January 31, 2013

Ok....tell me the truth. Does this kind of thing REALLY only happen to me?

Remember way back in April when I shared the story of my year-long, misdiagnosis?

So fast forward nearly a year, I called the pharmacy to have one of the prescriptions refilled - one that I have already had refilled once - whereupon I am informed that my refills have run out.  The pharmacy assistant (who sounds all of eight) advises that I call my doctor.  And so I do.  Only to be informed by the nasal, irritated sounding voice recording that if I am calling for a prescription refill that I need to have the pharmacy call.

Oh joy.  Because I have all kinds of free time during my work day to be playing phone tag with the pharmacy, the doctor's office and back to the pharmacy.  Not to mention that I have absolutely ZERO privacy at my desk for these types of conversations.  So either I am forced to whisper frantically into the phone praying that the party on the other end isn't deaf or I must seek out an unoccupied space that houses a phone.

At any rate, I finally get a chance to call the pharmacy back where I find myself explaining to the possibly eight year old pharmacy assistant that they need to call for the refill.  To which she responds, "Ummm....I don't think I can do that?"  (Seriously, WHY does the younger set feel the need to speak in questions?  It drives me crazy)  Eventually, she is convinced that maybe, just maybe, she can do it after all.  Much to my relief.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when I realized I never did hear back from the pharmacy about my prescription.  So once again, I search out a semi-private phone to call the pharmacy only to be informed by another pharmacy assistant (this one was older.  MUCH older...fifteen, maybe) that my refill had been denied because, according to his notes, the doctor said she'd never prescribed that medication to me.  Which, of course, left me feeling guilty - like I was some kind of drug addict, trying to score unprescribed psoraisis medication.  You know, because that medication is HIGH on the list of prescriptions that drug users are trying to score...

I was floored.  I told the assistant that was funny, since I was holding the bottle with my name, the doctor's name and the pharmacy's name on it.  He, being the clueless lad that he was, didn't have a clue.  So I called the doctor's office where, after what seemed like hours of navigating my way through phone-tree hell, I finally connected with a real, live, human being.  It was a miracle, I tell you.  An out and out miracle.

After perusing my file, the nurse concludes - that according to the notes - the doctor DIDN'T prescribe that medication to me.  The medication I've been using for nearly a year.  She prescribed something in the same family - but not that.  What she'd prescribed was a "solution" not a "spray."

Ye gods!  Are you kidding me?  Well, on the plus side, at least the medication wasn't something that was suddenly going to make me sprout horns or have me projectile vomiting, or worse.  At least, not any time in the near future.

I heard back from the nurse the following day and all she could tell me is that the pharmacy is "investigating" the problem.  And meanwhile, I continued to itch.

Finally yesterday, the nurse called to tell me that she'd called in the prescription.  The same damn prescription that I'd been denied a few days earlier.  As near as I can ascertain, the medication IS a solution until you take the cap off and put on the spray pump...then it magically becomes a "spray."

Me.  It could only happen to me.  Obviously.  Are any of us surprised?


  1. OH, dear. At least you finally have the "spray" you needed to stop the itch. Don't you just LOVE our system??

  2. No way. Oh my word, I am cracking up over the fact that a solution was turned into a spray and created all kinds of havoc. Bwhwhahahahahahahaha. The calling the pharmacy to call the doctor- that part I've been through. Glad you're getting what you need finally!

  3. What the heck? We've all had pharmacy issues... but I can say that's not happened to me (yet). I do love that I have to sign that paper for EVERY medication... because I'm just the dangerous looking kind. :)

  4. I love phamacies. Can you hear the sarcasm? When Hailey needed a new inhaler, I called the pharmacy, for a refill, went to pick it up only to be told that Hailey did not have prescription insurance. What? I pay premiums for her medical insurance, which covers our prescriptions. After the pharmasist spent an hour on the phone with the insurance company they discovered Hailey was coded wrong, she was coded correctly for the medical coverage but wrong for the prescription coverage. Ummm, since it's the same policy shouldn't it be coded the same? Don't even get me started on the paranoia I experience when I need to buy sinus medication. Seriouly, if I had a meth problem I don't think my backside would be the size it is!

  5. Oh My Gahhhh! I just went through the same thing with my Retin A prescription. Yes, I know, life sustaining medicine. Well, at least for me it is, since it keeps the wrinkles at bay and that sir, is just as important as my blood pressure medicine, in my book.

    But my pharmacy said they would contact my doc to refill my prescription. (By the way, you're completely right on that. The eight-year-old didn't know what she was talking about. It's the pharmacy's job to contact the doc.) I waited a couple of days, the pharmacy said they never heard from the doc. Called the doctor they said they'd never heard from the pharmacy. This vicious circle went on for almost two weeks. In the meantime, I could feel my skin sagging beyond control. It took me putting them both on conference call to get it straightened out. Ridiculous.

    And now my insurance company has gone to mail-in prescriptions. Don't even get me started on those Bozos.

    Glad you finally got your nonsense straightened out. And your line about being a drug addict trying to score unprescribed psoriasis medication made me snort coffee out my nose.

  6. OMG, so ridiculous! And with all of the phne numbers, presciption numbers, etc, no on can figure this out on the computer system?? DUH. I hope you are feeling less tichy though. And smack the dcotor in the forehead the next time you go. And the pharmacy tech too.

  7. Not surprised at all, Gigi. As a matter of fact, while reading this I thought of the old show, Gigi. Are you old enough to remember that? Probably not. Anyway, you should write a book titled Gigi with all your "happenings" in it. The show, Gigi, was a hit and she was just as.....uh....funny as you! LOL!