April 29, 2012

Seriously?! Apparently the head honchos of the evil Spam Empire need to raise their standards in their hiring practices

I've recently become addicted discovered Pinterest; as have (if the studies are to be believed) most women across the globe.  From what I can tell, it is used for different reasons by different people.

There are those planning a wedding or those preparing for a new addition to their family.  There are those that are interested in cooking, decorating, reading, beauty, fashion, humor, whatever....

It's an awesome place to find inspiration, save pictures/sites that you love in one central place.  It's AWESOME.

Except, that I've noticed a darker side to it.  Of course there are trolls (those who love nothing more than to stir up controversy over whether or not this or that is beautiful, someone is too thin or too fat, ethical or whatever....EXACTLY like blogging trolls actually).

This is to be expected.  I mean really....if you give people a computer (and a screen name) to hide behind then it stands to reason that some of them are bound to show their true colors.

But that isn't my complaint.

No, I can ignore trolls with the best of them.....although sometimes it's hard to bite my tongue (I'll admit it - there have been a few times when I've been awfully tempted to fire off a "comment" to put someone in their place....) but logic always prevails - because what is the point in engaging these people?  W.A.S.T.E.  O.F.  T.I.M.E!

No, my complaint today is about the spammers; a specific type of spammer.  Lately, I have seen MANY of these "comments" on MANY different types of pins.....

And I have to say to myself, "REALLY?"

First of all - what IS the purpose of spamming a pin, especially in this fashion.....it's not like this particular brand of spam offers up suspicious links, dubious websites or offers of great fortune if you only send them your life savings and/or your first born.

But what really galls me?  Galls me to the CORE about this type of spam?

Is that obviously, whomever "hired" this person(s) to spam pins gave them a "script" or a "form" to follow, but rather than tailoring the "form" to the pin(s) in question; this person(s) just cut and pasted the whole thing into the comment section.....without any thought to the relevancy of the "comment" to that particular pin.

And that?  THAT is sheer laziness, people.  And if there is one thing I can't abide (okay, there are MANY things I can't abide) is laziness.  Particularly laziness of this type.

I realize that  being a spammer is a thankless job and that as a spammer you are reviled the world over but this is your "profession" of choice - where is your pride in a job well done?

As my mom used to tell me (repeatedly), "If you aren't going to do a job right then don't do it at all."  With that thought in mind, I would say to these extremely lazy spammers - I don't think this is the job for you.  If you can't even put in enough effort to tailor your "comment" to the subject at hand then I suggest that you look for another line of work that doesn't require a lot of heavy lifting on your part.  Professional navel gazer, perhaps?


  1. I just figure anytime there is an opportunity to comment on anything, there will be trolls and spammers... the bullies of the ethernet.

  2. I haven't indulged in Pinterest although lots of people have told me I'm missing out. I myself don't have enough time in the day to get everything done I'm trying to accomplish, so I won't go there. But thanks for letting me know I don't need to apply for any spamming jobs. :-)

  3. Oh spammers reallyhave sunken to a new low:(

  4. Spamming a pin? has the world gone mental? I joined up, but don't seem to go on it much, there is just so much stuff now with Tumblr, instagram, twitter etc etc etc blah blah blah....

  5. Geeze, if you can't even handle one of the lowest of the low jobs, than how do you manage to take care of your basic needs every day? *rolling eyes* Seriously. That is the epitome of laziness.