May 9, 2014

Once again, I find myself blatantly ripping off someone else's material.....

How much do you "hate" people?

This was the topic the other day on the Bob and Sheri show.  Yes, once again, I find myself "borrowing" their material.

The topic was selected because of this tongue-in-cheek survey on Buzzfeed.  Here was my result....

Now, of course, I'm sure the results would vary from day to day.  Apparently, today I am not harboring resentment against ALL of humanity, only a portion.

But, if I could have had the option to quadruple-check a couple of them (most especially, "When someone makes loud chewing or drinking sounds") then my results might have been dramatically different.

But I also couldn't help but notice that they've missed a few.  Such as....

1.  When someone leaves less than a quarter inch of coffee in the pot and doesn't make a new pot.

2.  When someone refuses to restock the printer and/or fax machine with paper.

3.  People who don't use turn signals (it's not all office related).

4.  When someone procrastinates for weeks and then tells you they need something from you.  NOW.

5.  When "someone" (aka Man-Child) promised that he'd be packed and ready to go when I went to pick him up for the summer.  Not only was he not packed; he was still asleep and didn't answer his phone; despite me calling him eighteen times. And then?! To compound matters, he hadn't even begun to clean.  *sigh* Suffice it to say, he lives like an animal.  It's a story for another day.

6.  When someone fiddle-faddles around, or has a convoluted order, at the drive-thru.

7.  When they give you the wrong drink at the drive-thru.

8.  People who text and drive.  Need I say more?

Hmmm, maybe people get on my nerves more than I thought, since I could go on and on.  But I won't.

So what about you?  What's your score?  Or your biggest pet peeve?


  1. At my coffee shop, they are pretty slow as you make your way through the queue. But this means that people who don't know what they want have plenty of time to decide before their order is taken. Those who finally get up there and ask, "what do you suggest?" and spend an inordinate amount of time deciding, while I just want my regular latte! :-)

  2. I know I've said it before, but I get homicidal over the loud chewing/drinking thing. And my darling husband is the WORST. Ugh.

  3. Yep, I'm with you all the way, I can get myself incandescent with rage on a daily basis! I have got to let stuff go

  4. Biggest pet peeve?

    People who think they are the only ones in a public space. It used to be called "decorum", and we need to bring it back. Don't blow your nose in my ear, don't complain loudly and obscenely, don't stick your feet in the aisles, don't drop things on the floor and pretend you don't see it.



  5. Ohhhhhhh! Yes! I agree with many of these! I think would have to be the texter who stops in the middle of the sidewalk.