March 6, 2017

Without a doubt, today was a Monday...and the coffee saga continues.

Mondays are always difficult - but today was exceptionally difficult as our alarm didn't go off as expected this morning.

That always heralds the beginning of a rough day - having it occur on a Monday is nearly lethal and always ensures that I'm going to be extra discombobulated for most of the day.

Today was no exception.

After rushing around this morning, fighting with my new curling iron (it worked fine but that one lock of hair just refused to curl - as the day went on that one lock of hair just wilted even more.  As I am typing, it is the one piece that was constantly falling into my face until I finally, in a snit, shoved it behind my ear.) and leaving at the last possible moment, I made it to work - on time; minor miracle.

My normal routine is to unlock the offices, turn the lights on in the copy room, grab a cup of coffee - if any has been made already - and start the first or second pot because I'm considerate that way; return to my desk to read the Life section of the paper and begin my day.

Today was no different - or so I thought.

As I was setting up the second pot of coffee a co-worker and I were lamenting the fact it was Monday.  I finished what I was doing and we both went our own ways.

About five minutes later another co-worker came to me asking how to reach housekeeping.  Apparently, someone had made a pot of coffee but neglected to put the pot on the burner.

Oh, the shame!!

And that is why I started my morning cleaning up as much coffee as I could before housekeeping arrived to save the day.


And speaking of coffee....just as we thought we'd resolved the issue we find that the coffee saga continues.

Apparently, the person who prefers the swill actually demanded that it be brought back.  Luckily, my co-worker happened to be in the vicinity and made the demand that the Maxwell House NOT be removed.  The swill-drinker claimed that there those that preferred sludge.  Although, after a very informal poll it appears he's the only one that likes it.

So now have both types of coffee are back in the break room and we are back to pouring out swill whenever we have the chance and replacing it with the good stuff.  At least, we are until I actually remember to pick up a small coffee pot for my desk.  The rest of the office can deal with this guy but my co-worker and I will have our own source and know that every cup we pour will be the good stuff.

Now I just need to remember to buy the stupid coffee pot.

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  1. Yes, the coffee saga continues, much to my delight upon reading about it. Fortunately for me, I don't have such problems as I buy my latte daily and enjoy someone else's well-made coffee the rest of the time! Don't forget to buy that coffee pot, Gigi! :-)