June 10, 2013

Apparently, I NEVER learn from past experiences.

Remember way back last fall when our entire family locked ourselves out of the house; after already experiencing repeated instances of locking some of us out? (What IS it about this house?  We've never locked ourselves out of any of our other houses this much - I swear.)

After that experience, I SWORE that I was going to have an extra key (or three) made to hide somewhere.

Well guess what?

I never did.  And guess what else?

I locked myself out of the house again this morning.  What a way to start a hot, wet, dreary Monday.

Luckily though, this time Man-Child was inside the house.  Sleeping.  Do you know how hard it is to wake a sleeping teenager if you aren't standing over him, dragging him out of bed by the ankle while dousing him with a pitcher of ice cold water?

The answer is VERY.

After simultaneously ringing the doorbell repeatedly while calling his phone (I can only assume that the only thing that woke him up was the phone, which was set to vibrate, buzzed it's way across his nightstand and landed on his head) he finally answered and came to let me back in the house.  He was not happy.

So tomorrow, after work - come hell or high water - I think it's safe to say that you will find me at the local hardware store....having some keys made - FINALLY.


  1. Your description made me think of Zits, which I read daily. It was perfect, although it was MC instead of Jeremy! :-)

  2. Ha! It took me several times of being locked out to go get keys made too. I had to go get Nolan's key from his backpack at school in awful, sweaty, stinky running clothes. I was a mess and it was embarrassing!

  3. Hopefully you don't have hell, or high water when you go to get the keys made. DO IT!

  4. Oh, Gigi. :-)

    Perhaps I should do this as well -- before I need to!


  5. Oh yeah. I get extra keys made all the time and even then can't find them. I finally gave my neighbor one. I think all the prison time he served probably made him very responsible.

  6. I have keys, hubs has keys and I never have mine on me! plus there's a spare in the drawer. handy not!

  7. When it occurred to me that the boys would have to have keys to get in and out we went over to a keypad locking deadbolt. BEST. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. EVER. SPENT.

    Seriously. I never even carry keys anymore. AND if I have a friend or family member that needs to get into my house when I'm not home I can just give them the code. Bonus!