June 14, 2016

Adult life lessons - apparently, they don't end at twenty-one.

It's been a while since Man-Child has provided blog fodder.  It's about time he coughed up something!

At the end of last month, Man-Child told me he needed to get a physical before he could student teach and asked me to set up an appointment for him, which I promptly took care of,while reminding him that he needed to take the new insurance card with him and asked if he had the updated one.  He assured me that he had it and would make sure to bring it with him.

He then promptly re-scheduled the appointment I had made. *sigh*  Lesson learned, next time, I'm going to have him schedule the appointment himself.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago when we received a bill from the doctor's office for nearly $600.00. Needless to say, The Husband freaked out.  Actually, "freaked out" is an EPIC understatement. Perusing the bill, it seems that they didn't file a claim with our insurance - which was odd as they always have in the past.

Considering his outburst, it was no surprise when he asked me to follow up on this before he left for work this morning.

Oh joy...my favorite thing to do - deal with issues via the telephone.

So when I got to work, I got all my other dreaded tasks dealt with first.  Anything to keep from calling and arguing with the doctor's office about this bill.  Then I spent some time visiting with a co-worker.  And then, when there was no other menial, piddling little task left to waste my time with, I bit the bullet and called.

I spoke with Amy.  She was calm and sweet, which to be honest, in this day and age is a rare find when calling to dispute something.  I explained that we had received this bill and that it didn't seem that any claim had been filed.

She looked at whatever she was looking at on her end and informed me that Man-Child had in fact brought his insurance card...

His dental insurance card. *sigh*

Which will be deemed MY fault by the young master since I didn't specify which card to use.  Despite the fact that the dental card clearly says Dental on it and the health card clearly says Health on it.

She said that I could email her the health card and that should fix the problem.  Yay!

On the other hand, we have this semi-adult.  One that is excelling in his college career.  One that is about to be released into the world.  One that has been making sure his rent and bills are paid on time (granted using our money, but still...). To stand on his own two feet and take the world by the tail.  But I can't trust him decipher between which insurance card should be used when without being specific. *sigh*

Obviously, our "teachable" moments aren't over yet.


  1. I'm curious why you didn't have MC call and get that squared away, Mom? Never mind, I know the answer to that... it's just easier to do it yourself and know it done and done correctly.

  2. That's pretty funny, but you're right: you didn't specify which card. At least it can all be taken care of pretty easily. :-)