November 27, 2015

A post about nothing at all...really.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, if you celebrate.  Ours was great, we had friends over, which was nice.  Except for the fact that the wife had to work and wasn't able to join us.  That part wasn't so nice, but what can you do?  We made sure to send her a huge plate of leftovers and dessert.

The Husband made a fabulous meal and GIANT mess in the kitchen - which he claimed he didn't understand how that happened because he was cleaning as he went along.  He may have, but my theory is that when you produce a huge meal such as the traditional Thanksgiving dinner you are bound to have a huge mess at the end of it all.

As I was the only female in the house yesterday, after dinner was done I sent them off to watch football while I tackled the mess, for which the Husband was so very grateful.

Man-Child headed back up the mountain around 8:00 pm yesterday as he was scheduled to work the early shift on Black Friday.  He has a job at Sears this year and is really enjoying it.  Well, until he realized that he couldn't come home early on Wednesday as he was scheduled to work until 7:00 pm.  And when he started to crab about having to work on today, I reminded him that he has not been scheduled to work at all during his Christmas break and to be grateful for that.  At any rate, his plan was to work from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm and then drive back home to spend the remainder of the weekend with us.

The Husband also had to work today.  So once again, I found myself alone and after almost a full week of it, I was getting pretty tired of my company.  But then a friend of mine invited me to join her, her mom and daughter to visit the Christmas Art & Craft festival; I jumped at the opportunity, even though these types of things aren't really my cup of tea.  But we went and had a great time, she even found a gift or two.  Afterward, we had lunch and it was nice to spend a few hours with someone other than myself or someone who would rather be watching the game.

The weather here has been so unseasonable that it's beginning to border on the high was 67 degrees sunny and gorgeous.  Tomorrow the high is expected to hit 71 degrees - that's flip flop weather!  Not that I'm complaining, because by Monday the high is only supposed to be 49 degrees and rainy...what a lovely way to start the week, not.

Well, that's all I've got for today...I warned you that this post was about nothing at all.  Just chit-chat.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. It was 63 degrees today... and we unloaded 178 Christmas trees off a truck straight from Nova Scotia... I think Tony's truck still smells like Christmas. :)

    I managed the first weekend off after Thanksgiving in over 13 years... Tony's on vacation this week, so... um... yeah... totally over being surrounded by family at this point.

    Glad your Thanksgiving went well. I also got to clean the mess, as my sister did all the work and I wasn't about to leave her with all the mess too.... giving her yet another thing to be thankful for.

  2. We've had the AC on, but are expecting rain and colder weather tomorrow night, or Monday... I can't remember. I'm not looking forward to the rain!

  3. I spent Black Friday hiking around in the woods on a beautiful, cold sunny day. I love your "nothing" posts, Gigi. They give me a little peek into your own life. I look forward to hearing more, because you sound like you're in a good place right now. Sending you big cyber hugs. :-)