April 13, 2016

If it was going to happen to anybody - it would happen to us, of course.

What are the odds that we would be having dinner with friends who live in the neighborhood - less than a block away from us - when their neighbors would drop by with some day lilies for my friend.  And that the neighbors in question would turn out to be the people who refused to negotiate?  Of course, they are...with us being us, I really shouldn't be surprised.

With any luck they won't recognize us, although if they ever catch our last name, they will be bound to recognize it...why couldn't The Husband's last name have been Smith when I married him?  No, I had to pick someone with a very unusual last name.  *sigh*

The odds of us running into these people again are high, VERY high.  They live across the street from our friends, of course.  And our friends are sociable people.  The type who never meet a stranger.  We are bound to see these people again...multiple times.

Which means I have been running various scenarios through my mind as to how future encounters might be handled in the event they remember us.

The Husband tells me not to worry (easy for him to say) - that it was just business and that, in the end, we both ended up where we needed to be (true enough)...but still...can you say AWKWARD?

So what do you think?  How would you handle this if you were in our shoes?


  1. No idea whatsoever! I would probably just go with the flow and wait until somebody else brings up the elephant in the room. :-)

  2. Knowing me and my attitude, I'd probably say, it worked out fantastic that you refused to negotiate, we ended up with something much better!

  3. Gin X and more gin X you're welcome xxx