September 3, 2016

All you can do is laugh....

I walked into the bathroom yesterday and found this...

Generally, our clothes hamper resides in this corner.  It appears that I have trained my husband very well.  Too well, actually.  He knows that this is where his dirty clothes belong.

Whenever I take the hamper down the hall to do laundry this is what happens.

I can't complain, unlike other husbands I've read about who leave articles of clothing all over the house - socks in the living room, shoes abandoned in the middle of the hall, a shirt tossed over the bed - these are issues I don't have to deal with because I never find his clothes anywhere but in the hamper...unless, of course, the hamper isn't there.


  1. A well trained husband is worth a whole lot. I wouldn't change a thing here. :-)

  2. Thank goodness he was trainable, many aren't!