May 31, 2016

Backyard dreaming...

I finally have a yard again!!

And I have been spending a lot of time on the back porch dreaming and plotting this yard's future.

As you can see, it's a very large back yard....

The property line is somewhere past the trees behind the barely visible shed
Here's a closer look...

See those Day Lilies that don't quite meet in the middle?  There used to be a fence behind them with a gate in the middle.

One of the previous owners felt the need to fence in half the yard - either to pen in kiddos or pets.

This does not work for us.  I felt that it chopped up the yard and The Husband found it was a pain to cut the grass.  So he happily took out the back half of the fence at my request.  The rest of the fence will come out eventually.

I'm not in a huge rush as this is going to be a drawn out project since I can't move any of the plants until after they have bloomed.

Those magnificent Hostas?  They will be replanted along the tree line behind the fence.  The Asiatic Lilies and Irises that I neglected to capture in the above photo will be relocated to the newly enlarged (eventually) area to the right...

Ignore the flattened Daffodils in the foreground
Those Asiatic Lilies and the Irises desperately need to be moved as they aren't receiving the sunlight they crave.  How do I know?

Because this is the only iris that has bloomed.  There is one other that looks like it might bloom, but the rest - well they aren't happy.

It may be the only one but it IS pretty!

Eventually, I am thinking a meandering path that leads to a gazebo behind that island that also leads to a hammock would be nice.

Although The Husband isn't big into gardening he is over the moon to have discovered that we have a blueberry bush - that already has blueberries growing...

And a blackberry bush which looks like a weed to me...(I'm seriously thinking of relocating it - it doesn't quite "work" for me in this island - but the wicked thorns are making me have second thoughts!)

But also has some berries coming along...

And just the other day we discovered this...

No, not the roses...that tall spiky green thing.  Here take a closer look...

I doubt if you can make it out - but it appears we also have asparagus!  Although, I'm not into vegetable gardening, this discovery did make me very happy.

This little guy was discovered after we had all the beds weeded.  We never knew he was there.  Somehow, I think the previous owners didn't either since it appears they never weeded the beds while they were here or they would have taken him with them.

As I continue to dream and plan out the backyard, The Husband is plotting his outdoor kitchen which, according to him will feature not only a gas grill, a smoker AND a brick oven...he likes to dream BIG!

That's the beauty of a yard...all the potential.  All the dreaming...


  1. What potential! It's a great back yard, and I can see why you're so excited about all the possibilities ahead. Yay! :-)

  2. Great yard! I'd like it even if you didn't plan to change anything, but I'm sure it will look awesome, whatever you do!