October 18, 2016

Seriously kids?! Never, EVER leave Mom out of the planning...

I swear, some of the people I live with and/or have familial ties with are so clueless!  Most recent example?  Read on.

In casual conversation the other day, The Husband's upcoming birthday came up - Man-Child responded to his father with "Oh, don't worry about it; "we've" got it covered."  I glanced at him completely puzzled thinking, "Who's this we, sunshine?"

Because here's the thing, I didn't know anything about this - despite Man-Child's protestations that he told me (he hadn't).  The next morning I was able to corner Man-Child alone and discovered that "we" are having a party.  In less than three weeks.  At our house.  Apparently, he and his sister have determined that a 60th birthday party MUST happen but no one bothered to talk to ME about this.

From what I can gather several people have been invited and one other has agreed to "do" the food?  Wait...WHAT?  YOU are hosting a party but yet expecting one of the guests to provide ALL the food?  Ummm, NO.

I only had a few minutes to discuss this issue with him before we both had to go our separate ways for the day.

That evening, I pulled him aside, we set up a group text and I promptly took over.  I told him to tell the "food" guest that she was relieved of her duty and that I would deal with the food.

If The Husband's beautiful daughter lived in the area, I feel certain that she could probably pull this off; but she doesn't - she lives about 3 hours away.  And Man-Child?  Well, he's grown up a lot in the past few years, but since I've witnessed a lot of him and his friend's plans going sideways because of their "planning prowess" (or lack thereof) I knew that the majority of it would fall on him - so basically I HAD to step in.  Not to mention that he's about to take an extended road trip which won't have him back at the house until approximately four days before the party!

Since I don't cook - and, obviously, we can't have The Husband cook for his own party, I will be spending the next couple of days straightening this mess out and getting everything back on track...up to and including invitations - because despite this recent technological wave of sending "evites," a true party requires real invitations, the kind that you can put up on your refrigerator - the kind that every time it catches your eye, reminds you that you have a fun evening lined up soon.

And THIS, kids, is why you always, always, ALWAYS include Mom in your special, birthday surprise for your father because otherwise?  Chaos, people. Complete and utter chaos.


Update - as I typed all that above days ago but neglected to publish...here's where we are now.

  • Invites have been sent - *phew!*  
  • Finding the caterer has been tough because The Husband keeps turning down all the ideas I've had.  I've informed him that I will contact this one other caterer and if he still can't decide I will remove him from the process.  The only reason he's even being included on this part of the party is because he can be such a food snob.  I've reminded him - over and over again - that considering the diverse group that will be in attendance (i.e., children) we need to be flexible with the menu.
So, yeah...not much has changed since I first typed this post and neglected to publish - except for the invites - but considering how picky I can be about those types of things, maybe more has been accomplished than I first thought.


  1. This might have been a good (non-dangerous) test for MC, to see how well he could handle the coordination and planning of something. Yeah, right... like that would ever happen with you around! Hahaha! However, being realistic, you do need to give him the opportunity, even if he fails. How else is he going to learn what's "actually" involved? At least this isn't something that involves life, or death, unless you count the heart attack you might have by standing back an watching someone else (try) to handle something you usually take care of.

  2. Ha ha ha. Well, happy to say that has never happened to me although my youngest tried to arrange me going out with the parents of a new friend. Trouble is, they're divorced and apparently don't get along. Nope, not happening.

  3. If it had been me, I would have let it fly (or crash) since I had not been told. It would have been such a lesson for MC. Now he'll expect you to bail him out when he gets in over his head. Just sayin'. :-)