January 18, 2013

Despite the chaos THIS is the year that I get it all together. Quit laughing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.  I've been sorely lacking in the posting department. Forgive me?

My life has been surprisingly chaotic of late.  No, nothing earth-shattering, or funny, or dramatic, or even silly.  Nothing really to report on at all.

Just run of the mill chaos.

First there was the "catch up" period after being off for nearly two weeks at Christmas.  Fun times.  Immediately followed by the "training" period for the new contract management system that effectively sucked two days of my life, over the course of four half days, down the drain (just whose bright idea was that anyway to have training in January?!) and we aren't even counting the month's worth of contracts that stacked up between me not being able to load them due to the conversion AND the vacation OR the stuff that stacked up while I was in training...and the emails!  THEY. JUST. KEEP. COMING!

So, basically you can say that I've been busy.  To the point that when I come home I pretty much collapse with barely enough energy to even read blogs.  Forget about commenting or - heaven forbid - post my own. Someone please remind me how I used to deal with it all!  Oh yeah...

I was younger then *sigh*.

Oh well, life will go on I guess.

But with the advent of the New Year (although we are already eighteen days in - WHERE does the time go?!) I have decided that I need to get my rear in gear.  That this will be the year that I reclaim my life.  That my days of being known as the one who is always "On Top of It All" WILL be restored.  It has been determined that once again, I will be counted on to remember obscure birthdays and random anniversaries.  It will be assured that we never, ever run out of paper products.  That the so-called junk drawer will always be neat and tidy.  And that those darn pajamas WILL be hemmed (one way or another) once and for all!

Lists have been made.  And I am ready to start striking items off one by one.

And I will start by remembering that tomorrow is my anniversary.  After last year's debacle, it's only right.  I  mean, honestly?  How could I forget that?  Especially considering in all these years he's never forgotten...dammit.  If he had, then surely I could be forgiven for one forget?  Although....he did forget my birthday once...but he got a pass for that since we were in the midst of moving AND his father had just died.

But last year?  I didn't have any excuse.  And this year?  I have NO excuse at all.

So with all that said - who is willing to send me a text first thing tomorrow? Eastern Time, if you don't mind?


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    First thing in the morning would be around noon for me and I have a feeling you might need it before then.

  2. It's already that day! Don't forget!! :-)

  3. Your first major accomplishment -- remembering today. You're on your way, Babe.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you remembered and at least painted the town beige. (Sometimes red is asking a bit to much of us.)

    PJ pants: go buy some of that no-sew tape and hem those babies up!

  5. I seem to find the same thing happening... nothing really intersting, but the days fly by!

    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy anniversary xxxx much love from me who has been married for a whole 3 weeks!!!!! xxx