December 16, 2013

The question of the day. Is it considered "murder" if...

I purposefully let some of my larger plants to die?

As some of you may know, I have an extensive collection of house plants.  Which are now housed in a MUCH smaller space...which means that I really don't have the room for them - currently they are occupying every square inch of extra square feet we have.  Which we can't afford to lose at this moment.

I have tried to give some of them away; to no avail.  As of today, I've only been able to unload one of them. *sigh*

Which is what turned my thoughts to "assisted suicide." Is it morally unethically to let some of them die a natural death?

Don't start throwing the stones just yet!  Normally, I do whatever I can to keep my plants alive.  But at this point, I'm at a loss.  Some of these things are HUGE.  Which necessitates HUGE pots.  Which takes up valuable real estate.  And the thought of just letting them die is killing me.  But unless someone takes them, what choice do I have?

Currently, they are practically sitting on top of each other - all vying for the little sunlight this place offers.  It's making me crazy.

So that is the question.  Is it morally unethical to just let them "go?"

Sorry for the absence - both in posting and commenting.  I've discovered that "downsizing" has meant that I am more visible in the home; i.e., there is no place to HIDE!  And, apparently, if I am visible I become a magnet to the Hubby and means I am available for a chat.  Despite the fact that I am on the computer...typing away and giving only monosyllabic answers. *sigh*


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  2. And I've done it, too. Sometimes you've just gotta do what you gotta do. Sad but true. :-)

  3. I was forced to abandon a very large potted plant when I moved from one part of the building (at work) to another. The new occupants promised they would look after it.

    They haven't.

    Every time I walk by that room I have to avert my eyes...


  4. A friend of mine has a wonderful story: His friend would receive plants all the time as gifts as she was know for "loving plants". She would say thank you...and as soon as the event/gathering was over and people left, she would set the plant outside in the inclement weather.

    It would die due to "exposure". Problem solved.

  5. You just reminded me that I left several plants 100 miles away alone for a month. Guess we'll see how that ends....

  6. Ohhhhhhh....I think you have enough guilt in your life, so I am not going to burden you with more. Working on that cloak of invisibility for you....

  7. Donate them to an elementary school. They will love them at the front desk. :)

    -Juli (Surviving boys)

  8. I stink with plants and have thrown out many of them so it doesn't bother me any!

  9. I wonder if you could take some of them to a Senior center and see if they would be interested? I am trying to think of other places that might like one of your plants.

    I am glad your husband is chatting more...but tell him your blog is vital : ) so he has to give you at least 30 minutes a day of blogging time!

  10. Merry Christmas, Gigi!!!! Here's to a peaceful and happy 2014 as you make your new nest your own.