June 30, 2017

Let's talk about shopping, shall we?

I'll admit it - I'm in a rut fashion-wise.  But it's not my fault entirely.

Is it just me or am I the only one that wanders into a store looking for work clothes only to discover there is nothing appealing?  Or that could even be considered "work" clothes?  Well, I should amend that to say "corporate work" clothes - the clothes I've been seeing could possibly be appealing to what some might call a "working" person, maybe...but it's doubtful seeing as how hideous it all is.

I need skirts.  And not micro-mini skirts either.  I need tops - WITH sleeves that actually cover the shoulder, thank you very much.  I need pants - that preferably do NOT need to be altered to fit my very short frame.  And SHOES, I NEED shoes.

But yet, every single time I go into a store I am confronted with LOUD and BUSY clothing.  And the shoes?  Nothing is calling to me.

Yes, I am being much more mindful about what I will consider, i.e., I must LOVE it if it is to come home with me.  And I'm not finding much to love out there.  I know I should consider online shopping...but honestly?  I'd rather find it, try it on and go home with it as I absolutely despise having to return things - either in person or by mail.

Which means that I am wearing things that really, truly need to be replaced.  But with what?

And it's not only me that is having this problem - my co-worker is having the same issue.  Are you?  And if not, WHERE are you shopping?  Because all my usual haunts have apparently killed off any buyers that have taste and have replaced them with bots that can only pick out hideous clothes by the loud and obnoxious prints - as evidenced in every single store that I have been to in the last year or so.

So help a girl out...where can one find tasteful, affordable work clothes these days?

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  1. Have you heard about Stitch Fix, on line? They send you clothes based on your recommendations and people I know who have used it LOVE it. :-)


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