November 6, 2014

...and hi, how are you?

Yes, I know....I've not been the best blogger-friend lately.

It's hard trying to blog in this tiny space.  The Husband is right there, constantly asking, "What are doing?  What are you looking at?"  And if he's not questioning me, he is watching whatever he is watching on television and making comments - actually expecting me to be listening and getting miffed when he realizes that I haven't been listening.

Plus, there has been a whole host of other things going on, which I'll share via a list...because who doesn't love a list?

* Still looking for a house.  Or trying to talk the Husband into building a house.  He's still not there yet.  So, in the meantime, we wander from house to house.  I don't even have to say I don't like it; because he pipes up with what is wrong with it long before I can start listing my complaints.  Although, I have asked him on a couple of occasions if he really wants to deal with far, the answer has been a resounding NO.  Which makes me wonder why he is dragging this out.

* Work stuff that I can't/shouldn't really talk about.  Let's just say everyone is on pins and needles.  And, despite the fact that I'm not happy about it, I think it will be okay.

*  The fact that work stuff is going on while I'm in the middle of talking my husband into building me a house looking for a house to buy is stressful.  Seriously, couldn't they have waited to have that stuff going on until AFTER I'm settled.  So rude.

*  My dearest, dearest friends in North Carolina are moving.  To Arkansas, of all places!  While I'm sure Arkansas is very nice, and I know their family is there, I'd much prefer if they'd just stay here.  So far, they aren't willing to listen to reason.

*  Man-Child.  Need I say more?  Well, I suppose I should clarify - it's not that he's been in trouble or causing trouble - but he's been here a lot lately (or I've been there) and requiring some attention.  It's a good problem to have, I'll admit.

*  Since I've last blogged, I've been to see 39 Steps.  It was a wonderful play that I enjoyed so very much, if it comes to your local theater - go.  I've also been to see the movie, St. Vincent.  It was a fun movie, that may or may not have had me tearing up a time or two - who would have ever expected that from a Bill Murray movie?

*  My phone.  Dear God, my phone!  You know how much I love my little, smart phone.  Well, it has been quite persnickety of late.  Some days it refuses to charge.  And then others?  It charges like nobody's business.  During one of the days it refused to charge, I took myself off to Target to buy a new cable - because SURELY that was/is the problem since if you even bump the cable the tiniest bit, it stops charging.  After getting the stupid cable home, it still wouldn't charge.  So I took the new cable, the old cable, the phone and the plug in part back to Target where we (me and the guys in the electronics department) all played with it for at least 20 minutes and it still wouldn't charge.  Although, the new cable would charge their phones with no problem.  The Target guy apologized and said the problem was probably with my can that be?!  This thing isn't that old.  At any rate, I took the phone and paraphernalia home, with plans of hitting Verizon eventually, and - of course - my phone has been charging like a champ.  Until today.  ARRRGHHHH!  So, despite the intense distaste I have of visiting the Verizon store, it looks like I have an imminent visit looming.

*  The Husband is planning an overnight visit to Man-Child on Sunday and I'm almost giddy about the prospect of some quality alone time.  Not that I don't love him dearly...but jeez.  It's getting a little, cramped in here and we could both use some breathing room, I think.

So...that's what's been going on with me for the past few weeks...what about you?  What have you been up to - tell me, I'm all ears.


  1. Oh, Gigi, I hear you about needing some alone time. I get very little of it, too. Here's hoping we can both get a hit of it. And do tell what happens with your phone, okay? That sounds like a phone problem, for sure. :-)

  2. Well, nobody is ill, so that's a GOOD THING!

  3. When ever I try and blog tony constantly asks "Are you blogging about me? You know they love it when you blog about me!"

    I have been home.... doing nothing... bored out of my mind. I am reading posts, but not commenting because my computer is stupid and the mouse constantly jumps everywhere and makes it impossible to type.

    This took 20 minutes to get right. :(