June 18, 2013

A weekend update that includes a sad, little tree, Father's Day and The Purge (random? Of course)

Sadly, I never got the much coveted pedicure that I was hoping for; maybe this weekend.  Or, I'll just cave and do it myself sometime this week.

My poor, little tree.  We tried to save it.  We really did.  My husband, once again, stepped up to the plate and showed me just how much he loves me.  Despite the fact that he knew the tree was too severely damaged to be saved, he spent over an hour - AFTER coming home from a hard day's work AND an hour long workout - to bolt that little tree back into shape.

Notice the three, strategically placed, bolts and the zip ties?

Seeing as our initial attempt seemed to be working, the following morning found him out at Home Depot buying some pruning goop to put on the tree's wounds in the vain attempt to stave off insects and disease - only to find us coming home to the tree flopped back over. *sigh*

At least we tried.

This weekend will, hopefully, find him digging up the pitiful, little stump left behind and me moving on.

After the tree was officially declared deceased; the weekend progressed with as much reading and laziness as I could muster.

On Sunday, Father's Day, my husband's only wish was to find an oyster bar.  Funny, how he didn't tell me this until Saturday night AND proceeded to inform me that it was MY job to find the place, make reservations, if necessary, etc.  Hmmm, funny how it was also MY job to do the same for Mother's Day.....

I finally found a place that didn't look like it had salmonella on the menu - oh, about 30 minutes from our house (all the closer ones were closed on Sunday - seriously?).  Have I ever mentioned that this man hates to drive ANYWHERE further than 10 minutes out?

Surprisingly, he agreed.  And seemed excited.  Apparently, he doesn't get to indulge in his raw oyster fetish as much as he'd like.

As you might remember, he is a bit of food snob - so I was concerned.  But he LOVED it (and obviously has suffered no ill-effects).  Not once did I hear a complaint about the food, the service, the drive, or anything...until we got home and he actually looked at the bill.  THEN there were comments - because, apparently, we were overcharged and I wasn't given the proper entree (which I knew, but didn't comment on).  So I reiterated how much he'd enjoyed it so it was worth it.  He agreed, mentioned that we should go there again and let it go (which shocked me to no end).

A few hours after arriving home, Man-Child began to get antsy and wanted to go to the movies.  Of course, the husband wanted nothing to do with this wild venture as we ALL know he doesn't care to go to the theater unless under duress; especially after already having driven SO far for lunch.  So MC and I headed out and went to see The Purge.

It was a good movie, although a bit violent.  Okay, a LOT violent.  But the premise was a good one so we both enjoyed it.  Although, there was a trailer  for The Conjuring that had both of us looking at each other and wondering if we should just leave before the movie even started; particularly since we were the only people in the theater at that point.

Although, I think, I could watch that movie, on DVD, on a very small screen television, in broad daylight, with a bunch of people around me and not pee my pants.  Otherwise, no.  I don't think I could handle that one.

So, despite my little tree biting the dust once and for all, it was a pretty good weekend.  How was yours?


  1. So sorry to hear that the little tree didn't make it. I think that's a movie I will skip. :-)

  2. Poor little tree.

    You tried. :-)

    The Purge sounds scary as hell!


  3. Sorry about the tree, but at least you tried.

    Now, that conjuring movie sounds interesting. If it's anything like the title implies, it might be right up my alley!

  4. Oh yeah... that's definitely my kind of movie!!!

  5. Awe, poor little tree. Glad the dinner went well! I very rarely get to see movies at the theater that have anything other than a G or PG rating.

  6. Sorry about your tree. You did what you could. I spent the weekend, ironically, trying to REMOVE our tree stump out front. We took down the maple a few weeks back, and have since been slowly breaking down branches, delivering wood, and SLOWLY one root at a time, removing the stump (it's 2 feet across. We then spent two hours on Sunday burning the top branches. Once they were down to coals I sadly found we were out of marshmallows. :(