April 4, 2012

How I know the Easter Bunny is a woman....and a mom.

After the great Easter Basket debacle of 2010, I have learned.....no matter how old they get they EXPECT an Easter Basket....period.  And no excuses are accepted.

Because I've learned this lesson so very well, I have been stockpiling items for the basket.

And then I made the mistake of involving Hubby in the process.  All I asked was that he pick up some plastic grass and eggs (where all the grass and eggs from previous years have gone is anyone's guess).

The reaction I received was expected.

I heard a few "are you crazy's?"  Along with, "that is insane!"  And a few, "you DO realize that he is 17's!"

But I also know that children....children of ANY age...love receiving Easter baskets and that their mother's (usually, if they remember) love making the baskets.

And if he wasn't such a crab, Hubby might even receive one; but it's the same as with Santa....if you don't believe; you don't receive.

I also KNOW that when the Easter Bunny visits there is chocolate to be had.....and that the Easter Bunny always makes sure there is some left over for mama....and that is how I KNOW the Easter Bunny is a woman.  And a mom.

Because if the Easter Bunny were a man?  Then there would not be Easter Baskets.  Or extra chocolate.  And THAT would be a tragedy.


  1. You are so right about this. And normally I have everything ready to go by now but this year I will be asking my mom to keep the boys this weekend so I can go buy stuff. *sigh* I REALLY hate waiting until the last minute.

  2. I'll bet somebody won't be getting a chocolate bunny. LOL!

  3. My husband and I had THE SAME CONVERSATION today...you are so right...the Easter Bunny has to be female!

  4. Yup. Everything you said! I still love when my mom surprises me at the holidays. Growing up, she got us the cutest stuff on Valentines day. And yes, she still buys us eggs.

  5. my hubby has a hard time with the easter baskets for the 20 year old, and the fact that my parents still hide eggs for my two grown children, who by the way, LOVE looking for eggs.

  6. Oh this is unfair, I would have moved to your part of the world decades if I'd known about baskets.

    All I ever get is one poxy egg. Or my son does at least.

    It is breaking my heart, all that untouchable choccie in my fridge crying out to be devoured.

    Unfortunatly Italian easter eggs are wrapped in such a way that you can't gently peel back a bit of foil, swe a bit and then cover up the hole with the wrapping

  7. swipe, not swe

    It's the lack of choccie,paying havoc with my ability to type.

  8. Being that I'm almost 31, I don't get Easter candy from my Mom, but tomorrow when that Easter candy is on sale, oh yes, I will be buying some!