February 10, 2012

The NEW, the IT, the TOTALLY MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW thing (that can't be found ANYWHERE! Not in stores, not on television and not EVEN on the internet)! Get yours TODAY!

Have you heard about this?

Apparently, it is an "AWESOME product" that you will "totally fall in love with" (my friend's words).  It also appears that it is more precious than gold and that everyone else decided that they must have it too.....since I've been on the hunt for this product (which she claims, "isn't really microdermabrasion" - then what is it??) for TWO weeks with no luck!

I have searched EVERY store in a thirty mile radius (no exaggeration.....).  I have scoured the 'Net looking for it.  Every where I have looked all I have found was the words "Out of stock" over and over and over again.  Even on the actual Neutrogena website.

(Why yes, I DO tend to go on obsessive hunts when I get a bee in my bonnet about something; why do you ask?  And since we are asking questions.....have you seen any black suede, lace up, wedged booties anywhere?  I can't seem to find the exact ones that I'm looking for either......)

Is this product THAT good?  Is it SO amazing that the manufacturer can't even keep themselves stocked?

According to my friend, yes; it IS that good.  That remains to be seen, as I haven't tried it yet.

She also mentioned that it, and the refills, had disappeared from the shelves for a long time for a while and had only recently reappeared.

(I'm wondering WHY she's waited so long to tell ME about this product in the first place?!  I'm thinking that, since we are the same age, she is trying to get a head start on de-aging herself before bringing me in on the secret; hmph!) (Which just goes to show you how much I love you - I'm telling you about this amazing, more precious than gold, product before I EVEN try it!)

So, just HOW did I get my hands on this precious piece of product, you ask?

Today, in a desperate last bid to find it, I went to an out of the way drugstore on the almost-but-not-quite iffy side of town during my lunch hour.  When I arrived, I reminded myself to look for it while gathering other necessary items.

I strolled down the facial care aisle (after checking to make sure the store had "my" preferred brand of wine - why yes, we DO have standards; why do you ask?) with no expectations and then.....lo and behold! (The angels began to sing) There IT was!

The mythical product that only a select few seemed to possess!  I snatched up the LAST ONE and bolted toward the checkout.

Whereupon, I was met by an elderly gentleman (who apparently is a fixture in this particular store) who graciously offered to let me get ahead of him in line because, as he said, "I'm in no hurry to get anywhere."  I thanked him profusely.  Apparently, this was enough to make him think that I was ready for a bit of conversation while we waited.  And normally?  Normally, I would have been fine with having an idle chat with him as we waited for the oh-so-slow line to move.

But this conversation?  Was not one I really wanted to have with an elderly stranger - or anyone really.

He said, "Oh what a week!"

I said, "Hmmm?"

He replied, "I've never had one like it."

I said, "Oh?"

He said, "Yeah, I've been constipated all week!  Never experienced anything like it."

I raised my eyebrows as he continued, "Never live to be seventy-three; it ain't no fun."

Needless to say, I was totally floored, flummoxed and flustered.  I thought about tossing out the standard, "Well, it beats the alternative" rejoinder - but somehow it just didn't seem fitting.  It was my turn to answer - but how DO you respond to either one of those comments?

At that moment, I heard another clerk say, "I'll take the next person in line!" - I immediately threw my new best friend a smile and took off and I heard him turn to the next person and say, "Go ahead, I'm in no hurry....oh what a week....."

As I gleefully headed back to the office it dawned on me.....everything else that was on my list?  Totally forgotten.  Oh well, I've got all day tomorrow

I have not been compensated in anyway for this non-review of a product.  All the toil, labor and gas-money that went into searching for it (plus the totally random conversation) were all mine.


It's about three hours later (yes, I really did type all that above and not publish it yet; it's called "editing, editing, editing - bored.  Go have a glass of wine; wash the face and come back to the post.") and I just tried the AMAZING, YOU GOTTA HAVE IT, MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD product.

While I cannot honestly say that I look any younger after using it (yet)- but oh my hell!  It IS an amazing product - it feels so good on your face as you are using it and my skin felt SO soft afterward!

Now the TRUE test will be if my ancient, ever so sensitive skin doesn't break out in some sort of hideous reaction - then?  Then, Neutrogena can send me a life-time supply of the refills and I will sing their praises forever.  In the meantime?  Get yours TODAY because supplies are limited....SEVERELY limited!  Trust me on that one.


  1. Post pics of the before and after......LOL
    How much was it???

  2. Ok, I'm kind of obsessive about things like this to so thanks, tomorrow I will combing every store looking for it.

  3. I thought I was the only person to get involved with those kinds of conversations! LOL!

    You can let me know how it works and I'll hold off buying one until I find out... just in case your skin falls off in sheets, or something like that.

  4. Okay, now you've got me interested. I'll go look for it, too. And that strange guy with the problem? That's not normal... :-)

  5. This post was absolutely hilarious! And I admit that you have piqued my interest in this amazing product too - I'll be on the lookout!

  6. I use Neutrogena products and have since I was in middle school which was...a long, long time ago. I love their products and have never had a problem with them and I have super sensitive skin. So...you've sold me. I'll now be looking for it.

    That crazy guy in line? Oh boy...that is HILARIOUS! I wonder how many people he let cut in front of him and then proceeded to tell them about his "problem." Bwhahahahahahaha

    Oh and for the record- Neutrogena totally needs to send you some free stuff.

  7. So funny because I get that way when I find something I want that I CAN'T find, lol.

  8. Oh, Gigi, you are so funny. :-)

    I've been addicted to facials for a couple years now and every two months or so treat myself to one. My face comes out moist and plump, just like it used to be. :-)


    p.s. You asked if you could pass my Monday morning post to your co-workers. I'm flattered -- feel free, my friend!

  9. I'm going to go look for one! One of the side-effects of living in such a cold area is my skin really takes a beating. Lots of people look so OLD and weathered up here. Time to bust out the heavy artillery up here- 'cause you now I jsut hit 45 and all....!!

  10. So did you break out??
    How much will this "gotta have it" product cost me??
    I was gifted a facial for Xmas, and I finally had it this weekend, and while that gift ended up costing me $80, my face did feel really good afterwards.......
    So if this product can replicate THAT feeling, for less than $80...im so in?!

  11. Ok so I have never eve heard of this product!! Did it live up to the hype?

  12. Let me know how you like it in a few months! I've been thinking about buy one.

  13. I've been looking for Vicks CREAM...not the ointment...wth?? As for your new find...I might forget about the Vicks CREAM for my aches and pains and go for the stuff you got for my face! Sounds awesome. Sorry for the constipated guy, though....

  14. I'm impressed with your perseverance! I look forward to hearing more about how you like this amazingly wonderful product as time goes on.

  15. Oooo, I look forward to an update. X

  16. I have one of these and it's pretty great. But even better? Is my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Retin A. I love Retin A with my whole heart and soul.

    I, also, get all the goofballs of the world. I was in Walmart recently when an old man asked me if I could help him. When I said yes, he took his hearing aid out, put in my freaking hand and asked me if I could read the battery number for him. Put that warm thing right in my hand. I was too freaked out to look for the battery number for him. Just politely declined and handed it back to him.

  17. Hmm, I might have to try one of those out now.

  18. I've had one of these for five years or so.... Can't kill it. Can't find the replacement pads to put on it either but I'm not throwin' it out cause you gotta KNOW what will happen when I do... :}

  19. LOL! Okay, this wouldn't happen to anyone EXCEPT you! First I heard the angels singing when you found the product and then the story went a completely different direction. LOL! Thanks for sharing. Girl, this was hilarious!

  20. I WANT ONE.....mainly because it seems that so does everyone else but what the heck...it might actually work and make me look 19 again....

  21. Interesting
    I'll have to check this out. I've seen similar products before.
    Thanks ;)