February 21, 2011

Every once in a while - I *might* need to apologize

Tonight I had to apologize to Man-Child.

I said something that, apparently, wasn't very nice (it was funny in my head, I swear!  Although he didn't think so).

So, I did.  I apologized.  I informed him that I was in the wrong, inappropriate and not very nice.

He graciously accepted the apology.  (He doesn't hold grudges like I do, thank goodness!)

Through Man-Child's short life, I've had to apologize more than once, unfortunately, because every once in a while that filter from brain to mouth doesn't quite work as it should.

But tonight I realized - I never received an apology from my parents - for anything.  EVER.  Even when they were GLARINGLY in the wrong (emmmm, no - I don't hold grudges.  Okay. Yes, maybe I do).

So, by this logic - that we (as parents) admit when we are in the wrong thus teaching our children to do the same - theoretically, the world should be a much nicer place - right?

Apparently, it's not working; i.e. the interactions I've had with other people in the past few days.


  1. It doesn't hurt to say sorry to a child, no matter what their age, it just makes you look the bigger person and hopefully they will grow up with the same attitude. Even as adults we all make mistakes. Its one thing I have noticed about my husband, he never admits he was wrong, nor does he say sorry - ever!

  2. I am always apologizing too, every day I try to be the best parent in the world but I always fall short.

  3. I don't remember my parents ever saying they were sorry for anything, but they did act that way now and then, like they were making up for something they did or said. I realized when I read this that my husband and I routinely apologize and talk about misunderstandings. It's a wonderful practice!

  4. I apologize to my kids all the time. My oldest step-son will not apologize if someone was holding a loaded gun to his head and it drives me crazy. I don't want my little ones that way.

  5. My Mom apologized to me once.

    I was taken aback, but it was nice.

  6. I'm in total agreement. Parents need to be able to apologize to their kids no matter how young or old they might be.

  7. I wish mine would apologise for a couple of things, it would save me a fortune on therapy ;-) x

  8. Ummm, wonder what you said to him?

    Oh, and it would be remiss of me not to say Happy Presidents Pets Day - the day after Presidents Day, as I like to call it. In the US, we love our presidents..... pets. See my blog if you’re in the mood for a good ol' irreverent howl.

  9. My youngest daughter is always telling me my brain to mouth filter is not working!

    I always apologize when I have said or done something that I shouldn't have. I hate having anyone mad at me!

  10. Girl, you are totally in my head. My parents NEVER apologized, never once, for anything. And I even knew it at the time. I knew they were wrong to not apologize but expected apologies out of me. I knew, even then, that by them apologizing, it would earn more respect from me than if the just continued (as they did) to insist they were right or even if they were wrong, that they were the parents and didn't have to apologize.

    Whatever, assholes.

    No, I don't hold grudges either. *wink*

  11. You're absolutely right...I apologise to my kids all the time when I mess up (which generally is all the time). What better lesson is there in owning up when you're in the wrong and not being afraid to say sorry...