July 28, 2014

Call me optimistic...it's better than calling me delusional

As the date for Man-Child's return to college nears, I have found myself buying various items for his apartment.

I FINALLY got a list of the items his room mate will be bringing...it basically boils down to a toaster, a sofa and a table.

Not quite the bounty that Man-Child had led me to believe.  Until I can get into the apartment to see what kind of space I have to work with (hopefully one day this week), I'm holding off on the larger items needed (dresser, bed, etc.).

To say that Man-Child has absolutely NO interest in decorating his apartment; much less outfitting it, is an understatement.  Once I realized that, and acknowledged it, I was able to shake off any indecisiveness that I may have had regarding buying things like dishes, flatware, glasses, etc.  He just doesn't care.  I could buy him a purple and green paisley shower curtain and pair it with yellow and orange striped towels and he wouldn't even notice this hideousness of this combination.

(Let's not even THINK about all the stuff I gave to Goodwill that he could  have used when we moved!  NO.  We will NOT think about that...dammit, if only I could have foreseen the future...we could have easily supplied him with most everything he will need!  But NO!  We aren't THINKING of that....*sigh*)

Today, in a fit of optimism, I bought him cleaning supplies.  Yes, I know.  I KNOW! I am deluding myself to think that he will use these supplies on a regular - or even irregular - basis.  But I remain hopeful.  I have been hammering home the fact that he will be ON HIS OWN.  And he will need to TAKE CARE of his abode - particularly since we would LOVE to get our deposit back.

But considering that his bedroom currently looks like it was ransacked by DEA Agents in pursuit of finding the drug kingpin's stash.  And his bathroom?  UGH.  Actually, I don't even want to TRY to string together the words that would describe his bathroom...because the situation is THAT disgusting.

Yeah, I know...I AM delusional. *sigh*

Further adding to my delusion?  That I'm determined to send those supplies.  And will demand that he use them.  Often.  Or, at the very least, frequently.

Yeah, I know....

Those cleaning supplies will NEVER get used.



  1. Too bad they don't just make the entire apartment in concrete with a drain in the middle. Attach a hose to the sink and just spray the entire place down.

  2. The difference between mother and son have never been more apparent. I hope he does learn a bit of cleaning techniques, or I hope somebody warns his future wife. :-)

  3. Okay... I live in a house with 3 sometimes 4 boys and ONE toilet. Soft scrub makes a hang over the bowl four "ball" cleaning agent for $2 that you can get at walmart. IT IS THE BEST THING EVER.


    And all you have to do is visit once a month, hang it, and at least the toilet bowl will be clean... maybe not the floor, but that bowl will be spotless! :)

  4. You do know you are buying the cleaning supplies for YOU to use when you visit and for when they move out, right? That is what happened to me when my oldest son graduated from his post-secondary education.

    Good luck on gathering.

  5. LOL.

    I remember buying all the stuff for my son's place. Found him this great lazyboy recliner at a garage sale. $10!! Four months later I'm at his place and there's a terrible stain on it -- he'd used his new-found freedom to get quite drunk and tried to eat a bowl of Spaghettios while playing a video game.



  6. LOL It doesn't hurt to dream!
    Maybe he will fall in love this year and feel a sudden need to clean and decorate? :)