September 30, 2017

Discussions with The Husband...sometimes an exercise in futility.

The Husband announced that he planned to have an inpatient procedure done next January.  He then asked what day was better for me.  I responded that Mondays or Fridays are usually my preference.

He came back with those are usually the busiest days.  I said yes, they usually are.  And he responded with, "So maybe the middle of the week?" 

Me: .....?

Him: ...?

Me:  No, a Monday or a Friday is better.  Preferably Friday.

Him:  But those are the busiest days of the week...

Me:  Yes, I know.  But make the appointment and it will be fine.

Him: the medical offices those are probably the busiest days of the week!

Me: ... (head in my hands)

I finally had to walk away for a minute because I was so frustrated.  I needed to step back and figure out exactly where the disconnect was coming from.

When I came back I said, "Here is what I'm trying to tell you.  Most people do not make their appointments four or five months in advance.  So if you make your appointment NOW you will most likely get the time/date you want for January."

Him: *light bulb moment*...Oh, I see! 

Sometimes I wonder how we ever get anything accomplished.

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  1. Hahaha! Hope he got the appointment he wants. On a Friday. :-)