to think that I associate with that kind of insanity.  I mean, seriously?  How were we raised in the same environment?  And while we are in that vein of thinking, how can anyone seriously think that this kind of garbage is worth sharing.  Particularly when they start off the post with something along the lines of "It's Friday.  I'm going to get drunk.  I may offend.  But it's only in a sense of humor."  (First of all, that last sentence doesn't even make sense!)


So tell me, Facebook fanatics, is there some kind of secret way to hide his updates from anyone else who is a "friend"? I've looked all over Facebook's help section and, if it's there, it's not jumping out at me.  But there has to be a way to hide what he posts from the others who can see what's on my "wall".  God, this is so complicated.

Back in the day, you just avoided the person; and certainly NEVER allowed them around your friends.  Now, all their nastiness is out there, ready for all of your friends to see.

In all honesty, I'm *this* close to just deactivating my Facebook account.  It just seems easier.


  1. You can unfriend this person and he won't know. Or you can hide his posts if you would rather. I've done that with a couple of family members who do the same thing to me. When you look at the offending post, on the right is an "X" -- click it and you get options.

  2. Even being new to Facebook, I've already learned to unfollow. Not unfriend, just unfollow.

  3. You could also block him. So he's still your friend but can't see any of your posts.

  4. I wish I could get off FB. For the most part it's pretty benign, but there is always that "one" person... *sigh* I feel your pain.

  5. I think you can hide his posts and they won't show up on your timeline.

  6. I think you can hide his posts and they won't show up on your timeline.

  7. If you aren't tagged in his posts, then your friends can't see it unless they are also friends with him. If you don't want to see what he posts, unfollow him. If you unfriend him and he notices that his friends count has gone down one, he may check his friends list to see if he can figure out who unfriended him. And, of course, if he sees that you're no longer on his friends list he will know that you unfriended him.

    I don't think I've ever typed the word "unfriend" so many times before. lol