February 17, 2011

Sorry, sorry, sorry!!

I've been Missing In Action lately.  I know!

But, I've been sick.  Yes, I realize in my last post I claimed to be feeling better - what can I say?  I was wrong.

Immediately after writing that post I began to feel worse - at that point I hadn't even realized that was even possible.

Hubby, funnily enough, was struck down with the same bug on the same day.  So for once, we have experienced our illness together which actually gave us sympathy for each other.  Usually, we don't have much sympathy when the other is sick.  Oh, we pretend to feel sorry for each other - but in truth, we are calling each other a big baby under our breath.  Yes folks, that's what 20 years of marriage gets you.  Fake sympathy.

Although we are both on the mend - he seems to be getting better faster.  I am not pleased.  He continually points out that if I did this and didn't do that then maybe I'd be feeling better - like he is some kind of health guru.  Funny how this attitude greatly reduces any amount of sympathy I might have for his lingering symptoms......

In other news -prior to falling ill with the plague I entered another give-away (I know-I'm getting crazy over here entering all these contests!  What's next? I guess it's true that you have to play to win - so once again I am counting on hitting the lottery!) and I won!  The fabulous Kathryn was offering some Google swag, so I had to play along because - come on - it's Google swag!  And lo and behold, this is what the mailman brought me earlier this week.  It was the only thing that could have made me smile at that point.

Why yes, that is a little Google-alien magnetic kind of guy who also happens to stand in as a paper clip holder (you can't see it in the picture - but Google is emblazoned across his tummy).  Isn't he the cutest?  It has promptly been decided that he must be kept under lock and key as several co-workers have been eying him covetously.....thank you Kathryn - he's adorable!  He almost made me forget that I was dying sick.....

Wait!  What's that?  Do I hear Man-Child coughing and sniffling - the big baby......


  1. Yay for free stuff!

    Sorry you're still feeling ill. Whenever Chris is sick I get mad at him because he will take up residence on the couch and leave me nowhere to sit but on my bed. Who wants to hang out in bed all day when you're not sick?

  2. Oh boy....that's bad...being sick alongside hubby - bad timing Gigi!

    Love the little alien thing - I could do with one on my desk - would give me something to focus on rather than all those job rejection emails!

    Hope you're back to full health soon x

  3. Well glad you're feeling better. And free stuff is always awesome!

  4. Pleased to hear you are on the mend, although I didn't really 'hear' it cos I read it, which isn't quite the same, but will have to do.

    Congrats on being a winner.

    Now if you no longer need that lottery ticket ...

  5. Glad to hear you are getting better, and don't you just love these people who tell you how to get better? Ha! Now you can do it to others, though! :-)