August 6, 2020

Close call

Before we begin, I have a nit to pick with Blogger.  Ok, they changed things.  Fine.  I can figure that out.  But the fact that I now have to hit TWO, DIFFERENT links to reach your non-Blogger blogs?  That is torture and a waste my very valuable (to me) time.  Now that this complaint is out of the way...on to the post

The Husband has been coming home for lunch most days since I have been working from home (his office is literally about six minutes from our house).  Apparently, he feels that I need company or something.  Who knows how his brain works.  🤷 

(Ok, Blogger; I'll give you that - the emoji option is kind of fun!)

Today was no exception.  He came home, we made small talk while he ate and he left.  Not fifteen minutes later he called.  He was being sent home because one of the employees at one of the branches (he works for a bank and visits each branch at least twice a week; sometimes more) had tested positive for COVID-19.

*dramatic sigh*

Needless to say, he came home and tried to hide how nervous he was - but opening doors and turning on light switches using his shirt was my first clue.

The Husband - he's a worrywart, that one.  But, in this instance, I don't blame him...I was worried too.

Also, honestly?  I was dreading the thought of working from home while he was here.  I know, I know...I'm awful.

A few hours later, one of the "powers that be" called him and asked a few pointed questions.  While they couldn't tell him WHO tested positive; he could tell by the line of questioning they didn't think he'd been exposed to this person.  For now, unless they say otherwise, he should be able to return to work on Monday.

You know, since the beginning, I've been waiting for this to touch us somehow.  Last week Man-Child mentioned on the phone that one of his co-workers had tested positive (luckily, they haven't actually gone back to work - school - yet.  But they ARE planning to go back with A/B days - which, I can't EVEN deal with - or think about - right now.  That county, until recently, has had very low numbers - our county, on the other hand, is returning online only for the first nine weeks).  I had, very naively, hoped THAT would be the closest connection we've had with this awful virus.

Apparently not.

Is the thought that it IS possible he was exposed still lurking in the back of my brain?  Yes.  Yes, it is.

*UPDATED* to add, for the time being, I will respond to comments here, as for some reason - with moderation on - I am not receiving all comments/email.


  1. I can so relate to this. While we were in KC work called Coach. One of his patients . . . someone he treats, while they both wear masks, tested positive. They shut down his clinic for 24 hrs to be cleaned, even though all they do is clean. Then they told him he might have to quarantine and be barred from work the whole next week Or something. He was not liking that. (Sees the most patients, runs the place, etc). I was already mentally calculating the projects we could tackle. Then someone called and grilled him and determined he had not been with the patient long enough to warrant staying home. Nuts.

  2. Yikes! Is he getting tested too? That feels like a close call for sure.

    1. As of now, no - there are no plans to have him tested. At this point it is clear that he was not in that branch when the employee was there.

  3. OMG you are the second person to mention this about Blogger this week....maybe that was Ernie? I sometimes miss Blogger then I hear someone complain about it and then I am like yeah, nope. I will tell you that if you ever decide to make the leap to Wordpress, it isn't expensive at all. I only pay like, $30 a year to host it at Bluehost. I love it so much more than Blogger. So if you want to pick my brain, email me and I can help you.

    My ex-husband's stepdaughter had coronavirus a few weeks ago which wouldn't be a problem normally because he doesn't see my oldest that much EXCEPT that he decided to meet her for lunch the week they found out she had it. OH and he took her to lunch the day she was tested. I WAS ON THE PHONE WITH HIM SWEARING UP A STORM. I called the health department and it turns out we were zero risk but even the lady at the health department was like, that was a selfish move on his part.

    Why are people so stupid?? This is why there is pandemic. For real.

    1. OMG! Your ex did that?! I would have killed him.

  4. Why do you have to jump through hoops to comment? Hmmmmm sounds weird, but I've heard of other people complaining about the blogger update.
    Suz, well, Suz screwed up her own blog and I'm sure no one will be able to find it now. :(

    We've had several (4, 5?) employees come down with the virus, none were life threatening and we gave them paid time off. So far, so good. I hope your Honey stays healthy and does'nt worry himself to death.

  5. I hope you get my comment, Gigi. I am hoping that you and your family will stay free from this virus. It's sure changed our entire world, hasn't it? I went back to the earlier version of Blogger and so far they haven't tried to make me change. :-)

    1. It's odd - I do get your comments every time. I think the difference might be that your email is tied to your blog. I think the comments I don't get don't have their email tied to their blog. Stay safe!

  6. Hopefully he will remain healthy! And for your sanity, can continue to work from home! :)