December 6, 2013

Moving, apparently, brings out the freak in me.

It's true.

Despite my recent lapses, at my heart I am organizing freak; and my freak flag is flying high.

It's true.  In my heart of hearts, I like things neat and tidy.  I like everything having a "home."  Unfortunately, I live with clutter-bugs.  And, of late, I have given up.  But no more...

I've been busy, busy, busy unpacking, discarding and organizing...and according to Man-Child (who isn't even here to witness the insanity) I'm over-thinking things.  Why did he say that?

Because when he called the other day to see how the unpacking was going I just happened to mention that I had been dealing with the closets.  That, in itself, wasn't enough to raise his eyebrow.  No, apparently, organizing closets and making them tidy is quite normal.

No, what had him roaring with laughter before informing me that I am insane was the hangers.  Yes, hangers.

I don't know about you, but in this house hangers have an ability to disappear with the blink of an eye.  This, of course, causes you to run out and buy more, grabbing whatever is available.  And before you know it, you are overrun with them.  And then you notice that they are all different colors.  You have white ones, tan ones, green ones, pink ones, blue ones and black ones.

And that is, suddenly, not pleasing to your eye.  So you decide that there must only be TWO colors of hangers.

White (and sturdy) ones for the guys and the nice, slim-line, velvet covered ones for you (to accommodate that smaller closet, of course).

So when I informed Man-Child that we now had designated hangers he thought I was insane.

He may be right.  But....

Those closets look damn good right about now


  1. Brava! It sounds perfect to ME, Gigi. Keep it goin'. I am rooting for you. :-)

  2. At heart, this is the way I am, too. Problem is, things are a cluttered mess around here and that just makes me completely insane. So I DEFINITELY UNDERSTAND!

  3. I worked retail for 17 years... it is ALL about the hangers honey.

    I have lost my wallet... my gut tells me in somewhere in this frat house of a home we've got going on.

    Tomorrow it gets cleaned top to bottom again, as well as the car, and any other place my wallet may be...

  4. Oh, can you come and clean my closets?! The toy closet I purged last year is a mess. Again. (Thank you Nolan) My closet is a disaster. Oh boy, I'm feeling stressed now. Think happy thoughts Julie. *Mmmmm...chocolate* Ok, I'm better now.

  5. When you are done over there, I really could use some help here! I think not just the idea of moving, but the letting go of some "things" freaks me out!
    Yeah you! One day this huge move wlil be but a distant memory. :)