December 15, 2014

OMG...I married a blabber-mouth.

It started out as a nice, quiet morning.  I was working on a crossword puzzle, Man-Child was doing whatever he does on the computer when the Husband walked in and said to Man-Child,

"Hey, I need to tell you...don't go in our closet because your gift is in there."

He was then puzzled when my head snapped up, I shot him a look of disbelief and then promptly began banging my head on the table in an effort to keep from killing him right then and there.

WHY would he say that?  WHY?

First of all, why in the HELL would you tell someone where you had hidden their gift?  That's just stupid.

Secondly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, we had talked about it two days ago when we purchased this particular gift.  It is awkward to wrap and if I somehow managed to get it wrapped, the shape alone would give it away.  So I told him to leave it in the closet and that I would work up a scavenger hunt.

The plan was perfect.  Until, for whatever asinine reason, he opened his mouth.

I suppose I could find somewhere else to hide the damn gift (where?! This place is too small to have a plethora of hiding places) if, and only if, he learned his lesson and didn't mention to Man-Child exactly WHY I was mad at him.

The whole point of the scavenger hunt was to be part of the surprise; if you know it's coming it's not the same.

To say that I am irritated with him is quite the understatement.  The big, blabber-mouth.


  1. My hubby has gotten much more blabbler-mouthed over the years, too! He used to be a good secret keeper, now I can't tell him much, or he blabs it.

  2. Some people just can't keep a secret. I'm one of them, so I feel for Hubby, knowing it was killing him not to say something! But yes, I can commiserate with you, too, Gigi. You had a plan and he ruined it. Hope it all turns out all right. :-)

  3. Tony told me that all my gifts are "hidden" (in plain sight) next to his side of the bed.


    Not wrapped.

    Do you know how hard it is not to look down when I have to open the shades in the morning??? Serves him right though... yesterday he threw his back out and needed the heating pad. It's stored under the bed on his side... and since he couldn't crawl down there, and I couldn't "risk" seeing the gifts, and he was too lazy to move them.... well... he just had to suffer in silence.